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March 09, 2009, 08:56 AM
Well...i will apologies if all that will be written and found by me was already discussed...but if not let's start discussing....

Haki in OP - (覇気) is a mysterious concept that only a few characters can use. It appears to be ability of sorts that channels one's Spirit. However, it's true nature has yet to be determined or stated. There are special types of Haki that only a certain group of "chosen ones" are said to possess.
The term "Haki" is a word that has multiple meanings when translated into English. It can mean "ambition", "will power", and "aspiration" to name a few.

Well i found something interesting...I saw on Tv Russian military...and some Instructors gave a little example of what they call non-contact fight...
The Instructors say that they are afraid to use it on people or allies because it can hurt their health..they will lose consciousness , might faint...But still they keep this in secret..And I found and translated from rus to eng about this fight tech.

Non-contact fight - it is a method in which the defended does not use a hand-to-hand fight physical force and actually does not have a physical contact with an opponent.
Thus a forward feels a physical contact and influence of force.
Under the action of this force he can lose balance, fall down or experience pain.
The art of non-contact fight is considered the greatest stage of development in some directions of martial arts.
It is most widespread among masters of Cigun, Taichi and also in a less measure among masters of Aikido and Judo.
Master Cigun explained mechanism of non-contact fight by the presence of Ci - energy, density and the form of which can be changed and physically to affect opponent.

Many people are interested by a question, is possible to operate a man in the distance ? To understand it, in not very simple question,we will make a wide attempt on this problem.

A bit about history affected on imagination of specialists on BI theme. Fight without a contact with an opponent showed, for example, Kano and Morikhey Uesiba , especially in the last 15-20 years of their life. If attentively look closely to the videotape recordings of fights where, Morrissey Ueshiba, – thin, elderly man - with the sometimes enough large individuals of type of «persons», evidently, that he conducts the body of opponent in invisible look of whirlwind. This real, spirally twirled force twists a ward in this whirlwind, forcing to carry out improbable movements on complexity up to sharp falling, reminding the result of contact throw.

Some specialists consider on BI, that a non-contact fight (BB) - it's, in particular, ability to intimidate an opponent through certain techniques.
To them behave:
sound influences: threatening scream, howl, sing, roar, clatter with a tongue etc.
psychical influences: Pronouncing of the certain text, in certain rate and with obviously powerful information and emotional maintenance, the person reducing ability to estimate a situation and even blocking its mental and impellent activity.
power influences, characteristic for the techniques of «hard Cigun»: powerful passes by hands and all of body, correlated with nervous, respiratory and warm activity of the person, allowing to address to the unbelievable capabilities of the organism, reserve possibilities of an organism named in official medicine (RPO).

Other facts

Non-Contact fight is possibility to influence the opponent without having contact with him. Generally, it is more mature level in development of fighting arts. While you have not mastered «a usual way», to master Non-Contact fight is almost impossible. The methods of non-contact influence is based on theories of N.A.Bernstein (about levels of construction of movements). Sense that bringing a hindrance in system of nervous regulation of the opponent, it is possible to achieve that it will miss, fall, etc. the First step in technics development: It is necessary to learn to get to speed of movement of the opponent. It gives priority to that the consciousness of the opponent has no time to react to reciprocal influence. For example, if the opponent does capture that part of a body which he wishes to seize with the same speed, as it is taken away. The opponent starts to try to keep step with a taken away part of a body and loses balance. The second step: it is based on a technique used in НЛП (Fine tuning). When you "are arranged" under the opponent – he starts to make the same actions. At first it is necessary to "catch" his movements, and then to change them. For example, it is necessary to start to move the same as the opponent and as soon as "fine tuning" is finished, to turn aside. The opponent will be pulled there. The third step: it is necessary to learn to bring a hindrance in the visual analyzer of the opponent. This association of two first steps. For example, the opponent strikes blow in a head, you get to its speed, represent, as at you the hand is extended and "arrange" the opponent under this illusion.

The formulation №1 (for more simple form of influence) Non-contact fight - it is adjustment of movements of the opponent without touching by means of influence on subconscious stereotypes of the person by means of special technologies....
The formulation №2 (for deeper form of influence)
Non-contact fight - its a motions managment, of opponent without touches by affecting consciousness, and also transfers of the condition of consciousness to the opponent due to which person starts to perceive your consciousness, as it's own without realising it.

I'm sorry for grammar mistakes...had trouble with translating and correcting some mistakes....If someone is interesting in this I can translate some more information about this..

March 09, 2009, 11:31 AM
As it is about Haki in Real World read this here about what is in the introduction to Volume 53 ( think Oda wrote it, not too sure and in spoilertags anyway!)


That, "Pardon me, I'd like to get through.", when people want to get off a crowded elevator; or on a train, "Excuse me, I'm getting off here.", yes, the stance they hold at that moment, I think we should call it, 'THE HAND OF GOD'!

It's thought to be one style of Qigong [gathering ki] passed down from ancient China. Those who stand before the surging energy from 'THE HAND OF GOD' are forced back by its power and in mere moments, what was once a surging crowd, like Moses parting the violent sea, a path of shining light is formed.

yh, so reading this I didn't get the impression that it's an attack/fighting thingy but more a defensive one.

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If we are collecting posts which will help users understand what haki is (specially non-japanese users).. then i think along with the above posts this posts should be read too..


it clears a lots of things