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February 15, 2009, 04:19 PM
With everyone and their mother reviewing Naruto now, it's about time One Piece gets the respect it deserves because ninjas may be cooler than pirates but One Piece kicks Naruto's butt every day of the week. To all you would be reviewers out there please review series that aren't being reviewed to death already and a big thank you to Franky House for the scanlation.

That's the spirit kid


Luffy means business and these guys ain't the Seven Samurai (except in the german version that is).

Not one but two awesome covers this week. Well they do say all good things come in pairs, right? While Luffy gets a bad-ass pose on the Jump cover we also get a nice collage of the Shichibukai. It's interesting to note that Donquixote Doflamingo has taken centerstage in this colour spread. Having been introduced before Skypiea it seems about time he gets some love. So is this just coincidence or a sign of things to come. Out of the seven he seems the most likely to oppose Luffy at this point in the story.

beware the minotaurus or maybe not

So the first thing we learn in this chapter is the real names of Mr. 2 and Mr. 3 apperantly they're called Bentham (2) and Galdino (3) respectively which is mildly interesting but doesn't really tell us anything that couldn't be revealed in a databook or Oda's famous SBS.

In the last couple chapters Luffy and his band of misfits encountered everything from a basilisk to a sphinx. This time around we hear Magellan talking about a minotaur(us) they have to get through. After the last couple of chapters that has to be some intimidating foe, right? Until you turn the page and see this rather pathetic looking beast who oddly reminds me of Duval but like they say.... .

never judge a book by it's cover

For a mook (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Mooks) he's pretty good. He easily blocks Mr. 2's (who gets quite a beating) kick with his mace which subsequently finds Luffy's head, as shown many times in the past, spiky objects are among the best weapons to use a against a rubberman (unless you're called Alvida). Of course a good old fashioned Jet Bazooka knocks him out.

Feeling hot, hot, hot.

Mr.2 is not quite dead yet and immediately starts ranting about his ruined make-up. Luffy just wants to go down to level four which is relatively easy except for the fact that you have to go through the biggest BBQ in the world (The impel down personnel feast surely has to be a highlight each year) and who is this person Mr.2 is looking for anyway? Well it's the Queen (best double entendre ever) of Kamabakka Kingdom. The observant reader will of course remember that this place is Sanji's last known location.

They're back and he's back too

While Mr.2 proclaims that he'll do anything to see and possibly save the queen (god save her). We get double servings on the guess who's back menu as Buggy and Mr.3 are chased down by a very angry minotaurus who also wasn't quite dead yet.

Lucky Mucky Buggy Muggy Ball

Buggy has become somewhat of a laughing stock over the years, mainly because he was the first real villain and hard to take seriously. However he hasn't been standing still, he has been developing a new weapon, instead of big cannonballs he now uses a small one the size of a marble which he kicks with his feet. The result is similar to many of Ussop's/Sogeking's attacks. Congratulations Buggy you've officially levelled up in the Badass department (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TookALevelInBadass) At least this somewhat explains how they (Buggy, Alvida and crew) survived the Grand Line.

wax it baby one more time

Buggy's attack may have been impressive but the minotaurus just won't go down easily. Luffy proving once again that he's not stupid asks Mr.3 whether he can use his wax powers who proclaims that it will melt within 3 seconds. While Mr.2 attacks the minotaurus with his kenpo there's just enough time to wax Luffy's arm resulting in a new "Hammer Rifle" combination attack which finally defeats our Duval look-a-like.

As the gang celebrates their victory and (presumably) heads down to level four, where the defence forces are ready for them, Ace suffers from the peculiar talking to a brick wall syndrome warning Luffy to stay the hell away from there. Honestly why the hell do imprisoned characters always talk to characters who aren't even there, makes no sense at all.

[V(F)inal Verdict:]

Oda rarely disappoints and he doesn't here either. All the characters get a chance to showcase their skills in one way or another but while there's plenty to enjoy this chapter it doesn't necessarily add that much to the plot which drags it down just a bit so 3/5. Now don't start bitching about that number this is a good chapter it just doesn't stand out.

So that's it folks. My first One Piece review. I don't know if it's any good it but I felt someone had to increase the number of One Piece reviews so it might as well be me, feel free to comment on how to improve things or to bitch about the spelling mistakes that I might have missed.

So that's it folks. My first review. Hope you liked it and see you around.

February 15, 2009, 10:01 PM
Thanks for the great review vick, ill be sure look out for some more done by you. :)

February 16, 2009, 05:15 AM
Great review,,,One Piece Rock,,,