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February 08, 2006, 02:24 PM
TO AVOID = Somehow keep the opponent away so that you yourself don't get injured. Oro probaply doesn't want his head chopped off, but he sure wants Naruto dead. So as I mentioned, the scene is complicated.

STORY ARC = (in this series) the happenings between two Konohagakure visits. Returning to Konohagakure means always an end to another arc and the beginning of the next one. Like Zabuza arc, retrieving Sasuke arc, searching Tsunade arc, etc.

ahhh, ic thanks!

February 08, 2006, 03:21 PM
Yeah! We have fillers in the anime, now get on with the real storyline in the manga! KILL someone!! :p

you're a scary dude :D -- but i feel it's inevitable

February 08, 2006, 03:35 PM
you're a scary dude :D -- but i feel it's inevitable

*laughs kinda creeppy* :p

No, not really :) I'm kinda cuddely and happy and huggy :p

February 09, 2006, 12:50 AM
I believe Yamato's gonna be the one who dies in this arc. I think he'll die strengthening the fourth's seal or giving Naruto more controll over the kyuubi's chakra (and hopefully) jutsus. I also believe that when Naruto gains that controll, he's gonna figure out what Sai is trying to do (I have no idea what that is yet) and take him back to konoha knocked out to be interrogated.

February 09, 2006, 04:42 AM
i hope someone dies..

February 09, 2006, 05:31 PM
i hope someone dies..

you're a bad person and you're going straight to hell :D