View Full Version : The Missing History and the Devil Fruits: Related?

February 08, 2009, 11:25 AM
Could the Devil Fruits have been created during the "Void Century"? The only thing we know (or assume) about it is that it's when the World Government got control of the world. Maybe they created, or discovered, Devil Fruits at that time, and used their power to take over the world? Most of the higher-ups in physical power in the WG are Devil Fruit users: Aokiji, Kizaru, Blackbeard, Don Flamingo, Moria, CP9. Spandam even had Kalifa and Kaku use DFs, although I think that was optional for them. I'm sure the list goes on but I suck at remembering names.

I guess it just seems to me that the Devil Fruits should be something more mysterious than "They've always existed in this world" and I think making them related to the Void Century would be fitting.


Edit: Of course it's also possible that the Devil Fruits "just are" and so many people in the WG use them because of how strong they can make people, but that's no fun. :P

February 08, 2009, 11:46 AM
If you noticed, devil fruits aren't the only thing that's strange in One Piece. Animals, plants, humans, other races and the planet itself and the meteorological occurrences on it.

I used to think that some of those may be the end result of some sort of cataclysmic event in the past, which was brought fourth by technological advancement of the mysterious kingdom.
It was obvious there was some nasty shit going on, what with the Pluton and stuff. A weapon that could destroy the world? Seems like the past was more advanced than the present.
Maybe the Goverment has some data about those achievements, but it is in their best interest to keep it hidden, and leave someone like DR. Vegapunk to work on it.

But again, it's possible that all that weird animals, plants, people and races are normal for One Piece world.

February 08, 2009, 02:31 PM
In all honesty the creation and formation of DF's is full of questions and foggy at best. Having said that its most likely naturally created for a simple reason. DFs are related to the sea in some way, DF's no matter what type all sink. It's much more likely that they somehow came from a natural substance that had an adverse effect to sea water.

It's really I can't see how a human could create an object that always sank in water but was able to give objects/humans/animals amazing powers. But this is OP so...

February 22, 2009, 05:11 PM
I was thinking on the same line... I mean, I just couldn't help but relate the Devil's Fruits with that fallen Kingdowm after a while. (Hah! And how much I want to know its name! Clover-jii-san didn't get the chance to name the Kingdom which is suspicious, as well - when/if we finally learn it, I bet it'll be a great surprise/shock...)
Anyway... as I said, I caught myself wondering if DFs are somehow related to that Kingdom. And of course, there's the mention of Pluton and everything.
I think that when the World Government seized the power, the lost Kingdom's knowledge disappeared (except for the Poneglyphs) and everything seems like that Kingdom was really advanced. I guess the WG tried their best to use this knowledge for themselves (or at least what remained).
But back to the point, I have a theory regarding DFs. I think the trees/other plants which they were growing on were in that Kingdom. And this also helps imagining just how powerful they were and how could they be that advanced that it posed a threat to the whole World.

I kinda image this lost Kingdom like Atlantis; except Atlantis' end was thanks to a natural disaster (at least this is the most popular theory) and this Kingdom was lost/destroyed because of the World Government.

And sorry if this post is a little... err... confusing, but it's late and seems I couldn't focus - that's why I'm jumping from one idea to another; I have too many thoughts right now to write them down clearly x'D Sorry...!
But I'm still curious what do you think about my theory/theories...?