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August 06, 2009, 05:47 PM
Welcome! Early chapter again, early review again! =) This is my fifth review, and I never thought that it would be so much fun. Thank you all for your comments, as long as there is an interested readership (and I got the time), there will be reviews made by me.
Typical advice for new readers: I’m not a native speaker of English. If I make any stupid grammar/spelling whatever mistakes, feel free to comment on that. I’m able to improve. So let’s get started on the chapter…


Cover Story Color Page! Nami <3


So, no cover story this week. Sorry Chopper! Instead we see all strawhat pirates united (so long ago) and having fun. Brook serves Ice Cream on mass and even Laboom is there. Only question: What the hell is Chopper doing in the ice cream? Below him is a big bite, probably made from Luffy. The girls are a bit quieter, Robin being... Robin and Nami looking at the reader (through the fourth wall), with white ice cream at her mouth, searching for it with her tongue... hey, what? I think this is what you call fanservice....
The chapter is called Conflict at the Summit. It's not an awesome chapter title, but it fits the situation. But what conflict (or conflicts) will we see? Let's jump into the chapter!

Page 01-05 – Ice Cold, or: At least you tried, Aokiji


The two waves are still coming nearer and nearer. Doflamingo, and Whitebeard, have fun, while the marines are panicking. And hey, there are Jango and Fullbody! Two old characters we last saw... at Alabasta I think. But will they all be wiped out in an instant? Of course not. Aokiji is there for the rescue and freezes both waves. Hey, I predicted that. Yippee~ But after that he has the dumb idea to attack Whitebeard. Whitebeard punches and cracks the air, delivering his quake to the ice spears and Aokiji. Aokiji vanishes with an “oops” (so funny) and breaks apart. Of course he will be back soon, like we saw in his fight with Luffy. But let's take a look at Whitebeards ability. So far we know he can split the sky (his battle with Shanks), he can create an earthquake to actually make a tsunami. And he can deliver his quakes to other persons. Actually, it seems he can kill an opponent in a single hit. This doesn't work well with Logia, because they can just “repair” themselves, but against everyone else it is an excellent ability. The man with the power to destroy the world... it really fits.

Page 06-09 Whitebeard Pirates vs. Marine HQ's Vice Admirals


So many double spreads. Aokiji was so nice to freeze the sea, so now the invaders can easily get to the mainland. The main features of these double spreads is the confrontation between the Whitebeard Pirates and their enemies of the Marine HQ. On one double spread we see the defending force, while on the other we see the attacking force. IF we are to see the fights in the next chapters, they will be between these characters. Let's take a closer look at them, starting with the Whitebeard Pirates.


We get close-ups of five characters, indicating that maybe we will see more of the in the future. In the focus of the bigger panel are also one female pirate (looks a bit like Margaret from Amazon Lilly) and one male pirate with a funny weapon which looks a bit like a black Pac-Man with horns. This makes a focus on five/seven pirates, but lots more are shown. The one with the glasses reminds me of Apoo (Shabondy Archipelago), so maybe it's a tribe he's from? There's also a guy with a machine gun as his right arm / or on his right arm (Barret and Final Fantasy VII anyone?) and a strange animal around his neck. And a giant too. Awesome.


But now the Vice Admirals. IF I remember correctly (my memory is really bad =P) we already saw three of the seven featered admirals at the Buster Call on Enies Lobby. These are Momonga (I'm sure), the guy with the scars (Doberman?) and the guy on the left I don't like. Let's take a closer look, starting from the right. There's a marine wielding two swords and a very long beard and a very huge hat. Look's stupid if you ask me, but it's an original design. The guy behind him is huge and wears a mask. Nothing to say to Momonga and Scarface, but the next one looks like a young version of Garp. Now to the interesting characters. The one on the left has arms coming out of his hair (or shadow, hard to make out). This gives him the ability to wield eight swords (hey, like Hachi). I don't think Zorro will appear here, but he would be the perfect enemy for him. The one behind Mr. 8 Arms looks like a Zoan user, probably one version of the dog fruit. On to the next two double spreads!

Page 10-13 The strongest slash, or: At least you tried, Mihawk


More pirates... one has the hands of a Lego figure, and one looks like an elephant seal. Mihawk, the worlds strongest swordsman, draws his black sword and attacks Whitebeard with his strongest slash. Will Whitebeard be cut in two? Will the war end right now? Of course not. Now it's time to see the abilities of the Whitebeard Commanders! And the slash is stopped by an diamond man. Nice. Reminds me of Alabasta, when Mr. 1 asks Zorro if he will cut diamonds next. Maybe Mihawk can cut diamonds if he tries? But a diamond man is probably the worst possible enemy for a swordsman. And look at Whitebeard's smile... I love it.

Page 14-15 Kinda Bright, or: At least you tried, Kizaru


And the last double spread. If we count the color page, that's total of 8 double spreads. This makes it a really short chapter. So, Kizaru attacks Whitebeard with his light attacks. Whitebeard is totally cool and just remarks that it's bright. First Commander Marco takes care if the attack by spinning around (looks that way to me) and stopping the attack with blue flames. Blue flames? I have no idea what kind of ability it is, but Oda will deliver us a good explanation next chapter. At least I hope so...
But Kizaru sums up what we saw these last pages: That the Whitebeard Pirates are really a frightening bunch.

Conclusion and Predictions


This time I wouldn't call it an epic chapter, but it was great nonetheless. The frontlines were shown, we saw the Vice Admirals, saw Aokiji break apart and saying oops. We learned a bit about Whitebeards power and saw two fruit users of his crew in action. So, what will happen in the next chapter?
I think we get the conclusion of Chopper's cover story and we will actually see more fighting between the two forces. Probably Marco's ability is explained and I think Luffy will come closer and see what is going on right now. Oh, and Whitebeard will keep on smiling^^

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment like before!

Have a nice day


Credits: All pictures taken from Hueco Mundo, excerpt for the Pac-Man. It can be found at everyjoe.com, to be exactly: here (http://www.everyjoe.com/files/64/2008/07/killerpacman.jpg)

PS: One picture I had no use for this time, consider it a bonus =P


August 06, 2009, 08:49 PM
Great Review :3
I like the Iron-Ball-Monster ... I didn't notice that one when I was going deep into the chapter again and again.

There was some noticeable pirates I want to mention here;
I think there was a Pirate wears a "Pandaman" cloak or something like that ...

1st weave of pirates, I noticed there was a tattoo of mermen on some guy's shoulder.

2nd weave of pirate, there was the pandaman-cloak-guy, a robot guy, a guy riding something bear-like and 2 mermen's swordsmen ...

About the Vice-Admiral, except the 2 giants admirals, the other 5, we have seen their faces in the buster-call and the pirates in page 12 said, "It's just like "Buster Call"".
Another thing, the giant admiral on the left, his hands says Zoan-Type but his face says not ... If I'm not mistaken Garp usually wears something looks similar to this "dog-mask" thats covers the upper part of his face with dog mask and shows his normal lower face.

That's all .. Thanks again.

P.S. Forgive my shitty grammar o.o/

August 06, 2009, 11:23 PM
I thought it was epic whitebeard 1 shotting akojii like he was a fly

Marco taking on kizaru
Mihawk trying to attack whitebeard and fail

the pirates charging towards the vice admirals.

Also,k marco is a phoenix, he's got a zoan DF confirmed..

August 06, 2009, 11:33 PM
You said to make comments on them so yeah... Sorry =(

"Remembers me of Alabasta, when Mr. 1 asks Zorro if he will cut diamonds next."

This might just be a mistake that you made when you intended to write something different (I do it all the time.) but it's supposed to me Reminds, as opposed to Remembers.

Sorry again =(

August 07, 2009, 06:45 AM
keep the reviews coming cuz

Super Angillis
August 07, 2009, 07:56 AM
Also,k marco is a phoenix, he's got a zoan DF confirmed..


Anyways you got to love Oda for coming up with all these unique designs. We may never see most of these guys again, but we'll recognize them if we do.

I wonder if he got his wife to model for him?

August 07, 2009, 09:52 AM
Also,k marco is a phoenix, he's got a zoan DF confirmed..
Well, you got a point it sure looks like a bird with wings in the 7th panel page 16-17...

But if he were zoan-type, he would have got pwnd already by the logia-type attack.

August 08, 2009, 08:18 AM
Man, so many replies^^

@Xman: Do you mean the guy with the tatoo at the right side of the panel? I thought so too, but I was a bit unsure. While writing the review I just forgot to mention it. Taking a closer look the pirate with the "lego figure hands" really looks like a robot.. or like a cyborg. Maybe Franky isn't that special, hm? But I don't think the Octopus guy is a fishman, maybe it's just his style to wear a coat like that. Or do you mean another fisman? =)

@Super Angillis: "Anyways you got to love Oda for coming up with all these unique designs. We may never see most of these guys again, but we'll recognize them if we do." Nothing to add, I agree. =)

@Girlsryummy: I really appreciate your comment, finally someone who points out a mistake I made. Of course it's remind, don't ask me why I wrote remember... but after making this mistake once, I don't think I will do it again. Thank you =)

@LordZet: "Also,k marco is a phoenix, he's got a zoan DF confirmed.." I disagree. We just saw a black figure with what appears to be wings. And then it was commented that there were blue flames. Blue flame + phoenix don't make sense. It could be, but it's not really confirmed right now. And lets not forget, the phoenix is a mystical being, there shouldn't be a devils fruit like that... okay, maybe an ancient one, but... well, I don't know. We will probably have the answer in two weeks ;)

August 08, 2009, 02:05 PM
But I don't think the Octopus guy is a fishman, maybe it's just his style to wear a coat like that. Or do you mean another fisman? =)
In 1st thought Yea. But, look closer you'll notice he have 6 hands wielding swords... and there another fisherman in the same panel... look at the closer guy .. "notice teeth" o.o

August 09, 2009, 12:25 AM
Well, you got a point it sure looks like a bird with wings in the 7th panel page 16-17...

But if he were zoan-type, he would have got pwnd already by the logia-type attack.
I'm not sure what you mean. Logia > Zoan?

Nice review btw Lobo.

August 09, 2009, 04:20 AM
I'm not sure what you mean. Logia > Zoan?

Logia Attack would effect Zoan-fruit's body

August 10, 2009, 01:33 AM
Hmm, honestly speaking not your best review Lobo, I didn't feel there was enough analysis and review, but more a bit of a story and comments attached to them. I feel like I could tell you didn't enjoy this as much as other chapters. I'd enjoy it if you went out on a limb with more predictions and ideas, though I understand how hard it is to still rant about things the more reviews you get into things without feeling like repeating yourself.

Anyway, don't know if it was intentional or not, but all those Whitebeard smiley faces you showed made me laugh.

Thanks for the reviews as always. Always happy to support the reviews, even though I forget to do it openly a lot.

August 10, 2009, 06:16 AM
@bittman: Hehe, it was intentional. I think it's just awesome that he smiles all the time. He is so confident in himself, he doesn't have to look concerned (like Sengoku). He can just... smile ;)

Well, I don't think this chapter offered much to analyse. Okay, the captains and such, but with 8 double spreads it was a really short and quick chapter. But I will try better next time again... hopefully with not so many double spreads to anaylse =P

Thank you for your comment =)

Black Lagoon
August 18, 2009, 01:13 PM
I always forgetting to read review, nice one by the way ^^