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July 30, 2009, 09:23 AM
So, yeah, welcome! Early chapter, early review =) I changed the style of my review a bit (got myself a logo~~), so feel free to give me feedback on these changes. I got a lot feedback since my first review, and I really appreciate it and want to say thanks to everyone replying to m reviews. The typical advice beforehand for every new reader, I’m not a native speaker of English. If I make any stupid grammar/spelling whatever mistakes, feel free to comment on that. I’m able to improve. ;) So let’s get started on the chapter…


Cover Story - Tanuki stew on the run *lol*


I predicted Nami as the next cover story, but instead we get Chopper. Well, he is actually running for his life, being chased by some primitive people. But look at the woman and the child behind her, they just look kinda funny. Not like actually people, but like ... I don't know. They just look strange. So, what will happen to Chopper. Will he escape or will he be eaten. The answer to that is obvious I think. The chapter title is "Ace and Whitebeard", so maybe we will get a glimpse or more at the relationship between father and (one of his) son(s).

Page 01-04 WTF moments


Deja-vu! Ivankov tells his concerns whether their father will come or not. Luffy notices the "our" and just tells the truth: Gold Roger is Ace's father. Everyone goes What~~~~~~ and Luffy just: Oh, it's a secret. Everyone is shocked again. This small part of this double spread page is so funny, I laughed so hard xD We already got the same kind of joke back at Water Seven, but seeing it replayed with Luffy makes it even more funnier. This was just the comic relief we needed. And the Moby-Dick smiles at Marineford while Whitebeard laughes. What's he up to?
Whitebeard smiles (Sengoku looks concerned/pissed) and... cracks the air... what the hell? There seems to be an explosion underground which presses the water upwards. A bit like an atomic explosion under water. It also reminds me of the time when Shanks and Whitebeard fought. He split the sky back then... but more of this later, it's flashback time! (Oh, and we get one panel of Luffy... yeah~)

Page 05-07 Ace's Adventures


Deja-vu! Now we get to see a bit of Ace's adventure. Please take a look the pictures I put above, one is from this chapter and the other one from chapter 1. Noticing any similarities? ;) I think this is a really nice connection between both of them, the chapters and the two brothers. The flag of the Spade Pirates (pretty cool if you ask me) is shown, and with the fire already depicted I assume Ace got his devil fruit really early on his journey. And Garp being pissed because he became a pirate, priceless. Sengoku seems to notice him really early too, but his first concern is the magic "D." and where this pirate comes from. Maybe he got a hunch already at that point. But Whitebeard notices him too, wondering why the youth is in such a hurry. Dude, you sound like the typical old man...
Ace visits Shanks, who has nothing better to do than to celebrate the thanks from Luffy (via Ace) and starts drinking. Somehow Shanks isn't a good role model in this aspect. =P The fast forward trough Ace's history continues with his meeting with Jimbei. And hey, the two persons seem to be in Ace pirate crew. Maybe we will see more of them in the (near) future... This fights has to be the one Ace mentions in chapter 529. Quoting: You practically killed me that time. Well, they fought for five days. That's a pretty long fight. Luffy couldn't do that, he would die of starvation *lol*

Page 08-09 Become my son!


And then we get to see the first meeting between Ace and Whitebeard. The Moby-Dick smiles down at the Spade Pirates (I love this ship xD) and Whitebeard just says he will do it alone. Well, the Spade Pirates get their asses handed to them and Ace does the same decision like Luffy in chapter 320: He decides to fight Whitebeard alone so that his crew can escape. Luffy did the same with Aokiji. Man, another parallel between those two brothers. Well, Whitebeard defeats Ace (of course...) and offers him a deal: Become my son. Ace is surprised by this offer but not very happy about it. Then Ace meets Thatch, commander of the fourth division who tells him what happens. It seems Ace's crew got defeated and are on the same ship with him. Thatch is surprised by Ace question why he is not in handcuffs. Well, we find out on the next page.

Page 10-11 Ace, the assassin (or not)


Ace tries to murder Whitebeard while Newgate sleeps. However, Whitebeard sleeps, wakes up, punches him and sleeps again. This was so funny. Whitebeard is so confident in himself and he is on a total different level than Ace. Well, Ace isn't the type to give up and tries and tries and tries... reaching the hundredth try or even more. But the Whitebeard crew seems to care somehow about him and Marco (the first division commander, hope I got his name right^^") gives him something to eat. Ace, having a father complex, is moved by the words of Marco (why they call them dad) and this is probably the point where he finally realizes that the father figure he was searching is already right in front of him. I also think it was a progress, taking 100+ assassination attempts, and this revelation was the little part that was missing for him to move on.

Page 12-13 Whitebeard's name on his back


So the next panel we see Ace he has decided to join them and bears Whitebeard's name on his back. He becomes commander of the 2nd division and has a meal. Important revelation No. 1: Ace is Teach's commander. He tells Whitebeard about his dad but Whitebeard, the always smiling person he is, doesn't care much about it. And then we get to see what happened after Blackbeard killed Thatch. Important revelation No.2: Thatch was the one killed and he was the first Ace met on the Moby-Dick and they probably were friends. Whitebeard however says to let Teach go and that he has an uneasy feeling about it. Well, Ace went anyway. This is a bit different from what we knew until now. At Alabasta Ace just said he is searching for Blackbeard, but after Shanks went to Whitebeard to convince him to pull Ace back from his mission, we assumed after Whitebeards replies that he gave the order in the first place.

Page 14-15 Captain


While the Moby-Dick smiles at Marineford, Ace ask's Whitebeard why he has come and that it's his own fault for being captured, because he went out on his own and everyone tried to stop him. Ace tells us the truth, but Whitebeard is acting like a true captain and just says he gave the order. Even one of his commanders confirms it. Whitebeard, the old stubborn guy, I really start to like him. His denying of Ace's own action just shows a caring captain and father, ready to forgive his son for every mistake. And declaring that they are going to save him. Hey, we are indeed waiting for that to happen ;)

Page 16-18 The Power to Destroy the World


Whitebeard gets serious and now we see the fruits of his doing at the beginning of the chapter. Garp and Sengoku take over the role of the explainer of this situation and there are some interesting facts: Whitebeard made a tsunami. Okay, cool. Whitebeard ate the Gura-Gura Fruit and is a Quakeman. This is a surprise, because most people assumed Whitebeard wasn't a fruit user and just an awesome strong old guy. Sengoku describes his powers as the power to destroy the world. I think this is a bit over-the-top, but Whitebeard can do Tsunamis and a good earthquake can destroy whole islands. A pretty frightening power. Sengoku isn't even sure if they can win this fight. Isn't this really stupid? Just to kill Roger's son they risk Marine HQ and lots of strong marines being wiped out? Roger pissed them off pretty much in the past... And look at those waves, they are freaking huge! Prediction time ;)

Conclusion and Predictions


This was a great chapter. Great connections between Luffy's and Ace's adventure, nice flashbacks of Ace joining Whitebeard and a few other important revelations. This chapter got everything you can wish for. But~
What will happen? Good question... I think the flashback time is over for now and we will get to see the war between Whitebeard and Marine HQ. Luffy will probably come a bit closer to the Marineford and will see what is going on, but his real arrival should be in 2 or 3 chapters. Oh, and Chopper will probably escape... of course. Maybe Aokiji will freeze those two waves, and maybe we will see Akainu's power. Because Oda is unpredictable, this is all I can imagine right now.

Have a nice day ;)


Credits: All pictures taken from Sukikim Scans, except for that picture from chapter one. No idea from which group that is...

PS: I forgot something last chapter. Who opened the door for Luffy and co? My idea is that a hidden revolutionist could have done it. Whitebeard probably didn't do it, how should he know that there was a friendly ship coming from Impel Down? It could've been Garp, caring for his grandson, but it's not very likely that he did it. So, only time will tell ;)

July 30, 2009, 09:50 AM
Good review. I liked how you showed the parralels between Ace and Luffy. And I think you're right; that Ace met Thatch first out of the Whitebeard Pirates (apart from Newgate himself) probably did make Ace want to bring justice to Teach even more.

Lord Rayleigh
July 30, 2009, 10:43 AM
Good review.

And WB is not an earthquake man : he is a QUAKE MAN.

July 30, 2009, 10:45 AM
Preety good review man!! I have little time now so ill have to come back latter to give a proper comment, but i wanted to give a suggestion to the "woman and the child behind her, they just look kinda funny. Not like actually people, but like ... I don't know"

Not like actuall people, but like... a family of Mr. Potatoheads :p :XD

Latter man

July 30, 2009, 06:38 PM
cool review.........................keep doing ya thang

July 30, 2009, 10:33 PM
What's funny is sengoku looks like he's about to crap his pants in fear. I guess he severely under estimated the power of whitebeard.

Black Lagoon
July 31, 2009, 06:36 PM
Great review thanks ^^

August 01, 2009, 08:55 AM
As promissed, im back to give a proper comment
First let me say once again that this was a great review! Keep up the good work

I loved how you managed to find so many parallels between Ace and Luffi!! From the reactions the name of their fathers caused, to the pics of their departure, to their atitude as capitains and etc...

I loved the way you portraid the evolution in the relationship of WB and Ace, you really saw everything there was to see there!!

WB Really was acting like a father! Taking responsability for Ace´s actions like that was really moving... I think that the reason he lied to Shanks was to protect his own power... he didnt want the other Yonkou to know that he let his sons do stuff he didnt give his ok to. What do you think of that??

I want your opinion on something else too... i posted it on the mega convo, so ill just quote myself

I dont think Ace will survive this one... I mean, if the marines have any brains at all, someone is just going to slit his throat and be done with it! Its not like he has any value to the marines (like Robin had to Spandam). Its like he is a hostage, and in case of an attack, the hostage is allways the first one to get shot! The time of the execution dont mean a thing anymore, its a fuc*** war
What do you think?

Again, nice job!! :thumbs

August 01, 2009, 11:40 AM
Chopper looks smaller.. poor thing must be starving

August 02, 2009, 10:42 AM
Thanks for all of your replies and praise.
First, Mr. Potatoheads is a good way to describe those people. Their designs are just kinda odd.

Second, I think Whitebeard battled Shanks because he didn't want to appear weak in front of the other Yonkou. Yes, a subordinate doing his own thing would be a sign of weakness. I agree with you.

Third, IMO opinion Ace will survive all of this. But I had those exact thoughts. Why making a public execution and risking an all out war if you can just kill him the easy way in the first place. Well, it's a manga. Of course it would make more sense to kill him right now, but I just can't see it happens. I have no problem with someone killing him, but it's so unlikely. IF he dies, I think it will be a plot device to give Luffy a power-up, which would be a really cheap way to do it. However, time will tell.

That's exactly what I mean. Whitebeard smiling and Sengoku looking really... well, worried, concerned.

Max Mojito
August 04, 2009, 04:11 PM
heyy great review i was busy this week i just read it todayy :D