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January 16, 2010, 06:00 PM
Greetings! Welcome to a new LoneLobo Review. Well, finally. But be warned, there will probably be no new reviews until the second week of February because I got some really hard exams and my life will consist of just studying for a month or so. Lucky me, but let’s get started on the chapter.

Chapter 570: The Bridge of Life

Not a boy anymore, not yet a man


“The Bridge of Life”, heh? Reminds me of some chapter title we had before, Bridge of Struggle. What’s that going to be? Anyway, we pick up right where we left of last week, meaning the moment after Luffy used the force (commonly known as the ultimate super power; Haki). We get the usual reactions like “he did it” and “that the kings haki”, but also some nice stuff like “I knew he had it in him” and “You too”. You too? This opens up the possibility that at least one other person has the same Haki, it could even mean that maybe Ace got the same one.

Page 2 continues the reactions, and we got out of them is that they do not consider him a rookie anymore (just ten supernovas now, he?) but not yet a great enemy. Iva’s question where he got that kind of power makes wonder. This could mean that not every Haki user is born that way, but that you can rather acquire this power through other methods. Iva also combines his haki with the power to attract people. I think Boa is a got example of someone who mastered her haki. She can influence a lot of people with it, and that seems to be (at least now) what the Kings Haki is all about. Influencing people or beings.

Show me the future


And then there’s something I didn’t expected in this way: Whitebeard ordering all his men to back up Luffy. From joining the fight as a rookie, the being protected by Marco and know all of them should back Luffy up, man, he sure came a long way. This is a lot of trust Whitebeard puts into Luffy. But Whitebeards thoughts after that are quite series IMHO. He thinks “show me what’s after this era.” Okay, lets head back to chapter 569, page 12-13. “I must stay and watch over a bright future for my sons. I cannot afford to die.” Now think of Luffy showing him the future here by rescuing Ace etc. and combine that with Whitebeards look. He is in pain, heavily wounded and... just look at it. He has some serious issues. With this chapter, the possibility of Whitebeard dying just went up A LOT.

My personal WTF Moment


Whitebeard’s men follow the order, but Luffy seems irritated by his looks. Iva takes on the theme that Luffy isn’t just a rookie anymore and that this is the first step towards becoming someone great. But honest as he is, Luffy just don’t care. He is simple minded, his only goal is to rescue Ace. But then Hawkeye attacks and is stopped by Daz Bones. Eh, what? “Orders from above...” Okay... but then Hawkeye slices Bones up Crocodile stops him. Eh? Ok... no, NOT okay. Big questionmark: Why should Crocodile do that? And to be honest, I do not have the slightest idea. Well, maybe it is like this: Defeating Whitebeard isn’t interesting for Crocodile anymore, “that’s not the man he once fought”. So now Whitebeard puts all his trust into Luffy... I think Crocodile once to secure that Luffy gets out of there alive, so that he can defeat him in the future. Hey, it’s all I got. =P
Small note here: The “love is a hurricane” moment was so hilarious. xD

Bridge of Life


Inazuma’s hiding place is so awesome, I never would’ve thought of that! And now it’s open to debate what else is in there. Pluton? A key to Ace’s handcuffs? The rest of the strawhats? Just kiddin’. ;)
The Bridge of Life is build now, and let’s talk about it. Bridge of struggle made a lot of sense back in Enies Lobby. Bridge of Life could be a chapter title to fool us, but I doubt that. It probably means that Ace will walk this bridge and life. It is as simple as that.

Everyone than tries to stop Luffy, but they are taken care of. Everyone? No, (finally?) Garp joins the fight. And although he is not the final obstacle to overcome (Sengoku is still there), what will happen? I know most of you thing that Garp will either turn against the marines or that he will fight Luffy to save his face. But I doubt that, Oda will make sure to surprise us with something else.

Conclusion and Predictions


So, that’s all I can say to that chapter. It is very short with 15 pages at total and two double-spreads. That sucks! I really like these chapters, but in the end they are really short. I stick to my opinion that it is almost impossible to predict a lot of the stuff. Inazuma in the hair? Crocodile helping Luffy? Just to name some examples. And I say almost impossible, because someone out there could actually be able to predict something. Just a footnote, someone predicted who the last missing Homunculus was in Fullmetal Alchemist one year before he was revealed. THAT was brilliant. But I’m getting off track here.

What will happen? Like I said, no idea. It could happen that Luffy somehow manages to overcome Garp and the next chapter will end with him reaching Ace and being stopped by Sengoku. Hell, I even think Dragon could show up. If you want, inspire me and give me some comments about your own thoughts. =)

Have a nice day ;)

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Bonus Moment:

Super Angillis
January 16, 2010, 06:48 PM
Your not the only one who liked the Love is a Hurricane moment.

January 17, 2010, 06:59 PM
You know what I liked about this chapter? The "You too?" moment. And no, I don't just like it because it hints that Ace has the King's Haki also.

Remember all those "once Luffy gets this Haki and controls it he'll kick admirals with one hand and eat meat with the other" arguements? Ace appears to have this 'rare Haki', yet still lost to Blackbeard.

So this makes me happy because it simply proves that Haki is not the best thing since sliced bread. It's just wholemeal bread. Better for you, but it's still bread without a filling.

And thanks for returning to some review thing. I'm too busy nowdays also hehe.

Black Lagoon
January 21, 2010, 01:43 PM
what I liked most about this chapter was Luffy's ignorance (Haki)

Iva takes on the theme that Luffy isn’t just a rookie anymore and that this is the first step towards becoming someone great. But honest as he is, Luffy just don’t care. He is simple minded, his only goal is to rescue Ace.

January 21, 2010, 08:07 PM
White Bread reminds me of Hulk Hogan.. no wonder i dnt like him
btw nice review