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December 19, 2008, 03:43 PM
And that’s the Lego Maniac’s: Fairy Tail 115 Review

What it is people! Welcome once again to the weekly chapter of Fairy Tail (well last week anyway) from moi, Mr. Retro. Hope you’re all doing well in the midst of this holiday season, finishing your exams, putting up the decorations, getting x-mas gifts and what not. Of course if you’re here that means your checking in on you favorite mangas as well, specifically Fairy Tail. So without further ado, lets get into some reviewing. Special thank to Franky House for their English scanalation.


Now where were we…? : Luxus, having found out that his initial plan of holding the girls hostage by stone magic was thwarted due to Ezra defeating Evergreen, prove how much of a spoiled sport he is by activating a new magic know as Hall of Thunder. A spell that will potentially fry the entirety of the town if the remaining Rajinshu weren’t defeated within an hour, this revelation end up costing two of the FT members. Markov from a heart attack (still alive just down for now) and the recently revived Vesca from a lighting blast while trying undo Luxus’s magic, Natsu furious at Luxus’s lack of honor in the whole battle, tries to find a way out of barrier he trapped in by any means. Luckily for him Levi happens to know of such a way. Meanwhile the revived girls enter the town to help look for Luxus’s hiding spot. Lucy, along with Happy, however had the misfortunate to run into Bixlow who proceeds to attack them fiercely. Just when all seemed lost though, Loki suddenly appears without being summoned and saves the two, ready to face the Rajinshu in battle.


Fairy Tail 115: Regulus (Or Putting down the Toymaster!)

Cover Time: Smexy Lluvia
What can I say, speaks for itself. Nice to see Jubia wearing more outfits outside of those stuffy clothes she wore when she was with the Phantoms. Allows us to see her real nice figure too –Whistles-

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/02-4.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/03-3.jpg
Warm Welcome
And picking up from last week, Bix greets Loki as if they were old friends, even revealing he knew Loki was a stellar spirit the whole time when he was passing himself off as a human (which makes sense since he works with spirits in a way) yet kept it quiet which was oddly nice of him (though am pretty sure Markov knew too). Loki however casts the pleasantries aside stating while he doesn’t much care for what going on at as a whole, he won’t tolerate Lucy being harmed, roughly threatening Bixlow. The knight however just laughs at this, thinking that Loki hasn’t changed since their last meeting. Even mentioning he was being a “nice guy” during their fights. Ah the greatness of arrogant demeanors makes folks like Bix such a pleasure to read.

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/04-2.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/05-3.jpg
How she rolls
What that statement, Bix send his spirits after the group. Loki informs Lucy to get back but she refuses, stating that she doesn’t use her spirits as a shield. If they fight, she’ll fight as well. Yup, one can pretty much see the contrast from Loki previous owner Karan. Whereas Karan probably sat back and let her spirits do all the work (going off her personality I assume.) Lucy not afraid to get her hands dirty if she needs too. Say the least and judging by his smile, Loki pretty proud to have such a great new owner. Plus Happy has a point, they do make a rather cute couple (Lucy of course won’t admit it XD).

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/06-5.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/07-4.jpg
Get Yer Shine On!
This little moment interrupted by the dolls crashing near them however. Loki volunteers to get the dolls out of the way to make an opening for Lucy, at last revealing his power over light! Swiping at the dolls and destroying them all in one hit. Never would’ve pegged him a light user especially considering there two of them in the guild (remember Tono Rabbits?), course Loki, being a spirit has more mastery over his plus probably won’t run out of magic faster neither.

Going for the counter
Bixlow however laughs at his efforts claiming that can’t destroy spirits and summons up a couple more, all targeting Lucy. Loki runs defense though and takes em out allowing Lucy and Happy to head straight for Bixlow. Bix dodges Lucy’s whip though but a comment from Loki about being less powerful then he appears distracts him for her to score a hit. Called it on the being less powerful deal (though not the first taken out) usually always the case for folks like Bixlow to flaunt themselves when they win against opponents who don’t know how to work around his power (Grey did but it was Fried who technically beat him in their fight). This looks to be a bit of a button pusher too, no sooner then Loki mentions it. He loses his cool for a moment and ended up paying for it. Truth hurts don’t it, Bix?

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/10-4.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/11-4.jpg
Whites of their eyes
Angered that the two managed to land a blow, Bix decides to pull out his trump card ala removing his mask and revealing his secondary power: Figure Eyes. Rinnegan-ish eyes that as Bix claims, if anyone see will turn into a doll allowing him to control their souls. Happy quickly warns the others which this time Lucy is quick enough to avoid (since she had plenty of experience in this by now Xd) as Bix gloats all the Rajinshu have them, not just Evergreen as we thought (though an offhand comment reveals her power is more direct). His opponents momentarily incapacitated, Bix proceed to pummel them with his dolls.

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/13-7.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/14-7.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/15-7.jpg
Do ya trust me?
In the hail of hits, Loki tries to get Lucy to use Horolugium (the clock spirit) to create a defense and fall back. But Lucy points out her keys were earlier snatched by one of the dolls. What more she putting all her trust on Loki to come up with something. This seems to reassure Loki determination, so he decides that on his signa, she to open her eyes. Lucy of course a bit skeptical, but he assures her her trust in him won’t be wasted. That said he powers up his Regulus, Bix tries to stop him but it too late as Loki lets off a burst of light. Blinding Bix and turning the tablse on him. Loki gives the signal which Lucy wastes no time in wrapping her whip around Bixlow’s neck and holding him in place.

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/17-4.jpg http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp68/MrSkip7/18-19.jpg
Bix pulls against it, claiming to the two they can’t beat him. But Loki disagrees, citing that he a lot stronger then Bix took him for. He regained his original power (meaning in their last fight, he was handicapped) ever since he met Lucy and is nothing like the dolls Bix controls citing that Love is what give a stealler spirit their power. With that he hits Bix with an attack called Regulus Impact, forming his light into a shape of a lion, knocking Bixlow senseless across the roof and apparently out for the count.

Loki loves Lucy XD
With that, the win goes to Lucy who thanks Loki for his help. He thinks nothing of it and celebrates by creating a spotlight proclaiming his love for Lucy. Though she more embarrassed then flattered at the gesture, Happy’s comments of them being a couple not exactly helping as the chapter closes out.


Ah not a bad chapter I must say, twas nice to finally get a fight where the heroes worked together. Loki light power debut, while not overly impressive, were fun to look at and put to good use, will be great to see that fleshed out in the future. Bix I’ll admit was a little disappointing here. For the last few chapter he been firing lasers beams for most of his attacks and even did so last chapter. Instead he opts to use his dolls like battering rams here which hardly even seem to affect his opponents. They might’ve well been flies. But meh I suppose you could say there limit to how much power he can use on them, whatever (also interesting side note: If you look closely you’ll notice that new dolls Bix summons are actually the cast of Hiro’d previous manga: Monster Soul. If you haven’t read it, check it out on OneManga.com ). Still though we he did reveal something cruital about the eyes, interesting backups they have which mean Fried may not be just a offensive swordsman as I thought, that “dark” title could be a good clue. Still though even with him left, Bix’s defeat won’t sit well with Luxus once he finds out that another Rajinshu was beaten, by a rookie no less. If he threw a fit at Evergreen’s defeat, he gonna rage once this news gets to him. A chance he might retaliate for this, pretty high but that up to the next chapter. Two of the baddies down, and two to go which means Fried’s up next. Though if the next’s chapter title is any indication, it might be put off a bit in favor of a catfight, eh either way it should be good, till next time. Happy Holidays everyone! ^_^