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September 05, 2009, 08:16 AM
Welcome! I didn't get the chance last week to do a review on 555, so here is the ultimate combination, a double-review on chapters 555 and 556. Well, a small review on 555 with more focus on 556... I hope you don't mind. I also changed my style a bit for the review on 555 (not much prediction necessary), but 556 is done like every other review by me. Time is money, so let's start right away!


In my last review I asked for your ideas for mythical zoan fruits. And they are...
Dragon Fruit - really possible I think, the typical mythical being
Chimera - also possible, but not in the near future. We got the whole crazy animal thing in Thriller Bark and Impel Down.
Hydra - possible too! Perfect enemy for Zoro I think. He can cut and cut and cut her^^
Pretty good ideas, I for myself didn't think of these, and I believe there aren't that many mythical zoan fruits to begin with. They are more rare than logia, and we haven't seen many logia until now...


[Please notice, the Cover Analysis will be in the review of chapter 556.]Surprisingly, chapter 555 focuses on Oars. I didn't expect that, I saw his introduction as a nice reference to Thriller Bark and all, but I never expected some direct connection to Ace. But man, what a power he has! First he throws a battleship right into the bay and opens a passage, then he cuts down one of the giant marines. One down, seven more to go! And even though Whitebeard isn't that happy about Oars rushing he acts like I thought he would. He gives the orders to support Oars and help him. Man, what a great captain!


Hancock is fighting some pirates and uses a nice variation of her Mero Mero Power with the Slave Arrow. And damn, she really can fight in this tight dress and the heels. Too bad Oda strategically placed the broken sword there... but hey, why did it break in the first place? It seems that everything she kicks turns into stone. Some pretty nice power, one kick and a normal enemy is pretty much done for.


And then Oars is hit by Ursus Shock. The attack which damaged the straw hat crew a lot and made most of them unconscious hurts Oars too, but it seems he can still stand. He really got some power there. This triggers a flashback from Oars and we see that there is a connection between Ace and Oars. However Ace got to know Oars, he went through the trouble of making a conical hat for him. This seems pretty simple, but like one crewman said, he burned the hat twice while making it. Not an easy thing for a person existing of fire. And even if it's just a conical hat, Oars appreciates it and his whole situation changes. No sunburn anymore and no dying because of frostbite. Everyone should have a conical hat! But wait, there's more. The famous Wano Country is mentioned again, anyone remembering it? ;)


We go on and see him get hit right in his face. That pain adds to the Ursus Shock and this smart self reflecting Oars tries to at least take down one Shichibukai with him. With this he freaking punches the whole thing were Doflamingo stands. Please notice: Oars damaged with Ursus Shock and a shot-in-his-face and he still has the power for such a punch. Oh, and he threw a battleship before. He is just awesome and got so much brute strength. Too bad that Doflamingo survives and chops of his leg. Eh, what?
Doflamingo jumps very high (how's he doing that?) and then somehow chops of Oars right leg. Poor Oars, getting so much damage. Maybe he will get a wooden leg now, like a real pirate. More on Doflamingo's power in my review below this one.
Oars reaches out with his hand to the execution platform and is then pierced by Moria's bats. Holy shit! Big question: Is Oars dead? I don't think so. First, there is the typical Oda rule that nobody dies except it's in a flashback (I really hope one day a character will just die...). Second, he isn't pierced through the heart so it is just a pretty serious wound. What is really sad is that Ace sees all this happening right in front of him. It is, so to say, his own fault that so many people are dying and fighting. To add to that, one of his friends is taken down right before his eyes. This must be psychological torture for him. Poor Ace, poor Oars. But today there's one more chapter to review, so... here it is ;)


Page 01 Cover Story Nami


Finally we get Nami's cover story. She is on the weather Sky Island and is doing... nothing. Nami is just there while the old guy does some business with some people and demonstrates his skills by making it rain. Okay, cool... and they use some crazy umbrellas... man, nothing's really happening here! Only thing to notice: His beard has grown, but I don't really think that's important. However, it's nice to see Nami again! I really missed her... character ;)
Whose left? We got Sanji, Robin, Franky, Usopp, Chopper, Nami. So, Zoro or Brooke? I think it's Brook. =)

Page 02-06 Nobody fucks with Whitebeard


We pick up where we left of last week, Oars is pierced by Moria. He goes down right before Ace's eyes and Moria is pretty proud of himself. "This is how to kill in a smart fashion." To attack like a coward from behind when someone is already injured? Yeah sure, it really suits him. It seems he didn't learn after being defeated by Luffy. Doflamingo is a bit crazy and laughing his ass off. Why? We will learn soon.
Whitebeard is a bit irritated by this and Vice Admiral Ronse thinks it's a good idea to attack him now... what an idiot. Attacking Whitebeard? I think the last few chapters taught us at least one thing: Nobody fucks with Whitebeard. Whitebeards destroys the weapon, grabs his head and BAM does a quake right in his head! This does not only destroys the mask, but there's also a lot of blood coming from his back. Ronse is done for. Another giant marine down, six more to go! Then the signal for a counter attack is given, probably to finally breach the plaza and to secure Oars to give him medical treatment.
Another nice point is given at the end of page 6: One some island some animals are going wild and some guy says "lots of earthquakes today". He doesn't seem to be near the fighting, so it seems that whenever Whitebeard attacks there is some effect on the world. Maybe this is why he hasn't fought much in this battle: If he really goes full power, there will probably be more consequences on the rest of the islands nearby.

Page 07-11 Neutral Ground


Doflamingo talks and fights with 13th Division Commander Atmos. Interesting point: Right after Doflamingo attacks, Atmos shouts to his crew to get away from him, so he seems to know what Doflamingo's powers are. Doflamingo takes over his body by moving his middle finger up, which is pretty interesting. Last chapter we saw him chopping off Oars's juniors leg somehow, so I think it some kind of string technique he uses. Pretty much like a puppet master.
Meanwhile Coby gets scared by seeing how strong marines fall one after another and runs away. Helmeppo goes after him and after noticing Akainu they hide. Akainu himself saw some soldiers who tried to run away and now gives them their punishment by (probably) killing them. Man, he is so badass. He follows his own justice, even if that means to punish/kill his own people.
We jump back to Doflamingo and a little speech he is making. And, he is damn right. Whoever will win this war will stand at the top and can say what is right. It's exactly what happened with the lost kingdom from the void century. They were defeated by the World Government and after that the government took control of everything. If they win this war, they will finally be able to overcome this pirate era. But what happens when Whitebeard wins? What do you think? ;)

Page 12-15 Tears of a Hero


The bay is breached by another ship which now opens another way to invade. Otsuru-san is told by Sengoku to put "the plan" into motion. Which plan? Well, to start the execution earlier of course. Behind Otsuru-san we see some marines who were washed and dried... did I miss anything? What happened to them? Hopefully we will learn about them in the next chapters.
Garp sits down on the execution platform and is near a mental breakdown. He cries and asks himself why Ace didn't live the way Garp choose. This isn't a question because he wanted to put his own ideals onto his grandchildren, but he wanted them to live a life where they wouldn't be in any danger to be hunted down by the marines. And now he is so sorry because he probably can't keep his promise to Roger and because he failed as a grandfather. He should protect his grandchild, but he wasn't able to do that... Garp is mentally broken and torn between letting a pirate die or trying to rescue Ace... poor Garp.

Page 16-17 Luffy and Co. finally arriving


This chapter ends a small and sudden cliffhanger. Suddenly the attention of the crowd is directed towards the sky where... Luffy and Co. are falling from. What? How did they get there? Ivankovs wink is mentioned, so this wink probably was used like the "Coup de Burst". This was the quickest way to reach Marineford and to avoid the Battleships surrounding it. However, it doesn't seem to me like they thought of a way to land without dying... or like Luffy put it: "I'm made of rubber, so I'll be fine!"... lol, so funny xD

Conclusion and Predictions


What will happen next? Good question... I think we will get a new cover story with Brooke, Luffy and Co. will crash into the plaza and somehow survive it. veryone will be stunned and... I really got now idea how this will work out. Right now I can't think of any way, but maybe you, my dear readers, got some ideas? ;) But Oda will definitely deliver us an awesome chapter next week which I really look forward to!

Have a nice day ;)


Credits: All pictures taken from Jimbei, except for the one of chapter 467 by Bludshock and Whitebeard.

Bonus Moments


September 05, 2009, 10:17 AM
Well thanks for writing the review, it's a good read. However - and I don't know if that might be due to doing a double review, but - I'd like to read more about your theories behind.

For example: how did DoFlamingo get above Oars? what do you think? I mean you asked it but don't ahve a theory yourself? That'd double the length I guess ^^

As for the landing (if it's that what you asked us to give theories for) I bet on Kuma. I know that it still has some flaws, but I for one would like to see an air paw saving them, leaving a huge mark on the plaza...

September 05, 2009, 12:30 PM
It's an interesting chapter. Plot progression is fast-forwarded, alot. Luffy in his usual simple-mindedness has come up with a half-thought plan on how to get to Marineford, and I'm guessing Ivankov will have to wink a second time to prevent everyone except Luffy get smashed like pumpkins. Hancock still has the hots for Luffy, Kuma's actual allegiance is still unknown, though I think it's got something to do with either Garp or Dragon, those two being the most prominent to get Kuma to spare the Strawhat Crew twice. Shanks is a possible candidate, but I doubt a Shichibukai would take orders from a Yonkou. Mihawk is the closest man you can call friendly to Shanks and by extension the Yonkou.

With two (former) Shichibukai fighting directly at Luffy's side, at the very least one shichibukai who would refuse to fight him, with Mihawk occupied by Jozu and Kizaru* by Marco, I predict the World Government forces basically will lose their Shichibukai henchmen by infighting. This pits the remaining Whitebeard forces + Luffy against the remaining (Vice-)Admirals and Sengoku.

*Yes I am aware that Kizaru ain't a Shichibukai, but he and Marco are keeping each other busy. There's no way in hell they'll be able to do anything other than fight the other for the time being.

September 05, 2009, 02:37 PM
nice review bro... country of wano ..yeah nice catch
n the scene of Garp is really moving .. hell oda knows hw to create ths emotions

btw luffy is back wid a bang... oh sry wid a blast :)

September 05, 2009, 11:13 PM
I just got it. Nami loves $$$$, and the man is doing $$$$$ with weather. Nami will make her own "weather factory business" to get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Black Lagoon
September 07, 2009, 08:23 AM
Nice review man, but there's no chapter this week :(

Hurricane Roda
September 07, 2009, 02:52 PM
Nice review...You hit the spot with what you said but that thing about Oars not being dead,he is. Oh and just a taught, Doflamingo could have an air manipulation devil fruit because he jumped so high, cut through Oars'leg and controls the others without wiggling his fingers..Just thinking

September 09, 2009, 02:08 AM
Nice review, I enjoyed reading every piece of it.

September 29, 2009, 03:14 AM
Nice review...You hit the spot with what you said but that thing about Oars not being dead,he is. Oh and just a taught, Doflamingo could have an air manipulation devil fruit because he jumped so high, cut through Oars'leg and controls the others without wiggling his fingers..Just thinking

Just for your information, Lucci and in only a few chapters back Aokiji did the same thing... The reason they jump so high has been thoroughly explained already, it's got nothing to do with any sort of Devil Fruit. It's obvious he's using an unknown amount of razor wires of some kind, and he's extremely skilled with them, seeing as he can control people without harming them.