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August 18, 2009, 09:23 PM
Thats right Bleach Heat the Soul 7! It has not been announced yet but this popular psp title is almost inevitable and should come around May or June.
That is a long time from now but soon images will be in VJUMP you'll see.Well in the mean time I wanted to make a thread on the game that we all love!

This thread will include the following:
1.Character Wish Lists(please include full character names and no the guy with pink hair comments, Come on folks we play the game, watch show, and read manga, but don't know the characters names?)(comments like all Espada are accepted)
2.Game Modes(be specific ex.what story lines you want in story mode)
3.Additional Features(ex. A new OP,On-line,Costumes)
4.Name revisions or things to improve upon from HTS6

Other than that this is a purely fan based wish/hope thread.When and if news does come out for this game I will be sure to post or add pics here!So until I do please feel free to add your comments here HTS fans!

August 19, 2009, 10:54 AM
Well to be honest HTS6 was a MAJOR letdown to me, mainly because most fans thought (Including me) that Ulquiorra's releases and Ichigo's New Hollow Form were going to be in. We were mislead cause the trailer showed Ulqu pulling out his sword and etc. Not even Dark Rukia could make things any better.

Now HTS7 EVERYONE is expecting all the Espada plus Ulquiorra's releases and Ichigo's New Hollow Form. Of course this can only happen when the anime presents them, but still. By the end of this year (If there are no more fillers) then Ulquiorra vs Ichigo fight should be over with.
In HTS6 everyone just mainly wanted Dark Rukia. I mainly want Ichigo's New Hollow Form, so HTS7 will be my all time favorite game next may.

August 21, 2009, 04:56 PM
Man, I thought that this thread was actually about info for HTS7 T_T

Anyways, the only character I really, really want is Rudobon, the Exequias leader, and his release. Everyone else is just icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.

That and a PS3 game would be nice (or hell, a PS2 game).

October 28, 2009, 04:46 PM
Videos would be nice english text would be awesome but its not gonna happen so what i mainly want is for all players to have new moves
maybe being able to equip ougis like ichigo being able to do a cero or a getsuga tenshou which ever you choose.

an idea i'd like HTS to implement very much is and academy for soul reapers and a dojo of some sort for non reapers. so you can learn bakudo/hado then equip it as a move.or learn a new combo physical combo so characters like orhime chad etc can have an melee varation.

I really hope they take their time on HTS 7,number 6 was on my psp for a few minutes and never returned it was basicly 5 all over again imo.

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October 28, 2009, 04:52 PM
I woud like it if they threw in some of the Fraccion as characters.... I think playing as Avirama, Po, Halibels Fraccion, and of course Findor would be cool.......hell just Findor and I'll be happy lol. Though I did like Avirama and Mila Rose alot.....

And let the characters always be in shikai. Kazeshini just being Hisagi's ougi was lame......I think there are other VCs who play like that too.

Oh well. It's not like I'd be able to get this game if it came out anyway. But it'd be nice to watch some vids of characters owning. I'd prefer a ps3 game though, with better graphics. Not really a fan of some of the movesets on HTS either...

November 04, 2009, 07:24 PM
Hopefully HTS7 follows the path of the manga moreso than the anime this time around. I believe it should get up to the part where they show all the Espada release (and Ulqui's Segunda Etapa).
I agree with Barragan's Fraccion being included. They were actually... interesting this time around, unlike Grimmjow's.

December 17, 2009, 02:07 AM
Especially in the anime.

Rafik Shaheed
March 26, 2010, 01:07 PM
New Characters: All espada and releases, Halibels fracion, Barrigans fraccion, Wonderwiess, Soi fon's bankai, Shinji's shikai, Ichigo's vaste lorde form, and Tousen's hollification and reseruction. However, with the recent filler arc, it is likely that only Ulruiqa's reseruction, the top 3 espada and reseruction, Ichigo's Vaste Lorde form and Rubadon. Maybeye, Soi Fon's bankai and Barrigan's ressurection will be in it.

Game modes: Story mode- The ordinary story, except with videos that go up to few minutes rather than text. Also every character should have their own story, so for example if Ichigo is choosen, it should only be his story and battles from the bigging of Bleach, not just starting from the encounter with Renji.
There should also be an alternate arc, like a filler, but telling more about the characters history, development, and should be focused on the story with a few fights. This should take place in Hueco Mundo and Soul Society.
Training- Like with the prievous games, there should be a training option, but this time have it so its not limited to just standstill or fights, and make it so that everything can be controlled, like crouch, block, deflect, and levels of the fighters ability, such as hard, easy, extriemly hard.
Tutornal- a tutornal of all the basic and indivual moves of each character.
Costomise- Customise the characters abilities strength, with a leveling up system.
Also, make it able that someone can create their own Bleach character out of five classes: Hollow, Arancar, Human, Quicy, or Shinigami. The appereance and the abilities of the character should be modified by the player.
Tornament mode- fights in which you can choose Novice, Adept or Advanced, and gain money after win the tornament or get a runner up with half the amount. That money could be used to costomise character or buy Items at Uraharas shop.
Uraharas Shop- Various items needed in battle or other items.
Characters bio- every characters biography
Online Mode- Ability to play online with another player
Verses mode- ability to play with another player
View movies- View recorded battles player has done and episodes of Bleach. Also demonstrations on how moves should be produced.

Aditional features: A new opining and ending. Also different costumes should be available and larger inviroments.

Gameplay: A better fighting system, supplying complex controls and combos, ability to fly and able to manuver anywhere in a large inviroment. Therefore, a tatical aspect to the game can be provided. Also health should be increased so fights last longer, and ability to record and watch any fight player has made. Tag team should also be available for longer.

Note: I have not played any Beach HTS games, if there is any mistakes let me know.

April 09, 2010, 02:38 AM

its been announced now :)

April 09, 2010, 01:09 PM
soooo i wonder what all will be in :D

April 09, 2010, 02:31 PM

4 Player Multiplayer
3D Battle Mode
Follow the lastest anime

April 09, 2010, 05:39 PM
well that´s great !!!
And Allon Confirmed ;)

April 10, 2010, 03:11 AM
What is this "CH 710 Naruto" in the scan? There's another one in Japanese, the first one...

April 10, 2010, 10:12 AM
can't say its too early, but its still early
the anime's only restarting next week.
but depending on its pacing, we may get a large cast of material for number 7 game
or else we have to wait till 8, which I don't hope so.

April 10, 2010, 05:29 PM
a good level up system be good...rather have a Bleach for ps3 maybe like a DevilMayCry style game would be brill. and also release it here in UK so i dont have to pay for damn importing again

April 11, 2010, 12:53 PM
First thing I want to say is that I love Kariya-Sama, a Bount. I think that they should add at least 2 to 3 Bounts.
I have only play HTS 6 and I really liked it. There were a few things though that kinda give the edge to some characters more than others, and that really pisses me off.

For starters Nelliel's special takes too much time to be activated. You can barely hit your opponent with it. Then after u hit your opponent with it, it takes even longer to actually execute the move. So you will end up with less than half of your reiatsu if u actually hit your enemy with it. And I better not talk about her grab.

Then theres Rukia's second special (square+O). It just tickles your opponent (barely does any damage).

Third, I am a HUGE FAN of BYAKUYA. In fact he is my favorite character in the anime and the game. Problem is that some of he's combos don't actually hit the opponent. Let me explain, In the "O+O+O" combo (while in shikai form), his last moves never get the opponent. So why in the world would it be called a combo. He just ends up standing there and getting hit after doing the move.

Also it would be super interesting if they made it so you could interact with your surroundings. Like bashing your opponent into a rock, or just jumping off a cliff just to get away, or come up with a counter attack.
They could add items to the battle. Like healing potions (regain health), Health potions (have a longer health bar), reiatsu cloak (hide your reiatsu, so u wont be tracked once you hide or something)

And something like a bleeding system. This would add 2 interesting and an item to features to the game. Let me explain:
First, lets say you get cut in the neck, depending how deep or grave the wound is you loose an amount health for an amount of time.
Second, since your loosing blood, the enemy may be able too track you by following the blood tracks too you.
Third, the item. The cream Madarame Ikkakku uses in the 26 episode to stop his bleeding.

Thats all I can think of for now. I hope the game's better than the 6.I just hope they fix this minor details, add new characters, obviously add more moves and specials, and maybe new modes. And Im srry for the testament I wrote.

April 12, 2010, 05:50 AM
Right now it's safe to say that HtS7 covers at least the fights in Karakura, which I hope would include the Shinigami VS Barragan's Lieutenants. Hopefully there is a Komamura (bankai) and Po fight, lol.
Since these games happen to cover slightly more than what the anime will be covering at the time of their release, it's also safe to say that this game may include the Espada fights and their releases. Also, judging by the fact that Kensei is present in the scan along with Ichigo and Byakuya, that the Vizard may be involved and it will cover at least until they show up for the fight.

April 12, 2010, 06:20 AM
1. I think that they must add Ichigos Vasto Lorde Form(i think that it will be in the game `cause in april it is an end of fillers and the beginning of fights with Espada(13 season)) , Soi Fon`s Bankai, and one character that i like best of all: Susuke Amagai. Also I think that they must add some characters from fillers, like Bount arc., New Captain of the 3rd Division: Susuke Amagai arc., and some fillers like 11-12 seasons. I wish that it will be all of the vizored`s and they hollow forms(I saw this forms in the anime, but there was only Hirakos and Sarugakis forms in HTS6). And like in Soul Carnival 2 it must be some characters like Kon and Ulquiorra First and Second release`s. It must be all characters from HTS6. Oh, it must be Sibas family(includes Kaien). I think playable Grand Fisher(hollow) and Menos will be good. This game also need characters from Uraharas shop(Dzinta, Ururu, Tessai). All Espada and it`s fraccions with releases will be good. Privaron Espada also need resurrection forms. And i think that in the game there will be all leutinants, officers and captains with they Shikai and Bankai forms. Oh, also it will be good if they add Kurosaki Issin in his Sinigamis form.

2.Some kind of Game Modes like Customizing(this mode was in HTS6) and Training Challenges will be good. And a lot of people maybe like if producers will add some arc. modes, and this arcs mustn`t be comleted if you wanna to comlete primary story. And maybe like in PS2 games it must be Shop Mode(this was in Naruto games on PS2), where you can buy statues or something unusual like this and maybe some bonus characters and releases. Tournament Mode like in HTS6.

3.Some costumes will be good, on-line tournaments and points that you can gain from on-line matches and tournaments like in HTS6. For points you can buy some things in Shop. Maybe customize OUGI mode(it will be funny if Ulquiorra can be able to use Getsuga Tenshou=)) It also will be intersting if you can destroy some parts of the stage.

4.Customize Soul, Characters.

And if you don`t like my english, i must say that i`m 12 years old and i`m from Russia=)

April 16, 2010, 07:37 PM
http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/8554/jpd25k00.jpg (http://img37.imageshack.us/i/jpd25k00.jpg/)

"Perfect Hollowification Ichigo and Second State Release Ulquiorra blast their way onto the Sony PSP! With Ichigo gone, his Inner Hollow devours him, taking over and unleashing a new kind of Hell onto the battlefield! Ulquiorra, no longer holding back fully releases his true power along with a wave of True Despair."

Sweeet! I'm officially getting this game!
My main has finally been confirmed ^.^ Perfect Hollowfication Ichigo FTW

April 16, 2010, 09:51 PM
I think I prefer using Underscore's nickname for Ichigo's unleashed form. Try Neo Ichigo the Super Saiyan 3, it sounds funnier^^.

May 09, 2010, 11:23 PM
This was posted on the gameFAQs' forum for HTS7.


Not sure how I feel about these giant characters, to be honest.

May 16, 2010, 04:33 PM
Game looks insane! Another new scan confirming Harribel and Hitsuguya!


May 19, 2010, 10:12 PM
It looks like a smart buy to me. I usually don't buy Videos games related to anime, but this makes it a little different.

May 26, 2010, 04:06 AM
I'm not sure if these giant characters and 4 players will turn out well. That being said, they are FINALLY changing up the gameplay, it's been far too long without them taking a risk like this.

June 02, 2010, 10:11 PM
I cant wait for this game its gonna be awesome hope they have a better story mode. :D

June 06, 2010, 02:04 AM
ARGHHH When is the game ever going to come out??! Can't wait! :D I really wanna play as the released Ulquiorra!

June 11, 2010, 02:52 PM

June 14, 2010, 02:56 PM
ok so bleach heat the soul 7 looks like its going to be good and there gonna be more releases like ichigo's full hollow bankai and ulquiorra's other thing that i forget the name to right now lol, but im kinda dissapointed at the fact that they have all these heat the soul games and there still all in japan and im still kinda waiting for a bleach game for the ps3 that will blow the naruto games out of the water i mean i think thier slackin a little bit becuase they havent made one but hts 7 looks sick so i guess thats cool too.

June 19, 2010, 12:33 PM
New scan: http://images.saiyanisland.com/data/510/thumbs/bleach-heat-the-soul-7.jpg (http://www.saiyanisland.com/2010/06/new-bleach-heat-the-soul-7-scan-2/)

June 21, 2010, 08:02 PM
From what we can see, it seems that Muramasa (a filler character) will be playable. I don't mind, but I was kinda hoping we would be seeing other characters in a scan. You know, Barragan or Starrk or even the rest of the Vizard.

June 22, 2010, 12:16 PM
From what we can see, it seems that Muramasa (a filler character) will be playable. I don't mind, but I was kinda hoping we would be seeing other characters in a scan. You know, Barragan or Starrk or even the rest of the Vizard.

My guess is that this game will go up to the episodes that are yet to air this summer. So that means all the espada and resurreccion, Vizard + masks and the shikai and bankai we have seen.
Personally I'm skipping for joy at the thought of playing all the espada, especially Starrk, Ulquiorra's resurreccions and Baraggan.
So in due time we will see some awesome scans.

July 11, 2010, 12:17 AM

Barragan with release and Soi Fon bankai
Also the game's official cover show's Ichigo wearing his New Hollow Mask (Without the horns)

Also it's up for preorder on Play-Asia, stating that the game will go all the way to the conclusion of the current anime arc.

July 17, 2010, 10:35 AM

starrk and shunsui

July 21, 2010, 02:25 PM
I wish i had PSP, I'd grab this game- just cus of Starrk and Shunsui, then of course big Yammi and Byakuya + Kenpachi

July 21, 2010, 02:32 PM
I bought a PSP from one of my friends just so I could play the Heat the Soul games. :D

July 29, 2010, 09:38 AM
I wonder why there is no Luppi. Do they got Wonderweiss btw?

July 29, 2010, 09:56 AM
Luppi has been and is still on the HTS games since the 4th episode.
As for Wonderweiss, no he was never introduced before, but maybe it will be the case this time.

As for me what I would love to know is if they're going to add Tousen's Visored/Ressureccion mode or not.

August 05, 2010, 02:06 AM
Well this is really nice game but at the same time little puzzle type so you have to use your mind to complete the stage. So the game is the mixture of the war and the Logic, the game is not easy as it seems so you have to be careful to play that.

September 04, 2010, 04:24 AM
Wow this game was disappointing. I really question the gamedesigners for some decisions.

The most pressing matter is (transformable) characters. Why did they completely troll us? WHY?!

-The Vizards: Only 4 Vizard can summon their masks during the fight, the 2 new ones being Mashiro and Hachi. The rest of them only have their masks in specials. Why would they? Can anyone give me a sound explanation? 'Cause I don't get it. Just like our good friend Aizen, I HATE it when I don't understand something. And there is kensei, who only has a Bankai move, no mask at all. WTF

-Then, with a tearing pain in my heart, the biggest outrage of all. The Arrancar/Espada. The new ones: Allon and Yammy (Ira). These giant characters are not worked out properly. They're clunky and the battles are a disaster. Then Ulquiorra. He lacks his standard Resurreccíon and posesses just the Segunda Etapa. I could forgive 8ing if they made him an awesome character. But while he delivers on some fronts such as power, cero oscuras, high speed regeneration, he is severely lacking in other areas. Such as movement speed and comboability. Most of his attacks have a weird range causing certain attacks of certain combos to miss depending on your range. It's not as fluid as i hoped. Harribel, no complaints. Way cooler than I imagined. Baraggan and Starrk, OMG. No Res. Only in ougis. Why the F*CK is that? This puzzles me more than the meaning of life. Two of the most hyped (in my case two of my favorite) characters in Bleach, ESPECIALLY because of their transformation. Why, 8ing, WHY?

-Some characters should have recieved big updates in their movepool. Kyoraku and Ukitake are the prime examples here. They didn't get any. Please unsuck Ukitake, please. It's ridiculous that he still has his water and lightning attacks. RIDICULOUS.
A certain other character was extremely cool IMO. Ichigo's new form. He moved exactly like he did in the manga and anime. Props where they are proper.

Then there is the story mode and it's wildly fluctuating difficulty. The vast majority of the campaign was ridiculously easy. Some stages however took quite a lot of effort to net an S rank. And some just didn't make sense. For one, in the mirror mode.
The Yammy (Ira) vs Rukia, Renji, Chad fight. In the normal mode Yammy had (understandably) high defenses and attack power, forcing you to spam Renji's ougi. But when you get to control Yammy, his power and defense suck. And then the power of R., R., and C. is suddenly boosted. As if being slow and clunky wasn't enough of a penalty in a 1 huge target vs 3 mini targets battle.

But one fight in particular made me wonder just what carbage 8ing had smoked during development. I am of course refering to the Aizen vs. Harribel(Tiburon) mirror match. Like in the normal mode, the Health conditions were: Aizen (player) full health, Harribel 50% health. Okay. Then WHY, OH MY GOOD LORD WHY, is Harribel's damage output increased so significantly that she can kill you in about 5 unguarded blows, while your own damage output is mitigated to the point that you need to hit her about 50 times? WHILE HER POWER-UP RESTORES HER HEALTH?
What is the design logic of half a lifebar then? It. Just. Doesn't. Make. Sense. It took me about an hour to get an S rank on that mission.
Seriously kiddies, take this as an advise. A combination of XTC and that Wodka martini might seem like a good idea during those late night gamedeveloping sessions, but it isn't.

I am hoping that HTS8 rectifies these absurd lapses in judgment and gives us a true sequel to HTS6.

September 16, 2010, 04:40 PM
Bleach - Heat the Soul 7
I'm a bit late on this but I thought about putting a review together for this game. But honestly, I feel as though there would be more effort going behind the review than the actual game. Keeping it brief, this is the seventh installment of the Heat of Soul series. The graphics could pass for a DBZ fighter for the PS2 with the controls arguably being exactly the same so it's not all that complex. I had HtS6 for a while but got rid of it once I realized that another was coming out.

The main difference between the titles would be the character rosters that reflect where the anime is around. A big upgrade with this title, however, was the four-player mode as well as fighting monstrous characters like Yammy's release and the Fraccion Chimera..thing. The reason why I'm not co-signing this title as much is because, and I'm sure others brought it up, the character roster didn't deliver. First off, the game begins with Ichigo fighting Ulquiorra for the last time and ends with Ichigo fighting Aizen again after returning from Hueco Mundo.

While it might be..neat and all to include characters such as the Privion Espada or Senna in the game, it's a let down knowing that they have room for characters like those but the majority of the Vaizard are not Hollowfied, nor do are there shikai revealed.

This may come off as nitpicking or whatever but when the cover shows Ichigo with the new mask then Christ man, have the new mask in the game :notrust Even Tousen, whose defeat was included in the game, showed no signs of hollowfication or resurreccion.

This, including the fact that the characters like Shunsui, Ukitake, and Rose still had their in-game abilities instead of the ones clarified in the series, kind of put me off to the story. On the plus side, it was a lot of fun going through most of the fights again.

It wasn't 100% sticking to the story, but it got the job done IMO. Some missions, however, are downright retarded. Hachi/Soi Fon fighting Barragan = Him in his sealed form while your health slowly decreases instead of Respira..lol Or the final Aizen fight...Damn...He uses Black Coffin more than he blinks and puts Street Fighter II Bison to shame in terms of cheapness (Was he using Complete Hypnosis on my controls or what??).

As a Bleach fan, it would be a love/hate sort of deal. If you are familiar with the Naruto games as well, you might feel as though Naruto games get better treatment, and you wouldn't be wrong either. Hopefully by the time the next installment drops, there will be many more improvements. But seeing how this is Bleach, we may see as many HtS as there are Deicides so don't get your hopes up :sweatdrop

EDIT: I would just like to add that never in my life have I voted for nearly everything on a poll..You all seem to know what the people want more than the developers themselves..Good going lol