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November 12, 2008, 09:51 PM
And that’s the Lego Maniac’s…: Fairy Tail 111 Review

Yep this the 111 chapter review of the Fairy Tail manga (though the fourth review from me for the series if you’re counting ;) ), welcome! Got a bit of a toothache this week so am gonna try not go too over board this time out. But nonetheless deliver an enjoyable review, so hope you all do exactly that. Comment, critquies and opinions welcome. Special shout out to Franky House and Darkreaper70 for their English scanlations this week.

Now where were we?...: Reedus was quickly taken out by Fried before he had a chance to reach the outside limits of the town, dashing Markov's hope that he could get help for the girls. Luxus appears before him and the other trapped victims of the barrier (i.e: Natsu, Happy) via projection and gloats on the continuing losses of the guild members. Gray meanwhile takes on Bixlow and, while managing to get some good shots in, an underhanded trap and a fall from a height render him unable to battle. Seeing this, Markov reluctantly surrendered the battle to Luxus. However Luxus reveals he wants more then that, he wants Markov to give up the entire guild and name him the head master!

Fairy Tail 111: Four Remain (or Here comes the Hope!)

FT Spotlight: Miki Chickentiger:
Wow how aptly named and a female brawler too? Nice especially with that fashion of dress, more interesting is the little familiar she keeps around. Could probably come up with all sort of interesting combos if she plays her cards right too. Hope Hiro will let her tag along on the next arc, she sounds interesting.

Of all the low down , no good…
So were pick up right where we left off last time. Luxus gives Markov an ultimatium: He either surrenders the guild or the girls are doomed. What more he want to make the task as official (and as publicly humiliating) as possible as Markov must announce this changing of the guard with a megaphone to the whole town. He cuts the projection to give Markov time to think about it. While Natsu stupidly charges Luxus forgetting once again he wasn’t real =P (Yeah that boy ain’t right.)

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/2008-11-12_180334.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/2008-11-12_180413.jpg
Screw that noise
Natsu complains about the underhanded tactics of Luxus without actually trying to confront him or Markov to get the master seat. However Markov tells him he wouldn’t mind giving up the seat….but not to Luxus. Since all he cares about is strength and not the well being of the guild making him unsuitable to run it. The problem of actually beating him and his posse still stands however. With him stuck there and the members numbers slowly dwindling, Markov can only be frustrated by their predicament.

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/2008-11-12_180519.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/2008-11-12_180613.jpg
A noise from a nearby bar catches their attention. When Happy calls out to it, who should pop up then none other then Gazelle. Turns out he never even left the pageant area and was snacking away on metal this whole time (probably to get his strength up). Markov, rather then complain on why he been there the whole time,asks if he could defeat Luxus. Gazelle more then willing to do so since he looking to get even with him since their last encounter, he heads for the gate only to find out he too can’t pass the barrier either much to the shock of the other three. I concur with Happy, what the frack is going on here?!

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/2008-11-12_180731.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/08-1.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/09-1.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/12-4.jpg
Not good, not good at all
As those four are finding out that revelation. We see Evergreen looking down on a few defeated fairies, gloating at their weakness. Bixlow, having gotten back his usual familiar’s bodies, chases down some remaining fairies. Answering one of their questions how he could attack them if they were nakama which he responds that he doesn't have weakling as friends before blowing them up. Arzak meanwhile come across Fried. Pissed that he had to defeat his friends while telling himself he had to save the one he loved. He wastes no time in attacking the barrier wizard, using his guns to shoot tornado at him. Fried however slices right through them as if they were nothing. Before the fight can go on any longer, Arzak finds he can’t breathe and loses consciousness. Seem Fried had the area rigged with a barrier that would suck the air out of the one he used magic while he tells the defeated fairy he just uses his enchantment to their effect. Ah so that mean the barriers are his only magic skill while his swordplay is indeed the real deal. Cheap but I’ve seen worse.

82 down, two to go
We then go back to the pageant area. Natsu childishly accusing Gazelle of copycatting him for being stuck in the barrier while Markov looks at the report and find that there are only two fairies left. Quickly he realizes that the two in question are Natsu and Gazille. He and Happy, much to their chagrin, find out that they weren’t even considered apart of the battle (something tells me Luxus is going to regret that later on). Indeed things are looking the bleakest they’ve ever been. Natsu, frustrated, impulsively decides their best bet is to revive Erza despite the fact she was turned into stone. When asked how he’ll undo the spell, he simply states he’ll just burn it off which he goes to do as the others protest (and in an rather lewd position from the sound of it too =P).

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/16-2.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/18-5.jpg
Well thats convenient
In the process of doing so though, he accidentally cracks her. Everyone begins to panic, Natsu asks for glue to fix the damage while Gazille make the more sensible suggestion of melting steel down and filling in the gap. However the cracks spreads too fast and it looks as if Erza is doomed…or not as the stone sheds from her and she back to normal much to the foursome’s astonishment. The first thing Erza does is slugs Natsu (and Gazille by accident) for um…trying to “warm the stone off”. When asked how she could be alright, she answers she doesn’t know but think it due to her artificial eye. Markov pieces that since Evergreen’s magic must be met with the eyes to work, the artificial one must’ve halved her magic thus Erza didn’t take the full effect of it to be completely stoned (lucky ^_^). With this Markov begins to regain hope while the counter on the report changes to three fairies left. Then to four suddenly, but with almost everyone defeated and the other girls still statues, who could the other fairy be?

The last page quickly answers the question as we see the cloaked and armored familiar figure of Mistgun as he walks the town. Back from wherever he came from and armed with many staffed on his person ready to do battle. Course we’ll have to wait till next time as the chapter closes here.

And so…: Luxus gives his ultimatum to Markov, Gazille finally found but can’t past the barrier himself. The Rajinshu pick off the remaining fairies till only Natsu and Gazille are left. All seems doomed till Natsu accidentally revives Erza who quickly gets into the game. And she not the only one as Mistgun returns to town as well.

Eh not bad, one of those “darkest before the dawn” scenarios. Some good laughs here too with the chemistry between Gazille and Natsu though the former’s return kinda seemed a bit out of left field. Seriously here we are thinking he was wandering the town only to find he didn’t even leave the starting gate. And while Erza’s return was rather unexpected (not to mention funny) I can’t help but be a little disappointed since I was hoping we would see another guild member take over for her and help beat the Raijinshu. Plus c’mon Hiro stop teasing us with this barrier situation already. I don’t mind holding off on a mystery but the least you could do is give us some clues here on where this is going. The best thing I can think of is that it has to do with their dragon slayer magic, obviously it decades old and probably counteracting the barrier’s rules though that just my guess. That said though it good to see that Markov reigned in his surrender from last chapter. He knows to retreat if it’s a losing battle since you can fight another day, but with something this important on the line to do so now would be worst then defeat. The FT are like his family and if the head of the table doesn’t care about them, what the point of having the guild around. The return of Mistgun was also a pleasant surprise. Finally we can see what he can do outside of putting people to sleep and with all those staffs he carrying he obviously means business. Next chapter should be good (especially with color pages =D Whoo-hoo!!) till then, take it easy fellow fairies.

November 15, 2008, 12:33 AM
thanks for the review. I loved Makarov and Happy's face when Gazille and Natsu try to revive Erza. Those two are hilarious together. Do you think Arzak is dead? I can't even recall the death of a character we no anything about in Fairy Tail, so it'd be rather outta character for the mangaka.