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September 24, 2009, 05:35 PM
Here we go! Chapter 558 is out, so let's go for the next review! As a starter I'd like to say that my english is far from being perfect. I'll do my best. My apologies...
Also, I would be glad if some of you could take some time to post a comment (even if they doesn't read the whole thing), since i'm a beginner when it comes to the review!
Do you think I should go on with reviews for the next chapters?

Well, let's get it started anyway. This week chapter is indeed really intersting.

One piece chapter 558- Brother

Page 2/3: Luffy and Whitebeard


Not much to be told... Luffy is talking with WB like if he was his equal, everyody is shocked (again^^).

Two important information are gived:

Whitebeard is aware the fact Luffy and Marco heard that Ace will be executed sooner can be a trap settled by Sengoku. So, indeed, we still don't know how Sengoku plan to handle this war. He has got something up his sleeves, believe me!

The second (even if it's not a surprise) is that Kizaru says the Tenryubito want Luffy's head. At this point, we can consider that the Tenryubito affaire isn't closed yet. The strawhats will face them again sooner or later.

Let's going forward:

Page 4/5/6: Iva and Kuma

As Kizaru is going to strike Luffy, Iva help him with his Death Wink. As i thought, Iva confirms that he his only going in this war in order to protect Luffy.
Then Kuma attacks Ivankov...
Who is surprised and wonder why he is attacking "an old friend like" him... The suspitions about Kuma being connected somehow to the Revolution Army are becoming the most obvious reason that Kuma could spare the Strawhats... But yet to be confirmed.

Kuma is supposed to the most loyal Shichibukai to the WG.

Then, what it's obvious that there is a reason behind it.
With what Iva said in chapter 558, it's becoming more and more obvious that Kuma is loyal to the WG just because of his tittle. And, perhaps, because he his a double agent for the revolution.

Moreover, he asks Namy about Ace and Luffy: http://www.onemanga.com/One_Piece/473/18/
So he is aware of their relationship.

If you connect these information with the fact that Kuma send Luffy in Amazon Lily, Hancock's island, it can't be for the purpose of just "training" or the haki thing. He knew that Hancock, as a Shichi, would take part in the war and so Luffy could try to go with her. Of curse Kuma could not predict the Impel Down thing...
But still, if he REALLY wanted to make sure he would never meet Luffy again (http://www.onemanga.com/One_Piece/513/19/) he would not have sent Luffy to Amazon Lily...
So what? My guess is Kuma, in this situation, gived Luffy the opportunity to go and take part in this war. Some sort of a challenge.
Remember he DON'T underestimate the Strawhats, so he knew that Luffy would like to go and save Ace when he will find out.

Why didn't he do so in thriller bark? Because it would have been a big mistake. Remember that Shabondy Archipelago is THE place where you meet before going to the New world. The perfect place for a bunch of people who have been sent all over the world to meet again (unless they all have an eternal pose...).
That doesn't explain the whole thing, but I expect you to stop thinking that Kuma would just let go the Strawhat because of some "sympathy". Nonsense...

Page 7/8/9/10/11

In Ace's Head

Even if he manage to dodge Hina with Gear two, Luffy is hit by some randow marine, and say "Everyone is so strong"...
Indeed, it's becoming obvious that Luffy is not in the same situation he was back in Enny Lobbies where he could defeat hundreds of marines. Here is the elite of Marine Headquarter...
In the same time, Moria ackonledge him again and says he still wants Luffy's shadow.
Seeing all that, Ace ask Luffy to stop. He wants him to get out.
In fact, he doesn't want Luffy to die because of his own mess.
Quite like Robin, in Enny Lobbies ~~.
Good storyline, but it's a bit conventional. Will Luffy always save everybody as at first they don't want his help :s? I'm a bit sarcastic, but that and the "OMG LUFFY IS DRAGON SON" are the two things who deceived me in this chapter.

Page 12 to 17

In Luffy's Heart


As for Luffy, like always, he couldn't care less what people say. "I AM YOUR BROTHER!!!!" Bonds are everything for Luffy. His family, his crew. You should better not touch them! I think that's why Whitebeard have sympathy and respect for Luffy. Whitebeard calls his crewmates "son". If you harm them, it's a declaration of war against him. This is the ideal they share.

By the way, Jimbei is challenging Moria. Shichi vs Ex-Shichi: are they equal??? Jimbei has the advantage of the salt in the sea water (he seems to know well moria's ability). But i doubt it will be that easy for him to beat Moria, it depends of his behaviour (will he want to fight fair and square or will he trap Jimbei?). Anyway, Luffy his know the second center of the Pirate Alliance (after Wb). Iva, Jimbei, and Marco at the end of the chapter, are protecting him.
The climax is reached when Luffy strike a giant with Gear 3 when Sengoku says he is the son of Dragon.

Luffy is back! Since the Strawhats were defeated, it has been a hard time for him. Know Oda is showing that Luffy still has an unshakable resolve, even after being beaten by sentomarou and Magellan. In this chapter, the pace of the war is finally settled. Luffy will be in the center of the action, and will not fight endlessly in some part of the war. Cool! That's what I was expecting from Oda. The question that remains his how luffy's wild spirit will interact with WB and Sengoku's strategies.

By the way, what's Crocodile doing? We don't know... Will he challenge WB for real and take his attention in the few next chapter???? Could be...
And what about Mr1? Where is he????
Buggy, like a coward, doesn't go in the fight. Will he be forced a somepoint by someone? Same thing for Mr 3.

In my opinion, the 3 next chapters will state once and for all who is against who (there will be fights, there will be blood). Sengoku's plan will be put in action in chapter 560 or more. I expect the result to be know around chapter 575. Few chapters after that, everybody will be back home!!!
Around chapter 565 Pirates will be in total despair. Ace will be in real trouble. Luffy will be fighting some real strong opponent.
Then the tide of the battle will change when WB makes his big move.

So the next chapters will be crucials! Like always with Oda, it needs time to get everything ready, then it goes all out ;)

Prepare yourselves, the next chapter will be really heavy.
As for this one, it would get 7/10. A good storyline, but to my mind we still are at the begining of something really huge...

If this arc is purchased like it began, I will congrats Oda with all my heart because he is currently handeling the same type of events Kubo is since one year (Super great war with many good characters) much more better. For now. So I beg you, dear writter, give your best, you're doing so weeeeeelllllll. Amazing.

Have a good night, dear readers
See you next week



September 24, 2009, 08:09 PM
Umm...some friendly advice here, Work on your grammar...it's hard to read your review due to it.

September 25, 2009, 02:22 PM
Well I disagree on the rating... And Oda can't go much better than this with out killing somebody... advice:
Don't read OP if you'v hypertension ^^

September 26, 2009, 04:01 AM
Oh? You think 7/10 isn't a good mark?
I think that some chapters of this arc will deserve 8 or 9 and maybe 10/10!!!
But anyway, to my mind, 6 or + /10 is what a good chapter diserves.
If there are bad ones, they should get less than 4.
This week, I would give 3/10 to Naruto and 5/10 to Bleach! One Piece is the best :)

October 01, 2009, 07:07 PM
Great review, SnK. I thought I should tell you though, someone's been plagiarizing your reviews. LoneLobo's been plagiarized as well, I clicked on the link he had in his Chapter 559 review, looked around in the site, and recognized your review as well.

Just saying.