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February 24, 2009, 11:50 PM
A place to save the great ideas, theories, predications, opinions, guesses, & quotes from other posters on the forum. Also, references so we can save the most epic answers to questions that are continually repeated.

Somebody once made a very good point about Izumi never once being pivotal in a mission.

I wish someone had saved that very good point, so post them here.

March 15, 2009, 12:39 AM
The plot of Gantz, somehow, assumes an existencialist problem, as the subject is treated like an object, the feeling of emptyness that I already saw in films of Antonioni, or read in books of Albert Camus... when ou are privated of yourself, when the cartesian cogito is no longer possible, as a 'cheap life', like Sakata realized and didn't become part of it, as a 'pet' like Kishimoto saw herself when confrontated with her 'another self', knowing that she was 'the fake one', the loss of identity of Akira, when he didn't see himself as part of a society and didn't care if all humanity die, as a vampire, could we difference him from Izumi, for exemple? And the question that will be given by Reika's decision of cloning Kurono. The main question of Gantz is not "what are the aliens?" but "what are human beings?" The fact that Gantz is human made enlarges the problem, assuming that godless responsability to creat life from death, to play with subjects like objects... Those aliens, those 'others', as foreigns, strangers, what are they besides some Jungian shadows of humanity itself, as we could conclude in Shorty alien arc, he was applying lex talionis of an eye for an eye, when there were that dichotomy between tribes, when all he did was to revenge all hamans did to him... I mean... Gantz is about the identity of human kind. The aliens, somehow, are a sympton of this social decease that replicates with the medicines and enjoys nothing but reification.

One of the most interesting views on Gantz I have read... Then again I haven't really read that many.