View Full Version : Devil fruit x item combo - fruit devices

September 18, 2009, 02:26 PM
Vegapunk found a way to incorporate devil fruits into items. I started this thread to find cool devil fruit x item pairs and discuss them.

Items shown in manga:
* Sword x elephant zoan = Funk Freed (Spandam's sword).

New items for start:
* Lighter x breath fruit (or gas fruit) = flamethrower.
* Sword x destructive element or metal logia = great weapon for swordsman.
* Sword x spider zoan = eight awakened swords.
* Scarf x boa zoan = nice as surprise weapon - or a trap.

Note: how nonzoan fruit items can be controlled? Do successfuly made item of this kind exist in One Piece world? They are not awaken, so crafter (or fruit feeder) have to somehow program particular abilities of item beforehand. For me this act sounds just cosmic (knowing nature of devil fruits and / or manipulating it), but who knows? Maybe Vegapunk isn't five centuries ahead for nothing?

Note 2: thanks to items one person can obtain power of more than one devil fruit. Imagine what power would wind wind item give to Ace.

Second batch of new items:
* Pair of boots x root fruit (boots are linked with elastic roots, cannot be separated) = boots which can grow roots, this makes possible water walking (roots are lighter than water), roots can elevate user (like stilts) and make him run much faster, boots give extra long kick reach. Notice, that boots user can't make more complex tricks - like entangling target of a kick, or fishing - boots aren't awakened and can only perform few simple preprogrammed actions. They are controlled by voice commands.
* Mug x beer fruit = will quench every thirst.
* Gramophone x scream fruit = sonic weapon, area of attack is a cone in front of item's tube.
* Rubber rope x sticky fruit = versatile weapon in hands of good fighter - it has two modes - sticky and not sticky - if you touch enemy whith it, he is caught, you can constrict him with the rope, you can touch any heavy object with it and then smack everyone around like with giant flail, you can attach bunch of nails to the rope beforehand, and then during the fight release them at any time in deadly shower.