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August 30, 2008, 08:42 PM
Antares' One Piece Review: Chapter 512

Hi, my name's Antares, i'm a noob here, and i'm not very good with grammars so please bear with me, because i want to share my view with all of you guys and this is my first One Piece review.


The chapter started with a chit-chat between Kizaru and Rayleigh, about Rayleigh's intervention in Kizaru's mission to capture the Strawhats. For the confident and nonchalant Kizaru to say “Please” to a person, it appeared that Rayleigh was really a pirate to be reckoned with, even with Kizaru’s own Logia powers, Pacifista and Sentoumaru around.
Using the admiral’s slight hesitation, Luffy ordered the Strawhat Pirates to flee and only flee, as their current strengths were not enough to face Kizaru, Pacifistas – just one of which required the combination of Strawhat’s strongest attacks just to take down, and Sentoumaru who was be able to break through Luffy’s rubber body’s offense and defense.


To me, this order illustrated further (than when he faced Blueno and stated that he would be stronger than anything in order to protect his friends) how much more Luffy was concerned about his nakama’s safety than anything else, even now when he felt helpless.
Franky, using all his Cola stock, blasted one last Coup De Vent to delay the Pacifista. Which brought me to think, how would Franky improve himself in the future chapters, in order to win the fight against the newer cyborg models like the PX? I hope with his ability he would be able to identify the way to harden his own body like that of the Pacifista, or to invent new attacks.
After saying thanks to the old man, Luffy and his nakamas ran into separate directions, divided into a few groups. Kizaru decided to chase Brooke with his speed of light and it seemed like there was nor more chance for Brooke to escape.


But Rayleigh instantly appeared and slashed apart the light – the light which is Kizaru’s body - with his sword. Attempting to beat Rayleigh immediately, Kizaru formed a light saber to attack his opponent, whereas Rayleigh stayed composed and used his sword to block. Kizaru’s cheek was bleeding, a sign that there surely must be abilities able to defeat Logias.
This led me to think that Rayleigh had the ability to either:

1) Manifest some kind of energy which made any material he hold so hard or sharp to molecular level that it could crush, cut, or scatter light (which is photon molecule),

2) move with the speed equal to light speed or even more, seeing that it was uncertain whether Kizaru’s body was already in Brooke’s location or not when Rayleigh suddenly arrived in front of him and cut his light body (and Rayleigh could match Kizaru’s attack speed when they fought using their swords),

3)change the natural properties of element (example: rock becomes tender and squishy, syrup becomes like fog and floating about in the air, for light to be able to be touched like a solid material, etc), or

4) combination of the three possibilities above. I sincerely hope for a character of Rayleigh’s caliber, that his abilities wouldn’t be originated by an even stronger Devil Fruit since it will be just like cheating, and not to mention uber lame.

I excluded the seastone theory, based on statement that a Seastone emits the same energy as the sea, thus establishing a direct and constant contact with devil fruit user will drain their energy and rob them of their devil fruit’s power. It means if Rayleigh really used a Seastone, Kizaru’s body wouldn’t be able to turn into light. But what actually happened was different. Kizaru was able to turn into light, but the thing here is, here was a big boy whose abilities were able to confront light and treat it as tangible objects.


Back on the chase, Brooke’s group was chosen by the PX, because of the significantly-weakened Zoro which could earn the Marines 120 mil beri. Seeing this, Brooke courageously offered to fight the PX. Despite being defeated quite easily, I predict that Brooke could have learned something, for example the way his music could possibly affect even cyborgs or Logia users.

Maybe, in the upcoming chapters, Brooke will invent musical waves - or whatever - that can damage the PX, or even alter their programming system so that they won’t obey the Government’s order anymore. Of course this is a speculation, but if Brooke’s melodies could put people to sleep, in other words decreased their level of consciousness (lower the oxygen level at their brain, intoxicate the nerve system with certain chemical that stimulate drowsiness, or other theories that will be far too serious to discuss about a manga), why can’t it change the electrical waves on a cyborg?

Anyway, Luffy, on the other hand, must dealt with the tight-mouth Sentoumaru, with his self-proclaimed world-class ability to deflect attacks. Meanwhile, Chopper saw his nakamas fall, one by one, and in desperation, he let the behemoth of Monster Point inside of him to take over again and devastated anything in its way.


My prediction is, Chopper would eventually be able to control this monstrosity under his full conscience, instead of going berserk all the time towards friend and foe alike.
In all that chaos, Usopp realized someone standing behind him and Zoro, who was revealed to be the real Bartholomew Kuma.


He said to Zoro, “If you are going on a trip, where would you like to go?” and then blasted him away. I think, because Kuma had a promise to Zoro not to Harm the Strawhats, he would send Zoro to somewhere safe. The location of Thousan Sunny crossed my mind for a while, but i don't think Kuma knows the location, so Zoro may had been sent on an isolated area, far away from the Marine bases, to survive on its own and find the way back to his captain once his wounds had been healed, and once he had trained enough to manage to beat the PX and stronger adversaries from now on.

I’m really glad to see the Strawhats on desperation for their lives. It was, in my views, one great transition period each of them – especially Sanji, Franky, Chopper and Zoro - must overcome in order to become entirely stronger, which makes their efforts really human. The revelations about Rayleigh’s power is getting juicier with each chapter. Amazing chapter from which many predictions and theories about top-tier guys' ability can be made, and amazing cliffhanger like always.