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February 11, 2010, 01:17 PM
Chapter 574 - Portgas D. Ace Dies

Last week ended with Ace being dealt.....HOLY SHIT, BACK THE FUCK UP JUST A SECOND!!!!!!

Pardon my French, but...did I read that right? DIES!?!? Oda, killing someone off? Do..do...do I even have the right manga? This is One Piece, right? *goes and checks the raw*

Looks like that's exactly what the title says. It could be metaphorical thing, but given the blow Ace suffered last chapter, I don't think so. So, let's just read on and find out.

The first sight we are treated to is Akainu pulling his fist out of an enflamed Ace's body.


Everyone quite appropriately freaks out about what just happened, especially since we now know that magma somehow burns even fire. Aokiji has a bit of a worried look on his face, Garp looks like he's about to explode with grief or anger, Whitebeard is a bit shocked, and Buggy is absolutely dumb-struck. The video Den Den Mushi is still staring blankly at everything, and broadcasts the blow to Sabondy and the reporters, who are also awestruck. Long story short, Oda takes one and a half whole pages to show that this is a big thing that just happened. Oh, and an explosion happens on the monitor screen, most likely a counter attack on Akainu.

Side observation: Looks like I was right about who Brenheim is.

Silly pirates. Despite what happened last chapter, a Logia is still a Logia, and is basically invincible to most physical attacks. And so it is, even after being bombarded, Akainu still stands. Though a huge chunk got taken out of his torso, it'll reform in good time.

Akainu notices that Ace is still alive, though and barely, and, heartless and brutal man that he is, moves in for the kill.

Out of the frying pan, into the....volcano?
Even though it's a liquid, that's NOT WATER, Jinbei.

Luffy can just sit and yell "STOP", but Jinbei leaps in front of the walking volcano and stops the attack with his body, setting himself on fire in the process.

Mr. 3 gets dragged over to Marco. He seems pretty relieved that he was saved from the Marines. Marco's a bit impatient though and wants those damn cuffs off yesterday.

Cut back to Jinbei, who seems pretty badly hurt, but not quite as hurt as I expected since he just held back magma with his bare hands. Akainu tells him to give up, since as a former Shichibukai he should know the power he has. Jinbei though, doesn't care for his own life. If all he can do is delay Akainu, he would be satisfied, since he never cared for his own life from the start of this war.

Now, as impressive and honorable as this is probably meant to seem, I can't help but dislike Jinbei just a small bit for that speech. Jinbei is strong, so if he paid a bit more attention and used his head, he could probably accomplish a lot more than just buying time from an Admiral. On top of that, he should care more for his life. If Whitebeard and Jinbei both go down in this war, Fishman Island is basically condemned to being attacked and enslaved. Since saving Fishman Island is basically the whole reason Jinbei is nice to Whitebeard, he's being a bit of a short-sighted fool here.

Ow, Garp gets tackled face first! Looks like I was right that Garp was about to explode. He tells Sengoku that if he doesn't hold him down tightly, he'll kill Sakazuki. So Garp is pised, Sengoku is pissed that Garp is so pissed and rowdy, overall there's a lot of emotion going around with a lot of characters.

Cut back to Jinbei. Akainu gets prepared to punish the traitor (likely a death sentence), when a couple people shout for Jinbei to get down. Vista and Marco charge Akainu and give him a couple good slashes. Looks like Vista hit him right in the neck and Marco took out the left side of his torso. Marco's got some nicely drawn chicken feet in this pic. You can even see Akainu subtly clenching his jaw. Akainu grimaces a bit and comments about how much of a pain fighting Haki users is going to be.

This comment deserves a bit of analyzing. It has been speculated (and recently in this war heavily implied, though not yet explicitly stated) that using Haki is one way of striking and injuring a Logia user. Akainu just gave us explicit confirmation that either Marco, Vista, or both (my guess) are capable of using Haki, and they more than likely used it in their strikes. And yet Akainu still stands, with a large gash in his neck, and it looks like the strikes hardly did anything, at least physically. He does seem to be a bit strained mentally, so the strikes appear to have had some kind of effect, but it's not that dramatic.

With Marco and Vista giving faces and words of regret, and Akainu saying it's hopeless for Ace, we cut back to the man of the hour, Ace himself, who falls down onto Luffy's shoulder. As Ace apologizes, Luffy gets a look at just how badly Ace was injured, and tries to get Ace to get his wounds treated. Ace knows his fate though, and in a touching show of brotherly love apologizes to Luffy for not letting himself be saved properly. The doctor is rushing over, but as akainu said, there's no hope for Ace. His internal organs have been totally torched.


Luffy seems to be a bit in shock and denial, saying that Ace promised not to die. Ace says that except for the Sabo thing (unknown at this time what he is referring to) and having to look out for Luffy, he never even wanted to live. Then we are shown a heart breaking flashback of people saying what horrible things they think should be done to a hypothetical kid of Roger, just for being his son. You can feel the hurt in their cruel words, and I can totally empathize with Ace's words "If I was stronger I'd have killed them all!".

He asks Luffy to say goodbye to Dadan for him. Since he's about to die, he even misses that idiot. His only regret was that he couldn't see Luffy's dream come true, though he knows Luffy will succeed. They're brothers, after all.

There's not really much to interpret about Ace's final words, so I'm not going to bother going over the rest of them.


Man that picture has a lot of love put into it. Ace's one wish in life was to be loved, and after thanking everyone, smiles, and falls down to the ground. With a smile on his face, what remains of his Vivre Card burns up completely.

As the grief starts to hit Luffy full force, we are treated to a flashback explaining the "promise" Luffy mentioned earlier. Whether he was playing dead for some reason or got the shit seriously kicked out of him, Luffy once thought Ace was dead when they were younger, which pissed Ace off. He promised that he would never die and leave his weak brother alone.

As Luffy kneels next to Ace's head, covered in Ace's blood, mouth open to the sky in a silent (or maybe not, can't tell with a manga that well) scream, the final flashback is Garp's remembering Rouge naming Ace, and we see Garp in tears for Ace's death to. The man's gotta be really torn between his duty as a Marine and the love for his grandsons.

Random Musings

This chapter is a real milestone for One Piece. It is the first time an important character died outside of a flashback. I think it is also the first one of Luffy's important people that has actually died. Back in Water 7 Luffy said that he knew what the "Dead or Alive" on the wanted posters meant, but this event will let him experience that meaning first hand.

It will be very interesting to see how Luffy develops after this. He may lose just a little bit of his idiocy and naivety, though I hope not too much.

Oda once again proved that he can do exactly what's best for the story and not what's the most expected. A lot of people (myself included) thought that this arc would yield the first death in One Piece, but I doubt that many people (myself included) seriously expected Ace to die. Almost everyone was measuring up Whitebeard for a coffin.

In retrospect, Ace was the best choice, for the reason I outlined above, and it was beautifully handled. This chapter, in my opinion, was great.

Lord Rayleigh
February 11, 2010, 04:29 PM
Great review ! I had not seen that Brenheim came to take Joz, thanks !

And I want to add that this chapter too confirms what I already claimed - actually Roger was hated by people.