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November 03, 2006, 04:23 AM
Now with Robin!

Yay for comments! Looks like White Silver and I will be doing One Piece comments from now on!
A thanks to "Prince Scans" for providing scanlations. Now to begin....

[b]~~Chopper's Ten Comments~~
One Piece Chapter 431: Fist of Love

No it will not cut your sandwich

1. A Sword's Heart
You never realize how annoying devil fruits can be till they completely mutilate one of your prized possessions... Well Zoro seems a bit er... depressed by this.

For those who don't know, the sword was the Snow Runner given by the sword-shop owner back in LogueTown. The man gave Zoro that sword in an attempt to pass on his own dreams of being an expert swordsman. So real shame it had to go....

Hopefully Zoro will be able to find a way to keep the dream alive through the hilt. As long as it doesn't end up as some sort of teddy bear, I'm happy.

These guys just don't quit!

2. And the hearts just keep on growing...literally!
More than one bull survived???? :blink Dang and I thought one of them lost a heart! Either the doctor is waaaaaaaay better than anyone had thought, or these guys have an alienified anatomy!

Resolutions needed.

3. A Seperate Journey?
From Usopp's reaction, it may just so happen that he'll leave the crew for Elbaf, whether for keeps or until he feels he's strong enough to return, that's up for Oda to decide.

Then again there's always the possibility of him not going at all :p. Well we'll just have to wait and see!

Technology knows no limits!

4. Sea trains, cyborgs and ....island boats?
Well this is a bit of a shock. To keep an island from completely flooding is one thing, but to turn it into a ship? Let me bluntly state that THE TECHNOLOGY AT WATER 7 IS JUST INCREDIBLE!!!

Well can't expect any less from the apprentices of the amazing Tom. All of a sudden I'm starting to think of the colonies in Gundam Wing...hmm....

Gear 4 anyone?

5. Heavy Sleeper Much???
Sanji better watch out now, with this new technique of his, Luffy's nightly food hunts has just moved up to a whole new league! Sleeping and eating at the same time...not much to say about it, but still worth pointing out on its ability to disturb and amaze at the same time!

Hurray for Mikan!

6. The Stuff! THEY LIVE!
I'm sure some of you wondered where did all the cool stuff the crew had collected had dissappeared to after their departure. Thank goodness for the confiscation acts of the law, cause now all the mikan, wavers, and gold are back safe and barely without a scratch!

Also note the awsomeness of Chopper as he made sure Robin didn't pull off any of her "Super-I'm-Gonna-Pull-An-Escape-Plan-On-You" Schemes. Robin is staying with the crew for good this time! Which is strangely similar to Nami's past as wel :oh... GO CHOPPER! :darn

And the Bible references keep on coming...

7. Strongest Wood Ever
Well after all those theories of Franky's spending spree, we finally discover not a boat, not a super weapon, but wood! Yes folks wood!

Ok so I maybe I haven't given it enough credit... :p Well the wood sounds awsome, enduring many wars and still standing, being sold in a black market, worth 200mil Beri! If that's not tough wood I don't know what is.
What's he going to do with the wood? Well kind of obvious....


8. What else do you waste good wood on?
Now the question remains.... how will the new ship look like? Personally I'm still hoping for a small ship. Big ships just don't seem to have the "Heey look at me I'm escaping right under you" kind of feel... Anyway just my opinion!

One thing's almost for sure (As you can rarely say for sure with Oda's mind), with Franky's brain functions, tons of hidden weapons and traps are really expected!

How many chins do you have?

9. Unexpected Arrival...
Out of all the things to happen... this was definitely the least expected! DRUMROLL PLEASE, I REINTRODUCE YOU TO VICE ADMIRAAAAAAL GARP!!!! Oh and his fellow chinnians!
For those who don't know who Garp is, he was introduced through one of Oda's cover stories... can't remember which one though :darn

As for the chins... well kinda obvious to who they are... but I'll leave that for the other comment threads :amuse

Then comes the biggest surprise of all....

I think I just had several heart attacks...

10. Fist of Love? GRAMPA? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!~!!!
It's normal to see a marine walk in on Luffy from now and then, but A PUNCH THAT GROWS A LUMP OUTA HIS HEAD? And here I thought only the power of Nami could do it... Ha, a "Fist of Love," explains so much in such few words.

But then wait, what's this, the dog mask is off, who is it? IT IS LUFFY'S GRAMPA ALL THE WAY BACK FROM ROMANCE DAWN!!! Even the scar on the forhead is exact. I can tell you this was definitely the part that made me scream HOLY CHEESE OF GINERBREADSMOKES. What's he have to say next? I'm not gona spoil it, go read the next chapters!

Rating: At first I was gonna give this chapter a 4, but that last page just sinched it a 5 out of 5 Lunchboxes. Not only was this chapter able to give me a near death from shock experience, but it also opens a new story just ready to be told!

The next chapter commentary has been done courtesy of White Silver! Find it here!:

white silver
November 03, 2006, 04:42 AM
[b][font=verdana][color=green][size=1]You have to admit, doing commentary is quite tough!

Nice work by the way (I was thinking of something..... ah nevermind).

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Yay for comments! Looks like White Silver and I will be doing One Piece comments from now on!

[b][font=verdana][color=green][size=1]OP Commentators for the win!

November 03, 2006, 10:35 AM
OMG Woah... Haha thanks for the warning. **Edited

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Well I made it look nicer!

November 03, 2006, 04:25 PM
Yes! One Piece comments!
1st of all thanks guys, Chopper and Silver!
2nd, I did thought one of the bull is dead, but this is One Piece and no one die yet except for the one guy in the beggining of the story and Merry go
3rd, they probably not going seperate way, maybe their next island is Elbaf
4th, that's funny
9th, Wow i was shocked too, this chapter does deserved a 5
PS- I love your jokes

white silver
November 03, 2006, 10:39 PM
OMG Woah... Haha thanks for the warning. **Edited

Now time for school... later!

Well I made it look nicer!

[b][font=verdana][color=green][size=1]Well done Garaku! :hi5

Yes! One Piece comments!
1st of all thanks guys, Chopper and Silver!

[b][font=verdana][color=green][size=1]No problem!

November 07, 2006, 06:10 PM
Chapter 433 comments are now out from both Silver and I. Be sure to check them out!

Dark Zeza
November 08, 2006, 11:18 AM
Wow, another commentator for One Piece!!!

I didnot notice since I was not around for a bit.

What I like most is:
5) Sleep eating, that totally crack me. First I thought Luffy got stronger and take only 2 days nap, compare to Alabasta 3 days nap after fighting Croc. When I turned to this page, lol.
10) Luffy's Gramp!!! Totally unexpected. And yeah, Garp is strong to make luffy's head look llike wisky peak mountain.

OK chopper man, keep up the good work. :smile-big