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The Underscore
December 15, 2008, 03:16 AM
The Underscore’s Bleach Review
338 Fall Into My Inferno

Hey there. So here’s my second Bleach review and this time on the 338th chapter of Bleach (excluding the minus chapters). So let’s see what kind of story Kubo has set out for us this week. Though, as most of you probably have noticed, this chapter wasn’t as much about story progression as much as it was something that (hopefully) sets the tone for the chapters to come. But I’ll get back to that later, for now you can start reading this review. The pictures for this review are from the Maximum7 scanlation who made another fine release this week.

The commander


He’s so cool, not even blood dares to touch him!

So the chapter starts of with Kira and Genryuusai. The first thing I noticed was that all of the blood that was on Genryuusai’s staff/cane just disappeared, other than that Kubo’s drawings in this chapter are good as always so I’ll let this detail slide this time. As for what happened in these frames: Genryuusai’s appearance and comment surprised Kira to the extent of him bowing his head to apologize (Wabisuke being the first thing that came to mind) thinking the captain defeated Eón in one blow. However to his surprise (and mine) Eón isn’t exactly down for the count. I suppose it could be that Eón has to be killed three times, for each arm of which it consists, or maybe it stays “alive” as long as its creators are alive.



Someone isn’t happy about his promotion from monster to Hollow

As Genryuusai tells Kira to keep his guard up, Eón starts to notice that he is missing a piece of its chest and that something like that can hurt… BAD. While trying to stop his bleeding Eón starts to panic because of its injury. Judging from what Mila Rose said about Eón being friggin strong, I’m guessing this is the first time something like this happened. As Eón starts to scream (which he does a lot in this chapter) Kira is taken back by the fact that it survived the attack. Genryuusai however keeps his cool as he notes that Eón will just have to be punished some more, showing his (obvious) great amount of battle experience (and what I’m guessing is his sense of humor, saying his little punishment wasn’t enough).
As Eón goes over to the next step in its grieving process, the panic/fear turns to anger and in turn goes into rage. In its rage he starts to blow up his upper right side to make a massive right arm. After blowing up his right arm he of course decides to get some payback from the one who made a hole in him…

Disappointment after disappointment...


You can look. But you can’t touch this!

Well, as expected of the strongest captain in Soul Society, Genryuusai has no problem dodging the attack launched by Eón. As Genryuusai tries to point out that Eón doesn’t have a chance in Hueco Mundo to actually beat him, Eón still decides to keep attacking. Genryuusai in turn tries to step up a bit by taking out his Ryuujin Jakka from its wooden confinement. Using his first form: Nadegiri, he cuts Eón into two pieces. The thing that confused me here was whether he used his Shikai or not.
I’m guessing he didn’t because there is no ring of fire behind him (see chapter 156 & 316) and that after cutting Eón in two he is holding a ‘plain’ katana without any flames around. It is possible that he doesn’t necessarily have to be throwing out flames in order to be in Shikai. We also can’t say that it hasn’t released ‘because there was no release command’ (the ‘Burn all creation’ one) because those who have reached the Bankai level don’t have to use one (see chapter 140). On the other hand, from what we have seen in more recent chapters, the flames produced by Ryuujin Jakka don’t disappear even after the Shikai state is reversed seeming as how Aizen, Gin and Touzen are still trapped in the Joukaku Enjou (Blazing Fortress). This makes it possible that Genryuusai can create and maintain flames without having to release his Zanpakutou.
The point I’m trying to make here is that Genryuusai has mastered his Zanpakutou to a very high level if he is able to use the types of attacks we’re shown in this chapter without using his Shikai. Besides, I would expect the results of his Shikai to be a bit more efficient than the one we are given here.

One bad booboo


I’ll admit, he’s really determined

So miraculously Eón’s left side survived the Nadegiri. I suppose most opponents would be shocked by the fact that Eón is still standing. Genryuusai on the other hand, being experienced with fighting Hollows, isn’t all to impressed with Eón’s stubbornness. Rather he feels disappointed by the fact that he actually has to cut him down some more. The fact that Eón is still standing just shows that he is more a monster than a pet I guess. It only reacts to its prey’s movements and to pain from what we have seen in the last couple of chapters while neglecting everything else, including its creators.

Strike three

You’re out!

As Eón just blindly tried to keep attacking the good old captain, he gets cut down for a second time making it the third fatal blow given to him. The difference this time is obviously the two page spread of flames. This time I would like to say that Eón is actually finished (seeming as how I predicted that he was done for after the last chapter) so that we can get to the remaining Fractions before we (probably) get back to Hueco Mundo. Of course, there is always the possibility that Halibel’s Fractions can regenerate their arms and create more Eóns turning the tide of the battle. But I would think that they will be finished off by either Genryuusai, or maybe captain Komamura (seeming as how he is the only one not engaged in battle of the Shinigami we have seen in the fake Karakura town) preventing any more stalling by Fractions. On the other hand, seeing Ikkaku with a renewed resolve taking out his Bankai to finish those three off wouldn’t be all too bad either.

This chapter overall wasn’t all too exciting I guess. Sure the chapter looked great, and we got to see Genryuusai beat the living out of Eón in a way that shows that he really is just that strong. Story wise on the other hand we haven’t made much progress. But as I said at the beginning of this review, this chapter may actually set the tone for the rest of the battles. The vice-captains weren’t enough to handle Eón, and it’s obvious that the top three Espada will be a lot stronger than him. This means that starting from this point; the battles will be at least at the captain level making all those below the captain level pretty much useless or at least make them have a very hard time fighting in these battles. So unless Rangiku, Hinamori, Iba and Hisagi (and Ikkaku) get healed by Kira and Yumichika wakes up within the next couple of chapters, I would say there will only be captain (+ Marechiyo) vs. Espada fights in the fake Karakura town.

As for the next chapter, I guess we will see what will happen to the last of the Fractions in the fake Karakura town including the fight between Lillinette and Ukitake. This may actually take up three or four chapters before we get a glimpse of the top three Espada preparing to get serious. But before those fights start the focus will probably go back to Hueco Mundo, hopefully to the Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra fight though we may actually see some of the fighting between the Exequias and Rukia and the others before that. But seeming as how my last prediction was wrong, Kubo may just surprise us again.

Well, that’s it for this weeks’ Bleach review, I hope you guys enjoyed it. So feel free to give your opinions on the things I’ve discussed. Also if you have questions or other things to say about this review you can just post those here as well.

December 15, 2008, 07:22 AM
Hi, Underscore ^_^

Great review and I agree with all of your points here;

Unfortunately, the plot progression was almost 0% here, but I believe Yammajii fighting and owning Allom was superb and stylish, he's shown why he's the strongest in SS, no doubts about it

I'd like to point out some observations about the Nadegiri: probably it wasn't shikai related, but just a kendo move. The way Yammajii has used this move remember so much some moves from Kendo schools, and I think would be only natural to Yammamoto to use such moves here;

And the panels with Yamma were extremely well done, mainly with his face!

and keep up with the good work, Underscore!

The Underscore
December 15, 2008, 03:09 PM
Thanks for your comment Patedecarne.

The plot progression hasn't been to great like you said. I'm hoping that Kubo will go back to some more plot progression starting 2009 (I believe there are about 2 chapters left this year so...).

Also thanks for mentioning the kendo by the way. I forgot that Genryuusai started the Shinigami school and everything in order to teach those in the 13 squads some basic kendo and whatnot. So it shouldn't be all too surprising that he can do so much with just kendo. Though all the flash and everything doesn't look like something anyone can do. This made me think it could be related to his Shikai.

And you're right about the art on Genryuusai's face. I didn't really think about it, but he really put on some great faces in this chapter (as far as you can see them behind his beard :amuse)