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July 17, 2009, 10:19 AM
So, yeah, welcome again! This is my second review and I hope it works out fine just like my first one. And just to repeat myself to the new readers, one advice beforehand: I’m not a native speaker of English. If I make any stupid grammar/spelling whatever mistakes, feel free to comment on that. I’m able to improve. ;) I have to study for exams, so let’s get started on the chapter…

Chapter 550: Marine Headquarter

Cover Story


Oda keeps on using the cover stories to show us what happens to the other strawhats. Last week I predicted to see Chopper, Nami or Brooke. And I was so wrong. Instead we got Usopp drooling for some foot on the so called "Island of Gluttony".
On a side note, I really like Oda using the iceberg technique (showing just 1/8 of the action while 7/8 of it are not actually described, actually invented from Ernest Hemingway... for those who are interested =P) to describe what is happening with the other members of the strawhat pirates. Not much to say on this cover story right now.
With a chapter called Marine Headquarter, this really has to be an awesome chapter, right? Let’s take a look at the actual chapter.

Page 02-03

We get some reactions of various inhabitants of the 4 oceans and the Grandline, differing a bit from each other. South Blue and East Blue are really pessimistic about Whitebeard actually showing up and if he will be able to do something at his age. But then we see some pirates from West Blue, talking that Whitebeard hasn't weakened one bit and some children on the Grandline sing a song of Whitebeard, the man scarier than demons. These different reactions are pretty nice, building up the suspension of Whitebeards entry and if he will actually be able to do something. IMO, Whitebeard will appear and he will kick ass!

Page 04-05


Then we learn about the evacuated houses on Marine HQ, which I couldn't care less about. But after that we get to see the Shabondy Archipelago where people are gathered in front of big monitors. Pretty much like public viewing... but since when is there TV in OP? It seems not just Impel Down got monitors. There is probably a lot of technology we haven't seen yet. After these introduction pages, we finally get to see Ace again and there's also news on Whitebeard. Well, kinda, since there are actually no news on Whitebeard because he sinks all marine ships they send after him. The marine is pretty much screwed, since they cannot determine when Whitebeard will appear, and their defense cannot be that tight, right? *irony*
The panels with Ace are really great, and the last panel with Ace on his knees looks almost identical to the all-known picture of Roger before his death. Not bad, this kind of foreshadowing, Oda...

Page 06-11


And now, Marine HQ. It looks pretty much like a fortress, just one harbor, just one way in and out. We see the whole defense for this special event. Behind 50 warships (50!!) there are the Shichibukai as a first line of defense at the very fore of the marine troops. Of course without Jimbei, who is on his way there, and Blackbeard. And, if I may, Hancock looks pretty hot in her dress, but can she actually fight in those high heels? We will, probably, see...
If someone actually manages to slip through these 5 people he will be greeted and killed by a force of 100,000 elite soldiers.
Above the massive force of the 100,000 marines we see two giant marines above the rest. Marine HQ sure went all out. Then we get to see all three HQ admirals at once, sitting together and observing the whole area. There is no way anyone can come near Ace that way to free him. So, we finally get to see the missing admiral Akainu. He seems to be sleeping and there is not much to see of his face, but it looks kinda stiff, hard and emotionless. After the great badass designs of Kizaru and Aokiji I’m kind of disappointed, but maybe this will change when we will get to see his face close up as a whole.

Page 12

And we’re back to Luffy and co. They are right in front of the Gate of Justice and Buggy still believes he will conquer the top. When this nutjob sees the whole defense of Marine HQ, he will probably just piss his pants and hide somewhere.

Page 13-16


After this quick jump to Luffy, we are at Marine HQ again. Sengoku tells Garp that he will reveal everything, therefore foreshadowing again what will happen in a few pages. Then we hear his announcing of the "true meaning" of Ace's execution and he starts with asking Ace, who is his father. Of course Ace replies Whitebeard, Sengoku saying "he is not" and Ace saying he really is. Sengoku doesn't seem to care much, so he just keeps on talking. We get a glimpse of Corby, Hina, Smoker and Momonga in a few panels Oda has to spare. They were searching for the child of that man all over the world but they were deceived.

Page 17


Sengoku keeps talking, telling us that his mother was called Portgas D. Rouge (D.!!) and that she prolonged her pregnacy to 20 months… eh, what? How did she do that? I’m no doctor, but shouldn’t that just be impossible? She probably exploded when giving birth to Ace. Ok, it is a shounen manga, but I really have a hard time believing that pregnancy. My suspension of disbelief isn’t strong enough to believe that. Somehow that’s just bad writing Oda, you better make up for that. Sengoku keeps talking about her death and that Ace was born one year and three monts after his fathers death. Ace's expression changes during that lines. First he looks pissed off, but in the next panel he just has a desperate expression on his face, almost like he doesn't want to her what Sengoku has to tell us now.

Page 18-19


"Your father is (...) Gold Roger…” what? WHAT? What the hell? Reading that sentence, my heart stopped beating. Damn, I didn’t expected that revelation now. After all those build-up that Ace and Luffy are Dragon’s sons, I never thought of the possibility that Ace is Gold Roger’s son. Damn, I still can’t believe it... You also have to consider that a lot of fans always favored the theory that Luffy is Gol D.’s son. And now it’s Ace, what a nice twist. Nice done Oda, you sure are unpredictable. And I forgive you that 20 month pregnancy. ;) Rogers child growing up and joining the only pirate crew which fought equally with the Roger Pirates… fate surely has a bad sense of humor^^” After the revelation of Rayleigh in chapter 500 this is probably the most important information we got in a while.
But, that’s not the end of the chapter yet. We get a meaningful flashback of Roger talking to Garp, asking him to save his child. This totally gives us a new view of the relationship between those two people. Although Garp is considered being the person able to actually corner Roger a lot of times in the past, there seems to be a bond somewhere. We will probably get a flashback concerning this next week. Let's talk one last look at the very last panel. There Ace's expression isn't angry or anything, he just looks mentally broken. Maybe he always had a feeling that he was Roger's son, but hearing it from Sengoku at the time of his execution, he probably just can't cope with it...



I think there will be a flashback of Roger and Garp, and also some reactions of the people watching this revelation. Even if Luffy will get to know this truth, I think he does not care about this. Ace will always be his brother. But, does this mean that Dragon will come to help Ace too? I mean, in the end he isn't really his son.

I kinda rushed this review (next one will be better, I promise!), but I also hope you all enjoyed reading my review, have a nice day ;)


Credits: All pictures taken from INP mangaz.

Black Lagoon
July 17, 2009, 10:40 AM
thanks dude I really enjoyed with the last one, end with this one too

July 18, 2009, 10:17 AM
I was shocked.. I always thought they shared the same daddy but i guess not..
hm i wonder if Dragon and Roger' were brothers. and who told luffy that Ace is his brother, was it Garp? :o so many question..

July 18, 2009, 11:15 AM
Just to clarify one thing. There is actually 6 giants (look closely at http://www.onemanga.com/One_Piece/550/06-07/ ).

IMO, Garp was promoted because Roger turned himself into Garp. That's why Sengoku keeps mentioning how Garp was a hero.

What's great about Oda though is I have no idea how this battle with play out. This is going to be one long arc.

July 18, 2009, 11:28 AM
good review my dude.................keep it up

July 20, 2009, 09:43 AM
I was shocked.. I always thought they shared the same daddy but i guess not..
hm i wonder if Dragon and Roger' were brothers. and who told luffy that Ace is his brother, was it Garp? :o so many question..

Not only that....this also means they don't share the same mother either. Luffy was born after Ace!

July 22, 2009, 09:29 AM
@bopnoh10: Ah, yes. Thanks for pointing that out, I really didn't see them while writing the review.

@everyone: I really appreciate your replies and I invite every reader of this review to post his/her opinion about it.

July 23, 2009, 01:52 PM
Good Preview, I just don't think that holding a pregnancy for 20 months is a stretch, look carefully, to a child to give birth it has to go through the vagina of the woman.
There are womans in India who can broke a wood dildo with just is vagina muscles so for a D it isn't a big deal to close the vagina for 11 moths, there are people who can split the sky so holding down a child from coming out isn't that difficult, just painfull..

July 24, 2009, 06:26 PM
Dude!! Great review!! I didnt realise there were OP reviews again!! I just read this one and the last one!! Good job!

I wont coment on this one, cause the 551 chapter is already out, so ill wait for the next one

Keep up the good work :thumbs