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Super Angillis
September 08, 2008, 12:50 PM
Claymore Chapter 83- Prospect of Reunion Review.

Previously… Miria told Claire to go look for Raki before the final battle with the Organization. She assigned Cynthia and Yuma to go with her. Other stuff happened too, but it doesn’t impact on this chapter.
Claire- Our lead. Not always a team player but a good person. Wants to find Raki, and kill Priscilla. At some point that will be awkward.
Cynthia- Former rank 14. Has a cheerful upbeat personality. Has been described as the girl next door.
Yuma- Former rank 40. She lacks confidence, but that might change…
Geography Teacher Cynthia
We open on the trio traveling though a forest and Claire asking Yuma if she can keep up okay. Yuma says she can, and Cynthia announces that they have reached the western lands. This confuses Claire who thought they were in the west already. Cynthia explains that the Organization divides the continent into four sections because of the Creatures of the Abyss. Cynthia uses her sword to sketch in the dirt. We learn that the continent is roughly shuriken shaped. Most people count the center as a separate area, and the points as North, South, East, and West. She explains a little bit about the orgs distribution, and then tells Claire not to think it. Cynthia explains that she knows Claire is thinking about running off without Cynthia and Yuma, but that Cynthia is better at long distance running, and will find and catch her even if she has to slow down for Yuma. Cynthia then says that if Claire decides to stay with Raki when they find him that’s fine.
Well we get some geography lessons from Cynthia, and the layout of the land Claymore takes place in is cleared up a bit. As we learn the Organization has one set of divisions, and everyone else another. It’s interesting to learn that Cynthia knows so much about the lands geography. She must have gotten more education than Claire at some point. Also great is how she tells Claire that she can’t escape and is stuck with the two of them, all with that sincere smile on her face.
So where do you want to go?
We cut to Cynthia and Claire scanning for Youki. The pick up several Claymores and Awakened, but nothing too close. Claire comments that any warriors on suppressants can’t be sensed, but Cynthia figures that it would still work to their advantage. Claire picks the town she wants to check first, and Cynthia points out that an awakened is in the town, but she doesn’t have a problem with that as they can’t avoid towns and get information. This surprises Claire, and shocks Yuma (I love the look on Yuma’s face here). They get to town and find three of the organizations Claymores on suppressants, and then even more surprisingly to Men In Black. The trio realizes that the Claymores are unaware of the Awakened. Apparently they are looking for something, and afraid it has already been captured. But the Awakened transforms and moves to attack…
We get a few interesting things here. We find out that Cynthia is just as willing as Claire to put herself in danger to help people when she supports going into the town with an awakened. We also learn that the organization is searching for something. My guess would be Renee, as they may not know what Riful wants but would assume that having her catch the eye would be a bad thing.
Yuma Kicks Some Ass!
Claire and Cynthia jump in between the Claymores and the awakened, and Claire yells for Yuma. Yuma quickly does a handstand split kick and knocks out two of the Claymores. The then crosses swords with the last one. The Claymore wonders how Yuma can match her, number 14, only to have Yuma smack her in the stomach with the flat of her blade, knocking her out too. She then Judo chops the two Men in Black into unconsciousness. Yuma is surprised because the Claymore’s sword almost seemed not to move to her. Yuma has an epiphany and realizes that she has become very strong, only not realizing it because her comrades were also growing in strength. Meanwhile Claire and Cynthia engage the Awakened. With the Claymores and MIB out of it, they can throw off their cloaks. The Awakened decides to run, and detaches from her lower body and grows wings to fly off. Claire calls for Yuma again, and Yuma throws her sword, cutting off the awakened wings. While in mid air Claire and Cynthia dice up the awakened. Claire catches Yuma’s sword and hands it back to her.
We get some interesting development for Yuma here. She easily takes out three Claymores, including number 14, and realizes that she has gotten very strong. For her, this is a revelation, as Yuma has always thought of herself as very weak, and she wonders if the other ghosts have realized how strong they are now. We also get to see another awakened being get taken apart, something that drives home to me just how superior the Ghosts have become. One wonders if the Organization would take more time training and cultivating Claymores, then they might have far superior warriors. We also get to see our second flying Awakened Being after Priscilla.
Not Who Claire Wanted To See…
In the aftermath, the frightened townsfolk decide to run. We learn that thanks to the trio no one was hurt, something that Cynthia is very happy about. Claire smiles, and says she now knows why the Organization sent Cynthia to the north to die. The trio wonders what the Claymores and MIB were doing. Their actions seem to be set to avoid detection from Awakened and Yoma, not normal people. A voice tells them that he can tell them for old times sake. Rubel steps out of the crowd, and Claire is not happy to see him…
It’s interesting to see that Cynthia is very happy about everyone being okay. Claire is right in saying that the Organization wouldn’t like that attitude. Cynthia is the sort who would put peoples safety above the business aspects of Yoma hunting. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did some freebie Yoma slaying on occasion. The trio wonders just what the Claymores and MIB were doing, and Rubel appears and offers to fill them in. It should be interesting to see how this develops, as Claire still seems to blame him for Raki being sold up north in the first place. However Rubel often seems to have his own agenda, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to Miria’s informant. But what I’m really interested in seeing is if he has information on Raki.
Not the most epic of chapters, but we get some action, and some great development for Cynthia and Yuma, two of the lesser developed Ghosts. I look forward to the next chapter, as Rubel is probably going to drop some bombshells.
Winner of the Month- Yuma. I had to give it to Yuma this month. Taking out three Claymores, including one with Cynthia’s old rank shows just how far even the weakest ghost is. Yuma may not get too many chances to shine, but she had this chapter.