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Nibi Nekomata
July 28, 2006, 03:58 PM
Everyone who has doubts about Ichigo's dub voice needs to read this interview NOW. It's just a little piece of evidence that yes, English VAs actually know what they're doing. Casting directors don't just pick random names out of a hat and have actors read lines cold. Mad props to Anime Omnitude for this interview. Check them out here: http://www.animeomnitude.com/

Anime Omnitude: Hey Johnny, thanks for letting me ask you these questions. Sorry if the list is too long or too short. I tried to get the good and meaningful ones out and filter out the silly ones.

Anime Omnitude: Great. Now we can begin

Anime Omnitude: Firstly, have you had any training in voice acting or is it something that came to you naturally?

Johnny Bosch: Training in acting...yes and of course most of it has to come naturally otherwise it'll all sound like power rangers. Also, the script and director lead where everything is going.

Anime Omnitude: You have probably been asked this many times, but what got you into Voice Acting after your stint as the Black/Green Power Ranger, did it strike you as something you immediately wanted to do after your role [side note I was a huge fan of the first three seasons, ]?

Johnny Bosch: Nope, it was an audition for a job and a job pays the bills and puts food on the table. so I went out for it and luckily got the part for Vash.

Anime Omnitude: What lead you into doing voice acting for anime, you've done some quality voice acting for many anime series?

Johnny Bosch: Well, I guess that depends on who you ask, right? It's a part of expressing myself in ways I can't normally, I be someone else. That's a weird answer isn't it?

Anime Omnitude: Why did you audition for Bleach?

Johnny Bosch: Why not? I was called to audition for a show and did my best to get it. I had to come in a few times though. At first I read him in my deepest range with an edgy attitude but then they had me back it off and play him lighter and then once more with my low register. I thought for sure I didn't get it because of how many times I had to go back.

Anime Omnitude: What's the audition process like, more particularly the one for your part in Bleach?

Johnny Bosch: I guess I kinda answered it but here's a little more detail...I first had to find parking along the street. I had to pay 25 cents for the meter and later ended up with a parking ticket because it wasn't enough time or the meter wasn't working. I went in, read through a couple different characters and left. They called me back in to read Ichigo a few different ways. They really wanted to make sure I could yell and scream.

Anime Omnitude: When you're cast a role are you given information to help develop your role as a character?

Johnny Bosch: Usually, it's only what I find online or what the director tells me. But in this case, I did a bit more research as I want to make sure the fans of the show are happy and watched a few episodes, I'm picking up the manga at the next con.

Anime Omnitude: Some actors, when they really what to be the character they're playing in a film they live like them for a few months before the beginning of filming. For you, as a voice actor, do you visit fan sites to anime shows you work on to help find out more about a character you voice act for?

Johnny Bosch: I try to find out whatever I can just to prepare myself but I'm just the voice. Basically I have to leave everything up to the director. I'm like the back seat driver that won't shut up.

Anime Omnitude: What is the recording process like when you get into the studio?

Johnny Bosch: Well, I show up, grab some water, because Ichigo screams a lot and thumb through the script to refresh my memory and then wait for the beeps.

Anime Omnitude: Many fans are curious as to what type voice are you going to use for the character. Is it going to be more Vash, a softer version of Leonelli, or something else? Considering Ichigo is more of a cocky, gruff person, some wondered if you were going to tweak the Vash persona into a more hardened character, and use that.

Johnny Bosch: My original instinct was to play him very gruff and very pissed off (different from what I've done in the past, almost like a yakuza kid) but was told to back it off a bit. Some of it was then again reintroduced, they didn't want me sounding too yelly and pissed all the time but they did want a little of the attitude. He's a very different character from Vash but then again, there are times when he is completely off the wall wild. As far as sounding like Leonelli - my pitch for Ichigo is lower. I'm using a lower register most of the time (my natural waking voice - you know when you just wake up and you're not in such a good mood because you could have slept another 5 minutes - that voice). With respect to the fans I'm playing him as low and pissed as they'll let me. It's closely watched by the producers and director and I feel confident that you'll be satisfied with it. As the series goes on, I plan on bringing even more edge to him especially during the fighting. I want to have a place to go with him as a character. I know my Pitch is important to the existing fans but my main focus is the Acting.

Anime Omnitude: Later in the series, we are introduced to a more sadistic/animalistic version of Ichigo (some nickname him as Hollow Ichigo). In the Japanese version, the voice actor for Ichigo also voices the character for Hollow Ichigo. If and when you get to this character, would you be using more of your Leonelli persona for that character, since many fans of your work consider that character the penultimate character so far in your career.

Johnny Bosch: I haven't reached that point so I'm not sure if I'll even be dubbing him or not. It's hard for me to give you a good answer on that one. The only thing I can say is that my voice for Leonelli would most likely be too high for Ichigo.

Anime Omnitude: So far how many episodes have you voiced of Bleach?

Johnny Bosch: Not sure if I can comment on that, but I've done a few.

Anime Omnitude: Do you know if Viz will be showing a glimpse of the Bleach dub at Otakon?

Johnny Bosch: I really don't know.

Anime Omnitude: Have you watched an episode of Bleach in Japanese? If so what were you first impressions of this anime?

Johnny Bosch: Yes and I like it very much. I'm not just saying that to make people happy, I do like the show.

Anime Omnitude: Are you an anime or manga fan, what are your favourite titles?

Johnny Bosch: As far as Manga - Blade of the Immortal was one of my faves until about book 10 and then I've recently been reading King of Hell. Anime - I like anything good. I like it when a show starts off good and ends good. so many of them start off slow and then get good or start off good and then leave you with a "what the hell kind of ending is that?" feeling. I'm sure you all know what I mean.

Anime Omnitude: What advice would you give to aspiring Actors (Theatre and Movie alike) who wish to go into voice acting?

Johnny Bosch: It's very different but at the same time you are acting. Watch a lot of anime, practice matching lip flaps and work on your timing. Oh and don't eat cheese or drink milk before a session...bad idea.

Anime Omnitude: Do you think your music will clash with your voice acting?

Johnny Bosch: It hasn't been too bad so far. But the live action work has conflicted. Yes, I am still doing live action and NO it's not Power Rangers. However, it does involve lots of fighting and violence...so maybe it's the same. Most of the time voice acting work is flexible though.

Anime Omnitude: So what's next for you? Have you considered anything else in the future, maybe acting in films?

Johnny Bosch: Yes, I have shot 2 films this year.

Anime Omnitude: One last question. Do you know any other anime voice actors? Have you got an elite crime fighting club you guys have that I can join? I'd be pretty good at that stuff ;)

Johnny Bosch: Yes, of course I know other VA's and yes we do have an elite crime fighting club but no you can't join because I was lying and we don't really have an elite crime fighting club. It is a good idea but what good would we be in an emergency or facing a
deadly enemy...I guess we'd try to talk them to death. Which I guess works against dub haters, no offense to dub haters because occasionally I'm one too.

Anime Omnitude: Thanks a lot for taking the time out to answer the questions, I wish the English Dub success and I wish you success with the EyeShine band Miles Benjamin (Milezy) - http://www.animeomnitude.com

July 28, 2006, 05:32 PM
good job, to both u and animeomnitude for putting it here

July 29, 2006, 10:27 AM
Very nice. I'm impressed he reads BotI though. ^_^ Not as impressed as I was with the Chouji VA (who has actually read Naruto before vocing, and is up to date with us, along with OP and Bleach and other mangas/animes), but still.

I forr one can't wait how he'll do Hollow Ichigo though. That's where his voice talent will surely kick off. I wanna hear ca nutty Ichi, so yay!!

Thanks for posting it here!

July 30, 2006, 05:24 AM
I got a few interviews of the Bleach cast that include Steve Prince (Ishida) and Patrick Seitz (Isshin). They were kind enough to answer to all of my questions in a very detailed way. You can go to Bbleachextreme.net (http://bleachextreme.net) to read the interviews!

July 30, 2006, 08:15 AM
Faster link for others:

Isshin VA (http://bleachextreme.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=56&Itemid=66)
Ishida VA (http://bleachextreme.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=53&Itemid=65)

Interesting. Although I feel that that interview may have been too spoilerish for anime fans even. XD[br]Posted on: July 30, 2006, 08:10:16 AM_________________________________________________
I will probably use the voice I was cast as. From what I remember (the auditions were about 2 months ago) the voice was a slightly more mature sounding voice, and slightly more mysterious, than what I did as Ken Ichijouji.

Woohoo! I'm happy. ^_^

And wtf! I never knew he voiced as Keitaro! XD

August 03, 2006, 09:25 PM
[Johnny Bosch: As far as Manga - Blade of the Immortal was one of my faves until about book 10 and then I've recently been reading King of Hell. Anime - I like anything good. I like it when a show starts off good and ends good. so many of them start off slow and then get good or start off good and then leave you with a "what the hell kind of ending is that?" feeling. I'm sure you all know what I mean.

With this answer, I officially love Bosch as Ichigo and will respect the work he does on the role.

August 09, 2006, 08:44 AM
^I now have complete confidence that the Ichigo voice will be great. Whoever did that interview was awsome he/she asked all the important questions I could think of. Usually they just waste time asking questions like "what did you watch when you were a kid".

Sweet find Nibi-Nekomata. Thanks for posting it.

August 10, 2006, 10:39 PM
Thanks for the site. As for Bosch I think he will do well. It looks like he can get that teenage voice that i picture in the manga that is neither too high or too low. I dunno, When people mentioned a Power ranger as Ichigo i thought of Tommy and was disappointed hehe. A lot of Bleach's dazzle is riding on this guy's voice, and as a fan I hope he fills the part well.

As for the other VAs, I like Stephanie Sheh who is Orihime because she seems like a perfect match
.... and she's pretty cute :p