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September 24, 2008, 11:00 AM
I know that everyone wanted to watch the clash between WB crew against the Royal Shichibukai+Marines......but I think that if you read better,you r going to notice that actually for this clash we need at least one or two weeks from the actual event....maybe even more!!!!
Why am I saying that? Because all the things happened on Shabondy Island are taking only one day.....during this day we had:

1)Tenryubito and the fight against Kizaru
2)The news that Ace is sentenced of death and
3) Doflamingo saying to Dj that the Shichibukai where summoned to fight against WB!!!!

If the news paper of the death sentence started to spread right now,WB,maybe Shanks and other possible characters need time to organize to move and reach the place of the execution.Same thing for the Shichinukai......they were summoned now,but Doflamingo was on the beach....about Kuma we know that he almost live in Marine HQ(which is the reason that his coming in the fight surprised Kizaru,he was summoned but we can assume he was already on place,so why move out....to help SH of course....but why?...we don't know...).

For the others Shichibukai we don't know their actually location so is going to take some time before they reach the marine HQ and organize with the Marines the defence/war(from the last development we have seen also from Hancock that they can refuse to answer the summoning).....grandline is big so if the marines want really to provoke and defeat WB to start closing the era of the pirate(the construction of Pacifista can be read also in this way...),their are certainly spread the NEWS like a bait and they r going to leave enough space time between the NEWS and the execution to let enough time to WB to reach the place and find everyone ready to beat him..........

Now the question is?How big is going to be the SH crew improvement?where is going to be the execution?the possibility are Mariejoa or even fishman island....cause Impel Down is underwater and the only island stated in the history right now that is under water is fishman island(what if Jinbei is it's guardian with other marines?)......I think this is also important because I don't see a Fishman Island arc without mister Jinbei,which lead me to think that in the end the SH have still the possibility to play a role in this big clash.....not as protagonist because even if in this arc they r going to improve they can't reach admiral lvl and stuff....so maybe they r going to play like a Jolly unbalancing with impredictable moves the direction of the war!!!!!

Assuming also that probably Hachi was in Jinbei crew....that probably the disappearence of the SH crew caused by the attack of Tenryu to defend a fishman is going to be spread by News paper on Fishman Island or by Hachi himself....We can image what it can provoke in this possible clash if they play Jolly appearing in FI/Impel Down......a change of peace on Jinbei role from enemy to ally,or even a sort of revolution that involved the entire fishman island against the marine and co.....making this the biggest accident so far!!!

Probably someone is going to die,and other actors(evil and good) r going to take and advantage from the new situation that I think is going to weaken the marines.....who r this actors???evreyone has an ambition\dream.....Younkou,SN,BB,Kuma maybe.....Dragon and Co,SH....but also Coby,Smoker,Buggy and other characters like this....

I don't know if things can turn in this scenario cause a lot of things has to happen to turn the story like this,but I think that it would be cool!!!a big war with major player involved and new path spreading and shown after this big war.....

According to this scenario the SN less the SH,are going to pass Fishman Island and Imple down before the war,first of all because we can assume those ones that left Shabondy are going to reach the NW before the war,and second reason....they don't have particular reason to be involved like our Strawhats...

Obviously the first premise is that the Fishman Island and the Impeldown prison are on the same place...

I can see Jinbei against the Tenryu,the Wg and even against someone like DoFlamingo for obious reason,and pro people like Luffy and co for obious reason too....

From what we have seen with Boa Hancock,we have already one shichi that doesn't want to join,so what about Moria and Mihawk?Moria was heavily injured and I don't think he has more reason to fights,I mean,he lost everything so it would be pointless,he will never be the Pirate King.....Mihawk fought with Sanks in the past,so probably he was in WB pirates,so him going against his former crew just for job??nah....if to this,we Jinbei role according to my theory,or Kuma according to his misterious activities,sure h├Čit's going to be a Royal Rumble with big problems for the WG,not talking about Dragon...

Now with the introduction of Haki,and the incoming power ups,I think that everything is ready for the real history and the real mysteries!!!!

September 28, 2008, 02:12 PM
sorry, but i find your post impossible to read...

September 28, 2008, 04:09 PM
Crap. Use paragraphs dammit!!!!!

I'll say two things though. We know where the execution will take place.

And what's with the hyper induction method about Mihawk?

Shanks was part of Roger's crew + Roger's and Whitebeard's crew fought a couple of times + Shanks and Mihawk fought (we know about one time for certain) = Mihawk was part of WB's crew.

September 28, 2008, 04:09 PM
sorry, but i find your post impossible to read...
My feelings exactly. Could you edit it into something readable? Separating paragraphs and better punctuation would do wonders with your post.

I separated his paragraphs somewhat to help with the visibility, and I leave any further changes for clarity to the thread starter so that I don't change his original intent with my choice of punctuation. Please, everyone, from now on post responses to the content of his theory and not his style of writing.

September 28, 2008, 06:14 PM
I passed by this earlier and the wall of test made my eye's bleed.

Anyways... we know that Ace will be executed in Marine HQ, that means the battle will be happening somewhere else. NOw then something important to consider is where the battle is going to happen? Likely it can't happen in Fishman Island because underwater battles would get hectic I also doubt that it could happen in Mariejora because the Gorosei would never allow such a major battle to happen in the WG capital. So then it must be near the Red Line.

As for Moria, he has most certainly healed, Zoro who was undoubably the most wounded in that arc was able to fight despite how badly he was damaged. So Moria should be more then ready to fight.

September 28, 2008, 06:38 PM
Moria won't be of much use without his manpower. He's not much of a fighter now, since he became lazy and his DF abillity is really all he's got. He can't produce the level of destruction which Kuma and Mihawk can.

September 28, 2008, 07:47 PM
Woot, thanks for making that readable!
Impel down is under water, but it is also located at ennies lobby. That is the place where robin was being taken too, if memory serves me right.

As for the strawhats upgrade, I think they will get them and they will have everything to do with haki, but I dont think they will sudenly rise to the admiral level. Probably to a level in which they can hold their ground againts one, but not to defeat them. I think the strawhats will be able to defeat an admiral after the next arc though.

I also want to point out that moria is not as weak as he is made out to be at this point. During luffy's first fight with him, luffy just landed one hit on him, and moria didnt break a sweat. Had moria fought without his lazyness, he would have done a lot more IMO. Also moria at some point fought on par with a yonkou, that says a lot about his strenth. Granted that luffy didnt use gears againts moria, but I still think moria could still have a lot more to show.

September 28, 2008, 09:05 PM
I was going to say something about Gecko Moria's power but kkck pretty much said it all.

Only thing really needed to mention is that Moria can just take WBs shadow if she's distracted by an Admiral and then he's out for two days in a coma, if he wanted to the Monster Trio would be dead right now. Seriously Moria would be the perfect backup. And Doppelganger can't be destroyed, so were talking about a guy who can fight higher then Base Luffy that can't be killed.

Cobra Grasso
September 29, 2008, 05:21 AM
Nice theory dude.

As for Moria and the rest of the Shibukai, they are pretty baddass right? I'd say it's a fact. However, do you really think any of them signed on thinking they would be going up against WB one day? Screw that! If they even show up their first priority will be covering their own asses. Let alone coordinated strategy.

The admirals might be coordinated. Probably. But the Shibukai will be random ownage. I can just see a scarlet Sengoku fuming, veins throbbing and all as Mihawk or Kuma just shit all over their carefully conceived plan and take to the battle their own way.

September 29, 2008, 05:47 AM
Lol I don't think the Shichibukai care much for the marines, so I can see Mihawk or Doflamingo massacring marine fodder along with WB's crew.

September 30, 2008, 02:15 PM
Hey about Moria and his ability to fight I think its not up to par of a shichibukai level right now. He lost everything he has no will to fight. Think about about after getting his ass kicked from a rookie pirate the WG wants him to put his life on the line to fight WB and he knows that at full power he was no able to defeat a Younko. That is just his mental downside.

For power level and ability he dose not know how to use Haki. After losing to Luffy he lost all is shadows and that is a big set back. His crew and ship was abandoned so he is by himself. Moria's speed is not quite fast so if someone with Soro speed attacked him i think his shadow would not be able to block any attacks. His shadows attack are annoying more than dangerous. So overall i doubt he will be used in the upcoming war.

September 30, 2008, 09:10 PM
You know, last time Luffy lost (like 2 chapters ago...) he didn't just go "well bugger, I give up being a pirate". Point is, Moria will more likely be inspired to raise a real crew once more than never fight again. Of course, zombie crew could make a comeback just to show how badly he was hurt by the death of his old nakama.

September 30, 2008, 09:41 PM
"well bugger, I give up being a pirate".

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA epic funny and dont worry I err i mean gecko moria once fought equally with kaidou, one of the yonkou, and that was b4 i lost my entire crew to him and his crew so dont think moria is a push over without zombies and oz. afterall i imagine doppleman being able to change shape into things other than bats for instance maybe a spiked cannonball or a big blade or a spear etc. and as long as moria can switch out with doppleman he has an almost better defense than a logia considering haki shouldnt be able to stop the switch between them. o and as long as he isnt controlling a shadow like with oz he shouldnt be too distracted as too not switch out like when nightmare luffy punched him. sry kinda rambled on there lol.

September 30, 2008, 11:22 PM
Shouldnt moria be able to make his body change it's shape like he did to oz? That would set moria in a whole other league.

October 01, 2008, 12:16 AM
Look Moria i think might get back on his feet in the future but at this time it's too soon for him to fight at full power for the WB war. His ability for switching with his shadow and changing shape are just cheap tricks. That might work for half asked pirates but this is the Younko were talking about. You got to give them more credit than to be defeated by Moria basic moves. They did not work before against a Younko or Luffy when Moria was at full strength.

When he fought Luffy his power level was probably about 9 out of 10. At this point he is at min 2.5 maxim 5 he is at trash level ready to be disposed of. I would not doubt that after the war if he still alive that he has his title of Shichibukai removed. I'm not trying to attack Moria for all you Moria fans but it's plan as day the situation Moria is in.

November 19, 2008, 09:06 AM
Looks like the war is moving from Marineford to Impel Down.....WB is kicking ass,probably has a Vivre Card of Ace,so he didn't need to wait the NewsPaper,to go and save Ace.....
Jinbei is rampaging,Hancock is taking Luffy to Impel Down.....and looks like Kizaru took 500 hundreds pirate on SI cause he was pissed off to haven't taken the Strawhats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is crazy..........
And maybe also the other Younkou are moving...

Can't wait to see Jinbei meeting Luffy and Hancock......my prediction is going as better as I could think!!!!