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March 14, 2009, 10:24 AM
have anyone paid attention to the picture where shakki is explaining the routes of grand line in one piece anime episode 392

i found it interesting and made some watching + counting (i dont know if someone other did it already but here it is)

(counting the number of islands of every route from left [1] to right [7]):

1 = purple (maybe the biggest islands in route) islands in route = 8

2 = blue - islands in route = 10

3 = green (travels quite slowly 6 islands and then connects to blue) islands = 8

4 = red (forwards rapidly 10 then stays long and then distance to islands gets larger this is also the route luffy and zoro has taken) islands in route = 12

5 = yellow (the slowest route in anime) islands in route = 10

6 = ligher blue - islands in route = 9

7 = pink (connects to lighter blue after 5 islands) islands in route = 10

so every route has 8-12 islands to visit(actually 8-10 but the red one 12)
i did not count shanbody archipelago to the routes because everyone goes there and that's not a route with merman island it's 13islands + archipelago + islands luffy or/crew visit when kuma put them to different islands in some cases it might mean that he have to travel some of the other paths so it's possible that when luffy is in grand line part two he have traveled like 14-15islands himself + some of his nakamas might have traveled other routes where they learn/see things what other supernovas have seen too (but maybe only that route) so in extreme cases luffy's group might "conquer" most of those islands that lies in other routes than theirs getting a huge advantage for second part of the grand line so it's not impossible that counting altogether luffy + his crew like 20-30 visited islands in grand line part one compared to like average 8-10 islands / route it's 2-3 as much now i write too much

what if some of luffys crewmates landed on the new world because of kuma ?

one similarity: every route have big first island

both blue's are main routes for 2 route which is also interesting and i'm thinking that some of the supernovas might know eachothers / have met in the routes like green route traveller who meets a blue route traveller after those routes connect etc

which route is faster (in the animation): first comes the red route then purple, lighter blue, blue, yellow

also some of the crew might have been taken lot's of time for their travels hanging in one island like years so luffy's crew with his fast travel style might be one of the yongest and shortest travel time and one of the shortest times what the crew have been togethers (maybe still having the best teamwork?)

so i know 2 of the 11 (zoro and luffy in red route)

my prediction is that there is no other ones who have passed the red route of the 11 than luffy & co (but urogue is from skyisland where luffy have been)

so which routes you people think each over 100 million bounty rookie have taken?

also near end of episode 392 luffy is standing right in top of red route which he took
so are there any other similarities like that with other of 11 standing (zoro is standing in green route though even he traveled with luffy)

the second part (new world):

also the second part of the grand line has only 5 routes where pretty fastly 2 routes connects leaving 3 routes for grand line part 2 which are leading to the "final island" (one after 1 island)

i would also think that there are 4 yonkos that is controlling 4 of the routes but the route that connects after 2 island might be in control of a 1 yonko (whitebeard?)
and when jimbei told in manga that whitebeard have liberated his island saying this is now my territory what if one route of grand line is his territory the route he have taken and said that this is now my territory in every island he have landed and maybe he traveled some route that connects with other and crashed with some famous pirates who took the other route that connects and then finally laid back in the second part of the grand line controlling one route there

i also thought that shanks would not have any territory but he travels as he pleases in the sea and i also think shanks might be the strongest yonko with strongest crew

there was not many islands in routes of second part

1 = 7 without the final island
2 = 8 without the final island
3 = 10 without the final island
4 and 5 is 8 without the final island

so basically it's a little more less than in routes of the first part
i bet luffy + co will take the 10 island route and i think it might also be the route of gol d roger

everyone goes to same island before the last island of grand line part two like everyone have to go to shanbody for making to the second part of the grand line

maybe there is some obstacle like going to merman island (have to coat the ship) that no one really knows how to overcome before the final island (expect some individuals?) or ofcourse there is or it would have been reached by many already some kind of hidden island maybe

any comments ?

ps. sorry my english skills might be a bit bad so the text might not be easily understood in some parts of it because i have to translate it from finnish to english in my mind before typing
so i mostly do not find the right words

pps. surely didnt go well, i hoped a discussion here (or this must be legendary maybe first thread where nobody dares to reply ? :P)