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January 07, 2010, 04:24 AM
I hate the idea of seeing this place turn into a ghost town, with a lot of the regular posters transferring to Shinji's website, so when I can, I'll keep making threads like this one. For those not in the know, those 3 chapters from the title are out and you can expect releases every day for quite a while.

Now then, here's my 2 cents (copied from Shinji's board):

Okay, review time! (been a while)

Chapter 26
Supreme technical play by Kotaro and Shinnosuke. Last time I was this happy with the skill displayed was when Naturezza went all out.
Pivot leg pass, after striking the ball against it with the heel of the leading leg
Feinting steps with the sole of the boot, setting up a backheel pass
Backstep dribble (can't quite understand the mechanics of that yet - in my mind it's only a retreat move)
An instant lobbing pass
A heellift pass
Disappearing feint to set up the most emphatic move of the game .. which leads us to:

Chapter 27
A falcon blocking the sun on page 4? Nah, it couldn't be ... could it? I mean, I've been going on about it for months and *turns page* NIIIIIIIIIIITTAAAAAAAAAAAA!
*reality kicks in* Oh no! Please don't hit the post!! Please don't let a defender block it for someone else to score!!! Please don't make a pass for a twin shot by the futsal combi!!!! SCORE DAMN IT, IT'S BEEN AGES!!!!!
Hayabusa Running Direct Volley Shot :blink Ever seen that long of a shot name? I don't recall one and Nitta gets 3 pages plus a cool pose performing it ... which means ...
Aaaand heeeee SCOOOOOOOORES!!!
WHAM, straight into the net, no interruptions, no plot twists, just pure Nitta awesomeness with an unmoving keeper to remind me of the time he made his Hayabusa Shoot debut. :hearts
A bit annoyed at Kotaro and Shinnosuke getting even more spotlight from the goal than Nitta and the commentator giving a "magnificent cooperation between Kotaro, Shinnosuke and Misaki" and an "accurately finished it" for the goal, but hey, nobody can take away the satisfaction of Nitta FINALLY SCORING.
Some Nigerian players with a hunch of mine confirmed (the team J.J. is playing for as well as the real-life player he's based on), but I can't really pay attention to them. They'll have their spotlight, now it's Nitta's time! :cool:

Chapter 28
Woops, deleted it from my hard disk :imslow
Anyway, it has flashbacks, which 90% of the time annoy me; the revelation that Misaki could have been playing in PSG instead of J.J. which makes for a nice build up of their rivalry and ... OMGWTFBBQ Wakashimazu in a field uniform :blink The plot thickens ...


Chapter 29 is up, but before I post a thread for it, I'll:

a) Wait for some of the people who gave this thread 60 views to post something and possibly discuss it here
b) A few more chapters to open a thread for all of them at once