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December 14, 2008, 10:28 PM
Title: Change 123
Genres: Ecchi, Seinen, Action, Comedy, Romance, Psychological, Martial Arts
Author: Sakaguchi Iku
Artist: Iwasawa Shiuri
Publication: Akita Shoten
Start Date: 2005
End Date:
Number of chapters at review: 21
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 21

General Overview: Throw in an otaku, Kamen Rider, a ditzy girl, three martial arts masters and mix in dissociative identity disorder, and blend it all together. What would you get? Obviously Change 123. All Gettou Motoko wants to do is live life happily as normal as possible. Though that is quite an impossibility. With three renown martial artists as fathers, Motoko has undergone extensive training. So intense were the training that Motoko developed three personalities to cope with each of her fathers' martial art styles. Desiring a regular life, how will Motoko and Kosukegawa cope with HiFuMi?

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 9

Superb artwork by Iwasawa Shiuri. It's not overly complex. The pictures are drawn and for the most part, easy to decipher what's taking place. The line work is very good and solid. The layout is also clean and doesn't complicate reading. I must say that the bodies are drawn really good even down to the feet and toes. Indeed Iwasawa Shiuri is a great artist and provide the art assets well.

Plot: 7

Though this manga does focus on fighting, it takes it up a notch by introducing dissociative personality disorder. Well I might say that the multiple personality are much more associative than dissociative. What I meant is that the personalities seems to be aware of Motoko, but Motoko is not aware of them. In addition, the personalities seems to be aware of each other and communicate regularly with one another. After reading a few chapters, the reader might already have a clue of how the plot play out over the long run when dissociative identity disorder is involved. Though how it gets there is interesting to know.

Characters: 7

By far the most interesting character would be Mokoto and her having three other personalities. It's interesting that Mokoto's other personalities are like sisters, more or less, that watches over Mokoto. HiFuMi seems to be able to communicate with each other. They would also leave notes for Mokoto. In a way, Mokoto isn't very aware of her personalities but her personalities are aware of each other and even Mokoto as said above also.

As for the other characters, the fathers seems to be interesting characters due to the air of mystery around them. How strong are they and who they are?

Kosukegawa is another quirky character. He doesn't have much depth to him, but the influence of the morals and courage from Kamen Rider over his life makes Kosukegawa interesting. What this otaku lacks in physical strength - he makes up for it by pure courage and heart (obviously heavily influenced by Kamen Rider).

Theme: 8

The whole idea of dissociative identify disorder is what made this manga stood out from the rest of the female fighting genre. Personally, it's a great way to recycle a character. You got four characters in one. Those girls interactions and relations to one another is an interesting one also. I just hope that nothing tragic happens to any of them. It's also worth mentioning that the Kamen Rider spin was a great addition.

Originality: 7

With the mix of DID and female fighting, I would say that Change 123 stands out very well. It's not common to have such unique personalities all in one.

Overall: 9

Perverted at times with a few scenes with bare tits but it's something I would recommend. It has a deeper underlying theme that makes the story interesting. Change 123 is much more than a couple of big tits female fighters, Kamen Rider and an otaku getting lucky.

I recommend it for guys who are looking for a mix of ecchi, action, and humor. After some time pondering, this manga seems to make men look really pathetic. Maybe I'm just over-thinking things.



August 20, 2009, 12:52 AM
I say, this was a spectacular review. Bravo.

And no, I don't normally talk like that :D

February 28, 2010, 04:59 PM
I just gave this series a read through and i completely agree with your review Segua.

Rating any ecchi series is a tricky business because you have to dig down and ask yourself is there a good manga underneath all these gratuitous shots of cleavage. In the case of Change 1,2,3 i think the answer to that is a resounding "yes".

The main character "Kosukegawa" is really nothing special but in a way it's that very aspect of him that elevates this series about the rest of the ecchi martial arts pack. The fact that he is normal serves to emphasize just how special those around him are. While those around him have far greater strength, his will and the strength of his feelings are what really guides the story.

I think that Change 1,2,3 is certainly worth a read for anybody that likes Martial arts and romance.:amuse

March 14, 2010, 05:23 PM
I just want to say that I also totally agree with your review! I usually don't read ecchi series, but with excellent storyline and drawing, not to mention interesting character, I love this series. It has its ecchi moments, but it is not overly done to point of bored. It is a great series...