View Full Version : Discussion Naruto charcter and video games

January 18, 2010, 01:40 PM
yes my first thread ever here, well I noticed a lot of similarities between naruto character and video game character so I decided to make a theared to list them:

sasuke is like cloud from final fantasy both have "personal issues"

itachi is like the boss from metal gear solid their story about treason and sacrifice

Asume is like solid snake they really look a like, maybe Asume is the fourth snake

kisame is like nightmare from soulcalibur series big swords enough is said

madara is like wesker from resident evil series both evil and have huge role behind the scene

suigetsu is like dante form devil may cry series but not as awesome

kakashi is like godot from phoenix wright series both have this "unseriesness" feeling

well post some of the finding here, it doesn't have to be a videogame character:).