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November 01, 2009, 07:01 AM
How much worth you think that someone battle power is numerically?

Yeah, I know that (especially with One Piece) you cannot say that someone beats someone else, but this is still something cool to do.

Taking everything in consideration, intelligence and devil fruits, give out a number much like Dragonball

For reference, let's say that Rob Lucci human form is 4000 (same as Douriki)

Later I will post my own list ;)

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November 01, 2009, 09:01 AM
But like the first poster said himself, this isn't like Dragonball, where everything is just about a specific ki-level that increases all physical abilities.

There are so many types of powers and interactions here, and just because someone has more raw power than a logia user, or Marco the Phoenix, who works similarly, doesn't mean that they can hurt them. Smoker doesn't have all that much destructive power, but he does have skill, and isn't possible to hurt fort anyone who doesn't have Haki.

Still, I suppose my really rough and likely very wrong guesswork power ranking (with some members of each category possibly considerably stronger than others) would go something like this:

1a) Most dangerous fighter/"strongest" in the world level:
Gol D. Roger; Whitebeard in his prime; possibly Monkey D. Dragon;
1b) Whitebeard current (without damage); Red Hair Shanks; Dark King Rayleigh when in his prime;
2) Highest Elite Level:
Shiki the Golden Lion in his prime before losing his legs; Garp in his prime; likely Fleet Admiral Sengoku; Fisher Tiger; The remaining 2 Yonkou; Magellan; Admiral Kizaru; Marco; Enel; Dark King Rayleigh current;
3a) Almost, but not quite:
Admiral Akainu; Admiral Aokiji; Blackbeard; Ace; Joz; Jinbei; Mihawk; Shiryuu; Original Kuma; Sentoumaru;
3b) Either on par with or a little below that:
Vista; Ivankov; Doflamingo; Monkey D. Garp current; Moria after absorbing thousand shadows;
4) Extreme Elite level: Luffy at gear 2; Eustass Kid; Sir Crocodile; Pacifistas; Boa Hancock (fighting power only, the stone transformation is either an instant kill of stronger opponents or inefficient against weaker ones depending on the victim); Smoker; Rob Lucci; Regular Moria's potential; Mid-level Whitebeard commanders; Oars and Oars Jr; Chopper's monster form; The strongest vice-admirals;

The CP9 power rating would be way too hard and unspecific, since all it measure is how hard someone can hit, and limited to physical strength Joz and maybe 1000-shadow Moria would probably top the list. Then again, Kizaru may be able to _hit_ the hardest when he feels like it.

November 01, 2009, 10:08 AM
Luffy started with 100, but now he has 8000!

Gol D. Roger 100,000
Whitebeard 90,000
Sengoku -data file erased. unknown-
Akainu 60,000
Kizaru 55,000
Aokiji 50,000
Garp 25,000
Ace 10,000
Zoro 5000
Buggy 100
Coby 10
Helmeppo 5
That old man in the background 1

Black Lagoon
November 01, 2009, 05:55 PM
@ ScratchmenApoo- IMO Luffy, Zoro, Ace should be a bit lower, and the opposite for Buggy, Coby and Helmeppo ;)

Gecko Moria
November 01, 2009, 07:51 PM
4 replies and I've already had to delete a post. Please don't just post one-liners and massive blocks of text like this:
[Insert character name] [Insert number]
[Insert character name] [Insert number]
[Insert character name] [Insert number]
[Insert character name] [Insert number]
Not very meaningful, is it? Support your the power level you gave a certain character with reasons and evidence.

November 02, 2009, 02:21 AM
Huge post! :facepalm

While I am using Rob Lucci as a reference, Kuma said a interesting line to Gecko Moria: "no battle has a certain out-come... who could imagine that Rob Lucci would be defeated?" So I cannot get too far from Rob Lucci.

Strawhat pirates

Luffy: 300 - 600
Zoro: 300 - 600
Sanji: 300 - 600
Usopp: 30 (weak)
Nami: 30


Alvida: 20 (meh)
Morgan: 50
Buggy: 200
Kuro: 250
Don Krieg: 250
Arlong: 600 (oh yeah)

Crocodile is quite a tough guy, it's strange but I cannot give him a number lower than Rob Lucci.

Mr 5: 200
Mr 3: 600
Wapoi: 200
Mr 4: 400
Mr 2: 800
Mr 1: 800
Sir Crocodile: 6,000

Strawhat pirates (up to Arabasta arc)

Luffy: 2,000
Zoro: 900
Sanji: 900
Usopp: 400
Nami: 400
Chopper: 500
Robin: 900

Here are other characters. Enel was a very tough guy, Luffy had an unfair advantage. Aokiji was said to be the strengthest men in the World Government, so I will give him a massive amount.

Dorey and Burogy each: 2,000
Bellamy: 500
Enel: 7,500
Aokiji: 10,000

Now the CP9. The Douriki is proportional to someone's power, so I will leave them like that except for Devil Fruits. I will give Blueno quite of a power-up, sicne he keep a good fight with Luffy's, he cannot be that far from Rob Lucci.

Rob Lucci: 4,000 - 5,000 (hybrid form)
Kaku: 2,200 - 2,800 (hybrid form)
Jabura: 2,180 - 2,800 (hybrid form)
Blueno: 1400
Kumadori: 810
Fukurou: 800
Kalifa: 800
Nero: 500

Strawhat pirates (up to Ennies Lobby arc)

Luffy: 3,000 - 6,500 (Gear Second)
Nightmare Luffy: 8,000
Zoro: 3,000
Sanji: 3,000
Franky: 1,800
Robin: 1,800
Brook: 1,800
Usopp: 1,000
Chopper: 1,200 - 5,000 (monster form)
Nami: 800

From now on I will order by organization, not arc.

For the Shichibukai, I don't feel motivated to measure Mihawk or Doflamingo.

Sir Crocodile: 6,000
Gecko Moria: 5,000 - 8,000 (depending of the form)
Barthlomew Kuma: 9,000
Jimbei: 6,000
Boa Hancock: 7,500
Blackbeard: 10,000

Eleven Supernovas

Eustass Kid: 6,000
Basil Hawkins: 4,000
X. Drake: 4,000
Trafalgar Law: 4,000
Scratchmen Apoo: 3,500
Killer: 3,000
Jewelry Bonney: 2,500
Capone Bege: 2,500
Urouge: 2,500

World Government agents

Average Vice-admiral: 3,000 - 4,000
Smoker: 2,500
Smoker (up to Marineford arc): 5,000
Sentoumaru: 4,000
Aokiji: 10,000
Kizaru: 9,000
Garp: 8,000
Coby and Helmeppo: 400
Pacifista: 6,000

Impel Down guards

Magellan: 7,000
Hannyabal: 2,500
Shiryuu: 7,000
Demon Guards: 1,500

For Whitebeard, he has a very powerfull Devil Fruit. BUT I believe that Sengoku's phrase "he has the power to destroy the world" is exagerated. He could most-likely take down an entire city much like Kizaru's can. Someone shall comment the colateral effect of cities around also feeling it, but that is much like not snowing in Drum during Ace's visit or Crocodile's tornado ending up in surrounding cities. That power makes Whitebeard strong, but not a god.

Ace: 8,000
Marco: 9,000
Jozu: 5,000
Whitebeard: 13,000
Tatch: 4,000
Vista: 4,000
Other commanders: 2,000 - 3,000

The Jolly Roger pirates are on par with Whitebeard pirates

Gol D. Roger: 13,000
Silvers Rayleigh: 9,000

Other characters

Oars: 5,000
Hatchan: 250
Duval: 250 (much like East Blue villains )
Sandersonia and Marigold each: 2,500
Ivankov: 5,000
Inazuma: 3,000

Basically I fail to measure power when it comes to explain how Luffy defeated Sir Crocodile. Other than that, as the story progress I ended up giving Buggy 200 while (for example) Hannyabal is 2,500. This is quite funny, at least he looks like that useless from Impel Down arc on.