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October 31, 2008, 10:51 AM

Finally. The epic waiting is over. It’s a good thing that the latest chapter is released earlier than usual, but sadly, its circulation and my house responsibility have similar schedule. I have to work as fast as possible so I can start discussing the hottest events in One Piece universe.


We don’t have the usual side-story arc at the cover page. Instead, we get a colorful section with the Strawhats, enjoying their picnic together. I never even thought that playing cards could be so much fun. Franky is munching with his banana-slash-watermelon foodie whislt Zoro remains cool with his new seed-throwing technique – particularly aimed at Sanji. He looks un-swordsman-like with his eyeglasses, though. And yeah, I’d like to own the latest edition of “shocked Brooke” card set.

Mastering Haki

While it is quite impressive to wield King’s Disposition in a whim, it still proves to be futile if one cannot utilize it to the fullest. In Luffy’s case, it doesn’t seem like he can use it like the way Kujas do. This proves the theory that one cannot measure his real power with Haki alone. Surely, it can make a difference in offense and defense, but it still takes practice, strength, and even knowledge in order to use it with 100% efficiency. Oda and Togashi might have a comparable idea when they introduce Haki and Nen in their works, only that they use different approach. In OP’s case, Haki is not “THE” special technique, but a skill that serves as a power-up to one’s chosen fighting methods. Luffy might have acquired his Haki through a series of strenuous fights against powerful opponents and through his innate strength. But technically, he still lacks knowledge. Now this technicality comes as a big problem, knowing his minimal capacity in understanding things. How he will incorporate Haki in his Gomu Gomu no Pistol? How he will knock someone out by choice? These things require full understanding and even experience in using Haki. So far, Luffy has used the same variation of Haki twice. He’ll most likely adapt it without being able to explain and understand the principles behind it – similar to the way he introduces and uses Gears Two and Three. He just pumps his legs and bites his fingers without fully understanding why he has to do it.

Gorgon Hair

The Gorgon sisters stick to its Greek origin ---- Oda style. Sandersonia shows another technique by using her hair as her offensive force. Its parallelism to Greek mythology about the real Gorgon sisters is that her hair can turn into snake. However, Sandersonia establishes such distinction. Rather than her hair becoming actual snakes, it can take into a form of a snake, possessing fangs of steel. Its sharpness and its strength might be influenced by her offence-oriented Haki, to support her mantra-like defense. The adaptation of this is comparable to Margaret’s incorporation of Haki to her weapon. She extends her spirit skill in her hair, creating larger and stronger impact when attacking. Marigold has similar ability, only that hers can take into Salamander form.

Luffy, on the other hand, continues to rival his opponents’ strength. From this panel, I’ve begun to hypothesize that he has already adapted his own variation of Haki and synergize it with his Gear Two. His moves promise a lot of power-ups. Even if he hasn’t established a new Gear technique yet, the strength and the speed he shows are distinguishable. I am able to perceive things this way because of my speculation regarding one of its principles: Haki can only be defeated by another Haki. Yeah, Gear Two is really strong but will it able to withstand a spirit-influenced attack? I don’t think so. Haki has been introduced as an upscale form of skill. And if an “orthodox” technique goes against an upgraded skill, I think the latter will get the upperhand. It is because Haki has been polished to make one’s techniques stronger….Even if Sandersonia can predict/read his attacks, the speed that “Gear Two with Haki” grants him is superior than the latter’s useful Haki skill. With this, the ability to read the opponent’s movements proves futile if she cannot keep up with her rival’s speed. This also explains why Marigold’s defense gets nullified with his Jet Pistol (with Haki of course).

Sisterly Bond

Two experienced Haki users vs. Luffy’s Gear Two with Haki….This strengthens my speculation in regards with Luffy being able to synergize his Gear Two attacks with Haki. He’s being attacked with the ultimate techniques of the sisters, a combination of sharp Yamata no Orochi and burning Salamander…. Yet he’s able to defeat their simultaneous attacks. Furthermore, he’s able to tie their tales without them even realizing it. Now that is an important thing to note. Sandersonia, having the ability to read his moves does not even realize how and when does he manage to tie them up. I don’t think she’s being careless, especially when he already smashes her despite mantra-like Haki…. Neither will she be carried away with the prestige of their attacks when Hancock has already scolded them. His Jet Gattling Gun is a “force to be reckoned with” especially that it’s the technique that beat Lucci. However, with Marigold’s defense and Sandersonia’s “mantra” Haki, his Jet Gattling should prove futile if it isn’t combined with his own dreaded Haki.

Protecting a Secret

Moving…. Very moving. This is one of the moments where Luffy’s pure kindness will melt your heart away. He has proven to be the best character in One Piece and has always remained that way. Even if his personality is classified as a “typical shounen hero,” he still has the ability to impress and touch every reader. His refusal to kill his horrible opponents is a display of how Oda establishes a “no-killing” theme in his series. He fights with a purpose and sticks with it no matter how hopeless or how horrible the situation appears. In this case, he fights the sisters to protect his new buddies, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll go as far as putting them into “skewered meat,” just to achieve his goal. A simple, but incredible Jet Pistol and Jet Gattling Gun will do in order to send his message well. Even Marigold is moved by his pureness, realizing Luffy’s true intention of covering her. Another impressive thing about him is his unparallel resolve to protect things, especially the essential ones. Despite his forgetfulness (he usually forgets the names of his acquaintances), he never fails to overlook the things that truly matter to other people. Even if he doesn’t completely understand the reason behind them, he risks his life protecting them. He’s able to separate personal feelings to “business,” which drives Luffy to protect Sandersonia’s eyes in the middle of their fight, because he believes that “the thing that she doesn’t want anyone to see has got nothing to do with their fight.”


Just like Marigold, Hancock realizes the danger that lies behind her youngest sister’s back. Since she can no longer risk another exposure to their famed eyes, she orders everyone to evacuate the arena. In line with the buzz, anyone who encounters the Gorgon eyes will instantly turn into stone. In reality, this gesture signifies Hancock’s attempt to protect the truth in their secret. That their eyes are nothing legendary, but a mere, shameful flaw. This event is also an embarrassment to the sisters who have established a prestigious and undefeatable reputation. Before his King’s Disposition, Luffy is nothing but an outsider who is ignorant of Haki and an impeccable source of hilarity. But, for someone like him to defeat the strongest sisters in the island…. This is tarnish to their reputation they’ve protected as far as to live with lies.

Her Soft Side

This is the first time Hancock has shown softness. I’m very glad to see that underneath her vanity and arrogance, lie a gentle woman. One of the reasons for this is Luffy’s kind gesture. After mocking, fighting, and punishing him, he is the first person who shows unconditional concern to her younger sister. All of her “fangirls” have gone out, for the fear of being turned into stone, whereas he remains protective of their secret despite facing their harshness. The exposure of their secret is so close, but thanks to his protection, the truth in their lies remains a secret. Even if Sandersonia threatens to kill him, he continues to cover her back, determined to protect something important to her. A kindness like that is capable of moving any stone-hearted person. That shows his true character. And this might be the “miracle” that I mention back in my earlier review. This can serve as the doorway of Luffy and Hancock’s alliance – a way that will help him to find his nakama.

The Spectacle:http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/6094/spectacle2zc1.jpg

Luffy shows us a very impressive power-up with his Gear Two. His epic transcendence has started, with his Gear attacks being able to hurt and deflect Haki-based skills. This proves that he finally begins to grasp this spirit skill, unconsciously combining Haki with his fighting methods. Even if there isn’t a showcase of new fighting style, the subtlety that Oda inserts in his fight against the Gorgon sisters is very admirable. I believe that this is only a small mark to what we can expect in the following chapters.

Hancock’s tears are very powerful as well. This proves that she isn’t what she seems. Yes, she’s vicious and vile, but surprisingly, she can recognize heart-warming kindness, pure intentions, and moving concern from a stranger. This can pave way to a bond between them. There is a huge chance that Hancock will also lend a hand, allowing him to go onboard. It’s also a breather to see another Shichibukai (who initially appears as a group of antagonists) standing as the lead character’s ally.

The Downside:http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/4134/downside2so5.jpg

I can’t see any glitches in this chapter, except the length of this mini-arc. I have no intention of expanding this thought especially that I’ve already explained it in my previous chapter. Instead of reiterating this small “downside,” I will discuss the conflict present in this chapter instead. I believe that will bring more justice to its discussion, allowing us to understand it better. Furthermore, by addressing the conflicts, we’ll be able to speculate more logically and practice our creative ideas in formulating all the possible events that might take place.

I love the conflict present in this chapter because of its subtlety. Rather than showing a weakness in fighting ability, the conflict is established within the character’s personality which creates more depth to this series. It starts to arise in Gorgon sisters, who find themselves flabbergasted, then, moved by Luffy’s display of compassion. Sandersonia particularly starts to show inconsistency in her goals and even in character when Luffy wraps himself around her to cover her cursed eyes. She starts to become “docile” at the last page, expressing her acknowledgement. But the main conflict here lies in Hancock. Yeah, her tears may signify similar reaction with Sandersonia, but there is another issue that should be addressed there. Assuming that she is indeed moved by Luffy’s kindness, she will then put herself in a state of dilemma. Lending her hand will surely aid him, but she will put her position into question. “No-boys-allowed” has been an iron rule to their island. No man comes out alive and most definitely, they do not set alliance with the opposite gender. If she’s going to let him aboard, then she’ll acquire another blow on her integrity. Well, it’s tainted in the first place – with the lies she’s spread together with her sisters. But if she actually helps him, that will signify an alliance with a man – a breakage to their rule.

Final Notes:http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/5538/finalnotes2fy0.jpg

Oda displays a good deal of subtlety in his masterpiece. Usually, the character’s development is initially portrayed in this kind of subtlety. Even in the fight scene, you can see Oda’s clever way of showing transcendence in Luffy’s strength. It’s not an all-out Super Saiyan-like display of power-up, but I believe it brings more edge to this chapter/series. Most importantly, the Gorgon sisters start to see Luffy not as a dreaded fighter, but as a compassionate person…. And even a possible ally. I really love the progress that we see in every chapter. The changes in the relationship between Luffy and the Gorgon sisters are delivered very impressively (first, Luffy was just a laughing stock. Last chapter, we see him transform into a serious threat to the sisters. And in this chapter, [possible] alliance starts to occur.) I can’t wait to see more of Hancock’s delicate side. It’s also great to see Pandawoman….

October 31, 2008, 02:58 PM
Nice review, very detailed and i mostly agree with you, but...

This makes no sense...

This proves the theory that one cannot measure his real power with Haki alone. Surely, it can make a difference in offense and defense, but it still takes practice, strength, and even knowledge in order to use it with 100% efficiency. [...] Haki is not “THE” special technique, but a skill that serves as a power-up to one’s chosen fighting methods.

one of its principles: Haki can only be defeated by another Haki. Yeah, Gear Two is really strong but will it able to withstand a spirit-influenced attack? I don’t think so.
...it's contradictory. I agree with the first one: haki is a way to powerup your techniques, but it's not a panacea as the second one implies.

If you are a weak Kuja with a strength of 10 and you power it up with haki to 20, you still have to chance against Gear 2 with a strength of 30 (without haki).

The Kujas can recognize the utilization of haki. So why is Sandersonia surprised that she can't hit Luffy, although she is using haki? Because Luffy isn't using any haki at all.
And I didn't see any evidance, that Luffy is vastly stronger than the last time. The sisters are just only at a similar level than Blueno of CP9.

And one other thing: I think the two sisters are indeed moved by Luffys kindness, but i think Boa's tears are more related to the meaning behind the gorgon eyes and why they are trying to hide it from everyone.
Luffy just desperately reminds her of it.

October 31, 2008, 07:37 PM
I agree too. Luffy is not using Haki because the gorgon sister would mention it. They would say something if Luffy was using it with his gear. Plus i think that are not the top notch Haki users or that their Haki type just cant stand up to to Luffy gear. They were able to withstand Luffy's jet Bazooka with a Haki defense and is Jet Gatling gun so their like 1500-2800 in Douriki of the CP9 force is where i rate them. I not feminist but they are woman which could be why they are not the top Haki users in the world. Boa the best woman Haki user i am going on a assumption that she is only at max 70% compared to white beard and Shanks in Haki. But if you add other abilities with their haki i have no guess when it comes to power.

October 31, 2008, 08:53 PM
Great review (again...hehehe :p)

I really liked your review, and thats why I cant believe i desagree with you on so many points... this is the first time...

1- I didnt like the colorspread very much... the drawing does not have an "Odaish feeling"... its kind of interesting, but i would have prefered a cover story...

2- As the guys above me said, i´m preety sure luffi is just using his gear 2... his haki is not beeing used at the moment. Imo the sisters´s haki simply cant take as much power as luffi has

3- There arent any eyes on the back of the sisters... and i dont agree with your "imperfection" theory too... if it was something as simple as that, luffi wouldnt have recognised it... besides... why would Boa care if her sisters showed imperfections... she is the only one who has to be "loved"...

4- About Boa´s tears...
For me, it felt like they were tears of sorrow...but not toward luffy. I think that he made her think about whatever secret she is hiding, and that made her cry... imo, that will make her hate luffy even more

Wow... thats it.... hope you dont get ofended or anything like that... i just wanted to state my opinion.... and even though i desagreed with most of what you said, i still had a great time reading the review, so thx for the trouble of doing it...

November 01, 2008, 02:59 AM
Thank you very much. I really appreciate your sharings. In fact, I find it very helpful when one points out my mistakes or when you disagree with my opinion. It just drives me to think more carefully and more logically and it encourages me to improve my work. Sometimes, I get so carried away by OP moments that I tend to overlook certain issues.... and even the basic ones (remember, I overlooked the Gorgon curse thinking that it's an actual curse where it's merely a devil fruit :eek). That is why your comments truly move me to make my reviews (and my analysis) better.

Mr. Popo: Thank you for pointing that out. It really is contradictory :faint. I guess the second idea appears that way because I am not able to explain it much better. What I truly mean is that.... a more powerful Haki can only be deflected if someone possesses a powerful Haki as well. But then again, this idea is only a support to my specualtion that Luffy might have incorporated Haki in his Gear 2. Since Sandersonia and Marigold possess strong Haki, Luffy has to match his techniques with Haki. Well, this comment is just an added (and hopefully more vivid) thought to my review. And I really appreciate your explanation. That helps me to think about the "Haki speculation" way better.

About Hancock's tears. I guess it can be interpreted in various ways. I, for one thought that it's a sign of her soft side. That she isn't as nasty as she appears to be. Some perceive it as tears of anger and shame - a feeling of total humiliation for (almost) exposing their secrets. Whereas your thought expresses Boa's inability to accept the harsh truth about the eyes. Because Luffy stands as the person responsible for doing this "slapping-the-truth-on-your-face" she might bear more grudge on him, becoming his next opponent. If this speculation turns accuarte, then we might see Hancock fighting Luffy in the next chapter. The truth is, I've thought about similar idea as yours. I just expand on the thought of Hancock turning into his ally.

Tomgooo01: Thank you. I think you make such a good point about the sisters' acknowledgement of Luffy's Haki. And about Boa's Haki. She can be the best Haki user in Amazon Lily, but if she is going to be compared with Whitebeard or with Shanks, I do believe that she will be on lower echelon. But maybe this is because the two Yonkous are generally much powerful fighters.

Raysen_ht: I agree with you. I always prefer a cover story, but it's a breath of fresh air to see the Strawhats in color, taking a break from their stressful and strenuous fights against Grand Line characters. About the two sisters' eyes.... well, we haven't had a clear view of their eyes yet but Luffy protects someone's important "possession" even if he doesn't completely understand the logic behind it. If Hancok is a selfish b*tch down to her core, then it means that her reason for "protecting" her sisters is not because they are siblings. She might be concerned about them because they have similar secrets. If the Kujas find out that Sandersonia and Marigold's curse is a lie, then they'll learn that Hancock's cursed eyes are fake as well.

Oh, I am far from being offended. Like what I said, opinions, analyses, and even disagreements are things that motivate me to improve my work. I always take it constructively. :thumbs. So (for the nth time) thank you so much ^__^

November 01, 2008, 08:08 AM
Thx for the answear Haruka! Glad to know you dont mind some critics....

I forgot to post something last time...

You, yourself fell for Boa´s Mero Mero Powers... I bet that when you wrote the "her soft side" part of your review, your eyes turn to hearts and you were thinking that Boa is so beatifull, so cute, sooooo forgiven...... hehehehe :p LLOOOLLLLL

BTW, congratz on your 100 post

November 01, 2008, 08:54 AM
Kukukukuku. I guess you're right on that one :rofl. I already forgive her because she's beautiful, kukukukuku. Kidding aside, I am always open for criticisms. I take it very constructively; I can write reviews much better. So feel free to express your ideas here ^__^. And thank you for congratulating me. I didn't even realized that I already produced 100 posts. Thank you :luffy

November 02, 2008, 05:22 AM
oh guess what Haruka Hunter x Hunter came out today, I think you know what i'm hinting toward. Let me know when you have it done. Oh nice work on this review of one piece and the last two on Hunter X Hunter.

November 03, 2008, 11:14 PM
Hey Tomgoood01, I am done with Hunter X Hunter Chapter 285 Review. I posted it in "Shounen" section of this site. I also sent you a private message informing you about this.