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November 03, 2009, 05:16 PM
I think I'm putting forth a somewhat radical idea here. I think it's been suggested before, including by myself but I thought I'd bring it to debate in light of recent events.

It's been observed that if it takes all the Schichibukai and all the Marines to fight against a single Yonkou, they aren't really balanced.

What if the "Three Great Powers" that 'maintain balance in the world' (what was the exact line used?) don't balance against each other, but each independently keep order and balance in the world. Observe that Whitebeard protects Fishman Island. The silver medalists aren't inspired by Whitebeard, they hate him. What if Whitebeard is as essential to order in the world as the marines are, keeping the silver medalists and the Kidds of the world in check? In that case perhaps Squardo attacked him because he wants more chaos, he wants to be free of Whitebeard. The "New Era" that would arise if Whitebeard died isn't necessarily one of marine dominance, but could be one of chaos and violence throughout the New World and beyond, certainly at Fishman Island.

One question is in this case why would the WG fight with WB? The most likely explanations I see is that while they acknowledge their shared purpose, they resent each other's methods and the WG certainly doesn't want WB finding the true history. There's also the possibility that WG straight up left WB alone until they got Roger's son in their hands, which they decided took precedence above all else.

Perhaps a bit of a stretch, what do you think?

November 03, 2009, 07:20 PM
First of all it didn't take all Marines and Shichibukais to fight one Yonkou. It take the Marines and 6 Shichibuka against a Yonkou, 1 Shichibukais, several crews from New World and 200 prisoners with bounties higher than Buggy...

Second that Whitebeard didn't fight equally with them. Whitebeard could beat Aokiji, but Aokiji still did a good job. Marco can handle one Admiral. Jozu can fight with Crocodile... the other commanders are weaker than that Thatch which Blackbeard got rid off...

Judging the top 3 commanders (Marco, Ace and Jozu) I can see how powerfull the Yonkou are. 4 crews with that strength surprass the Marines or the Shichibukai, and that's why they are not allowed to keep an alliance with each other.

It seems very well balanced for me... it's just that the Whitebeard pirates and allies are not weak to be taken down fast or anything, Whitebeard Pirates can fight.

For what I think Whitebeard is just crazy like Luffy. It's not that he thinks he will win, he just do it anyway.

November 03, 2009, 11:04 PM
Yea I understand what you mean by facing one Yonkou it may seem unbalanced, but I would think that WB is the most powerful Yonkou in sheer strength (in his crew and divisions, alliances with other pirates crews) and you have to take into account that WB was Rogers long-time rival (closet to OP as well)! So thats why the Marines have summoned most if not all lol of there strength as well. IMO I dont think the other 3 Yonkou are as powerful or on the same level as WB currently. Shanks is probably the nearest, but then again we havent seen or know much about the other 2 Yonks lol.

In all honesty, i think we have to know more about all four of the Yonkous to know and understand if the its balanced or not!

November 04, 2009, 07:19 AM
Well, I think you underestimate the WB crew a bit, but regarding the stalemated 3 powers thing, the marines have more bases and forces than this one, so that would even it out more, and the Yonkou are fighting internally as well. This isn't nearly the entire army, so as Sengoku said to his troops at the start, they aren't guaranteed victory.

Marco is probably at least as strong as the strongest admiral (Which would be Kizaru imho, regardless of Aokiji's greater skill. He's pure super-swift energy without weakness, except possibly refraction, i.e. Jozu. Ice, lava, sand, air, or fire logias can be more "conventionally" handled in comparison), Whitebeard probably almost twice as strong as that, and Jozu managed to block Mihawk's (the by far strongest Shishibukai, with the possible exception of Blackbeard imho) strongest swing, and apparently outclasses Crocodile, so I'd put him as roughly even with the magma user Akainu, and Ace as roughly even with Aokiji (although he isn't taking part). Even the 10th commander is apparently strong enough to stalemate Moria, and the 5th to stalemate Mihawk. We don't know yet if Sengoku is even stronger than the admirals, or simply the better strategist, like with Spandam, or how Garp compares and factors in, but we know that Gol D. Roger said that they fought each other many times, so he may have rivalled Whitebeard in power when he was younger for all that we know.

Also, there's Sentoumaru (who is somewhere between Shishibukai and Jozu level) and his dozen pacifista, as well as Jimbei, Luffy, Ivankov, and Boa Hancock (who are all low- to mid- Shishibukai level) thrown into the mixture. We'll see. I'd say that Whitebeard would probably have won with heavy losses if nobody had interfered and there had been no treason or pacifista involved, but now he will almost definitely lose.

Btw: Speaking of which, given how almost impossible Marco is to kill, would anyone else like to see him join up with Dragon if the Whitebeard crew goes down? It's the whole the Dragon and the Phoenix logias thing. It's a pretty cool combo.