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August 16, 2009, 10:08 PM
ok i wanna do a fan manga based on Bleach. I have much of the plot and characters set and such its just that I kinda suck at drawing thats where any interested artist comes in at. I have the vision and you bring it to life and together we make a pretty awesome manga.

Here's my plot thus far.

Disclaimer: Forget what you know about Bleach. Ichigo, Rukia, Aizen, The Espada, and even Karakura Town never existed in this story. Thats right Bleach-Departed Souls is AU(Alternate Universe). Aside from the missing canon characters and some locations BDS is still all about cleaving hollows, feasting on human souls and intense battles that only a zanpakutō could assist in. Sound like fun? Read On.

Story Thus far......

The Graduation ceremony is over and now rookie shinigami are being placed in to their squads in hopes of becoming something more than the low level subordinates they have just become. Many seek combat, some seek honor, while others are plainly happy to be where they are. Shinigami are working hand in hand with the Quincy to defend the human race from hollows as a threat from the realm known only as "The Void" seems to be trying to surface in the realm of the living. Hollow attacks have become more frequent. Due to the anticipated arrival of this vast spiritual energy more shinigami are being sent out into the fray but some don't return as the area saturated in this new dark energy transforms Shinigami into hollow hybrids that many now call "Vaizard" as well as transforming strong hollows into "Arrancar". With these problems arising its easy to forget that something much worse, and much stronger than any hollow lies within the Void waiting for their freedom from the void and their revenge on the Seireitei.

If you're interested reply here. if you're not an artist but would still like to contribute some how, I'm open to what ever you're willing to give.