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October 16, 2008, 04:05 PM
And that’s the Lego Manic!: Fairy Tail 107 Review

Hello, Bonjour, Konichiwa, aloha and overall welcome all to my debut here on MangaHelpers as a chapter reviewer. Names Retro7 and tis nice to meet you all, looking forward to meeting you personally should you wish to do so with me. Say the least am still relatively new to this big ol site but am liking what am seeing so far. Especially the review section as am a budding reviewer myself. So I thought I go ahead and try my hand at it since its been a while since FT had a review from Helltroll. That said, I’ll stop my intro gabbing and get to the main event. Hope you like my style and any criticism on it is welcome (Critics reviewing critics, ultimate irony =P) cause I’ll be the first to admit am not perfect when it comes to my review but I try. Special thanks to INP Mangaz Team for doing the translations for this weeks chapter.


Fairy Tail 107: Battle of Fairy Tail (or Beauty Bash and Unruly Relatives)

Now where were we…?: After the craziness that was the celebration of the newly rebuilt and improved Fairy Tail HQ. The upcoming Harvest Festival is fast approaching. Prompting all members involved to get ready for it. However our usual heroes are having problems of their own. Natsu is still drained from the events of the Paradise Tower and Lucy is fretting over trying to pay her bills before she loses her household. Luckily for Luc, Happy gives her a possible solution in the form of a FT beauty contest with the prize of 500,000 Jewels on the line. Say the least it doesn’t take much to convince her to enter thinking an easy win (Cute one thing darling, but beauty…well). In the midst of the long deserved peace though, trouble brewing from within the guild in the form Luxus, the long since cocky ass member whose looked down on his fellow Fairy Tail mages, and his self proclaimed “bodyguards” the Raijinshu (which means “Many Thunder Gods”) as they plot to make a move on Fairy Tail.


Still out of it eh?:
The chapter opens with the festival in full swing. Natsu and Happy have of course attended but the former looking more like a zombie then anything. Still his usual personally shine through as he proclaims he going to eat everything even in his groggy tone. Heh guess fatigue can’t even slow this guy down neh?

Bring on the fanservice!:
After Gray claims the Salamander gonna be okay, we jump right into the heart of the matter that is the Beauty Pageant. Quite frankly am pretty sure most of were waiting for this and Hiro does not disappoint.
Cana Albero, one of the more background fairies up till the Phantom Lord arc, kick starts it off. Using her cards she transforms from her usual wear into her a veeeery…sexy…………………………………………………………………………………………Huh oh sorry got distracted there but yeah. I think the pic speaks for itself. How she manages to keep such a figure with all the drinking she does is beyond me. But in any case, Lucy realizes this isn’t going to be such a cakewalk after all, even more so after finding out Erza gonna enter as well. And once she says she gonna win you know you got problems.

Beauty and...Talent?
Jubia goes next, interestingly already being classed as a S-Mage despite being a newbie to the guild, using her water to transform into a even more sexy image infuriating Lucy further (looks like she becoming a rival after all).
http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/Meow.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/Ohwow.jpg
Mira-Jane come afterward which the crowd (and am pretty sure most of the readers) were expecting her to up the ante. Much to everyone’s surprise and shock however, she transforms her head into…Happy then to, of all people, Gazelle causing a spit take from the metal eater (Am guessing as revenge for bounding and gagging during the reporter visit XD). Only Happy is pleased about her little stunt while everyone looks on slack-jawed. Heheh oh Hiro you tease, better luck next time readers.

Serious Competition:
Pretty soon we get a whirlwind of the other FT females as well. Erza decide to go Goth Lolita on us. Levi raises the cute factor with her word magic and Visca (another backgrounder) shows off a stylish cowboy outfit. Say the least Lucy got her work cut out for her but nevertheless she goes on, rushing out on stage to keep her last name from being called due to keeping her family rich heritage secret from the public. Guess she still a little shy about wanting people to know. Before Lucy can begin her act though, she rudely pushed aside by Evergreen who already proclaims the pageant is as good as won. Hoo boy I can see people already drawing parallels to Boa Hancock from One Piece. Not only can Evergreen use stone magic but she a vain little brat as well but hey this is Hiro’s work so anything like this is coincidental. Sides the manga gets enough “too One Piece”ish gruff enough as is. Oh and apparently (Unless this a joke on Hiro’s part) there gonna be a poll on this little pageant for the readers too so that’ll be interesting to look forward too. (My moneys on Levi =D)

It Begins:
Anywho, Evergreen’s presence draws concern from Gray, Elfman and Makrov, clearly they’ve dealt with this girl before. Lucy voices that her lifestyle is on the line to the newcomer before a warning from Grey is shouted not to look into her eyes. Sadly its too late. Lucy is turned to stone before she can react and the playful beauty pageant suddenly turns to chaos.
Max Alose (who’s been M.Cing the pageant) orders the crowd to run for it least they suffer the same fate while Makrov demand to Evergreen what she think she doing. The stone mage replies that the festival needs a main show before burning the curtain away (Another ability I suppose) revealing that ALL of the FT females were turned to stone as well. Guess their gonna be out of the picture for awhile. Though I must admit am surprised Erza was hit, that very unlike her to be caught by a sneak attack. But given that we just came off an arc about her, I suppose a little side-lined action was in order. I hate to be Evergreen should she or any if not all of the FT girls ever return to normal though. Heh she won’t be looking pretty after that.

Game Time:
Soon Luxus and the rest of the Rajinshu show up as the other fairies advance on the stage. The lighting prick proposes to play a game with the remaking FT mages. Markov tells him there no time as Fantasia will be starting soon.
But Luxus counters that theres plenty before nearly frying the defenseless Lucy with a lighting bolt though intentionally misses. He then tells the group they’ll be taking the girls hostage and proclaims he’ll destroy the girls if they break the rules. Clearly he serious about his little game of the strongest of the fairies, so it looks like the main heroes have no choice. Luxus’s game is simple; they’re to fight (against each other I guess) until only one winner remains standing.
All of a sudden a bench is thrown into the air getting Markov and Luxus’s attention. Natsu, now apparently out of his power funk, stands tall. Pumped for this upcoming battle and given the history between Luxus and him. It’s pretty understandable he wants another crack at him. Just hope he doesn’t try to eat the lighting this time =P.

And so….: Festival started, beauty pageant rocked (Thanks Hiro) though could’ve used a few more laughs. Antagonists make themselves known to the heroes (Nice twist that it comes from the guild itself this time), Female FTs in danger, a challenge for the “good” fairies and a battle about to brew. Overall looks like we got a grand rumble on our hands.


Final Call:
Well we all saw this little scuffle coming a mile away when Luxus was introduced and now the conflict has finally arrived much to my delight. Like I said though, the pageant could’ve used a few more laughs but I guess Hiro wanted to get to the main event in lesser pages. So no harm no foul, looking forward to next week to see who starts this party off. Would be nice to see some of the lesser known fairies in action here. Hiro given us a good idea on their abilities from the cover pages so all that left is to see how they fare on the field. Only next chapter gonna tell for sure. Till then let's all hope for a good fight.