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True Blade
September 19, 2008, 08:39 PM
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Bleach 326: Knockdown Monster

Greetings and hello! Welcome to True Blade's review for Bleach 326! This is 2 weeks in a row, and also 2 weeks total! Hopefully I can keep those numbers the same forever! Not much to say this time, as I don't have a booming social life like many of the other reviewers here... but don't pity me! Instead, let's review this chapter and discuss all of the awesome possibilities and developments in Bleach!
Images used in this review are from Sleepy Fans scanlation! Man do they rock!

A Fallen Friend
We pick up right where we left off last chapter. For those of you with a terrible memory, Hisagi decisively defeated Findol by finally releasing his zapakuto. However, he was not given much time to bask in his victory, as one of the four towers immediately collapsed, and a beaten and bloodied Ikkaku was laying at the feet of Barragan's largest Fraccion, Po. Of all of the pillar Shinigami present, Yumichika is understandably the most surprised, and also the most worried. Of course, of all the Shinigami in Soul Society, he is the one closest to Ikkaku. He is also the one with the most accurate knowledge of Ikkaku's power, so not only is he very worried for his close friend's life, he's also shocked that he could be defeated so easily.
We are then treated to the reactions of all the captains present. With the exception of Genryusai, all of the captains seem surprised or worried by this turn of events. If protecting these four pillars is such a big deal, why are six captains leaving the job to 2 lieutenants and a 3rd and 5th seat? I suppose we'll find out in time!
Of course, Yumichika's reaction is more emotional, and he immediately attempts to run to defend his comrade. This is some pretty sound evidence that Ikkaku has been completely defeated. When way back yonder Ikkaku was taking a pretty hefty beating from the arrancar Edorad, Yumichika didn't care to interfere, speaking about the 11th division's Spartan philosophy, and the honor of a duel. I must say then, that it's rather strange he would rush over to defend Ikkaku after he had no problem leaving him to "die gloriously in battle" many chapters ago. Perhaps he finds very little honor in the fight, seeing as Ikkaku is not even able to use his full power, so therefore Yumichika sees no problem interfering. The other option is that the pressure of Soul Society's fate resting in the balance, and his friend's life most certainly at risk are overwhelming him.
Either way, his reaction is quite different from the other 2 pillar defenders. As Yumichika rushes off to defend Ikkaku, he is stopped by Hisagi, and then Kira. Hisagi is kind enough to remind him that any opponent able to defeat Ikkaku with such ease could probably just as easily take him down. Kira on the other hand hits him with a spitball-- er... I mean Shinten, in order to keep him from doing anything else rash. It's important to note the demeanor of our two lieutenants at this moment. Rather than act impulsively like 5th seat Yumichika, they remain calm and take time to analyze the situation. Just the temperament we'd expect from two of Soul Society's most somber lieutenants!
They also note that with Ikkaku's pillar destroyed, the fake Karakuri town is beginning to disappear. I guess only one pillar needed to be destroyed for Soul Society's decoy plan to falter. Which again makes me ask, why not have 4 extremely powerful captains defend the pillars? Po also takes note of this, in his typical, arrogant manner.

Pride, and a Clash of Giants

We get a slight glimpse of Po's attitude here. He notes (correctly) that Ikkaku, despite lying battered with his zanpakuto shattered might have had something else up his sleeve. However, he decides that this is not the case, and now that Ikkaku has nothing else to show him, he'd be better off dead. However, in typical Bleach fashion, Ikkaku musters up enough energy to speak and begin raising himself off the ground. It looks like Po isn't one for games and speeches though, and soundly bashes Ikkaku back into the ground, demanding for Ikkaku to release his full power, or die. It's really incredible that Ikkaku is willing to die in order to have stayed in Kenpachi's division for good. It also confirms my suspicions last chapter, that Ikkaku has not released his Bankai, and has absolutely no plans to as long as he can still be seen by 6 captains and 2 lieutenants. Po seems a little disappointed, but accepts Ikkaku's answer, and decides to finish him off. As he prepares to, he is treated to a delicious knuckle sandwich! I love Ikkaku's expression of Page 11 as he watches the giant arrancar go flying, by the way!
I'm sure we're all pretty surprised to see Captain Komamura be Ikkaku's savior. It's been a very long time since Mr. Doggy has gotten any screen time, and the screen time he got before definitely wasn't that notable. Just to recap, we already know his Shikai and Bankai, and his history with Tosen. As far as power goes, he was able to fight relatively evenly with Kenpachi for at least a little while, but was one of the several captains completely obliterated by Aizen. I've personally always thought he was one of the weaker captains in Soul Society, so I'm pretty excited to see what he cooks up! As he bursts onto the scene, he calls for his Lieutenant, Tetsuzaemon, to lodge some strange looking black pegs into the ground. These strange devices will apparently keep the real Karakuri town from returning, as long as they aren't dislodged. I guess we see why only lieutenants and below were guarding the pillars... because the captains are carrying the insurance policy!
I'd also like to note that we see Komamura's personality come out through this action. It's been said that he idolizes Genryusai, and as such holds the same conservative traditions of Soul Society in high regard. With Genryusai's plan in jeapordy, he immediately jumps to make sure things stay under control.

A Giant's Strength

Of course, a powerful opponent like Po would not go down in a single punch, even if it's from a captain. He seemingly laughs off Komamura's blow, mockingly complimenting his punch. He then delivers unto Komamura a punch so epic, it belongs in Dragonball Z. One of the largest figures in Soul Society is sent flying through several buildings from a single punch by Po. A few thoughts come to mind. One, we can see how Ikkaku was defeated so easily, Po is leagues ahead of the other fraccion seen in this battle, as he easily sends a captain flying. Two, Po is freakin huge! He dwarfs Komamura, much like Nnoitra dwarfed Chad several chapters back. Three, Mr. Doggy is not doing much to impress me, as his previous show of strength now looks like child's play compared to Po's shot.
However, Po states that even though that punch was completely outrageous, it wasn't his best. To show his best, he releases his zanpakuto, Calderon, with the release command "Breathe". Calderon is spanish for cauldron (almost obvious), and upon releasing it, Po's head swells to outrageous proportions, with the rest of his body following suit. After the (slightly comical) transformation, Po is shown towering over Tetsuzaemon. It looks like his size is approaching that of a Menos! He seems to resemble an ape, needing his fists to support his enormous new weight, but with a size like that, I can only imagine what type of power his "best punch" holds.
Safe to say we will see a real clash of giants, with Komamura's bankai, and Po's ressurecion.

Chapter Summary

Like I thought, Ikkaku did not release his bankai, and as a result was easily defeated by Po.
With one pillar destroyed, Karakuri town is beginning to return. However, there seems to be back up devices capable of halting the reversal.
Po is Barragan's strongest fraccion. Possibly approaching an Espada position, with captain level strength.
Po's zanpakuto and ressurecion are now known. Dude is freakin huge!

September 22, 2008, 10:17 AM
nice review TB I'm glad komamura gots some spot light and Po isn't as weak as his comrads which i was hugely disapointed in I mean granted with the zanpakuto abilities they were facing it's kind of a moot point but it was still very lame to have 3 of the arrancar not even damage thier oponents

September 22, 2008, 02:34 PM
nice review TB I'm glad komamura gots some spot light and Po isn't as weak as his comrads which i was hugely disapointed in I mean granted with the zanpakuto abilities they were facing it's kind of a moot point but it was still very lame to have 3 of the arrancar not even damage thier oponents
I would agree with you, but coolhorn broke yumi's arm and was generally kicking him around before he released. Same with kira. Hisagi is the only one that actually had somewhat of an easy time winning.

On this chapter: It's a shame that komamura is the whipping boy of the captains, because even though he looks wicked awesome, we never get to see him do anything cool, which is a shame.

September 23, 2008, 08:39 AM
who knows we might be able to this time around

True Blade
September 23, 2008, 10:01 AM
who knows we might be able to this time around

I think Komamura's far from done in this fight. I mean it would just be pathetic if Kubo had him down after a single punch. We'll have to see how his Shikai compares to Po's resurrecion. The thing is, while we have seen both Komamura's Shikai and Bankai, we haven't really seen them in action. Anytime he's used them the scene has been cut short, so there's definitely some room for him to show off.