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August 27, 2008, 10:11 PM

This is my first review. I have long attempted to write one, but I didn't have much time then. But now that I getthe opportunity to do so, I decide to write and share what I analyze in this chapter. I have to warn you though, my review is long.... not because I love to rant about all One Piece stuff, but because I saw a lot of important things in the current chapter that I think should be discussed and emphasized. I read the lines, analyze the characters' reactions and moves and incorporate their connection to the entirety of the chapter. As much as I want to post pictures on my review, my computer has successfuly sabotaged my plan to post much better review because it is having troubles downloading manga and editing it. So here's my review. Sorry for the length :tem but I do hope you appreciate my views. (I just put the link of the panel for pictures)


After performing interesting activities to earn money, being confined in the hospital, taking several hours of relaxation, and spending the rest of their time with fun leisure, we finally see CP9 agents get into action. This time, it was Lucci who first takes the action. Since he is considered the leadership role in their secret organization, it is only natural for him to take the first step to do some butt-kicking activity, though I doubt that this will be a major fight, especially that these pirates look total show offs without anything to offer. But one thing that makes this special is that Lucci doesn’t seem to be interested in taking full advantage of his “license to kill,” just like the way he used to. And this is not because his new opponent appears to be less challenging, but because after the reflections he made in earlier chapters, he seems to vow to get a new life, with a new sense of moral justice with him.


Finally, the Strawhats get to beat this mysterious Kuma look alike. As they claim the victory after their all-out battle with this top-class cyborg, the crew starts to formulate several theories about the mystery behind their opponent. In the previous panels we see Usopp and Nami commenting how scary the Pacifista looks and that he appears to be like he’s about to get up again. While this sounds like an ordinary opinion, it can actually give us more hints about the nature of this human nature: (1) being scared at someone who looks like Bartholomew Kuma is a given, but what really makes him scary is the unpredictability of his actions since he is emotionless. You cannot predict one’s next move if someone is just wearing a straight facial expression and this idea makes it harder for the Strawhats because they do not have much strength left.

(2) The second note that I want to point out is connected with my first analysis, with a specific emphasis on Pacifista’s lack of emotion despite them being a human. We can assume that they are trained to wear poker face at all times, but being beaten to a pulp with a still expression can be too much, especially when these cyborgs are at the point of reaching death. My theory about the Pacifista’s composition is that they are originally human who were just modified by Dr. Vegapunk. While I admire the intellect of this scientist, I am absolutely turned off by what kind of morals he has shown so far. I can’t help but compare him to Dr. Hogback who uses his intellect just to create another invention without considering ethical values. Dr. Vegapunk by far, erased the human side of this people and turned and treated them like actual robots. To erase their human nature can be considered morally sadistic.

In this panel we see our Supah Aniki making another set of comments about this Pacifista’s origin. He said that maybe this top class cyborg is Kuma’s twin or maybe a person who was naturally born with similar face. While his comments sound funny and idiotic, it triggers our thinking as to how Dr. Vegapunk actually made these Pacifista look like Bartholomew Kuma.


Luffy and the rest of the crew begin to make their next plans after their strength get almost drained from their fight with the Pacifista (which is named PX-4). Most of them considered running and hiding as they assume that another surprising fight might occur. And Luffy, who just returned to his regular form, suggest taking a rest even for a bit. On the other hand, Robin suggests going all out once again since it is quite clear that almost every force in the Marines is hunting them. While this feels like the most logical idea, it will still be really hard to accomplish such plan after putting their best and strongest efforts to beat PX-4. I am guessing that they are going to use their creativity and resourcefulness for their next fight instead of a “one-by-one” attack like they did in battling against PX-4. I am afraid that, with their current status, they will no longer be able to do something so powerful like before. And even if they manage to do so, the consequences can be fatal (like what happened to Zoro…. But I’ll discuss that later).


Finally!!!! We get to see the full view of this mysterious Sentoumaru with a broad-axe, facial scar, and childlike features. And as he makes a very surprising entrance in the scene along with the surprising revelation of his full physical feature (which somehow makes him look older), he manages to make another surprise to our beloved pirates and even to us, by bringing another Pacifista, which is named PX-1 this time. His real status is also named, where he is actually the “Captain of the Science Unit” and Dr. Vegapunk’s bodyguard. So that ends the speculation whether he is just an ordinary nephew and assistant of Kizaru or he is someone with a specific rank and task in the Marines.

Another thing that catches my attention is the design of his huge clothes. Now, that design is no different to us manga readers and anime viewers. We have seen this symbol for a couple times like in Naruto world, where such design is used as Sasuke’s Sharingan. Even in One Piece itself, this design is being used in Enel’s thunder drums. Being curious about the meaning of this well-known design, I made a little research about it. (Well some of you may already know about this….)

The three icons that resemble a comma are called “tomoe,” which are the main component of symbolic mark named “Mitsudomoe.” Mitsudomoe is the triangular formation of three tomoes, where it actually represents the three divisions known in Japanese culture: Man, Earth, and Heaven. Such division is similar to the fundamental principle of Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, where the flowers are placed based on these divisions. This symbol is also linked to Hachiman, a war deity. I find an iota of connection between Hachiman’s association with mitsudomoe and Oda’s usage of this symbol to represent the Science Unit of the Marines because Hachiman is also praised by the fishermen, believing that this god would bless them more fish in the sea. It is a small pigment of link, but still, it can make sense. Now let’s focus on the fish at the center of Sentoumaru’s shirt design. If you notice, the fish possesses three beautiful fins that look like petals. I am guessing that such design is based on the principle of “Mon,” which is the source or the core foundation of mitsudomoe’s concept. Mon is usually designed with ornaments and is used as army standards and symbolizes various organizations. This mon in One Piece may be used to represent the organization led by Dr. Vegapunk (Science Unit). I guess Oda tried to think outside the box by combining the principle of Mon and fish design to indicate the Marines.


The Strawhats are divided into three group: Luffy leads Chopper and Robin where they are followed by Sentoumaru; the second group consists of Sanji, Nami, and Franky, and are followed by PX-1 (another Pacifista); the third one is comprised of Zoro, Usopp, and Brooke who all seem to be safe for a moment. The first group to make their offense is Luffy’s. Being the captain and the strongest among the team, he decides to take on Sentoumaru despite his fatigue. As he’s about to land his famous “Gomu Gomu No Gatling Gun” on Sentoumaru, we hear the latter saying that he doesn’t have much issues with pirates. Now this gives me an idea that his personality is similar with Kizaru’s in a sense that they are both mission-oriented type of officials. Back in the earlier chapters, we saw Kizaru volunteering to take the offenders of the Tenryuubito because it is their task to capture anyone who has the guts to attack the noble. And this time, it is Sentoumaru who accomplishes his task despite the lack of particular interest in pirates. After all, as the Captain of the Science Unit, it is his responsibility to assist the Pacifistas who are created by his boss, Dr. Vegapunk. And as someone who should lend a hand to his Uncle Kizaru, Sentoumaru should perform another job by attacking and beating their targets. This guy takes pride on his defense ability and the first that he emphasized is his ability to keep his mouth shut regarding any possible information that may lead to the revelation of their organization. Well, this trait gives a strong justification as the one who is tasked to be Dr. Vegapunk’s bodyguard; any (even regular) bodyguard vows to protect not only the lives of their bosses but also protect anything that might bring damage to their reputation.

Sentoumaru continues to prove his strength in defense as he instantly deflects Luffy’s attacks with a technique that is similar with impact dial.And as his ranting (which is ironic because he says he has a “tight mouth”) continues, he takes another pride for his strong ability because he is not a devil fruit user. In this case we can formulate two theories: (1) he can be naturally strong whose power can be described as inhuman, like what we see in Sanji; (2) or, he might also be modified by Dr. Vegapunk, adding much strength to him as the doctor applies his genius inventions to his body. After all, Sentoumaru is the bodyguard of the infamous scientist, so modifying him and making his strength quite powerful are only natural. And after several panels, we see Sentoumaru assuming a position similar to the ones that a Sumo wrestler does, so I guess his fighting style is based on Japanese wrestlers. The only question left here is the usage of his broad axe. We haven’t seen him used it yet and since it is not yet totally revealed, I am guessing his true power lies in his ability to wield such weapon. Another speculation that I create is the broad axe’s is mainly used for offense purposes. But then again, it can also be used for defense (since he repetitively brags his defense ability).


Just when we thought that Zoro’s group is safe, another surprising entrance is shown. And this time, it is the most troublesome and the most anticipated appearance of Kizaru, facing the Strawhats. Zoro’s group has the biggest problem here, since the swordsman is no longer in the position to engage into a heavy battle. As for Usopp and Brooke, well, they aren’t really the brute type of fighters, so we can expect them making resourceful assistance to Zoro, which later proves to be useless especially when facing a Logia type – a Pika Pika no Mi user Admiral. After fighting against the legendary samurai, Oz, taking Luffy’s pain and fatigue, several small fights against Duval’s crew, and putting such strength and effort to beat, PX-4, even trying to fight an Admiral is too much for Zoro. Then he got hit with Kizaru’s troublesome attacks. So seeing him got completely beat up is no surpise. Even Kizaru himself realized it, since the infamous Pirate Hunter surprisingly gets beaten so easily.


The most surprising appearance of all. I almost jump off from my seat when I saw the dear Dark King getting into action. The last time we saw him was at Grove 13, saying that it would take him three days to finish the ship’s coating. So, it is only natural to expect him to be seen few chapters later. But knowing Oda’s ability to surprise his readers, I had a bit of speculation that Rayleigh might appear earlier than the given time. But hey, I caught myself completely off guard when I saw him taking the action in such manner. But how did he get there? Well, there can be two possible ideas for that: (1) he took the Sunny near that Grove and immediately noticed the danger nearby. And since the Strawhats are busy with their own fight, they no longer had the time to take notice that Rayleigh is somewhere near them; (2) with the widespread of the Pacifistas which spells “big time trouble” all over their face, Rayleigh must have deduced that the Strawhats will have a hard time fighting with them. And with what’s happening around, it is palpable that there are serious battles happening throughout the entire archipelago. But whatever the reason is, the clear idea that we see behind this is that Rayleigh has given his “blessing” to Luffy and his crew – just like what Shanks did when he saved Luffy from a Sea Monster. If the Dark King doesn’t see Luffy’s potential to become a great Pirate King, he wouldn’t bother to help them especially that he only wants to live with a laid-back, ordinary life - away from the Marines, away from so much attention, and away from troubles. This idea is supported when he mentioned about the new era.

Another noticeable thing here is how Rayleigh deflected Kizaru’s kick when he is a Logia user. A possible explanation that I can muster is the extension of Haki. Back then, we saw Shanks knocking out Whitebeard’s crew members by releasing Haki. Rayleigh did the same thing in the auction house, only this time, we get to see another usage of this Haki by having the ability to choose the person to attack and the person who will be exempted from that. Another speculation about it is the usage of Haki to remove the Caimie’s collar. If it is, in fact, done by the usage of Haki, then we can say that Haki allows to user to destroy an item or to modify the molecular structure of Logia user, making it firm and solid, thus, allowing Rayleigh to kick Kizaru like he is just a regular opponent. Or, if Haki is not responsible for such action, we can assume that Rayleigh possesses a god-like speed, allowing him to kick the admiral so fast that his Logia nature no longer has the time to react.


A surprising chapter that is worth waiting for. The seriousness and the comic relief are well balanced. And even it most of panels shows action and less conversation, there are loads of important things that should be analyzed. Even the slightest remark possesses such value. I do hope that we get to see what happens to Kidd and Law at the next chapter.:D

August 28, 2008, 02:40 AM
A very nice review indeed. I have one thing to add though, I meant to add it in my theory I proposed in Sahu's last review, but since you brought it up here, so much the better.

Going along with my theory that Vegapunk is from Bilka, we know that they already have the technology to create clones (remember the trio of Satori, Hatori, and Kotori? as well as the other guardians) and it follows that some variant of this technology is being used to create the Pacifistas.

August 28, 2008, 06:31 AM
Quite a nice review :)

Would be good if you had the time to crop the images out and put it in that way, but I understand it is very time consumingg

Appreciate you writing this :)

August 28, 2008, 10:47 AM
@Mooncrow: That little comment is enough to completely convince me that your theory is right (having read your earlier thoughts, of course). I gotta say I was a little sceptic at first, but it only makes more and more sense.

@Haruka Nice review there, especially for a first. As paradoxe mentioned, cropped pictures would be nice. You wouldn't have to stop reading, click the link, read the page, go back to the review and keep reading, interrupting the overall impression and connection between text and pictures. It's nothing major though.

I don't really have anything to add, you summed up the chapter pretty well. Thanks for the info on the symbols/icons, didn't know all that. Not quite sure if it does have the "fisherman" connection though. That's, as you said, kinda farfetched. I'm not very well read on the subject but if both the Hachiman and the "Mon" thing are war/army related then you may not have to think any further. Since axey commands the WG's war machines, I mean. :p

Again, really nice review, and I hope you'll write one next week as well, (hopefully a bit earlier so all the big thinkers have the time to add their thoughts as well). ;)

August 28, 2008, 03:12 PM
Very nice review!! I cant believe its your first one!!

I really liked your anilise on the pacifistas look... i havent thought of that
I think Sentomaru´s defense has something to do with Haki... what do you think?

I agree that the most likely thing to explain how Rey hit Kisaru is Haki, but i dont like that... i want Oda to come up with something more *blow your mind* kind of thing (as he usually do)! But im glad we will get to see a way to beat logia users...cuzz until now they were preety much "unbeatable"

Again, GREAT JOB :thumbs... looking foward for your next one

August 29, 2008, 04:40 AM
Nice review!

P.S. The haki theory is a bust just check out the post on the other 511 review it's at the bottom

August 29, 2008, 08:18 AM
Thank you for replying guys. I am really glad that you appreciate my review. I guess I'll write another one for the next chapter since I have lots of time to do so. I'll make sure my computer is working well, with my photo editor, functioning poreperly so I can post pictures. And I'll post my next review early.

@Mooncrow: I consider your speculation a lot. It actualy makes sense, if we get to think about it carefully. Bilka has technology that is far advanced compared the ones that we see in Grand Line. If Dr. Vegapunk used to live there, then maybe, he got the ideas for his creations from Bilka. The cloning theory is the most plausible explanation as to how Dr. Vegapunk is able to "mass produce" Kuma look-alikes.

@Paradoxe: Cropping pictures can be really time consuming. However, what really bothered me before posting my review was some technical problem of my computer. But I'll make sure I'll post pictures for my next review, even if it takes me several hours to do so ^_^.

@Organizized: You're right. I completely agree with you. Checking the links can sometimes lessen the momentum of reading. But I thought I'd still post it instead of my review being a complete verbal post; the readers would still have the opportunity to check what I was trying to emphasize.

About the Hachiman. Connecting the fisherman's worship to the god with the symbol of the Science Unit is really farfetched. I guess I analyzed it too much. The mon being used to represent an army or military unit is enough to explain its connection to the symbol worn by Sentoumaru.

@Raysen_ht: About your speculation regarding Sentoumaru's defense being another form of Haki. If it is, in fact, Haki, I guess we just got to see another extension of this spiritual technique.... and this time, it shows a rather direct defense technique. Back at earlier chapter, we saw Shanks and Rayleigh using Haki as a measure to knock out people. But this time, Sentoumaru used Haki as a direct counterattack against Luffy's Gatling Gun. Furthermore, we get to see a younger fighter who can use Haki by will (Luffy is still unaware about the fact that he is able use it).... I'm starting to get tired seeing only the "senior pirates" wielding such spiritual technique.

I guess most of the readers speculate that Rayleigh used Haki to deflect Kizaru's kick because it is the only fighting technique that we've seen from him so far. The other incredible things that the Dark King can do is just left within our imagination. I believe Oda can pull off something more creative and crazier than that. Knowing his ability to think outside the box, he can make big characters look more powerful by using another mond-blowing form of attack other than Haki. And I do hope it's not Kairoseki, because it is the most fundamental counterattack against devil fruit users. I guess it will really look much cooler to find a character like Rayleigh who can deflect and even defeat dreaded Logia users without using kairoseki or haki (I'm afraid these two things start to sound predictable).

@Tomgoood01: Thank you for informing me. I already checked it.... and I guess it will be much more exciting if we discuss it for the next chapter ^_^. It will be such a topic among us, One Piece fans, on the next discussion/ review for Chapter 512.

Again, thank you guys so much. ^_^