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January 03, 2009, 10:59 AM
Well the holidays are nearly at an end, and I’ll have to go back to college on Monday -__-. But not only that... all the work I’ve put off until now has to be done in 2 days ahhhhhhh. I got no one to blame but myself, poor time keeping. Ah well before I start my mountain of work I’ll present my 527 one piece chapter review. Hope you enjoy the read.

Like father like Son


Spandam crying to his father about the CP9, and the two deciding that the only option is to kill the CP9… it’s just so laughable, unless he’s planning to take a fleet of vice admirals and maybe 1 admiral (which isn’t possible with spandam’s power). I don’t see him being able to do anything to now recovering ex CP9. Also with them training the next generation this plan the father and son are thinking up, well I hope it’s their last and the two are taken out once and for all.

I guess some things NEVER change


Last week’s chapter ending had me thinking ooo these guys must be weak if they were taken out by a buggy punch, but then I quickly remember the BG managed to kill seakings underwater. So I was left thinking could it be that buggy grew in strength?
Well my questions were answered swiftly in this chapter… the answer is simple... No!
Well with his head chopped off or as buggy calls it his escape, buggy set’s his master plan to defeat this BG’s throwing him high into the air(surprising in itself lol) then spinning him and knocking him straight into the ground. I guess buggy isn’t so weak after all, if that was a normal human guard he’d be out cold, but his opponent being the BG… I guess this is a job for luffy.

Done and dusted


I’m loving this page, with buggy lecturing him that even though he’s “a bit” stronger than when they last met, luffy shouldn’t let his guard down, well little did you know buggy, but while you were playing with your 1 opponent luffy seemingly dispatched away with 4. Luffy even after defeating them asks what they are which is just so like luffy, he should have asked the question before he took them all out. Well Oda deciding to show Buggy fight against these BG’s showing them that a guy like buggy is no opponent against these guys, it’s also a nice change from seeing luffy easily 1hitk0ing these guys unconscious with 1 punch, plus it’s a bit reminiscent of ussop or some other weak person or crew member fighting needing Luffy’s help to win. Buggy’s reaction show’s exactly what I mean just reminds me of the early one piece chapters.

Well with that done right before the eyes of the prisoners, they now begin to question and wonder who the man in the strawhat is, and I guess hope as really kicked in, knowing that the guy who’s on the outside could really help them escape the hell, which is Imperial Down.

You tell Buggy
How rude of them wanting their freedom


Lol Buggy takes the piss, after taking the weapon of the BG as his own, he also telling the now begging prisoners to shut up. I myself would have released all the prisoners. 1 that would have gotten luffy yet another bounty rise, but more importantly, releasing all the prisoners as he goes towards ace adds to the confusion, as the marines deal with a massive break out luffy could easily infiltrate ID without being noticed whatsoever… but I guess the only one leaving level 1 is buggy. A guy who’s recently been on the news for the ennies lobby incident I’m surprised it’s taking so long for the ID officials to find out he’s the second person with buggy, but surprisingly luffy’s kept himself quite hidden only allowing his shadow to be caught on camera.

Well with the fighting done and dusted Luffy reveals that he’s there to save ace, even buggy thinks’ the marines course of action is madness. But then after hearing what luffy had to say… well things are just getting difficult.

Guess you picked the wrong time to escape eh buggy?


So the extreme number of battleships waiting at ID is just an extra precaution due to Ace, but still even if the number’s increased I still wondering how buggy thought he’d be escaping even with just 1 battleship waiting is beyond me. I seriously finding it funny how both buggy and luffy ignore the screams of the pirates still locked up, I guess how they see it is... when you choose the life of a pirate you shouldn’t complain when caught. Well with everything said and done luffy says his goodbyes, but wait, what’s this surprise in buggy’s eyes.

Well before we find out, the two have been spotted and now it’s time for a proper explanation on our friend buggy’s powers.

Buggy’s limitation


Well the explanation says it all and for long term readers you know I love explanation chapters they move the story along well, especially in one piece. Well just to comment on buggy. Ss we found out so many years ago buggy’s weakness are in his feet, though it seems later on in the chapter they can split like the rest of his body, but can’t go flying. If they could then that would truly be a special ability. Well it’s good enough for buggy, though I do wonder 2 things, how would buggy fair against Law, both having effective areas? 2 how would buggy fair against mihawk. Supposedly the man who can’t be cut vs. the invincible swordsman, well if haki is what we believe it is I guess mihawk would win that battle.

Well onto the next explanation

The low down
Imperial Down


Lol I couldn’t help but laugh when buggy said the lowest he’s been was level 4 to be tortured, the thought of buggy screaming as he got submerged in 100 degree water it just popped into my head and had me laughing so much. But with 5 levels, level 3 seemingly the largest of the 5 levels, if there is a 6th floor it’s so hidden that it must be underground. Judging from the years of one piece we already know there’s going to be a 6th floor, I wonder did we already get a glimpse with the two prisoners getting killed and dragged off for lunch? Well with all that being said buggy continues to talk about what sparked him off earlier on, luffy’s holding the marker that would lead the way to Buggy’s dream.

How nice of you luffy


Lucky for both luffy and Buggy Nami wasn’t there to hear this transaction, luffy giving away treasure… which can find treasure. Hahaha I can imagine nami giving Luffy a few bangs on the head and luffy’s peace sign with his head severely swollen, ah I do miss the good old days.
Well with buggy gaining the treasure he so dearly wanted he makes the mistake of running head on into a wall and luffy people luffy assumes buggy wants them to run straight through, so much for buggy’s escape.
For a split second i remembered why I didn't like buggy, after being indebted to luffy he quickly wants to run away.

Into the forest of Blades
Worst place for anyone to land


So on the way, we are shown the worse hell to be found on Level one, and luffy and buggy are about to fall into it. No problem for Buggy who can’t be cut, but for Luffy well this won’t be a soft landing. Imagine every step you take constantly being cut, as well as the fear of the poisonous spiders if this is the punishment for level one prisoners, level 2 and below must face much much worse.

Buggy flying


Buggy has proven to be so very useful when it comes to aiding luffy, Giving him the information he needed to figure out ace’s whereabouts, as well as guiding him towards level 2. The reunion of the 2 captains is refreshing, after so much luffy boa, luffy buggy is beginning to grow on me. Buggy should travel like this more often, the guy could be such a good pirate if he wasn't so down, and was a bit more optimistic like shanks and luffy.

Down the rabbit hole they go


Without thinking luffy jumps down into the deep dark hole to whatever awaits him in level two, but buggy follows him after being chased by one of the BG’s, I just can’t help but think he may have fallen in by mistake lol.
Well it's all good, the pace of level 1 has been a lot faster than I was expecting after last week’s chapter. Luffy’s being his same old self with buggy, has been a nice changing event and I have to say it’s making the lack of the rest of the crew bearable. I’ve read that this arc will take a year, but now I’m thinking that must include the war, considering how quickly they have moved through level 1 to level 2.

From the dark dark woods to the dark dark cage... lies mr 3


The guy don’t look so good, but how perfect is this, the person who could make a key for ace’s escape found on level 2 perfect for luffy who I don’t think thought about how he would get the key, or who the person he might have to fight for the key would be. Also it’s confirmed what I was thinking last week, as luffy goes down the levels he’s gonna pick up people who we’ve seen in the past to help him aid ace to escape, Mr 3 is one of those, how his personality and actions will impact on the following events well it will be interesting to see. Also makes me wonder who we’ll be seeing on level: 3, 4, 5, and 6 (though I assume that would be ace). One thing though, if Ace is in a seastone cage could be very troublesome.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the monsters which lurk around on level 2 not with luffy around to deal with them, but after the BG’s design I interested in seeing these’s monsters design.

8 Out of 10

Nice progressive chapter not an epic perfect chapter but good nonetheless.

I think they’ll be on level 2 for about 3 or 4 chapters, how they break mr 3 out well that’s anyone’s guess, mines luffy goes gear 3 and punches a new door. Also with mr 3 not being alone there still might be that mass break out which takes the heat of luffy and his new merry men trying to break Ace out.

Hope this review was better than the last
And with no chapter coming out next week I guess this will have to do for the 2 weeks.

Hope everyone had a good holiday!

January 16, 2009, 04:41 PM
thank u nice Review.


well this weeks been really busy and i've had quite a few exams on

so i don't think i'll write this review this week

it was a awesome chapter but im just not feeling in the mood after so much going on this week

Hopefully this break isn't a permenant one n i start again next week

January 16, 2009, 08:56 PM
To bad, still I will eagerly await your next review.

Keep them coming ;)

January 20, 2009, 12:46 PM

well this weeks been really busy and i've had quite a few exams on

so i don't think i'll write this review this week

it was a awesome chapter but im just not feeling in the mood after so much going on this week

Hopefully this break isn't a permenant one n i start again next week
good luck for you and your study