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October 23, 2006, 09:15 AM
Until now we have been siting on our asses waiting for GK to come out every week with 10 comments for our favorite mangas. Alas this week he has reached his limit and announced publicly that he will not be able to keep up the tremenuous work of giving us an indeapth analysis of three different mangas. Gold Knight-dono has therefore decided to concentrate on his first commitment; Naruto.

Now we, his fans, are in mourning over the loss of some of the most inspireing and indeapth forum for discussion of our imediate impressions of the most recent chapters. I ask you though is it right for us to be so spoiled and lazy that we just sit on our asses and wait for someone else to do all the work for our own enjoyment? And when a good thing comes to an end because the burden of three people has been caried by one, do we just stand and watch it die?

Not in my book! I have just read a suggestion by The Fourth that we should start making 10 comments threads each week in which enyone can leave no more that 10 observations on the current chapter. this way we will be continueing the work that GK started and so many loved. and we will have a place where he can come and give his wonderfull insight every now and then when he finds the necessary motivation and inspiration.

So here it is; leave your 10 comments on Bleach 248 in this thread and let us have a great discussion in memory of Gold Knights work.

@Gold knight: If you read this and disaprove please forgive my presumptuous actions. It is just that I was so happy when you finally started a bleach comments thread that I could not stand to see it die.
If you approve of this, that would be the greatest honor.

p.s. will leave my own comments later now I have a class coming up. :tem

The Fourth
October 24, 2006, 01:50 PM
wow a thread with my name in its title :smile-big

I found this out of luck
threads are almost invisible if not pinned :)

1. The first thing that caught my attention was on the first page, when Ulquiorra said to Orohihime:
"Your body and soul are already one of us". Although I dont think this is completely true, it seems to me that
Inoue is not a prisoner, at least not the same way as Rukia was and also her life seems to be in no danger. At least not in the near future. Maybe this will lead to Inoues decision to stay in Hueco Mundo even if Ichigo and co. manage to get to her room.

2. The next 4 pages are interesting too. As if Ulquiorra would be doing kind of a brainwash on poor little Inoue :). It looks like she is not completely Aizens yet and as the wall braking frames suggest (for me at least :) ) this is what the true task of Ichigo is, to break Aizens controll on Inoue

3. I laughed my ass of thanks to the funny little Arrancar :smile-big
(btw Im a bit confused. Is her/his name Neru or Nell? :notrust)
"There is an entrance 3 days walk from here" :smile-big
"If you dont take us I'll cry" :rofl
Nell/Neru is one of my favourite characters :smile-big
Im still a bit surprised that there are such naive, good harted hollows, but Im also glad because they are the funniest characters so far :amuse

4. Am I the only one who think that Ichigo should really learn some kidou? :notrust
You know what they say, If you cant beat them, kidou them (man that was lame :darn )
I think it can be really usefull to know a few tricks like the one Renji did in this chapter. I am still new to Bleach, so I dont even know how the hell they work :notrust
Was the way they work ever mentioned?

5. 5 paths, so of course each of them takes a different path
I think its just too smart to stay together for a warrior :notrust
The author ( I always forget his name ) really likes one on one battles ( and females with large brests :eyeroll ) it seems, so he makes sure we get them in every arc. They are 5 and there are 10 Espadas, so each gets 2 perhaps. I only hope Grimmjaw dies, coz I dont like that character :notrust

6. I dunno why Ichigo shouldnt worry about his comrades during battle. I mean thats what the whole series is about IMHO. I guess the author just needed some reason besides the 5 paths for them to scatter :notrust

7. I liked the "charm" at the end of the chapter. Like some sport team, ptting hand together and promising that they will meat again. :)
Well I hope they do, nut If someone dies, I hope its Rukia. That wont happen probably

god its hard to make 10 comments :darn
I'll continue tomorrow after college :)

Its not as good as GKs, escpecially without pics :notrust