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December 14, 2008, 10:22 PM
Title: Kurohime
Genres: Shonen, Comedy, Action Adventure, Romance
Author: Katakura Masanori
Artist: Katakura Masanori
Publication: Shueisha
Start Date: 2002
End Date:
Number of chapters at review: 23
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 23

General Overview: When Zero was just a child, Kurohime, the world's strongest magical gunner, saved him. Afterwards, Kurohime left to challenged the gods, and since then, noone has ever heard back from her. Ten long years have passed, and Zero has become an outstanding gunman. After years of searching for Kurohime, Zero chances upon a bratty girl named Himeko. While talking about Kurohime, Himeko reveals that she is indeed the legendary magic gunner. Himeko tells a tale of how Kurohime was punished with a curse to have the form of a girl. From then onward, Zero has been assisting Himeko in breaking her curse.

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 9

Great art by Katakura Masanori though a slight issue consistency about characters shapes and sizes. Some of the female drawings are very voluptuous (eye-candy for males). The way the expressions are drawn is one of a kind in my opinion. Very distinguishable. For the most part, the lines are pretty clean and neat. If I were to describe the artistic design, it would be Japan's Wild West style.

Plot: 5

It's a very interesting story thus far detailing the adventure of the main characters.There was much humor during the earlier chapters, but the mood seems to be changing to that of it being melancholy.

Characters: 6

Interesting designs on a few of the main characters. The rest don't feel as if they have much depth to them - two-dimensional but adorable. What amazes me about some of these characters that are either re-introduced or introduced into the chapters are that they display extraordinary amount of determination even when the odds are greatly against them. The penchant for justice is also really strong also. That's is what attracts me towards the characters.

Theme: 8

A woman challenging the roles of gods in the lives of men. It's a very interesting theme that had drawn me in. Are the gods needed or are they not? Is it even worth to worship these gods? There is a sort of weak philosophical under-layer to the plot.

Also, another interesting theme is that the power of love is great and not something cheap. Real love is genuine and is empowering. The kind of message that Kurohime seems to be conveying is that strength is founded upon genuine love. Strength founded upon temporal love is fleeting.

Originality: 6

Magical gun-slinging girls aren't something new, but how Kurohime was pulled off, it is something very interesting. What she shoots becomes terrible beasts or strong enchantments that empowers a person to do great feats. Add in the fact the the main heroine has been cursed limiting her true powers was another interesting factor to this piece of work.

Overall: 8

An very interesting story about a woman challenging the gods and their roles in the lives of mankind. The thing that I enjoy is the humor. It's funny and the characters are very lovable. An easy read that is both enjoyable and entertaining.

Though a bit perverted here and there, Kurohime is a good read if you're just looking for something simple with humor. Kurohime is really aimed more at guys, but the girls might feel some sort of empowerment.