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December 28, 2008, 09:41 AM
Well this chapter was released a week ago and I didn’t review it last week, I was planning to do a double review but the chapter didn’t arrive on time so instead I’ve decided to release this review. So here it is a week late, one piece 526 review.

Meet the Chief
I mean “vice” chief


So 2 weeks ago we were left with luffy and hancock walking in, and the first person met is Hannibal. In his own words he is a very "ambitious" vice chief constantly referring to everything as my.
Yet another interesting design, he’s got the Egyptian hat, with a devil’s pitchfork, and wings of a bat or some other demon. His name Hannibal and appearance connotes fear and demonic properties but with Oda’s design/drawing he looks like a funny mixture in my eyes.

0__0 100 degrees centigrade


Ok so they are taking hancock to a private room for inspection, a lot better than what I was expecting to happen lol, (hehe don’t ask me what I thought was going to happen) and as they walk to the room it’s the perfect opportunity to give us the low down of what happens to criminals brought to the great ID, but this just seems extreme.

Thrown in water of 100 degrees damn that’s some hot water, burnt on contact for any prisoner, no wonder they call it water of hell. What’s more intriguing is the information about ace, jinbei, and crocodile. All not flinching as they were washed in boiling waters of hell. Kinda suggests that the rest of the mr number crew, who were caught back in arabasta were screaming their ass’s off hehehe. But the mentioning of Croc, and jinbei does seem to suggest we maybe seeing them soon.

Ah yes he knows your name
It can only be true love lol


Lucky for luffy a bit of hancock charm and her powers secured him an easy entrance into the great prison, but it’s a worry the plan luffy had to escape being caught... he was going to run lol. I know he’s fast but that fast... I don’t think so, or is Oda trying to suggest luffy’s increased in speed since the last time he fought. But with that idea not needed to be put in effect, Luffy promises that he wouldn’t cause any trouble, and even doing the impossible… calling her hancock (tho soon after calling her hammock hehehe). Considering this might be the last time the two interact for a while these love issues needed to be sorted, and with Hancock thinking Luffy loves her as much as she loves him, well I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of Boa even after she leaves for marine headquarters.

That Seals It


Well as the two part, hancock enters the only elevator that leads straight to level 4. So luffy's taking the longer way down to level 5, expect a lot of action on every floor... despite his promise to hancock. Hannibal’s revelation about hearing screams as they go down tells you all to know about the prison… a monstrous place which makes pirates themselves scream out in pain, and fear.

The sparkle in her eye, damn Oda I feel sorry for this women, he really saying thanks but she reads I love you, love is really blind, and to me confirmed the two will meet up again outside the walls of ID. I guess she could meet up with him like mihawk meets up with shanks… otherwise that’s a very cruel thing to do Oda, very cruel indeed lol

Guard’s which kill sea kings… Underwater!


What an introduction to a set of guards. We see them with their broadaxes to go deal with seakings which are damaging the underwater prison. Beating such creatures out on land is a true sign of strength, but doing it while underwater, that’s something else entirely. You can see them holding the meat as they head back to base, no wonder this is the prison no one breaks out of when you got guards like these guys.

Buggy on the run!


HAHA prisoners don’t care much for other fellow pirate inmates, they definitely don’t give a damn about buggy. Laughing and cheering the BG(blue glory on) in capturing our clown of a pirate captain. Even for the level one prisoners torture and pain is all they can expect. I can see why they cheer on the capture of buggy, so envious that he managed to get outside his cage, or maybe just because they don’t like him much, I never quite like the guy myself lol.

Like a ninja


Lol well as he runs luffy uses his vivre card to find ace, and with it knows the direction he needs to go in… down. I’m loving his movements in these last few pages very ninja like lol trying to stay hidden. He’s meant to stay hidden and out of trouble but with buggy on the loose it’s almost impossible, but then the doors opened due to buggy’s commotion so I guess it’s more of a double edge sword. Looking for buggy the surveillance is relaxed a bit, but does the extra commotion and attention ruin things for luffy?
Well continuing on his search for ace he run’s into prisoners who don’t believe his story of trying to break out ace, but before he decides to break them out or not, who other to appear but buggy, cut in half and running from the BG.

Let the break out commence!


So much for not causing trouble, though luffy has a very nice excuse. Plan changed completely from quiet break out, to more luffy style noisy UPROAR! Well I guess buggy’s been brought back into this arc due to the lack of the crew to help luffy out, (never thought he could do this alone) also the numbers of prisoners that luffy is now going to help break out just increased by one. 1 more thing that I must say, I think Oda himself thought an arc with just luffy going from level to level as he goes to save his big bro might have easily become a bit of a boar to write about and read about.

Overall Rating

7 out of 10

Not my taste after the last few chapters but good nonetheless.

Well since we have spoilers I’ll make this a long term prediction
Luffy is going to get himself caught and executed along side his brother in Marine HQ to be saved by wb’s attack and his crew.

Sorry for the short, late, probably not my best review hopefully with the next chapter I’ll feel a lot more into it. Well enjoy and I hope you guys are having a happy holidays

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