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Gold Knight
August 29, 2006, 10:24 PM
I think Grimmjow enjoys 'em a little too much...

Fun chapter of Bleach this week. I'll be going on a little leave of absence for a week because I'm a little tired of spending so much time on the computer, but I didn't want to do that without finishing this review. But if I don't seem too contemplative on some comments, or just plain confusing, it's just because I'm a little bit tired at this time, so don't hold it too much against me, please. ;)

That being said, let's take a look at what happened in the latest Bleach chapter, shall we? Feel free to comment as always!

* * * Gold Knight's Ten Comments on Bleach Chapter 240: Regeneration! * * *

Open Sesame and then some...

1. The Tunnel of Doom. Whenever Urahara kneels and starts chanting incantations and hitting the ground with his cane, it's pretty hard not to see him as a wizard instead of what he really is - a scientist! What strikes me the most about this scene is the words he spoke, which might sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo at first, but there's something definitely poetic about them. "The black sheep's master, the stool of the noose?" Well, Tite Kubo certainly knows how to write eerie and mystical-sounding phrases, that's for sure! And they couldn't be coming from the mouth of a more cool character than Urahara, unless it's Gin. ;)

Anyway, if the "Garganta" tunnel looks familiar, that's because we saw it once before - when the Gillians attacked the Soul Society (http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/7105/m7bleachch17806an3.jpg) back in Chapter 178 and "beamed up" Aizen, Gin, and Tousen to their world of Hueco Mundo.

I've always wondered what that "eye" was all about, and whether it would be a threat or not, but now I guess we know. It was just the portal through which the Gillians came to receive their new master, and it's the same tunnel that will take Ichigo and his friends into the "abyss" so to speak in order to find Orihime. It's kind of a relief to know now that it wasn't just a gigantic, cyclopean beast.

Pretty difficult job to do for two months, isn't it, dude?

2. Rogues and Secrets. With the request that Ichigo asked the former Captain of the 12nd Divison here, I had to wonder just how many times Urahara must have been asked to do similar favors. With every lie that Urahara's had to tell people, even with their best interests in mind, the more shadier his character probably became! It's hard to deceive people without becoming a part of the lie yourself. Urahara seems to take it in stride, but sometimes I wonder how the rogue manages. Keeping secrets is a tough business.

Somewhat funny that Isshin likely asked Urahara likewise to never tell his family the truth of his past as a living, breathing Shinigami too. And in order to best help him, Urahara probably had to worry even more about keeping his presence in Karakura Town a secret as well.

And now that Ichigo is a Shinigami (albeit even a substitute) himself, his sisters are the only ones left out of the loop in the Kurosaki family! Both the father and son obviously want to protect them, but sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be a better idea just to tell them the truth, so that they could prepare themselves better for what might be to come. And in a way, it would be better for Urahara as well. A man can only keep so many secrets...!

Sidenote: I don't know why it just hit me now, but in writing about Ichigo's family there, I just realized that Ichigo's mother must have been a Shinigami herself. That's the reason why the Grand Fisher was so hungy after her and decided to leave Ichigo alone afterwards, because it had sated its appetite on spiritual power. I wonder why Ichigo's mother didn't better protect herself, though...

Ichigo's just checking to see if his jockstrap's firmly on.

3. 3...2...1... Blast-Off! Just had to comment on Kubo's nice work on raising the drama and tension in this page. First, by showing the readers how the three men were preparing themselves to enter the Garganta, and then showing the determination on Ichigo's face as he gave the command to go.

Made their take-off in the next page a lot more riveting and stirring for the readers, I think, and also made it feel like a new chapter in the series opened, as well. Definitely nice art here.

DARN! Now she's gotta go back home... or is she?

4. Left Behind... Again? Well, at least Tatsuki, Mizuiko, and Asano all found out what Ichigo was up to, so that they wouldn't have to worry about it so much in the months to come. I still wonder if Tatsuki will be trying to come along, though.

At least they heard about how their friend was sorry that he hadn't told them what was going on. Also, Urahara will likely explain things to them anyway. I'm not sure if that will really let Ichigo off the hook, but hopefully we'll be seeing more from them, especially Tatsuki, sooner than we all think.

I don't think he's just gonna clean his hat...

5. So Mysterious... Once again, Tite Kubo teases us a little bit about Urahara in particular. He's still got a part to play in this whole affair, it looks like. So what is sandal-hat going to do now? Will he be going to Hueco Mundo himself? I don't think so, because he would have gone with Ichigo's group here if that was the case.

Will he be going to meet the Vizards? I think that's a more possible scenario. Maybe Urahara might be interested in working with them. Or maybe he's just going to prepare the rest of his workers at the shop in order to be ready against another possible invasion from the Arrancars?

Or might it be that Urahara is planning to initate a plan that might get the Soul Society more willing to attack the Arrancars at this time?

Either way, guess it was a little too much to hope that Urahara would ever be a front-line fighter with Ichigo and friends. He was always one to work behind the scenes.

At least he's not whipping her, I guess...

6. Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here... After the enormous spiritual pressure that Aizen exerted on poor Orihime at Las Noches, it's become pretty obvious that all he's after is power, and especially dominance over others. That's how he seemingly gets off - intimidation, humiliating others, and being the strongest of all. Pretty brutal guy to just scare an innocent kid like Orihime out of her wits like that without even being provoked.

It also pretty much makes Aizen an effective torturer without even as much as lifting a finger. Just imagine how much all the terrorists in the real world would love to have this power. Kinda unsettling, isn't it? Just imagine how Orihime must be feeling here. So vulnerable.

Sidenote: I think Tite Kubo hit it on the head as far as creating the perfect villain, though. Aizen seems the best example of a Lucifer-type individual that I've seen in manga, who can be handsome and charming yet ruthless and diabolical at the same time. There's too many villains in comics that aren't quite realistic in that they don't SEEM like they would deceive anybody with their looks, but as we've seen, Aizen not only surprised the characters in the series but also the readers, as well. That's a very good job done by Kubo.

Being dissed doesn't feel so nice...

7. Not a Good Idea At All... Gotta be honest here, I wasn't even thinking that Luppi would be somehow involved again in the series. Not as a big factor against Ichigo's group, except a possible rematch with Hitsugaya at some point. Although in retrospect, we should have known that wasn't going to happen because Luppi had already shown his trump card a few chapters ago. Most Arrancar doing that have already died by now.

But I also didn't think Luppi would actually be so discouraged that he would publicly question Aizen in his own castle.

Not a good idea at all. Nope. You want almost instanteous death? Yep, you got it right there. When your boss is so powerful that he could actually stop Zangetsu with a finger, and so evil that he calmly thrust a sword through the chest of a little girl who only wanted to love him, if you treasure your life... you don't say a word.

I think Luppi's discontent here was what eventually led to his demise. After Aizen saw him being nearly beaten and killed and then sensing that his loyalty might not be so unshakeable anymore, it was just time for Aizen to... "demote" him.

Best nurse. Ever.

8. Surprise, surprise... Don't know why I didn't see this one coming. Maybe it was just because we were getting so comfortable with the idea of Grimmjow being one-armed, and that he still already seemed more than strong enough to match up with Ichigo. Even without releasing his sword to this point.

Now, what will Ichigo do? Grimmjow's got all his power back, evidently, so that's going to mean a boost in power for him, and Ichigo's still not even gotten his mask under control for more than a few minutes yet. And what will Ichigo do against Ulquiorra, as well? Hmmm. Well, I suppose it's nice to see Ichigo being the underdog again...

Anyway, the best thing about this turn of events was that we learned more about Orihime's powers:

Holy cow!

Which, of course, as Aizen said, is the 'Rejection of Events' - I've always thought Orihime's power was awesome, but I didn't realize it was THAT ridiculously powerful. I would even have been fine with "time restoration" as Ulquiorra had suggested, but this... the ability to reject events as if they never happened... I don't know how I feel about it now. But I suppose that explains why certain people such as Unohana was so amazed by Orihime's healing ability. It's definitely not the same thing as what the Fourth Divison is best known for.

Now it's almost as if Orihime is as ridiculously powerful as Ichigo. At the very least if Orihime is ever by Ichigo's side, he'll never have to worry about being killed, because Orihime will likely reject that possibility just as strongly as anything else.

Just how did she come by this power anyway? I had always imagined that Orihime had acquired the ability through some kind of spiritual awakening that was caused by seeing her brother again in Hollow form, followed by defending her friend from Hollows. But this goes beyond spiritual awakening - unless Orihime is some kind of modern female Jesus Christ.

I hope Tite Kubo intends to explain this, I really do...

I don't think Luppi wants to know...

9. Grimmjow's Return to the Espada! I just have to tell you guys, this single page is part of why I love to read comics and manga so much. No, it wasn't the death of Luppi that occured the following page. Why would I be attracted to something so bloody and shocking as that? It was more or less the change of facial expression on Grimmjow's face as he slowly turns to respond to Luppi's inquiry with a hideous grin marking his face and almost a growl-like "Huh?" You almost didn't even have to turn the page to know what was coming.

I always love that kind of slow process from a seemingly quiet and calm scene to an unexpected, startling moment full of chaos and violence. Kubo pulled it off in a masterful way here, and in doing so, created one of the most memorable scenes so far in the series.

Grimmjow's grin also reminds us that Arrancars are not really human at all, or at least, they've nearly lost all their humanity. They are first and foremost... monsters!


And I'm glad about that. A monster celebrates his good luck only by drawing the blood of others, as we saw here. I had been thinking that Grimmjow would sometimes actually renege on Aizen and become at least a temporary ally of Ichigo. That would have somewhat disappointed me, considering that he had been such an evil-looking fellow. But after this scene, there's no way Grimmjow will ever be on the side of the angels. He's most definitely bad to the bone!

Yeah, I'll be willing to admit, this chapter has made a Grimmjow fan out of me. No, I don't usually adopt villains as favorite characters at all, usually because they so often die or become redundant. But Tite Kubo has done an amazing job of delivering a true, bad-ass character with this dude. I think he'll be around quite a while, even if I do kind of foresee a grisly death for him at some point. But one thing's for sure, he'll be going out with a bang.

That being said, I must say I'm sorry for Dragonzair. I know she liked Luppi. Sorry he had to be the victim, Sara. :(

But ya know what? Luppi kinda had it coming... after he taunted Grimmjow a while ago. (http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/587/m7bleachch23011uo6.jpg) If you're smart, you don't really do that to a mad dog, even one who might seem locked into its cage... simply because you never know when it'll break out and tear your throat out with its teeth. Luppi found out that lesson here, but it was too late for him...

They didn't like the joke, I think.

10. Shock. I found it interesting how everybody reacted to Luppi's death and Grimmjow's laughter of victory. Orihime, obviously, looked very pale and disturbed, but she didn't faint like your typical teen girl. After witnessing so many people nearly getting torn apart and having to heal them, I've got to think that has something to do with her strength here, even if it's faltering a little bit here (not that I would blame her).

Ulquiorra seemed to almost act in the same serene manner as Byakuya, closing his eyes and giving a detached look, as if it was all just merely an expected incident. Yama seemed surprised, and almost kind of worried that he'd have to be working with Grimmjow again.

Wonderwyce's reaction seemed the most interesting, though. He seemed to be scared too, himself. He definitely seems too gentle to be an Arrancar. Might he be the unexpected thorn in Aizen's side at some point?

RATING: 5 out of 5 stars. Very dramatic chapter, and it certainly got my adrenaline running. Glad to hear more about Orihime's power, to see Tatsuki and friends knowing what's going on, and finally, Grimmjow is going to be a darn good villain.

Predictions: I'd say we'll see what the inside of Garganta looks like, and also perhaps what Urahara is up to.

Credits: Thanks to des's scanlation!

Hope you enjoyed, and looking forward to seeing what you think!

C'mon out and comment! <3

August 29, 2006, 10:49 PM
I know I'm not the biggest of Bleach fans, but I love these comments. It helps me to understand the story up to this point a lot more :D So wonderful comments, and I can't wait to see you back from your break.

August 29, 2006, 10:51 PM
5. I saw it more as him getting ready to make some more Shinigami in his Easy-Bake Oven.

August 30, 2006, 05:47 AM
[1] You know, when Kisuke was mumbling about these things, my mind suddenly drifted to Kuukaku and Ganjyuu. There may have been other charaacters who have been chanting incantaitions, but those two struck me most.

Then I remembered the reason why Kuukaku helped Yoruichi and the others was becuase Kisuke was invloved.

Now. Can all Shinigamis mutter incantations like that? I mean, they use ot to do the Blast Spells, and so does Byakuya. But incantations that have much more depth to it.

Why have we seen only Urahara and those two Shibas use them? If I'm wrong, and have forgotten a few more characters, then enlighten me. :s

I can't help but feel there's so much mroe to these spells. XD

Somewhat funny that Isshin likely asked Urahara likewise to never tell his family the truth of his past as a living, breathing Shinigami too. And in order to best help him, Urahara probably had to worry even more about keeping his presence in Karakura Town a secret as well.

True that.

Also, I remember that one guy from the Fourth Division had once gone into the real world and met Kisuke. He knew who he was.

We don't even know for sure, jsut how many Shinigamis know that Kisuke is there. And with his recent appearance in the fight, alot more high ranking Death Gods have found out about him. And whether Yamamoto will be informed. :s

Sidenote: I don't know why it just hit me now, but in writing about Ichigo's family there, I just realized that Ichigo's mother must have been a Shinigami herself. That's the reason why the Grand Fisher was so hungy after her and decided to leave Ichigo alone afterwards, because it had sated its appetite on spiritual power. I wonder why Ichigo's mother didn't better protect herself, though...

Me and Mentos have discussed that one alot of times. And also on threads.

Over here (http://mangahelpers.com/forum/index.php?topic=2650.45).

It's possible that she wasn't a Shinigami, but may have been able to see ghosts? but I can't really see much proof that she had been able to. Then again, we'll never know.

I'd like to believe though, that she's the only normal one from the family. *shrugs* Even Karin and Yuzu can see. Having the whole family jsut seems..weird.


Now, back then, we all thought just how silly Isshin really is. Now, we don't even know anything about him. Sure, we know he's a Shinigami, and a powerful one at that. But now, all of a sudden, his personalities are not what it seems. Whne we see him for the first time in Shinigami garb, he was a different man alltogether.

All serious. And Kisuke's even mentioned that he is so much like his own son.

What I'm saying is, did Isshin really forget how long his wife had been dead? Did he let slip out a secret? Or maybe Isshin truly is a dorf ball, except when it coems to serious times.

I've thought the same about Kisuke. Can he really be some guy who doesn't care alot? I've once mentioned somehwere that the hat hides everything. All the hidden secrets in his eyes. I'm probably rambling, but I can't stop thinkngi about that.

Anyway, I've strayed off topic.

If Masaki really did die 10 yeares ago...there's something more to her being a normal person. *shrugs* I don't know. XD

[4] Now that Tatsuki's found out about her best friends, she's definitely not going to allow herself to sit around. That's where numer five comes in. :p

[5] What is he planning?

"I guess I should do my part as well"

Which is? He didn't follow Ichigo to Hueco Mundo, and he definitely cannot enter Soul Society, for he is banned. And I don't believe he let Tatsuki and the other two enter his place jsut because he wanted them to hear Ichi-nii say sorry.

He definitely knows TAtsuki and Keigo has spiritual powers. Which is probably why he let them in, in the first place.

What if, his part actually involves helping those two get ready?

I donno. Just thinking. XD

[6] I've hated Aizen ever since he stabbed Momo. That was alot worse than finding out he was a baddie.

Actually, I thought I hate him the msot in the whole series (next to Tousen), but you all know whom I hate now. *shrugs*

And yes. Kubo's created the most unexpected villain I've ever known. He picked a random person from the Gotei 13. Yes. Aizen was random. Even with al the weird contacts he's had with Gin. I had thought that it was Gin who was the villain. Then this pops out.

i mean, he's got all the msot powerful monsters in his side.

What more power can he ask for?

Well, he wants Hime. That bastard. XD

[7] Even if it did lead to...Luppi's...unfortunate end (FUCK YOU GRIMMJOW), I can say that I can applaud Luppi for talking back to Aizen like that.

Even if she (don't mind me ^-^) would've regretted it, it definitely struck a nerve in Aizen if he allowed Hime to heal Grimmy's wounds, jsut to kill Luppi.

Back then, Grimmjow's argument with him didn't really seem to bother him, but Tousen. *shrug*

[8] Nothing much to say here, except *expletives* Grimmjow *expletives* *and some more*.

[9] I don't feel like commenting much here coz my brain is exploding.

But, if this chapter opr scene, has made a Grimmjow fan out of you, it has done the exact opposite out of me. >__<; I've already hated him for his stupid arrogance back then, and it only made it worse.

I know, I'm being biased, since Luppi's a lovable arrogant bastard as well. But bleh.

And...how is one arm making so much different in Grimmjow's strenght?

I think the readers have just been given the glimpse of Grimmhow's weakness, actually! :O And since Hime is there...well, we'll never know.

I mean, he has been stripped off his place in the Espadas, jsut for losing an arm. Then all of a sudden, his arm is back, and he kills Luppi with it.

Another thing. Do the other Espadas have weaknesses? Actually, having Orihime there might as well lead to Aizen's fall in the future. You'll never know. xD

[10] Well, at least I wasn't the only one.

And I kept help but almost laugh at Ulqiourra's face. I would realy like to see him fight with Byakushin in the near future. xD The look on his face reminded me so much of him. XD

Hime's face. She was probably feeling guilty. I'm feeling mroe and more sorry for this girl now. She had just brought back the arm that killed.

Yammi's face jsut reminded me of how exaspperated he often gets. He got that look alot when Luppi kept boasting in the air, during the fight. And also when he was with Ulqiourra when we first met him.

It was Wonderwyce's face that had me go "Woah".

I'v always believed that WW was an innocent person, who knows not waht he does. And the way he looked in here, was of fright.

I also would love to believe he's the one who's gonig to leave Aizen.

Afterall, he was created using the Hougyoku. A creation by Urahara. Maybe that's why he just went for Urahara all of a sudden. XD

Once again, nice comments! I've enjoyed them, and enjoy your week off too. <3 See ya. ^-^

August 30, 2006, 10:52 AM
Very well done.
I like it. Now I think I understand some parts better.

I want to comment your comment :amuse
There are some parts, which I don't get it or maybe misunderstood.

"5. So Misterious..."
I think Uraharas part is what Ichigo demands from him. See "2. Rogues and Secrets"

"10. Shock"
I think Wonderwyce isn't really shocked or scared. It is more like he just has this "face" and I have that feeling that he is something like mental disabled. I have the feeling that he is like a psychopath or has some strange abilities like Ururu.

Now I'd like to talk about Tatsuki and Orihimes healing skills.

Tatsuki is very important person to Orihime and now that she was kidnapped she won't sit just around and waiting for Ichigo to return with Orihime. Especially since she is also able to see Hollows and is a pretty strong fighter herself.

I never imagined that Orihimes healing skills are that powerful. Well, to be honest it isn't healing. Just like undoing things. She'd be able to "heal" some who got his/her head chopped. I really like this skill. Very effective but misterious at the same time although we know something more about it.

PS: About Grand Fisher and Ichigos mother. I don't think she was a Shinigami as well. Not necessarily. Grand Fisher just liked female souls better than males or not!?

August 30, 2006, 12:02 PM
Awesome comments Gold Knight

1)I like the way you analize and comment images and scenery, everytime I discover things I wouldn't have seen.

2)Very good insight, maybe in the future that could be a cause of some chnges, we'll see.

3)See point 1) :eyerolls

5)If a summary spoiler I read is correct we'll see an unexpected meeting.

6)I loved the Dante's inferno citation. I understand the comparison between Aizen and Lucifer, but I always pictured Lucifer in a "nobler" way, if you ever read Bastard!! maybe you can understand what I'm saying. I think of Lucifer's evilness as a consequences of the path he choosed more than an innate characteristic.

7)Maybe Luppi was feeling his doom when he spoke in that way to Aizen.

8)Yeah, me too; I didn't see it coming. how can you expect that aizen ask to cure someone? :D
And Orihime's power acoording to Aizen's words seem out of scale. Tito need a very good explanation. Sincerely, there are too many misteries in Bleach I'm really sick of that.

9)Marvelous scenes, gotta read that part again :smile-big

August 31, 2006, 03:18 PM
Enjoy your week of, But please dont forget about us and come back to write your 10 comments as soon as you can. I know this is a little selfish but man (and everybody knows that by man I mean human beings!) is an imperfect being.

WOW! what an awesome chapter. I can really immerse myself into this story sometimes.
1.) @ DZ actually Unohana taicho's vice captain also muttered a long incantation right after they found out that aizen is evil. Remember? She used it to first find out where Aizen and his fellow traitors teleported to and then to broadcast a message to everyone simultaneously. if I remember correctly.

2.) I actually was wondering about that request. Ichigo, while I would not exacly call them second thoughts, is thinking this one through a whole lot more than the last one. Infact it almost seems to me like he is playing with the thought that he might not survive this one. :iik
About Ishin, I actually never thought about that. He and Kisuke are very likely to have some form of an oath of secrecy going on. Thought there really is zero evidence for this. it could also be that they just both do not like to talk about their real pasts. But it does make me wonder, is uruhara-san keeping Iishin up to date on all of Ichigo's doings?
Anyway I wonder how long the girls will be kept in the dark? I really liked Karin and I cant wait to see her in some action. I think she and Byakuya would get along well :smile-big .

And on a side note, as many before me have already said, I do not beleive Masaki was a shinigami, There would be much lless of a reason to hide it from the kids if that where the case. And also it would not feel right for some reason. also if anyone remembers the chapter titled "cigar blues" (or something to that extent) THe conversation between ichi and his father would not mean the same thing if she where not human.

3.) fully agree with you on that one. I will admit, I have, over the last five or so years, developed quite a fascination with eyes. They can tell so much, they truly are the window to the soul. I am also amazed again and again by anime, manga,... "cartoons", shal we say, where the eyes are drawn or otherwise created artificially, and yet they still retain the abillity to comunicate volumes of emotions and unspoken words. I could write an entire esay on what I preceive just from ichigo's eyes in that panel but for now I will hold back.

4.) Again, the eyes! look at that expresion on Tatsukis face; it is a mixture of anxiety, disbelief, understanding, a little fear, at the edge of crying, almost sympathy for ichigo even, and the determination of a fighters spirit all in one.

5.) I think Sandal hat is going to ichis family either to do as he was asked or to do the opposite, wich would be to tell them exactly what is going on and recruit them to defent earth while ichi is gone. One way or another I beleive that as soon as he is done with the Kurosaki house hold he wil devote much of his attention to Mizuiro and friends.

6.) Now I was expecting to see what happens to ichigo and friends as they travel throught the portal but what i got was so much better. And come to think of it wouldn't it be a rather interesting aproach, and please do not lynch me for this this is just a theory for a remote possibility, if Kubo Tite decided to mix up this "rescue the princess" story arc by showing as little as posible of the rescuers and much more about what is happening to rukia and the guys at home?
Anyway, back on topic. This reference you make about "Las Noches" I cannot, for the life of me, recall the events that transpired. could you give me a chapter number or something sothat i can look it up? But I do agree that KT created a most devious vilain. I felt expecially betrayed when I found out that Aizen is in fact evil because He and of all people Tousen where my favorite captains, along with Toushiro-kun. Compared to the person he apeard to bee back then he has become even more of a supreeme evil than just any other guy whou would have done the things he did. But he does not stop there now he has to mentally torture poor Orihime first by forcing her to leave her friends behind without even being able to say goodbye properly. Then by forcing her ho heal The very person who nearly killed her love interest, and then having her witness such savage violence and bloodshed. I tell you she is a lot tougher than me simply for being able to hold it together through all that and not tottaly freak out. and she has not been having it easy since she came back from SS either. She has been fighting emotional chalanges of various severity since day one. it really is a wonder how she can simply make it through the day.

7.) Luppi a he??? I always thought "it" was a girl! But then again I could never tell with most of tese Japanese artists Though bleach has been rather predictable up untill now, unlike Naruto where I still beleive that Kishimoto's pen slipped when he was describing the gender of some of his characters.

8.) I am wondering if this will be Aizens undoing? might it be that he is underestimating the potential for our Hime-chan's other two powers? could it be that he has inadvertantly put her in the perfect place to sabotage his plans once she figures out how to use her powers to the full extent? I mean the even the fat vizard was impressed by her power and he said that she is even more powerfull than he is. Makes me wonder why she could not heal tsubaki though? I will not even comment on the power competition between Grimmjow and Ichigo. The manga is obviously set up sothat ichi will contiually meet and fight oponents that are way stronger than him then he powers up beyond all imagination and wins. thats all there is to it.

9.) This scence acctually surprised me and almost made me jump in my chair. It shouldn't have. After all, just like you said, we should have all seen it coming after the grin and the friendly conversation Luppi was carying on with him and all. Even more so if we remember the time when Yami crushed the head of the one that healed him. Or was it maybe that scene that led me astray? I was so much more worried for Inoue's well being, that I just tottaly did not expect Grimmjow to attack Luppi. I kinda felt sorry for her/him (whatever).

10.) You should have seen my reaction! I can't wait to get the next chapter. This ending is too suspencefull. It better contiue whew it left of too. I mean what is she going to do now will she be kept as a prisoner? well she ahve to room with one of the arankar? will she be put to work without end? will they experiment on her? will aizen force her to be his slave and chain her to his throne like Jabba the Hutt did to Leia Hime? This is just too much

there is one thing I do not agree with you about though. How culd you give this chapter a 5/5 rating???
...it deserves no less than 7/5 !

Loved your comments and I am already anticipating your return. Enjoy yourself while you are gone though.

August 31, 2006, 03:34 PM
I had been thinking that Grimmjow would sometimes actually renege on Aizen and become at least a temporary ally of Ichigo. That would have somewhat disappointed me, considering that he had been such an evil-looking fellow. But after this scene, there's no way Grimmjow will ever be on the side of the angels. He's most definitely bad to the bone!
Well, look at Zaraki....he was a similar-minded character, but he was one of several Captains who HELPED Ichigo rescue Rukia....but, then again, GrimmJaw has had his ass handed to him by Ichigo (sorta)....unlike Zaraki, who simply "tied" with Ichigo in their showdown....

Anyhew, GrimmJaw really shone here....in all his evilness...I really want to know who will voice him in the anime, just so I can hear how badass GrimmJaw will sound...

Gold Knight
August 31, 2006, 11:18 PM
Thanks for all the comments <3 I'll be sure to reply later on when I have a chance.

September 01, 2006, 04:07 AM
1.) @ DZ actually Unohana taicho's vice captain also muttered a long incantation right after they found out that aizen is evil. Remember? She used it to first find out where Aizen and his fellow traitors teleported to and then to broadcast a message to everyone simultaneously. if I remember correctly.

There you go! :darn I knew I missed someone...

September 01, 2006, 01:59 PM
Ulquiorra seemed to almost act in the same serene manner as Byakuya, closing his eyes and giving a detached look, as if it was all just merely an expected incident. Yama seemed surprised, and almost kind of worried that he'd have to be working with Grimmjow again.

Nah, was just Ulq looking emo once again, just him and his depression. :p