View Full Version : Theory Are Nuri, one Oni boss and 1000 arms really the same species?

September 16, 2008, 04:47 PM
Let's look at a few facts.

The 1000 arms boss, the Oni boss that Reika fought from issues 191-201 and Kei killed, and Nuri have a lot of similar abilities. I'm becoming more convinced that it's probable that the three bosses have been the same species.

1. They are all shapeshifters.
1000 arms:
After 1000 arms' suit got damaged and the head of the suit got sent by Katou's Y-gun, he just crawled out of the shell of the headless suit and shapeshifted into a monster's body and something resembling the teacher's head. He pretended to be the teacher.

He's pretending to be Reika in this scene.

He's pretending to be Kei, then Takeshi in this scene.

Nuri changed forms dozens of times; I'm sure that nobody will argue that he couldn't shape shift. One notable possible shape shift of Nuri's: notice that both hands are visible and there's nothing in either of his hands.
Katou turns around to face him and there's half of Oka in his hands. It doesn't mean that Oka isn't really dead. But if it was just a shapeshifting trick, that would be worthy of both 1000 arms and the Oni's psych jobs.

2. They can all absorb and regenerate from massive damage.

People confuse the fact that 1000 arms' suit was damaged and quit regenerating after Sei kicked its own acid back into it, with 1000 arms itself's ability to regenerate. After Katou sent the head of the suit with the Y-gun, the real 1000 arms just crawled out of it and took a new form. It was totally undamaged. See the links for point #1.

The Oni was able to regenerate and change forms on the fly, regenerating from the literally dozens of X-gun shots that he had taken and changing from Kei to Takeshi in the length of 2 steps (see link in point #1). He changed from Takeshi into something that could fit down the rookie's throat in about a second, then into a fly, then into an elephant.

He could absorb massive damage, provided that he knew it was coming.

3. They are all weak to Gantz sword attacks.
1000 arms died when Katou used its own sword against it.
That sword could cut through Gantz suits like they were butter, so it was at least as powerful as the Gantz swords.

Kei killed the Oni boss with one hit from a Gantz sword after it had taken about a hundred shots from X-guns.

Same for Nuri. He could recover from being splattered by the H-gun in seconds, but it took him much longer to recover from one hit from the Gantz sword.

4. On each occasion, they died when they didn't expect the attack. Nuri and 1000 arms both evidently saw them too late to do anything about them, and the Oni boss didn't see the one that killed him at all.

5. They all like to psych people out by pretending to be other people. They evidently enjoy that aspect of their abilities.

6. They all have an acid attack. 1000 arms had a bowl in his suit, the Oni spat it out, and Nuri emitted an aura of acid that melted everything around him. It had the same effect as the acid the other two used; it was just a little slower.

7. For some strange reason, both the Oni boss and Nuri wanted to play more than they did to actually fight as hard as they could to kill the Gantz team. Ecchis? Having sex with Inaba and Kuwabara? Pretending to be Gantz members? Turning into a bee? Beating Kaze to a pulp then not bothering to kill him? Getting bored with the fight and taking a break? They just don't take the battles seriously enough for their lives to be on the line.

8. Both 1000 arms and Nuri had a laser attack. Since 1000 arms was wearing a statue suit, we don't know whether the laser came from an eye that he had placed in that part of the suit (he's a shape shifter; that could have been a comfortable place to put it), or if the laser was a feature of the suit. We know that Nuri's lasers were natural, and at least two of his forms could use them. For some reason, neither Nuri nor 1000 arms liked to use them, though. They may take too much power, or have some other unknown problem. The Oni boss didn't use a laser, but then again, he was facing multiple opponents in an enclosed area. Not exactly the best situation to use a laser.

9. Their forms were able to change size and weight. Look at the huge creature that 1000 arms became. The Oni changed from a flying insect into an elephant. Nuri changed from an old man into a giant.

10. They all knew things about the Gantz team. 1000 arms claimed that became the teacher because it picked up and absorbed the teacher's brain. The Oni boss claimed that it was Reika, then Kei. Nuri didn't actually turn into a Gantz member, but it's likely that he psyched them out concerning Oka. Notice this little sleight of hand: Nothing in either hand, especially not a 2-foot-tall torso. Look closely and you can even see that the right arm and even index finger of the right hand is outstretched. Both hands are empty.
Katou turns around, and voila: Instant Oka torso.
Remember when the Oni boss even copied Kei's gun? That would be a great way to demoralize an enemy.

11. It's possible that 1000 arms, the Oni boss and Nuri were all 100 points each. Don't laugh until you read the logic. Katou died before he could get the points for 1000 arms. There was something screwy about the points for the Oni mission. Reika got exactly 100 points for the Oni mission, even though she just spent most of her time fighting that one boss, and didn't even kill it. He was the main boss for the original mission, and Kei got the killing blow, but he only got 57 points for the whole mission, probably all from the little 3-point soldiers. It looks like Reika got the points for the Oni boss, and it was worth close to 100 points.
There are two possibilities:
a. Reika had shot it about 100 times, and Kei only got in one blow. Gantz may have some sort of rule to prevent kill stealing like that.
b. Reika had shot it just before Kei cut its head off. Simultaneous hits due to the delay?
Regardless of why, she got 100 points for the mission, the very maximum possible, and that was the only boss that she could have gotten the points for. We know Kei didn't get the points for it, because he was killing things right and left and still only got half the number of points that she did.

September 16, 2008, 06:19 PM
I think it is possible that they may have derived from a certain species, but are not once species.

September 16, 2008, 06:47 PM
as for all 100 pointer theory the odds are against you, its true that reika got the points for the oni boss(at least its an accepted theory) but you also kno that she did kill a bunch of the weak oni's.

Secondly there abilities seem to differ to some perspective, for thousand arms i always thought it was more of a revers time effect then a regeneration effect, it seems like he reverses time for himself and heals his wounds, i think this because his buddha armor always seem to go back to the way it first was. While this is less believable then the regenaration theory, come on its gantz. The oni alien reika fought and kurono killed seem to have a regenaration ability that wasnt on the same level as nuris, nuri's regen was pro he recovered from a lot a shit(h-gun blast, sword stomach up, and gettin his head cutoff by oka). While the oni boss seemed like he could be killed if he recieved a strong enough blow.

Knowledge of the gantz team isnt suprising for the oni boss he is closely related with the vamps and he most likely knew how an x rifle looked like. Nuri also seems to be on a higher level then the other 2, he worked with an 71 and 69 pointer who both serve him, while 1000 arms was surrounded by 1-5 pointers. Same applies to the oni boss if the vamps and the other elementals werent there he would be surrounded by 1-5 pointers. This leads me to believe that the oni boss and kannon are both worth somewhere around 80 points or so.

September 16, 2008, 08:38 PM
Guess we'll never know how many points 1000 arms was really worth, unless there is a new version of the Gantz manual someday. He was definitely weaker than the Oni boss. But it's possible that all of that particular species would have the same point value. We can be fairly certain that the Oni boss was within the 70-100 range.

Nuri was a LOT stronger than 1000 arms, and somewhat stronger than the Oni. But he was also a LOT stronger than the 70+/- point servants, elemental bosses and Oni boss. If there wasn't a point cap, Nuri may have been at a 150-200 point level.

I've always wondered why he sacrificed thousands of his own minions. Maybe that was a way to boost his power?

September 16, 2008, 08:42 PM
1000 Arms wasn't really that strong. The team just lacked strategy.
I don't see how that alien was similar to Nuri. It didn't regenerate itself, it used a stopwatch...

September 16, 2008, 08:56 PM
the stop watch effect was basically the same as regen, also it should be worth around 75 points, it wasnt that strong but it had alot of tricks.

September 16, 2008, 08:56 PM
We really don't know which of its powers were natural, and which came from the statue suit. If they were natural, it was probably the same species. If its powers were mechanical in nature and came from the suit, it was probably another species that just used mechanical means to imitate Nuri and the Oni's powers.

September 16, 2008, 09:01 PM
im guessing from the suit, aliens seem to hide into society the more i think about it. Maybe we can assume that aliens either shape shift to hide into society or have a suit that blends em in. Then again there are exceptions.

Also taking in account wat u said about oka's body, it does make some sense, i mean wasnt it kind of coincidental that a whole building came crashing down when it looked like he just sliced oka in half in one swing. Also considering that oka was that close to them he could of easily tried to take the kill at any time, he also knew that nuri was strong as shit and knew he couldnt just avoid it.

September 16, 2008, 10:26 PM
I dont belive that reika got the points for the shape sifting oni. She killed tons of smaller ones that could of easily got her her points. Many people helped fight Nuri. I just dont think Gantz is organized enough to keep track of who did the most damage. He couldnt even see Kisimota was gonna live after her attempted suicide, theirfore making two of her. In my openion their just isnt enough facts and evidence to support the "kill steal prevention" theory

September 16, 2008, 11:23 PM
I dont think its the same species, I think its an evolutionary thing.

a lizard evolves to have the powers of a nuri
something with the powers of a nuri evolves to a lizard form
I don't think this lizard evolved tho, I think it was all in the suit.

just looking at it strength wise, it was very weak, he was more powerful with his buddah suit.

lets have a look at it for a sec, a one-armed dead-suit kato took 7 pages worth of punches from this monster before HITTING HIM BACK with a right hook counter that busted up 1000 arms face (you can see the dent it left if you look at the left side of the cheek) after which he got punched for another 3 pages before grabbing a sword.

punching a regular human for a total of 10 pages and not killing him doesn't register to me as strong (i say human and not gantzer cuz his suit was useless by then)

my take on it is that 1000 arms was a weaker race (not same species) only the suit made him strong. After he lost his suit, he lost his
-speed (zooms right past those 2 guys before they can even shoot, cutting off both their arms. that's some kenshin type shit right there folks) the reason why katou got hit so much is not cuz the speed, its cuz he had 6 times as many arms as katou, (6 arms vs 1, try blocking that shit lol)
-regen ability (coming out of the suit doesn't seem like regen to me, more like cocoon)
-strength (10 pages of punching katou) wtf right?

i think we are looking at this backwards for 1000 arms, the title being "true face" means getting weaker and not stronger, that's how I interpret it, this isn't dbz.

after katou cuts an arm off, wheres the new arm, after he loses his head, wheres the new one? I think 1000 arms knew once he lost his suit, he was at a disadvantage.
you can argue that he cant regen because of the sword's surprise attack, but katou cut off ALL his hands + his freaking head. he should of been able to regen the other hands if he knew it was coming, therefor I say it again, he had no regen abilities to begin with, ONLY THE SUIT.

I don't think he had shape shifting abilities either, my take on it is that he absorbed the dood and was able to merge with him, we didnt see him transform into anything else. if he were to transform into something else after the lizard, then id have to agree with your assessment.

most of your other points I agree with.

September 17, 2008, 01:05 AM
I'm convinced. Just the Oni boss and Nuri were the same species.

1000 arms initially had all the same abilities, but they were evidently mechanical. Once he lost the suit, he was pretty weak.

He went to a lot of trouble to make a suit that mimiced every ability that the Oni boss and Nuri had, though. He wouldn't have gone to the trouble of making himself so similar to them just for the fun of it. He didn't want to fight, either. Maybe he was trying to fake being one of Nuri's species because he came to Earth without permission and was more afraid that somebody of Nuri's species would find him than he was of the Gantz team?

Random musings:

The Oni boss and Nuri treated the hunt like a game, not a battle to the death. Therefore, they may have a way to rez, about like the Gantz teams do. The other creatures that Gantz hunts probably don't, as they all treated it like a real battle to the death.

The Oni boss showed Reika that he had a way of tracking the entire Gantz team, the same as they could track the aliens. Tengu (Nuri's second in command) confirmed it when he was talking to HS, too. It's even possible that both Gantz and his counterpart on the Oni side saw a little blip that showed an illegal alien had arrived, and they flipped a coin to see who would get to hunt 1000 arms.

September 17, 2008, 01:55 AM
Maybe he was trying to fake being one of Nuri's species because he came to Earth without permission and was more afraid that somebody of Nuri's species would find him than he was of the Gantz team?

that would make sense if we had proof that nuri's race or any other race was hunting him. it would be a nice twist on things tho, it can probably work too. we have seen it before.

I made another post on something related to this before, I mentioned the dino cannibalism from the T-rex. The t-rex was more evolved, it learned how to do the haduken fireball.

You may be right tho, Lizards are so scared of nuri's type because they are so low on the evolutionary chain, they must use technology to not get slaughtered by the higher of the species. "We are the last ones left" he says, so I think even other aliens kill the lizards to the point of extinction.

hang on a sec, i may be on to something!
The onion guys and Tanakas! man they were so weak, so they disguise themselves as humans to avoid aliens of higher rank (rank meaning evolution progress). The onion rented an apt, and the tanaka goes to the store and stuff and even tries to learn pop culture phrases.

In one of the pages while fighting with nuri, it said something about evolution, now we get the phrase catastrophe, i know its a pretty big leap but what if all of this means...

Higher evolved aliens are going to wipe out anything lower than itself! this includes aliens and humans! Huge extermination to advance their own cause, kinda like what nazi's or whatever trying to accomplish. purify the world? ridding the weak? yah its a big leap i know :D

I think its pretty well established by now that high beings don't give a damn about low 1 pointers, nuri's laser beam could of stopped anytime but ended up killing a lot of aliens.

September 17, 2008, 02:00 PM
Hmmm...i guess all the "Yokai Alien", "Buddha Statues" and "Oni Aliens" have some level of shapeshifting ability.

But being of the same species...i don't know. We need more info....maybe at the beggining they were all the same.

September 17, 2008, 07:34 PM
We've about decided that the 1000 arms isn't the same species as the Oni boss that Reika fought and Nuri. 1000 arms just wore a suit that made him appear similar.

Just Nuri and Reika's Oni boss appear to be the same race. But it's looking more and more like they may end up being the arch-villains of the series. They're smart, strong, fast, regenerate from massive damage, have lasers and acid attacks that can cut through a powered Gantz suit instantly, can shape-shift almost instantly from a child to a giant, from a fly to an elephant. They can absorb massive damage. Their only weakness seems to be surprise attacks. They are vulnerable to Gantz swords. That makes them formidable. An army of Nuris would indeed be an unstoppable army with an invincible arsenal. What more could you want from an arch-villain?

September 17, 2008, 08:27 PM
I doubt it, oni boss seemed too weak to me im convinced a h-gun blast woulda killed right there and then, as for nuri its kind of a mystery how he died really but I think that he only dies when using his lazer. Why else would oku show us reika about to die. And exactly how are they vulnerable to gantz swords? i mean ya nuri when oka sliced him from behind it took longer to regen, but wat about oni boss just cuz he died from a sword doesnt mean that he cant regen from it as quickly as an x gun. Also the way their regen seemed to work was diff, nuri took the blow then regenerated while oni boss seemed to nullify the blow before it hit him.

September 17, 2008, 08:43 PM
The Oni boss was weak. Kei Was able to kill it with one slice, and Reika did not do all that much damage to it. People seem to want to belive that their is more going on then their actully is. I think Gantz is deep, but people try to make it alot deeper the Oku is even thinking. lol. I doubt he wanted to make them the same species or w/e. Its just a coincidence, nothing more.

September 17, 2008, 09:12 PM
I doubt it, oni boss seemed too weak to me im convinced a h-gun blast woulda killed right there and then

The way it died from one surprise hit from a Gantz sword made it look weak. But it really wasn't.

One X-gun blast blew Nuri apart, but the Oni boss absorbed about a dozen when he was pretending to be Kei before they started blowing chunks out of him, and he morphed into Takeshi. That's not weaker than Nuri. It's stronger.

It had strong acid like 1000 arms, while Nuri just had an acidic aura.

It had at least as much speed and strength as Nuri.

It could morph just as fast as Nuri; it changed from Kei to Takeshi in an instant, went from a fly to an elephant. It could pretty much change into whatever it wanted almost instantly.

It healed from the dozens of X-gun blasts in seconds, MUCH faster than Nuri. Nuri took a while to recover from just three X-gun hits from the heroin addict. It also took a while to recover from Katou's Y-gun and Oka's sword. The Oni boss recovered from everything that was thrown at it within seconds, right up till the end.

Nuri could have augmented his abilities, too. That would explain the thousands of ritual sacrifices that he melted before the heroin addict shot him.

September 17, 2008, 10:47 PM
really all oni had an acidic aura, i wouldnt say his acid was stronger then nuris or the other oni's for that matter. My point was that nuri got compleltely turned to blood and still lived, he also got cut in half by hs' sword. Either one of these would have killed the oni "boss". Also all of the oni could tell where the hunters were it was on there cellphones, not any more of an ability they kyo's laptop.

The only way we can judge regen speeds is by panels, which isnt as accurate as we'd like unfortunantly. Nuri took awhile to recover from oka's sword but he did recover from it, the same way he recovered from nuri's h-gun blast if he had done the same thing against the oni boss and even if the oni boss' arms and legs were left he woulda died from it. He's regen worked, but only if the blow isnt strong enough to kill him, yes he was blasted by alota x guns but the giant buddha coulda survived those. If you wanna organize it by class kannon would have grade 1, which is purely based off a mechanical suit that was replicated to have grade 2 powers. Grade 2 would be oni boss, which can regenerate but only if the blow isnt immediately fatal. Then grade 3 would be nuri regen, he was able to regen even after getting his head cut off by oka, and even getting splattered by the h-gun

September 17, 2008, 11:07 PM
In my opinion their just isnt enough facts and evidence to support the "kill steal prevention" theory

There definitely isn't any kill stealing prevention. If there was Kurono would've got his points for the lightning oni boss, not Izumi. Also, remember the first mission with the onion? Kurono almost killed him, but Nishi still got the points.

On the aliens being the same species:
I don't even think they're aliens.

September 17, 2008, 11:20 PM
i still think the elephant oni still lacked any real offensive ability to be up there with lightning or nuri.
he has only melee type offense, he was fast but his speed wasnt as fast as lightning guy. the lighting guy obliterated all those soldiers in a split second, read chapter 207.

he was able to rip through 15 or so soldiers in a split second, and it wasn't like they were all in 1 spot, the pic shows all the cops are scattered to his left, right, and in front of him.
Kill the left side, 90degree sharp turn without losing any speed to kill the rest, much faster than the elephant oni imo.

September 18, 2008, 12:44 AM
We're trying to figure out whether the shapeshifting Oni was like Nuri, not whether he was like the elemental Onis; neither the shapeshifting Oni nor Nuri had any of their powers. Lightning was hella fast. But Nuri wasn't. He was fairly fast as the little man, but not any faster than the Oni boss that Reika fought. Look back thru the whole mission; you'll see that Nuri didn't do anything that showed anything more than normal acrobatics and speed.

Nuri's lasers were powerful, but they were more of a desperation ploy than an attack of choice. They did a lot more damage to his allies than the Gantz members. They evidently used a lot of power and he might not have been able to see or even think when he was using them. Remember how long it took his head to come back to life and turn them off?

We only have Nuri's own word and a highly suspicious torso of Oka as proof that he was fighting and not taking a breather when he left the fight suddenly. Look closely at his hands when he lands; it's at least as likely that he just shape-shifted to make the torso as it is that it was really Oka. Notice that BOTH hands are empty when he lands. Look very, very closely. You can see the index fingers of BOTH hands. Neither index finger is closed like the hand was holding anything. When Katou turns around, presto changeo! Instant Oka torso in his right hand.

The thing that made Nuri seem so powerful was that he was able to withstand being flattened by the H-gun. But he's a natural shapeshifter. That means that his real form is probably something close to jelly or a liquid to start with. Notice how the shapeshifting Oni was a copy of Kei; he turned into a copy of Takeshi within one step; he jumped into the rookie Gantzer and turned into liquid and got himself swallowed before anybody could grab him. A weapon that uses something like increased gravity to crush solids works great against most aliens. But against something that's already a liquid? It's about like trying to crush water. Totally useless. It doesn't look like the H-guns are going to be the least bit effective against that type of alien.

On the other hand, the first time that Nuri lost his head, it took him several minutes before he could even move. He had left the "lights" on, so Nerdo killed dozens of his own minions before he could shut them off. Beheading is very effective against them. Oka split his head in half and it took a while to regenerate. HS cut its head in half and it couldn't regenerate from multiple H-gun hits after that. He evidently has some sort of nerve center; Oka saw it from his gorilla suit and aimed at it. It looks like that's a good strategy; Kei looked for a nerve center in the dino boss.

September 18, 2008, 12:59 AM
i think the h-gun isnt as strong as its cracked up to be
tengu looked like he fought it off enough not to get squished that time and then to grab the osaskin.

also doesn't it seem weird that even tho he saw it revive in front of him so many times, that when he killed it with a sword, he knew it was dead? "dont care care much ur worth, u aint getting up from that fleabag"

the osakins know of hidden properties the sword has that we dont?

September 18, 2008, 02:50 AM
The H-gun, like the bike, sword and mecha, are all situational weapons. Think of an army; all the soldiers are given a pistol, a rifle, and some basic body armor. Those items will be useful in almost any battle situation. They don't automatically get a heavy machine gun, rocket launcher and tank. Those aren't useful in most battles, but they are vitally necessary in certain situations. When they are used, the veterans get to use them; it would be stupid to put a rookie in charge of the tank corps.

The swords aren't anything to laugh at. They are pretty potent weapons. They can slice through alien armor, extend to cut a subway car in half, and one hit from a Gantz sword took out the Oni boss that could withstand 4 X-guns being fired into it repeatedly. They may be a lot higher level reward than we think. Just because there were 5 of them in the armory room and no H-guns doesn't mean that they are low-level weapons. The veterans could have taken all of the H-guns with them on the mission that they died in. Also notice that the Osakan veterans George and Kuwabara said they were going to go straight to the swords when facing the 100 pointer Nuri; that seemed to imply that the swords were a higher-level reward than the H-guns, or that they knew from experience that the H-guns weren't very useful against that particular type of alien. The swords do seem to prevent the aliens from reviving most of the time. Nuri did revive after Oka hit him with one, though. But he did recover very slowly.

September 18, 2008, 05:52 AM
when george said "dont care how much ur worth, u aint getting up from that fleabag" im sure he was fighting the fox not nuri and he had just cut its head off with the sword. The h-gun can be used in more then one way, it can cut off arms and such pretty easily kind of the effect of the sword just stronger. You just have to apply the gravity affect to seperate parts of the body

September 19, 2008, 04:35 PM
You are talking like the morphing dude was the oni boss, but the real boss was the lightning guy!

He talks like a real leader

they show vamps who call one of the vamps and tell him that the morphing oni, fire oni and rock oni have been killed (the leaders of the foot soldiers not the leader of them all!)

now we see the vamps and the boss (who is called 'the strongest alien in the history of gantz' pre nuri) who is pissed because all his underlings were killed

HS doesnt talk to him or about him like he is the underling of the morphing dude! He talks about him like he is the Leader of all the aliens (at least all the aliens HS knows about)

The Lighning guy stands around like a real leader and waits till all of his underbosses and underlings are killed of so he can appear in a dramatic kind of way and overwhelm the team like a real badass leader should.

My theory is that the lightning boss was one of the strongest aliens in the history of the tokyo's gantz but can't compare to other bosses of other gantzes

btw what's the right plural of Gantz?
Maybe every gantz has another name? Maybe Gantz is just the name for the tokyo guy in the black ball and the osaka guy has a totaly different name?

and about reikas points... ever thought about Oku making a mistake?? It's not like this would be his first one, do I have to remember you guys about butter dog's death? Kurono getting his sword from nowhere to kill the morphing dude? HS cut off tie? HS never ending cigarette, anyone?

September 19, 2008, 04:48 PM
he does o.o. Gantz is the name of the tokyo ball, also george wasnt saying that the morhping oni is stronger then the lightning. He was saying that he was the original target for that mission and then since the vamps and such became involved the mission changed.

September 19, 2008, 05:19 PM
he does o.o. Gantz is the name of the tokyo ball, also george wasnt saying that the morhping oni is stronger then the lightning. He was saying that he was the original target for that mission and then since the vamps and such became involved the mission changed.

I know that he wasn't saying that the morphing oni is the toughest.
But he seems to think that he was the leader of all the onis aliens in this mission but the lighting guy was clearly the leader.

I think (and thats just my theory, anyway) the lighting Dude was the target from the begining and the changes in gantz are just realy slowly

The changes:
1. He shows the real Target (in the beginning of the oni and nuri mission... or was nuri not the main target??)
2. The radar device doesn't seem to work anymore (while they fight the morphing, fire and rock onis)
3. The timer stops and the public can see them (when they face the oni)
4. The area is getting smaller (Osaka Mission)

I think the changes don't have anything to do with the missions (or target changes in the missions) but with the approaching of Katastrophe.

p.s. I hope i don't sound too offensiv/aggressiv whatever... i'm just sleepy.

September 19, 2008, 08:07 PM
just outa curiosity did you read the posts before yours? cuz alot of changes were listed already. The timer did dissapear right after the morphing oni died tho, also the title does say one oni boss.

September 20, 2008, 02:34 AM
just outa curiosity did you read the posts before yours? cuz alot of changes were listed already. The timer did dissapear right after the morphing oni died tho, also the title does say one oni boss.

Yes I read the posts before mine but like I already wrote, I don't think that the changes in gantz have anything to do with the morphing oni and maybe even with the oni boss (who is imo the lightining guy).
I think it is a change because of the coming catastrophe.
But then again you can prove me wrong if you want/can.


And back to the main topic, wether or not the oni and nuri are the same species.

IMO saying that the morphing alien who was an underling is the same species as nuri is kind of ridicioulous.
Nuris powers were much much stronger than morphing onis powers could ever be. Goddamn nuri survived being pulverized by Nishi (what was a surprise attack... but he survived even so), while the morphing guy died because his head was cut off.

I don't think that there are special species in gantz, there are only different classes. The leaders (Oni, Nuri), The underbosses (Rock-,Fire-,Morph Oni, Tengu, Kitsune), The Footsoldiers (who seem inteligent), and then there are other inteligent aliens (chibi, speaking dino, 1000-Arms) and the seemingly dumb ones (onion, tanaka, Buddhas)
And it seems like there are aliens who are fighters (Onis, Tengu, Kitsune, Vamps) and some who just want to live in peace (Onion, Tanaka, Chibi, Dinos).

September 20, 2008, 01:48 PM
I'm sure that there is some hole back story on the aliens. If they do come from a different planet, I assume that each invaders had treaties with others.

September 20, 2008, 02:45 PM
I was thinking more like most of the aliens are refugees from an interstellar war. The shape shifting oni boss and Nuri would be a dominant race, maybe the winning or losing side of the war, but the onion, tanaka, shorty, kappa, maybe even 1000 arms are just refugees, third-rate species who were caught in the middle of a battle between two super powers. Like the Vietnamese caught in the middle of the cold war between the U.S. and Russia.

Not all members of a species are exactly the same; an accountant and a pro wrestler are both human, but the wrestler could tie the accountant into a pretzel. Likewise, the shapeshifting Oni boss had all of the same powers and abilities as Nuri, except it never used the laser eyes, but it just didn't have as much endurance. There were dozens of similarities, too many to overlook. And Nuri was sacrificing thousands of his own minions at the beginning of the mission. I would guess that the reason would have been to gain power from the sacrifices. For a shapeshifter, all of those raw materials would be like a huge power boost.

September 21, 2008, 09:21 PM
Their could have been like a mass migration of aliens to earth due to a war in space or something.

October 06, 2008, 07:17 PM
It could be that Gantz was actually some millitary project that was experimenting with Nanomachines, and something bad happened, releasing the experiments, forcing them to use the orbs to bring people back to life to kill them off.

The Onion and Tanaka would be early versions of the nanomachines, while Nurai and the Oni would be the newer, more powerful versions. The 1000 arms could be an experiment to copy the Nurai's powers without the actual use of Nanomachines.

October 06, 2008, 10:12 PM
surely if the military did release such a thing, they would have trained personel to take them out, why rely on random people being transportated to some room.

October 07, 2008, 11:03 AM
Maybe they didn't expect them to get out? Or they don't want to waste their own men when they can just get others to do it for them.

October 08, 2008, 05:23 AM
well if the military can copy people via gantz why not just make 1000 copies of one person to take em out? also why risk civilians finding out that your using civilians. And the government isnt stupid enough to not think about this theyre pretty close but not this much.

October 08, 2008, 03:51 PM
I don't ever recall being told anything about the government in Gantz. For all we know, the government could be butterdog. The real life Japanese government probably has nothing to do with the government in Gantz, so there is no way you could call them any degree of stupid.

They might not make 1,000 copies due to the fact that they don't want 1,000 copies of one person running around after each mission was finished. If the people found out that the government was using them, which wouldn't change much, they are being used anyways, the government could just erase their memories or blow their heads up.

October 08, 2008, 06:22 PM
no I wasnt insulting the real life japanese goverment just stating that a steretypical goverment in a tv show/manga isnt as bright as they should be, then again I could be wrong. Secondly we dont know how gantz works exactly we know he makes copies but what happens to the originals? if gantz could dispose of them why not dispose of kishimoto but leave her there? If he can blow up anyone's heads why not just attack the aliens straight why involve civilians in this? he does know where the aliens are (radars). So many questions so little answers, i like the idea of them being "aliens" though a human conspiracy would just add 1000 more questions while we can believe what we hear about aliens since we have nothing to compare them too.