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February 26, 2009, 08:00 PM
^ I... don't really read...

< :XD... that must be why I can't create a story with sense or meaning

V if your friends admire you... what is that they admire the most ???

February 26, 2009, 08:05 PM
^ My radiating personality :p

> Is sugar high

V Likes cheese cake?

February 26, 2009, 08:12 PM
^ wrong my canadian friend... I hate it... :XD not hate... but I can't stand the taste....

< I am spoiled brat...
< I use to say that Caucasians were Canadians
< why you ask... because I am stupid... that is why...

V so how is things up there...(not "up" really since there is no up and down in space )

February 26, 2009, 08:16 PM
^ freezing ...lolz

> ranting over crappy turn of events (spoiler turned true)

V spends a lot of time on forums?

February 26, 2009, 08:21 PM
^ sadly yes...

< :XD, can't stop posting in this forum is so fun...

V so... is the spoilers from Naruto???

February 26, 2009, 09:37 PM
^Sadly yes

> Is pissed off

V watch any good movie lately?

Baron Hugenstein
February 26, 2009, 10:55 PM
^Watching V for Vendetta, pretty nice:D
< is either happy or stoned.
VThinking happy thoughts...

February 27, 2009, 11:04 AM
^ yep ... the downfall of the monetary system... sounds so goooood

< Just came back from college...

V so... are you in college???

February 28, 2009, 04:33 PM
^ Nope
< I own my own Kitchen/bathroom remodeling company
V doesnt go to college

February 28, 2009, 06:53 PM
^ hmmm nope...

< I am college guy now ^_^

v tell me more about what you do for living

March 01, 2009, 07:46 PM
^ I'm a full time student currently so I don't really "do" anything "for a living" lol :p I do however have part time jobs. I work part time at Staples(as an aisle girl, photocopy girl, tech salesman and cashier). I also work part time as an assistant dance teacher at a local dance studio near my place. My final job is an art teacher/instructor at the community center of my town. See my thread for more details because it'd be too long to write about -_-;

< Is going to buy a laptop for University next year...but can't pick one...

V What's the last good movie you saw?

March 01, 2009, 09:02 PM
^zeitgeist... lol... sorry that is documentary....
^hmmm so I think it was... hmmmm.... well...

< I have to sleep...

v so ... what you going to do... now?????

March 01, 2009, 09:37 PM
^ Studying Differential Equations... -_-;
< Is tired of math(has taken 5 math classes in 2 years)
V Likes math?

March 01, 2009, 09:44 PM
^yup... ^_^

< after this week... ask me that again and I know... I will change my answer...
< I think it is calculus....

V what about you ... your.... your..............

V you attempted to get in a college right????? so ... what is the outcome
(sorry if I am wrong)

March 01, 2009, 10:00 PM
^ I applied to University actually. I'll be getting my answers over the course of next month probably.

< Took Calculus already.

V Is it Cal 1, Cal 2 or Cal 3? I took all three >.>

March 01, 2009, 10:03 PM
^ it is cal 1...

< I will have cal 2 cal 3 cal 4 cal 5 ..... I don't even know if we follow the same system... but I am FUBAR...

v how it was like cal 1????

March 02, 2009, 07:40 AM
^ Cal1 was really really easy. Mind you, apparently the class I call "Cal1" was high school calculus for US students
^ Must be a different system then. We only have Cal1 to Cal3 in CEGEP and in University it's basically called "Calculus" and "Advanced Calculus".

< Wishes she took some more interesting classes >.>

V Finds science easy?

March 02, 2009, 09:46 AM
^ kinda.
< finds science very enjoyable \o/
v has feet fetish :o

March 02, 2009, 10:12 AM
^ should tell me how to change the skin on this website.. the dark green is hardly readable.. :)
<'s eyes getting really blurry *not denying the feet fetish*
v pity me

March 02, 2009, 12:26 PM
^ sure
< I'm really excited, I can't wait for this weeks Nqruto chapter
V is anxious to read this weeks chapter of Naruto

March 02, 2009, 01:43 PM
^not really.... I mean I am looking forward to it....
< I can`t stop thinking about that book... why didn`t I had enough money to buy it...
v tell me something to calm myself... I suffer from stress... calm me down plz...

March 03, 2009, 01:17 AM
^ what book? Naruto? :o
< is too full to work out :darn
v loves classical music?

March 03, 2009, 01:33 PM
^ not really... I haven`t taken the time to listen to them all
< weeeeee.... I am happy
v you are happy

March 03, 2009, 06:22 PM
^ Why yes I am! :D And I'm wet(no not in THAT sense -_-;)
< It does make a pretty funny innuendo though lol :XD
V Knows what an innuendo is?

March 03, 2009, 06:54 PM
^have no idea ^_^

< like I said before... I am very innocent when it comes to women... ^_^
< but you are pushing it :XD :XD...

v what is an innuendo????

March 03, 2009, 07:01 PM
^ An innuendo is a subtle reference(whether visually or by word), usually to something vulgar or related to sex >.> Innuendos are usually very very present in today's society along with sexual connotation.

A good example of an innuendo would be the following:
This is obviously not meant to be anything referenced to sex or vulgarity, but in context of today's society and norms, it is seen as such by a majority of people(or at least most people think of the innuendo meaning when they see this lol :p)

< Usually makes lots of innuendos(most of them are involuntary)

V Uses innuendos a lot?

March 03, 2009, 07:10 PM
^ yeah I do...

< but most of them are ... mainly mocking myself...
< see... I am like a two legged joke...
< :XD...

v ok... I bet you can guess how I look like

duchess of dork
March 04, 2009, 09:30 AM
^ yeah, like, a walking innuendo? :oh that made
< really :lmao
v finds ^^'s spoilerpic very amusing

March 04, 2009, 11:52 AM
^ yeah... I find it amusing...

< I am a walking innuendo :XD

v so... person underneath me... tell me... what is you dream or ambition ???

March 04, 2009, 07:59 PM
^ to rule the world:des
< just kidding, my dream is to just be happy
V is in a good mood

Baron Hugenstein
March 04, 2009, 08:07 PM
^ Close to that, I am very tired, so i am relaxed and out of this world......wooooow:p
<Has to write a english exam, but doesn't want to
V Has to do something he/she doesn't like

March 04, 2009, 08:11 PM
^yeah... no... :XD

< I am a very lucky guy... I do mostly what I like...

v do you think I am spoiled ???

Baron Hugenstein
March 04, 2009, 08:21 PM
^Nah, doing what you want is a dream
<Can't concentrate... must concentrate....mus.....
Vlosing track of time.

March 04, 2009, 08:26 PM
^ yup
< time fly's
V is having trouble concentrating?:blink

March 04, 2009, 08:33 PM
^yeah... let's say I have ADD... :XD...

< I can't stand still...
< I talk to myself... all day...
< I think I am just crazy

v is crazy

Baron Hugenstein
March 04, 2009, 08:38 PM
^HEHEEE.....BURN THEM....ernnn, no I am just fine and dandy:XD
<Still can't concentrate(watched happy feet couple hours ago..)
V wants to sing and dance

March 04, 2009, 08:46 PM
^ half of the day yes...
< I am really not sleepy... think I will got throught the night today...
V so... why the heck you can't concentrate sarry???
v if you are not him... then guess why sarry can't concentrate????

Baron Hugenstein
March 04, 2009, 08:49 PM
^It is either MH, or the kitkat and sprite that i ate, not sure
< has nothing to say
V Will say something very inspirational

March 04, 2009, 08:51 PM
^ stop thinking too much and relax
< soon you will be able to concentrate
V is relaxed

Baron Hugenstein
March 04, 2009, 08:56 PM
^Nah, it is because i haven't been sleeping well for the past week or so...
^Getting there:D
<Took a break 10 mins or so...:D
VIs also relaxed

March 04, 2009, 09:02 PM
^ totally...

< I am watching TCM... very good channel for retro people like me

v doing anything else but spam... I mean post???

March 05, 2009, 05:38 PM
^ Actualyl I'm going to start doing some schoolwork...eventually >.>

< Has had a cold since the beginning of the week >.<

V Is perfectly healthy?

March 05, 2009, 06:54 PM
^ Yep... I am healthy ^_^

< with a little bit of chubby...:XD...

v I am tired :XD... friday is so fun... sorry.... I am being random...

March 08, 2009, 05:35 PM
^ Fridays are fun indeed! One of the best days of the week :D

< Went to see the native Americans today at work.
< Realized they have no street names nor addresses over there :s
< Found it odd/funny that the "address" of the customer was "right at the big blue shack, then left then straight on till the big brown 4 story building" :XD
< Wasn't driving though so nobody got lost/hurt :p

V Tell me what you did today.

March 08, 2009, 05:55 PM
^ :XD... let me see... I did nothing... I mean... nothing fun...
^ I studied physics... and that was it...
^ lol... I think I will post pictures of me in member picture thread... but I wanted to be fun... so I will torture myself in front of a camera...see if comes out something fun out it...

< I wanted to do something else...but my body wouldn't move...

v so what you are doing now???

March 08, 2009, 06:04 PM
^ I'm doing a genetics homework and checking to see if my University replies are coming in.

< Decided not to see her bf today because of her homework -_-;

V So what did you eat today?

March 08, 2009, 06:18 PM
^ I ate codfish... it was so good...

< I am really ... really... really... happy...
< i have to be... I got nothing else to do :XD

v so... what are expectations for university????

March 08, 2009, 06:37 PM
^ Hopefully positive. I have the grades for all the programs I applied to, I just have to submit a portfolio for one of them.

< Got accepted at 2 programs so far(out of 6 different program applications at 3 different Unis)

V So what's your favorite type of ice cream? :D

March 08, 2009, 06:49 PM
^ strawberry with cookies... ^_^

< I like all kinds of ice cream... exception "Panetone"... that is just gross... -__-

v so... you will be in university next year... that sounds great...!!!!

v are you hungry????

March 08, 2009, 06:51 PM
^ Always :D

< Is still procrastinating on her homework and waiting for her Uni answers... >_<

V Do you like pie?

March 08, 2009, 07:12 PM
^ not all kinds... I like quite a few...

< my friend is here... he is living here :XD

v Are you watching any video????

March 08, 2009, 07:14 PM
^ No, watching lolcats photos lol :XD

< Really should stop procrastinating

V Wants to go spam in my thread for random conversation?

March 08, 2009, 07:22 PM
^ haven't thought about that...

< ok I will post there... in your domains... :darn

v Do you think it hurts to be hit by frozen meat????

March 08, 2009, 07:26 PM
^ Depends, I personally believe Salmon hurts more than Tuna and steak doesn't really affect me much >.>

< Orders you to go spam the thread now!

V So what's your favorite animal?

March 08, 2009, 07:33 PM
^ hmmm... the siberian tiger ^_^

< I will have to go... soon... my friend has to sleep...^_^ and my wireless has abandon me...

v so... having a good night???... beyond the fact that you are bored??? :XD

Baron Hugenstein
March 08, 2009, 09:04 PM
^Nah, I am not bored, just finalizing the Bakuman Review. Although my night has been long........
< thinking of taking a shower
V Has taken a shower yestarday?

March 09, 2009, 11:13 AM
^ yeah many times...:XD

< I like to take a shower... it feels so good ^_^

v so...person underneath... what is your long term plans for life????

March 09, 2009, 03:45 PM
^ to be happy
< if I'm happy then everything will be fine
V isn't selfish

March 09, 2009, 04:48 PM
^ I still have a long road to go... ^_^... but I am not completely selfish

< let's just say I still am a kid when it comes to altruism

v what about you... have any problems in thinking of people first... and you in last ????

March 09, 2009, 05:34 PM
^ I have a bad habit of doing it too much >_> To the point where I penalize myself sometimes lol :p One time, I helped my friend study for an exam of his rather than study for my own and he scored great while I failed mine :XD Mind you I'm not Mother Teresa either >.> I'm far prettier :eyeroll

< Is happy because she finished early

V Is happy?

March 09, 2009, 05:51 PM
^ yeah !!! ^_^

< I am ... trying to study physics... hard stuff...

v so... any tests insight or you a-OK with studies???

March 09, 2009, 06:03 PM
^ There's a biology lab exam coming up, but that shouldn't be too bad. Bio lab exams are mostly hands on and not that theoretical.

< Wants her darn Uni answers so she can finally pick something >.<

V So how's your day going?

March 09, 2009, 06:21 PM
^ fine... trying to pickup the pace... I am a LITTLE bit delayed in studies

< I am afraid I won't be awake during class tomorrow

v so... you checked for your favorite options for university already???

March 09, 2009, 06:24 PM
^ Which one? I have 6 lol :p

< Mind you, only 2 replied so far, but they're positive.

V What are you studying anyways?

March 09, 2009, 06:34 PM
^ measures; patterns; significant figures ... basic stuff...

< Thanks to my lazyness... I am delayed... -_-

v ... which ones had the confirmation????

March 10, 2009, 10:00 AM
^ Well Mcgill and Polytechnique(both in Montreal) confirmed me for their respective Engineering programs. Poly is also giving me 2000$ if I chose to go there.

< Is at school, but has a break so here she is >.>

V Where are you now??

March 10, 2009, 11:35 AM
^ just got to work
< I'm not use to the time yet, the hour changed over the weekend and we lost an hour of sleep
V is confused?

March 10, 2009, 01:07 PM
^ I always keep the eye on the ball...

< but I am tired... and I need Cappuccino with chocolate

v so... what you up to person underneath???

March 10, 2009, 03:14 PM
^ just working my buttox off, thank god
< thankfully business has been picking up
V has felt the affects of the economic crisis

March 10, 2009, 03:21 PM
^ nope... Brazil and Chile were the countries that had less effects...

< however... the foreign companies are putting lots of my countrymen in unemployment

v don't worry... crisis is good... how can anyone be rich if there is no poor people :XD...

v just being sarcastic... but that is true.... so Lelo... what kind of business you have????

March 10, 2009, 10:16 PM
^ Well I'm not Lelo, but aI runa business of nothingness :p

< Is doing her portfolio for Uni

V Is tired?

March 10, 2009, 10:25 PM
^ lol long time no see...:XD... as a matter of fact I am not tired...

< but I must sleep... 4 hours in a lab tomorrow

v so... 9 PM there... what is on tv????

March 11, 2009, 05:54 PM
^ It's almost 7pm, but not much is on TV at this time. Not that I'd know, mom doesn't have cable lol :p

< Craves food(hasn't had supper yet)

V Is hungry?

March 11, 2009, 06:35 PM
^ no... :XD... why you always ask about food :XD

< I am happy... but not hungry ...

v so... why.... why ????? (yeah... it is just a random why...)

March 11, 2009, 06:41 PM
^ BECAUSE! (obviously... :p)

< Asks about food because she's hungry...all the time!!
< Ok maybe not, but she likes acting like a hungry monster :3

V So what are you doing??

March 11, 2009, 06:51 PM
^ I am looking for pics of me to put in the pic thread...:XD...
^ I am on the verge on started my homework ... it is for tomorrow :XD...
^ singing " I can see clearly now"

< I am... worried a little about this homework... I need strength to finish it...

v so what is schedule for you to do this evening... (random stuff I bet)????

March 11, 2009, 07:21 PM
^ Actually, I have some stuff to study a bit. Maybe catch up on my Differential Equations and I have an essay to write for after March break so I'll start that I guess.

< Just ate so is feeling better :XD

V So what's your homework about??

March 11, 2009, 07:31 PM
^ measures :XD....
^ but they are really messy... I have to think everything with a certain incertainty so it kind of sucks

< I am starting it now

v what you up to right now???

March 11, 2009, 07:55 PM
^ Helping my friend with C++ homework

< I want a vacation! >_<

V Hmm I'm planning my Spring break now(it's next week)< any ideas on what I should do?

March 11, 2009, 08:04 PM
^ call your friends and go watch a trash movie :XD

< I always do that... and I always feel happier

v what about tomorrow???? what you up to????

March 12, 2009, 11:14 PM
^ kitchen duty -_-;
< is sad
v will give < a hug

March 12, 2009, 11:18 PM
^ let me look here...:glomp there you go ^_^

< I have to sleep... just 1 day to go :XD

v loves friday...???

March 12, 2009, 11:38 PM
^ kind of
< doesn't get work off till tomorrow :darn
v likes lazy afternoons

March 12, 2009, 11:44 PM
^ loves lazy afternoons ... :XD

< I am lazy, naturally lazy

v is obviously tired

March 12, 2009, 11:47 PM
^ yep
< is tired of crying
v will give < ice cream :wtf

March 13, 2009, 04:20 AM
^ take some ice cream baboysai (throws the ice cream in the screen )
Now I must lick it... before melody appears and eat me :XD ...
(yeah asus can do it... asus can reach his nose with his tongue)

< just woke up ^_^

v hmm,... bet you know why baboysai is crying...

March 13, 2009, 07:13 PM
^ Did, but don't remember
< Loves his friends
v Loves me?

March 13, 2009, 08:44 PM
^ maybe o_o

< I got a question

v How do I know I have a infraction ????

March 13, 2009, 09:45 PM
^ it will say infraction and how many points it's worth under ur country on the left and when you look at ur profile
< you should also get a message from a mod
V is sad for e-nat/nat

March 13, 2009, 09:53 PM
^ lol me too(I mean yes i am...lol I am sleepy)... she is a nice person... but we kind of pushed the edge... which i don't really know where it is since I never read the regulation

< so gold spared me... which is more logical since I was just spaming on topic stuff :XD

v so lelo what you doing ???

March 13, 2009, 09:57 PM
^ trying to figure out what happen
< u got spared?
V what happen?

March 13, 2009, 10:09 PM
^ we went completely offtopic in the hangout thread...
^ gold knight and Agrias came and cut everybody's head off

< I am ok however... no infraction for me ^_^

v is feeling a little bit under pressure

March 13, 2009, 10:14 PM
^ a little but Im happy for u
< Im glad I wasnt invovled
V click on my avatar and look at my infraction record

Baron Hugenstein
March 13, 2009, 10:59 PM
^Really?, Can't see it though:s
< So that's what happened. It is a sad situation for nat, hopefully she isn't affected by the whole thing
VSo what are you doing now?

March 14, 2009, 08:03 AM
^ just woke up... my eyes haven't yet focused in one place... so everything is blurred and doubled...:XD

< not sleepy however (edit... I got to get a Sedex right now... expresss mail -_-... got to put some clothes now...:XD)

v so... weekend... is it party time person underneath??

March 14, 2009, 03:06 PM
^Not soo much partying
< I will be chillin, drinking about ten budlights, smoking some grass and playing StreetFighter and Fifa08, and maybe MarioParty
V u like playing video games

March 14, 2009, 03:16 PM
^of course

< I love games man... they are so much fun... of course now my only game is refresh pages in MH...-_-

v so I bet you are having a good time...

March 15, 2009, 09:36 AM
^ Doesn't take a lot to make me have a good time lol :p I have a good time while watching grass grow(well ok, I usually roll around in it, but....:eyeroll)

< Is having waffles for breakfast! :D

V Likes waffles? :o

March 15, 2009, 10:02 AM
^YES!!!!!... no wait a minute... NO!!!!! .... I can't remember how they taste...T_T... but I had Ice cream for breakfast....

< I am trying to do some C exercises

V ok if I ask for help???? in case I need it... (which is hard because I don't like to hurt my pride) :XD

March 15, 2009, 10:34 AM
^ lol sure, I don't mind helping ^_^ I just can't guarantee I will be able to help :XD

< Waffle waffle waffle

V What's your favorite color?

March 15, 2009, 10:45 AM
^ blue...

< I have to post my pic...right... >.<

v so what you....LOL wait a minute I am watching transformers :XD... okok... I am back... I stopped laughing...

V so what is your favorite day in the year????

March 15, 2009, 11:15 AM
^ Christmas or my Birthday probably >.>

< Just ate breakfast, but here comes lunch :D

V Your greatest achievement?

March 15, 2009, 11:18 AM
^ made it this far...:XD

< I am going through the pictures...

V Favorite movie????

March 15, 2009, 06:03 PM
^ American History X or American Pie 2 :-D
< Just found out this continuation and < was really surprised that there was one, was wondering why the old one was dead
V Thinks that < was stupid for not knowing :(

March 15, 2009, 06:24 PM
^ not really... :XD

< watching a funny video

v did you heard what I heard????

March 15, 2009, 09:07 PM
< what did you hear Asusp?
V what did Asusp hear?

March 16, 2009, 10:52 AM
^ Me snoring probably >.>

< Got called from University because she forgot to put her address number on her address lol :XD

V What are you doing??

March 16, 2009, 11:38 AM
^ Eating. . .
< Knows < shouldn't be eating at the comp. . . < is walking away
V Wants < to stay

March 16, 2009, 12:37 PM
^ yeah, stay
< another Monday, man I hate Mondays, except for Heroes
V hates/likes Mondays

March 16, 2009, 04:05 PM
^ love... it takes longer from today to the next monday than any other day heehh

< I was listening to my father's dirty.... o_0... ops... shouldn`t have said that.... ^_^

V so... what lovely monday huh?????

March 16, 2009, 05:32 PM
^ Indeed, woke up late :D Was awesome ^_^

< Twisted her ankle at practice

V Do you have a job/part-time? If so, what is it?

March 16, 2009, 05:45 PM
^ Look at me Melody... I have lazy written all over me... so I don't have a job...

< I hope your ankle be fine tomorrow...
< once twisted my arm and I felt one of the most painful and delightful experiences of my life ^_^

V so... going to do anything this evening????

March 16, 2009, 06:31 PM
^ Evening is in the past. Bedtime is in the future. Woopidoo!
< Is going to bed. Goodnight v and ^
V Is tired?

March 16, 2009, 06:40 PM
^ nope... I can stay awake for more 8 hours man...

< 5,5774278215223097112860892388451 is my height... :XD...

V what is your height ... precisely ????

March 16, 2009, 07:09 PM
^ Midget... no word can describe my height in such uttermost precision lol :XD

< Is happy now that she ate supper.

V Is broke?

March 16, 2009, 07:21 PM
^ no I am not broke yet... but dad is :XD

< I am cool... my cat is sleeping next to me... so cute...^_^

V Favorite day of the week??? and why????

March 16, 2009, 08:01 PM
^ Tuesday only because there's never any love for Tuesday >.>

< My kitty is asleep on the window sill and the other one is nowhere to be found(again)

V Want a cookie?

March 16, 2009, 08:06 PM
^ yeah why not ^_^

< I lost 2 pounds... so I believe I can eat it ^_^
< my father isn't home yet...:XD

V tell me about the size ... of your... house ???? ^_^

March 17, 2009, 03:48 PM
^ Two story, and it's pretty big
< Is in digital photography class doing nothing
v Hello

March 17, 2009, 04:52 PM
^ Ola...!!!!

< I am BACK !!!!!!!!

V bet you are happy with my return :XD

March 17, 2009, 04:53 PM
^ Yeah
< Just got slapped by his teacher :lmao
v Feels sorry

March 17, 2009, 05:01 PM
^ lol... yes I am ...

< I am going to be teacher someday too

V what have you done to the poor teacher???

March 17, 2009, 05:48 PM
^ I have no teachers . . they leave me </3
< Wants to know what ^^ have done to ^^'s teacher for receiving a bad ass slap!
V Knows the answer

March 17, 2009, 05:57 PM
^no I don't

< I am waiting for the answer myself

V what is up Blai ????

March 18, 2009, 12:09 PM
^ nothing much, just chillin
< ohh wait, Im not Blai :tem
V Asusp would like to know what is up Blai

March 18, 2009, 02:13 PM
^lol... I should have said person underneath... :XD

< I am back from...college... and I have a huge program to create :XD -_-

v wants to help Asus... but is too tired to do that...

March 18, 2009, 05:11 PM
^ Exactly right
< Has Song Contest rehearsals all day tomorrow.
v Will watch it on Friday online by going to http://www.ksbe.edu/2009/song-contest and watch it when it says it will be airing. Green Class all the way! Sophomores are cool.

March 18, 2009, 05:24 PM
^ lol... ok I will try...

< I am watching "Weird Al Yankovic"

v likes thursdays ????

duchess of dork
March 18, 2009, 05:44 PM
^its thursday now [in my timezone], so no reason to dislike thurs and ruin my day.
< off to work... Ta-tah!!
v will blow me a kiss..ahh......but it missed..ahaha...thinks its a silly kind of joke

March 18, 2009, 05:47 PM
^ (exploding a kiss...)

< :XD.... ????.... ok ok...I know it sucked -_-

v so... next person, what you up to????

March 18, 2009, 11:41 PM
^ up to no good :kukuku
< 's head still hurts
v will cook < something

March 19, 2009, 04:03 AM
^ I am afraid I might hurt you by doing that ....

< I am hungry...

V i BET YOU ARE ASKING WHY i AM WRITING LIKE THIS...(I forgot the caps on... sorry...)

March 19, 2009, 06:47 AM
^ answered ^'s own question
< is full (chef was in a good mood today)
v wants ice cream NAO!

March 19, 2009, 02:37 PM
^ I want Ice cream "sim"... thank you...

< I love when you people say nao... because it looks so much like "não"

v Have you ever made somebody cry ????

March 19, 2009, 04:53 PM
^ Likes to thank people >.>
< Made people cry, yes.
V Has also made people cry

March 19, 2009, 04:56 PM
^ Yes
< Have done that too many times
V Only does that on very very rare occasions. And that's because of bad eggs. Everything's because of bad eggs

March 19, 2009, 05:39 PM
^ True, I blame my misfortune on bad eggs >.>

< Is sick

V Who is your favorite actor/actress?

March 19, 2009, 05:51 PM
^ Arnold Schwarzenegger.... (I know he isn't a actor but hey...)

< I made a joke so funny the guy laughed and cried :XD... it was so funny...

v knows that my moment of glory is meaningless to you

March 19, 2009, 07:56 PM
^ depends
< want to play FF12 right now :crying
< is getting impatient
v plays the violin

March 19, 2009, 07:58 PM
^ ???? What is that ????? :XD....

< I want to study T_T

v is so happy that will go straight to the fridge and get a ice cream....

March 19, 2009, 08:03 PM
^ nope
< is frustrated there's nothing to eat in the fridge :scry
v watches american idol

March 19, 2009, 08:07 PM
^ nope...

< I really don't like those kind of shows unless they are just for fun...

v have watched spy hard

March 21, 2009, 02:04 PM
^ nope
< dont know what spy hard is, sounds like a porno :tem
V is a dreamer

March 21, 2009, 02:08 PM
^Yes I am...

< I am your fan man... you said exactly what I would have said...:XD
< Spy Hard is a comedy movie with Leslie Nielsen

V likes comedy

March 21, 2009, 03:19 PM
^ yes I do
< Now I know what ur talking about, ya Ive seen it
V is working right now

March 21, 2009, 05:27 PM
^ nope... I don't work... so I am mainly working in not working

< my stomach is not fine ... must be that coke I drunk...

V likes Rowan Atkinson

March 22, 2009, 06:31 AM
^ HELL yeah! Rowan Atkinson pwnz all!
< Really likes Mr. Bean :p
V Wants a cookie?

March 22, 2009, 08:07 AM
^ maybe later ...:XD... I just ate some pie

< funny how everybody asks "do you want a cookie?"
< makes me think that I am the only unethical guy that never offers cookies :XD

v *feeling sick on a sunday morning* you are not...:XD

March 23, 2009, 08:08 PM
^ Never
< Is going to bed, *yawn*
V Just yawned as well

March 23, 2009, 09:31 PM
^ Yeah, yawns are contagious :blink

< Going to bed as well

V Is a late night person?

March 24, 2009, 01:50 AM
^ yes I think so...

< Hi Melody ^_^
< I can't stay awake anymore....:XD...

v loves my sig...:)

March 24, 2009, 05:45 AM
^ /Nods
< Wonders who it is on the picture
< Skipped classes today, to tired and unfocused, dad called in me sick :$
V Have skipped classes before

March 24, 2009, 04:10 PM
^ thousands :XD

< The character in my Sig is Belldandy n_n

v likes walking????

March 24, 2009, 04:58 PM
^ During the right weather condition and right song on my mp3 it's frigging awesome!
< Just played guitar for two hours
V Have never played guitar (apart from music-class in school)

March 24, 2009, 05:12 PM
^absolutely right...

< almost Coked my laptop :XD

V how far can you throw a friend of your????

March 24, 2009, 08:24 PM
^ I can't lol :P But they can throw me >.>

< I feel gooooddddd *does the foot dance*

V What volume do you put your mp3/music player up to?

March 24, 2009, 08:34 PM
^.... (has no mp3 player)
^.... (uses only the laptop... and puts is as loud as he can so the sound of the song synchronize to the ideas in my head ^_^)
^.... (but not as loud as he would go deaf)

< I am trying to watch all "Scary movies" ... they are no fun in english...:o can you believe this...

V I bet you like movies about other movies....

March 25, 2009, 06:44 AM
^ No I don't like those kinda films :(
< Preferres movies based on true stories.
< Is gonna rock the town with some T.I now
V Hates T.I

March 25, 2009, 10:49 AM
^ T.I. ???? explain that blai...

< I am in a class now ... so be silent guys

V hello!!!! I bet you are all happy because something good happened to you

March 25, 2009, 11:27 AM
^ not really
< although it is beautiful outside today
V is hilarious

March 25, 2009, 01:19 PM
^ well ... if you say so ^_^

< I am drinking a bottle of frozen Coke... :XD...
< must say it tastes better than the usual one...

V knows why Lelo isn't happy...

March 25, 2009, 05:53 PM
^ There are no more cheese in the refridgerator.
< Is going to bed
< no really.
V Good night to you!

< no really, i am!

March 25, 2009, 05:57 PM
^ good night... and make up your mind :XD...

< TDA doesn't like that I am always posting ":XD" :XD

V Would love to fly... even if it is just for a second ...

March 27, 2009, 01:15 PM
^ I hate heights, but still I would love to fly.
< just keep on posting Asusp, who cares what people think
< and I like ur sig:tem
V loves when his posts are thanked

March 27, 2009, 02:09 PM
^course I do...^_^

< well TDA is really threatened by my spam spree :XD
<thanks... it is Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess ^_^

V will have a nice weekend and will have lots of fun !!!!!

March 27, 2009, 02:18 PM
^ Hopefully (^_-)
<still @ work 4am here
Vwould eat a wasabi roll for fun

March 27, 2009, 02:39 PM
^yeah... no...-_-... me above weight... me needs to get thin -_-

< I am going to the theater today !!!! ^_^

v will do something amazing friday night... or saturday night ????

March 29, 2009, 11:45 AM
^ What do you define by "amazing"? O_o I didn't get the mega star ship and defeat the huge gorilla of the 4th dimension so no...

< Hasn't eaten yet.

V Is in a good mood?

March 29, 2009, 11:51 AM
^ greater mood I would say :XD....

< I was talking about anything that wouldn't be considered routine....

V so... how the 4th dimension looks like????? ... don't tell me it is just like Star Wars 8D

March 29, 2009, 11:58 AM
^ It looks like....well 4D :eyeroll

< Well what I described isn't routine now is it? :o

V What's the last thing you ate??

March 29, 2009, 12:06 PM
^steak, salad, and rice ^_^... and Ice... I love eating Ice

< well killing a monkey from the fourth dimension is very commom... in your head... so it is routine :p :XD

V bet you are hungry ... and you just can't wait to monday ^_^

March 29, 2009, 12:12 PM
^ I am hungry, although what I'm waiting for is lunch! lol :XD

< Ok well umm I guess I was asked if I sold flags at work yesterday and I told the guy "Hope you don't want North Korea because we're out of those" so yeah :p

V Can you guess what my avatar & sig are??

March 29, 2009, 12:18 PM
^Fucked up version of Alice in Wonderland????

< I am so... lazy....

V you too is so... lazy....:XD... bet you are not...-_-

March 29, 2009, 01:04 PM
^ lol yes I am >.>

< You're actually pretty close so I'll give you a winner's hug! *hugs Asus*

V What are you going to do tomorrow?

March 29, 2009, 01:07 PM
^College and study... and make some Lab report... just routine...

< Thanks for the hug... :tem

V what about you, what are you going to do tomorrow???

March 29, 2009, 05:53 PM
^ cooking, washing dishes, and other annoying housework -_-;

< addicted to checking mails :D

v you're bored right now.

March 29, 2009, 07:16 PM
^ no way !!!! ^_^

< I am in a middle of a discussion

V loves to discuss things ^_^... I bet

March 29, 2009, 07:27 PM
^ Indeed as long as the discussion is interesting :tem

< Is watching a soap(sort of lol :p)

V Likes to watch TV?

March 29, 2009, 07:31 PM
^yeah!!!.....no..... -_- well sort of...

< TV is nice and all but mainly I think that the programs... are just not good...

V so.... what should I do... study or parachute????

March 29, 2009, 07:34 PM
^ parachute!! http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff286/nfforums/pictureem0.gif

< i'd be so envy, if you really do. http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff286/nfforums/hurr.gif

v also loves such risky things

March 29, 2009, 07:40 PM
^ Well idk about parachuting, but I once jumped into a river from a bridge, does that count?

< Should be studying Biology

V Is free of studies??

March 29, 2009, 07:40 PM
^^yeah I do... if they end up fine :XD

^ Emilie got in the way :XD and No I am not free of studies :XD

< deal... if I chute... I will tape/record it and put on Youtube ^_^

V wish me luck :)

March 29, 2009, 07:44 PM
^ I do

< also got a popular youtube channel http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff286/nfforums/pictureem0.gif

v is still a student

March 29, 2009, 07:48 PM
^well kind of...

< I am more like a junior philosopher now...

V loves to think...

March 29, 2009, 08:07 PM
^ Yup, I lose sleep because of it -_-;

< Discovered that she has mostly recessive traits on her

V Needs a bath(random)?

March 29, 2009, 08:10 PM
^ well ... as matter of fact I do...

< I am listening to a song... so I can't stop moving

V loves songs that make you dance...

March 29, 2009, 08:15 PM
^ Of course I do! I'm a dancer remember? :p

< Is sick, but knows she'll be better magically by tomorrow because her body automatically regenerates when she needs to go to school... -_-;

V Who's your favorite singer/band?

March 29, 2009, 08:26 PM
^ Can't say... I like most songs of the beatles and Queen but... I really don't have favorite band ^_^

< I am going insane...:XD

V repeat... as more insane you get... the more sane you are...

March 30, 2009, 03:49 AM
^ as more insane you get... the more sane you are..., so true :amuse

< have to rotate tires today :notrust

v haven't got a driver's licence, yet

March 30, 2009, 03:33 PM
^haven't found a way to allow crazy people to drive :)

< I might get my license ... end of year...maybe

V is under pressure but keeps blaming others... *just a random thought*

March 30, 2009, 06:08 PM
^Hope you don't crash

< Totally under pressure...but im feeling superb not taking any blames...life is tooo good.

VLoves to swim

March 30, 2009, 06:14 PM
^ I use to be... ^_^

< I am a good driver person above me...^_^

V bet you had a crazy dream...

April 01, 2009, 03:32 PM
^ Yes I did. It was pretty freaky. :(
< Doesn't want conficker to hack my comp
v Doesn't know what i'm talking about

April 01, 2009, 04:05 PM
^ I am googling it ... person above me

< but yes I don't know conficker

V explain what conficker is...????

April 01, 2009, 05:36 PM
^ It's a worm basically. Its' been dormant since last year and in all this time Microsoft and other security people have never been able to either isolate nor destroy it. It generates many domains(over 500, 000) and updates its signature every 15min(not sure about the time interval) so it's nearly impossible for anti-virus and firewalls to detect it.

< It's my grandmother's birthday today >.>

V Any good pranks/jokes from today?

April 01, 2009, 06:18 PM
^ not really ^_^... just watched the class ... and came back home and took a nap... nothing really funny today... but I did made fun of the protest that tokk place today in the university...:XD... they played "forró" using the car that was suppose to convinces us to join the protest...:XD... so me and my friends started to dance in the streets like we were in the carnival but protesting... anyway... it was just random...:XD...

^oh yeah.... EDIT....:XD... sorry... now I remember today is April's fool...:XD
no jokes were played on me... and I neither did any jokes ... lol sorry... :XD

< my wireless is gone... and I Can't move around with my laptop... no more showering and posting T_T

V You should Watch "Ricki oh : the Story of Ricki ":XD

April 02, 2009, 08:15 AM
^ why? :blink
Also Asusp3v4x, you should use less of the ":XD" smilies in your posts :tem
(I also like it, but more than enough is too much. :p)

< has fooled his mother yesterday :amuse

v I bet you forgot about the 1st April ^^

April 02, 2009, 01:07 PM
^ 1st April is like any other date :XD

< and anyway... I just use the :XD smiley... because I am always smiling... and laughing... it is just the way I speak :XD... see...

V Will watch Ricki Oh.... no questions asked... and you are a naughty girl/boy aren't you ...

April 02, 2009, 05:42 PM
^ hmm i'll pass that ;)
< Is going to bed *yawn*
V Good night!

April 02, 2009, 05:49 PM
^ good night ahuahauh

< I am lonely here guys

V will make me company

April 03, 2009, 05:39 AM
^ why not
< is bored anyway
v liked the mangachapters of this week

April 03, 2009, 11:30 AM
^ haven't seem them yet

< just arrived from college

v is SOOOOO happy today is friday...^^

April 03, 2009, 01:41 PM
^ not rly..
< for me it's like an ordinary day :(
v have got a boyfriend/girlfriend

April 03, 2009, 02:25 PM
^ nope... neither :XD...

< I am still ... a 100% virgin...:XD...-_-

V has a girlfriend/boyfriend ????

April 03, 2009, 03:43 PM
^ nope. neither, too :p

< knew you are, remember it from the Agony :D

v knows the movie THE 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN and it scares him :p :tem

April 03, 2009, 03:47 PM
^ scares me too :XD

< well I was suppose to have a girlfriend but I failed... when the game was already won :XD

V so... is anyone in your "sights"????

April 03, 2009, 03:51 PM
^ .. well well :D can't tell you.. otherwise I have to kill you :tem

< is a little bit tipsy right now :D :D

v is also enjoying the weekend

April 03, 2009, 03:55 PM
^it is a 10 days weekend ^^

< I will enjoy this week like there is no ... test in the next one T_T

V bet you gave the girl an Evil look/3ye and she got scared

April 03, 2009, 04:01 PM
^ no not at all lol.. I'm a vain sociable person :p

< is thirsty right now :D

v you're thinking about what to do 2night ;)

April 03, 2009, 04:20 PM
^ I am going to the movies

< I am going to have fun tonight... by humiliating myself :XD

V is thinking about what he/she is going to do tomorrow

April 03, 2009, 04:21 PM
^ yeah right

< I'll probably take a bath lol

v is also prefering the shower

April 03, 2009, 04:30 PM
^ of course... while I shower I post ^^

< good thing this laptop doesn't have a webcam ^^

V Is posting in the Naruto section... but thinks that people have lost their brains already ... over there

April 03, 2009, 04:51 PM
^ Lol, Indeed.

< thinks it was your first good one in a while :tem

v what else do you read weekly

April 03, 2009, 04:55 PM
^ nothing :XD I am have to find some more useless time to do that

< going to the shower...
< can't believe that after so many posts... that was a good one :o

V Will be scared to post while I am showering

April 03, 2009, 05:02 PM
^ Jepp..

< then i'm the only one :o

v hates to be alone, too

April 03, 2009, 05:13 PM
^ for sure...

< I like to be alone when I know that I can see people when I want to ^^

V is feeling a little bit bored

April 03, 2009, 05:22 PM
^ true
< is also tired and wanna sleep
v wants to take a shower, right now.

April 03, 2009, 05:25 PM
^ no I am going out

< I am going out

V have a nice day ... see ya

April 04, 2009, 07:20 AM
^ thx I'll have
< wanna mix some cocktails with Batida de Côco, like yesterday, again :)
v had also fun yesterday

April 04, 2009, 07:29 AM
^ yeah... I played pool...

< I love to play pool :D

V will play pool with me !!!! :)

April 04, 2009, 07:34 AM
^ hmm why not. online pool in icq, or so :p

< is very good at it ;)

v is scared now, playing pool with me :D

April 04, 2009, 07:43 AM
^ nope...

< we have to play the real thing...

V where we both suck ...:XD

April 04, 2009, 07:51 AM
^ haha, yeah that might be

< is a bit scared of having his holidays in Brazil, anyway, because of some rumours of dangerous waifs and strays :o

v lives in a nice neighborhood

April 04, 2009, 07:56 AM
^ yeah... well... I live inside a wall so it is okay inside... but there ome dangerous streets around here

< I live in a not so good city

V shouldn't worry... if you come to Brazil... me and my friends will got your back ... but you better be good in running :XD

April 04, 2009, 08:08 AM
^ lol, ok, good to know.. though I'm not the fastest (because of starting wiith smoking in an age of 14) :D

< has already quit it (3 years ago), but the sequelae in losing speed stayed :( XD

v do not smoke and never tried :p

April 04, 2009, 08:12 AM
^ of course :tem

< I hate people smoking close to me...

V shouldn't have done it :mad

April 04, 2009, 08:23 AM
^I know.. and now I can't also stand people smoking next to me..

< it's almost like.. I wanna hurl, if I smell it XD

v likes to make party without sex, drugs and rock'n'roll :D

April 04, 2009, 08:27 AM
^ yeah... I am somewhat of a home guy...

< I like to meet people and talk and have fun... not much into parties...

V have got terribly drunk during a party... and woke up in a bed with somebody else :XD

April 04, 2009, 08:41 AM
^ yes, that was the case, few times :paperbag

< is trying to reduce the alcoholexzess ^^

v is always the guy who don't drink, but hold back the girl's hair while she's puking XDD

April 04, 2009, 08:45 AM
^ if I have found a girl puking, yes

< I am in college, but still I haven't gone to parties

V so... is next week a free week for you???

April 04, 2009, 08:50 AM
^ hmm.. yeah.. eastern.. or so :blink

< doesn't really know when and what for all the christian's feast day are

v is a pious person

April 04, 2009, 08:55 AM
^ not really...

< I believe and God and Jesus...

V hates when someone pushes an idea at you

April 04, 2009, 09:03 AM
^ well.. yes..

< is hungry and don't know what to eat :notrust

v is also a bit hungry

April 04, 2009, 09:11 AM
^ well a little...

< I will order some... tasty food ^^

v will eat something with rice, french fries and eggs ^^

April 04, 2009, 09:19 AM
^ noo..

< I'll probably warm up some meat balls.

v always orders junk food, instead of cooking by himseld :p

April 04, 2009, 09:23 AM
^ well it is not junk food... it is a full meal...^^

< I am getting hungry by the minute ^^

V will cook the cat's food too... ô_o

April 04, 2009, 09:28 AM
^ Lol, no! :D

<My cat is picky and spoiled -_-;

v is also ordering some food for his cat/pet

April 04, 2009, 09:35 AM
^ nope... my cat is puking already

< he is just trying to sleep on top of my sound box (aka Speaker :XD)

V is spamming so much I can't keep up

April 04, 2009, 09:51 AM
^ no. You're the spamking! ;)

< is drinking a beer now, after te big meal :)

v hasn't eaten yet

April 04, 2009, 09:52 AM
^ 20 minute to go

< will have A GREAT MEAL

V ate junk food didn't you :XD ???

April 04, 2009, 10:01 AM
^ no :noworry .. homemade junk food :D

< has to feed the cat now

v totally forgot about his cat :p

April 04, 2009, 10:03 AM
^ no I feed him on hour basis...

< my cat eats too much... I taught him wrong...

V likes documentaries....^^

April 04, 2009, 10:08 AM
< yeah.. some of them..

< fav. issue is the outer space :love

v is not interested in that

April 04, 2009, 10:12 AM
^ I am interested in many things ^^

< I am watching a documentary about JFK...

V likes those conspiracy documentaries ^^

April 04, 2009, 10:20 AM
^ no, they suck -_-;

< prefers bout skyscrappers :)
but now.. I have to leave :p

v is happy I'm gone :D

April 04, 2009, 10:24 AM
^ nope... I will wait for you... got nothing to do...

< I am just relieved that I can eat now :XD

V hello... !!!!

April 05, 2009, 09:09 AM
^ Hi, dude :D ~ back again :p

< Is watching the repetition of American Idol (German version :tem)

v don't like casting shows

April 05, 2009, 09:35 AM
^ they are a good way to kill time...

< but since I got addicted to video.google...

V is watching something awesome

April 05, 2009, 09:52 AM
^ No.. actually nothing.

< watched Death Note all night long :D

v hasn't read/watched it yet :p

April 05, 2009, 10:04 AM
^ nope I haven't

< I am watching google docementary... it is nothing more but google bargging about google...¬¬

V what death note talks about ???