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November 20, 2008, 06:40 PM
And that’s the Lego Maniac’s…: Fairy Tail 112 Review!

Hello all once again to another (hopefully) great review of FT. What more it out early which is always goodly as I can get my review out sooner too. Course the site downtime delayed me a bit, but hey still pretty soon-ish. So let’s a go-go! Special shout out to Franky House for their English scanalation.

Now were we…?: Luxus gloated to Makrov over the dwindling state of Fairy Tail as well as his intention of taking the master seat from Markov. He then cut off the projection to allow Markov some time to think about his ultimatum. However Markov revealed he would never hand over the guild to someone as power hungry of his grandson. Gazelle was suddenly found, having never left the pageant area. Markov quickly asked him to take care of Luxus which Gazelle agreed to but found out he couldn’t leave the barrier either. Meanwhile the Rajinshu picked off the remaining Fairies till there were only two left: Natsu and Gazelle. With nothing better to do Natsu decided to try his hand on reviving Erza, miraculously (and accidently) doing so by cracking her and allowing the stone to shed off her. The reason being that her artificial eye counteracted Evergreen’s magic and made it weaker to come back from being stoned, now back in the game she proceeds to enter the battle along with the recently returned Mistgun.

Fairy Tail 112: Barrage Swordplay (Or Payback a B***h to a B***h!)

Little Stroll along the green.
And with this we get a nice little color spread of the the main heroes (and Gazelle) taking a little walk along a Great Wall of China-ish setting alongside some animals. Hiro really seem to be into the color green recently as not only does it shade most of this spread but the Ranjinshu are colored with it, must be in a St. Patrick Day mood or something –shrug-.

Let’s Rock!
The chapter begins proper with a color spread by showing us the remaining survivors of this contest. The Ranjinshu and Luxus obviously along with the recently revivied Erza who quickly runs into the battle along with Mistgun, as well as Natsu and Gazelle who still can’t get out of the barrier =p. Well two out of four heroes ain’t bad. Luxus notices that Erza now back through doesn’t seem to be worried about it. If anything he notices that all of the top tier fighters of the FT are now roaming the city and seem pleasantly interested.

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/06-2.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/07-2.jpg
Found ya!
We then go to Erza as she make her way through town, apologizing to some people of the city for the fairies’ fights and claiming that it just to get ready for the Fantasia parade. Oddly most of the citizens take the news in stride albeit with a bit of annoyance. Guess their used to the actions of the FT, though I would be a little wary if a guild that was infamous for causing collateral damage was in my backyard. Least they can’t say it’s not boring, anyway Erza continues a few feet when some spears shoot out of nowhere and nearly skewer her. She manages to dodge and pinpoint Evergreen on the top of a building. Evergreen quires a bit on how Ezra was able to de-petrify herself but shrugs it off, before going into a little triad about how Erza being called “Titiana” pisses her off while Evergreen fancies herself as the Queen of the Fairies. Tch, yup more Hancock-ish personally right there, at least Hancock had a reason for her behavior this gal just in it for a petty title.

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/08-2.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/09-2.jpg
Titiana vs the “Queen”
Evergeen suddenly sprouts wings and flies off sprinkling her explosive dust and trying to catch Erza with it. Erza isn’t fazed though and jumps through the explosion to the mage, ex-quiping a sword into her hand and slicing a tower to get at her. The stone mage then tries her eye trick again but Erza uses her artificial eye to cancel it. Hey “fool me once…” and all. She then nearly catches Evergreen in a swipe but she manages to dodge and jump away now realizing that Erza’s artificial eye is the reason behind her counter (which serves her right due to keeping herself distance from the other fairies. Fortunate for Erza though.) Evergreen then switches tactics to firing a barrage of energy needles called Fairy Machine Gun: Leprechaun (HA! Looks like I was right on the St. Patrick Day thing then).

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/10-2.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/11-2.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/12-5.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/13-5.jpg
Hack and Slash
Erza is soon beset by an onslaught barrage of needles. Dodging, slicing and rushing her way toward Evergreen, but can’t hit her in time before Evergreen jumps out of the way and flies on. Erza closely purists while avoiding her attacks. Impressed, Evergreen decides to up the ante on the needles, surrounding Erza on all sides with the attack. Indeed it does look like our warrior fairy in trouble, Evergreen even prematurely claiming victory and naming herself the new Titiana. However, as Bixlow recently learned, the battle not over until you can confirm your opponents down…

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/14-4.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/15-4.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/16-3.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/17-2.jpg
Playing footise
…And Ezra far from finished. She Ex-quips her shoes off then fits her feet with swords before whirlwind slicing every needle that come her way, much to Evergreen’s shock and dismay. Erza then knocks a few of the needles toward Evergreen and pins her to wall. Immobilizing her and leaving Evergreen at Erza’s mercy.

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/19-20.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/21.jpg
How to bluff
Lucky for Evergreen though, Erza an honorable fairy, even allowing Evergreen to take the title of “Titiana” since she didn’t even know how she came to be called that. All she wants is the stoned girls returned to normal for which she’ll spare Evergreen any harm (even though she clearly deserves it). Evergreen however reveals she has one more tricks up her sleeve; her magic is too remote controlled. She demands that Erza take off her clothes and bow to her lest she turn the pageant girls to sand (wow Hiro you prevent XD). Erza at first seem taken aback at this and starts to do as told…before ex-quiping to her Knight armor. Pointing every one of the armor’s swords toward Evengreen while stating if all she cares about is winning and losing then her own life, then she won’t hesitate to kill Evergreen if she carries out her threat. Evergreen, scared crapless, quickly surrenders, to which afterward Erza reveals it was all just a bluff. Hehe nice one.

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/22.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/23.jpg
There goes the insurance
Back at the pageant area, the stone girls suddenly revert to normal, confused at what going on. Happy and Natsu are more then happy that their back while Markov grins and silently congratulates Erza on her victory when the report of it shows up. Luxus however, having gotten the news, is less then pleased to see that his carefully thought out plan now has nothing to fall back on especially so close to victory. So what will he do now? That’s the question we’re left with as the chapter comes to a close

And so… : Erza enters the town, finds Evergreen, fights with the difficulties then manages to get Evergreen to surrender by calling her bluff. The pageant girls are now back to normal and Luxus is steamed that his insurance plan is now kaput.


HA! Mexcellent all across the board, by and far one of the more entertaining Ezra fights, did get a tad confusing on a few panels due to the franticness of the action. But otherwise made for a great read, what more is the way Erza defeats her. Not by pounding Evergeen into a pulp (which am sure the pageant girls will do very soon) by rather by breaking her arrogant mentality and taking her down a peg. This chapter also shows the difference in their reasons, Evergreen just trying to gain a title while Erza only focused on saving her friends which ultimately was used against Evergreen in the final moments (having an artificial eye didn’t hurt neither, keke). So now that she out of the way, that leaves the other two Rajinshu to be dealt with. Am thinking Mistgun against Fried since he seems to be the most powerful of the bodyguards and as we’ve seen that barrier magic is no joke either. Plus staff vs swords would be interesting. As for Bixlow, am thinking either Gazelle since he needs an opponent or Gray again for a re-match. Considering that Erza was brought back to fight wouldn’t be surprising that Gray would get back on his feet too, especially if Fried beaten first thus Bix would have to actually fight fair. Also the barrier deal really needs to be explained now. Its starting to drive me nuts with nothing to go on but my dragon slayer magic theory. –Sighs- All in due time I suppose, till then though we got some more fights to cover. Take it easy fellow fairies.