June 24, 2009, 09:38 AM
Welcome to the Conventions and Meetings section here at Mangahelpers!

This is the place where online and offline community blurry! As a lot of our members (and stuff as well :amuse) have already met up outside of the forums world and made the step to actually chat face-to-face in real life. With this section, we would like to give you a platform to organize meetings and post convention reports.

Threads in this section are labeled with prefixes:

* 'Country' - The prefix for cons and meetings in the respective country.

Additional country prefixes will be added when a thread was posted that requires a new prefix. Just create the thread and a moderator will take care of the prefix. If time goes by, we'll eventually split larger countries in regions (e.g. US East and West Coast) but as long as the section isn't much active, there's no need for it.

Thread Format
Please use the following format for thread title to allow users to sort the events in chronological order for easier find:
[year/month/day-day] Event Name

Please create only one thread per event and year!

Tip: Don't create a thread for multiple events, it ends up in a huge mess. Even with little post activity, it is much easier to overview the section with one thread per event. You have much more changes to motivate people to come to it too when the thread title is specific on one date, event and place.

Thanks for reading - Have fun! :luv