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October 26, 2008, 04:56 PM
Title: Cat Street
Genres: Shoujo
Author: Yoko Kamio
Artist: Yoko Kamio
Publication: Shueisha
Start Date: August 2004
End Date: October 2007
Number of chapters at review: 29
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 29

General Overview:
At the age of 9, after being double-dealt and upstaged, Aoyama Keito, a promising child actress, locked herself away from the rest of the world. After seven years of self-confinement, she was approached by a man and soon enrolled at El Liston, a free school for the strays or wanderers. There she quickly befriended Saeki Rei, Mine Kouichi and Noda Momiji. As with any school, people graduate and pursue their personal interests. What will become of Aoyama Keito?

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 10
The art is very good. Good, clear and clean distinguishing lines. The art isn't complexly drawn nor features great details that obstruct nor detract from the story. The art in "Cat Street" is serving its' purpose which is to become a very powerful vehicle for the author to use to convey her narration.

Plot: 8
A very interesting plot with many different story elements that twists into a fine central story. Though the star of the story is Aoyama Keito, it does bring in interesting support characters. A straight forward story that is both simple yet deep.

Characters: 9
The main characters are very three dimensional. Yoko Kamio did a great job fleshing each one out. Even the side characters and extras are meaningfully used.

Aoyama Keito had a very dramatic past that led to her self-seclusion from the world. She wasn't just any girl but a very talented girl. The world was able to move on and she was left behind. Years later, after coming out of seclusion, Aoyama Keito has overcome her past. I suppose that's the beauty about rest of her friends who attened El Liston. These were adolescents that held so much potential yet decided to limit themselves for whatever reasons they had.

Theme: 10
The central theme isn't very different from what a person in real life experiences. In fact, it's very similar. Each and every individual in life will eventually fall into a pit. Some people may require more time and chance meetings with different people to climb out. Afterward, what should they then do? That's the real question here. Pursue what and how to go about it? It's a realistic theme and many people could relate to.

Originality: 7
I was just amazed to see a parent of the main character at the very start of the manga. This is so spectacular. Of course the father shows up eventually. I'm utterly stunned and yet dazzled.

My first impression was that this is in some way similar to Glass Mask minus the whole theatrical atmosphere and the super human feel to acting. "Cat Street" isn't about acting. In fact, it doesn't even focus much on acting but more about the person and her inter-personal relationships with other people such as her friends and colleagues.

Overall: 10

So why is a guy like me reading "Cat Street" anyway? After giving it a shot, I was immediately hooked on. Reading "Cat Street," I would like to point out right now that the pace of the manga is just superb. I cannot convey just how beautiful the pace of this manga is. The author really did a great job with this piece of work in making it such an extremely good read.

The great art by Youko Kamio further compliments the story of "Cat Street." Being able to relate to the struggles of the main Characters, the reader might build an emotional bond with the characters. Then, the reader will either be knowingly or unknowingly drawn into the world of "Cat Street" and secretly wishing for the success of Aoyama Keito and her friends.

A great "Slice of Life" manga that's a very good read. I highly recommend it for those wanting to read a light-hearted manga.



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