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September 22, 2009, 08:20 AM
Hello guys, that's the first time i'm writing a review in M.H. so please, be gentle ^^.

So, let's start with Chapter 557: "Luffy And Whitebeard"

Since the title, this chapter is promised to be really epic.

First Part: P 2 to 5: "Arrival of Luffy and co"

Remember: at the very end of the chapter 556, we saw luffy and the others falling from the sky. The begining of chapter 557 tell us why.


What is the most shocking is when you see Page 4:
Ivankov, Crocodile, Luffy, Jimbei and Buggy are all showing their interest for this war.
I was wandering if Iva would kick luffy's ass after he realises Ace wasn't Dragon Son or just won't be concerned about the war after all. It's the opposite: IVA WILL take a big part in the developpement of this war. For sure.
Buggy too, seems really confident (for someone who was scared by minotoraus 20 chapters ago, that's funny^^!). He and Crocodile are they really serious about taking Whitebeard down? After what wee see in chapter 556 (one shoot on the giant VA), i don't think they would last long...

Part two: P5 to 12: "What the ????!!!!"


Indeed, really Luffy like...
The team from impel down fall into the sea, and everybody is wondering "What the ???"
And the it goes with the reactions: First is Ace's, which is the same as always "LUFFY!" ("Old Man!"). Poor Ace, he's just able to sit down and watch, from a character like him it's really frustrating for the reader...

Luffy and co are epic again when they recover from the sea. 5 bad ass indeed. But when Luffy says "We are here to save you" it makes me smile... Because in fact Iva is most of all here because Luffy is Dragon son. Croco and Buggy will probably come after Whitebeard. So this is just Luffy and Jimbei who came "no matter what" to save Ace. Is Luffy going to lose control over the ID team?

It's interesting to see how Luffy became famous. While there are 2 former Shichibukai and Iva, most of the people go "What! It's StrawHat Luffy?! "THE" Strawhat Luffy!!!"
Between all the reactions who are showed, I think only 2 of them are important:
_ Kuma, saying nothing (does it mean he was expecting the arrival of Luffy? What is sure is that Kuma is really something, Oda is going to keep his secret for a long time!)
_Akainu, who knows that luffy is garp grandson, dragon son, and says he is the pirate who need the "MOST" to be eliminated (so it means that, for Akainu, Luffy is more dangerous than the NW captains in some ways... interesting!)

By the way, Jimbei quit as a Shichi... that is not a surprise but it leads toward the theory that the Fishmen Island arc may be in presence of jimbei. (see my conclusion).

Final Part: page 13, 14/15, 16/17 Luffy, standing on WB side!!!


After all, Crocodile and Buggy are serious!!! Croc' attack WB and Buggy is complaining "he is going to steal my glory!". So the team is indeed screwed up, like garp says, when luffy comes to stop Crocodile...
Moreover, Crocodile says "it's been a while, WB!" Will we know the story between them? will croco stop attacking WB ? What will he do afterwards???
Anyway, WB see Shanks legacy in Luffy, remember Ace showed him his bounty, saying it's my little bro"! But he still think that Luffy is not enough strong for this war. But Luffy still says (like always) i'm the one who will be pirate king, surprises everybody and etc..."

This chapter was, indeed really epic, like this whole arc. But at this point we don't have a clue of what will happen. Will WB's crew protect luffy? Cooperate with him? Will garp go sepuku because of the impossible choice he has to make?

_ Luffy will not fight one of the strongest (admirals and Sengoku).
But his presence with the ID team is going to change a lot of things. Sengoku plan may be screwed up ...
_ In general, I think that this won't be only a showdown of fights (no interest, this would take 60/70 chapters...). WB will probably die, but if 3or 4 shichibukai, 6 VA, 1or 2 VA and etc die too... One piece world would not only be shaking but in complete chaos this time.
I think that before 10 chapters Luffy or anybody will manage to break Ace's seastone handcuffs. It will change everything. When Ace will be freed, he will be going all out against marines! Fear for yourself Aokiji^^

Note for this chapter: 7/10. It was epic. But the war is going since 5 or 6 chapters and if it last too much at this pace (epic chapters, but no action, no developpement), this arc would screwed up. Hopefully I think Oda knows that and there will be blood in the next chapter ^^!!!!


all credits from the pics goes to Franky House