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February 18, 2010, 07:54 AM
Chapter 575. Silent Anger

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The cover is Usopp and Sanji playing around between a camel’s humps, Sanji - and the camels – were moking and Usopp was sniping his sling to the stars.

The chapter started off with various key characters including Marco, Whitebeard and Jimbei crying, grieving for Ace’s death. The tragic scene was also being watched across the globe via a Denden Mushi, and Ivankov, seeing Luffy’s expression, deduced that Luffy’s mind was collapsed to the…incident, to say the least. Luffy always protected his nakama from death. Even when things went to the point where he didn’t think they could win, he ordered them to survive, like the battle after Tenryuubito affair. But losing a brother, AFTER he succeed in freeing him? How could it happened? His mind and soul couldn’t take it anymore and shut down from the world.

Luffy gained Gear second and third after he and his crew got defeated by CP9. He realized then that he must be stronger to protect his nakama. That was then, in the Enies Lobby Arc. But now, the mental shock was in a whole new level. It was something Luffy could seemingly never forget. It was something he could never forgive himself for. We can expect then, while his mind and soul recovery would take quite some period, there would be something that was going to become the trigger of Luffy’s rise once again. I predict, if by any chance Luffy was to be met with one of his nakama anytime soon, while still suffering of this incident, it would be the moment wherein Luffy was going to need his nakama. To be pulled out from despair. All this time, it was Luffy who freed Zoro from the ropes, it was Luffy who freed Nami from Arlong, it was Luffy who made Robin want to live, etc. It was Luffy who helped and give hope, always, to his nakama. But this time, truly, it was their turn to save Luffy.

All the while, Akainu had shown his nature blatantly. He was by far the most devoted Marine member who would do whatever it takes to implement the dogma of Marine’s Absolute Justice. It seemed that it was thoroughly indoctrinated (whatever, I dunno the right term) to Akainu that Marine was a gathering of saints with the purpose of cleansing the world from the devil called The Pirate Era. The pirates wete to him an absolute disgrace, even sin, to ever walk on the face of the earth.


It was interesting to observe the point of view from each side representation at this point: Luffy and Akainu. Luffy, as a captain of a pirate crew, was intrigued by Shanks’ ideals of being a pirate, which is “nakama"(“Nobody hurts a friend of mine!” a quote courtesy of Shanks). Luffy didn’t care then, as a pirate, about ruling the world or to conquer people or land. He wanted to gather crewmates so strong they wouldn’t lose even to that of Shanks’, so he said. The ultimate goal, which he said to Rayleigh, was to be the Pirate King, the one he saw as a man with the most freedom on the ocean. To be able to have fun and do what he want the most. That was the general idea of Luffy’s perspective.

Now Akainu, he viewed all pirate as the same, a bunch of crews terrorizing citizens to get fame and fortune. He generalized all pirate as one kind of power-hungry people. He absorbed the doctrine from Marines that innocent citizens “could never sleep at night unless the pirates were to be imprisoned or vanquished”. Both sides, I think, have their own reasons and their own idealism, to protect what’s right and what’s important to them. And both sides would do anything in their path to do so, even destroy anything in their path. I’m thinking that Akainu, if he lived after this battle, would try to hunt down Luffy as the bloodline of sin he failed to kill. And Luffy was likely to learn grief from this experience. He would learn vengeance and hatred. Not that it would change him completely, but it would stick to him, a portion of his inner-self which would probably never be the same after the death of his big brother. He was to be one of the major antagonists Luffy had to beat in the order to settle the tragic drama of Portgas D. Ace.

As Akainu changed his target to Luffy, Marco stops him with his phoenix fruit ability and told Jimbei to take Luffy away. It was to protect the “determination” that allowed Ace to live. It was as if the will of Ace, his torch of hope and fate, was being passed to Luffy, thus becoming an obligation for the whole Whitebeard pirates to protect. There was something I noticed here. It was mentioned in the earlier chapter when Marco stopped Kizaru’s array of light bullets attacks, it was mentioned that the flame of Marco was blue. It means that Marco’s degree of heat was higher than that of Ace, able to withstand Akainu’s magma attack. It probably was even hotter than Akainu’s heat.

Akainu, still full of arrogance and authoritative bravado, told Marco and Jimbei that he wouldn’t let the two brothers live.

Yet, standing behind him, holding the meaning behind the chapter title, was the Quake God himself. Whitebeard smashed Akainu using that technique emitting a black glow, which was really likely the utilization of King’s Haki. It penetrates through Akainu’s so-called intangibility and slammed him bleeding hard. Akainu planted his fist to the ground, forming a layer of concentrated magma, and released an attack named “Meigou” which evaporated a portion of Pops’ face!! In my opinion that was one of the most, if not THE most, gruesome wound ever displayed at One Piece. Yet the Old Man, seemingly not anymore care about anything but destruction, connected a left back-hand with Akainu’s left waist. The attack sent Marine HQ to the verge of collapsing, rendered The Red Dog unconscious, and even split the Plaza in two altogether.


Sengoku once again acknowledge the power of this ancient beast. Now the second attack clearly used quake technique. But it hit Akainu unhindered, as though the admiral was solid. My prediction would be that just like Luffy who could use Gear Two and Three at the same time, Whitebeard was able to use his Haki and Quake attack in unison. Finally some true spot light. After being nerfed by age and alcohol, slaughtering only fodders, but then being stabbed through the heart courtesy of Squardo, getting lasered by Kizaru, and again suffered Akainu’s lava fist through the heart, again, at last Pops showed his worth. Joy to the world.

Whitebeard himself had said, “There will never be a ship that brings me to sail toward a new era.” He also stated before that he should be allowed to “retire” if he had successfully raise a young life for the future. From the earlier occurrences it had been an absolute hope for Ace. Pops was to save Ace no matter what and after, he would die protecting for all of them to escape successfully. Some of us may conclude the previous chapter, “The Death of Portgas D. Ace” a sign of failure for Whitebeard, which led to the thought that Pops had failed: so he had to want to continue living, not die. But I’d like to think the opposite now, by this chapter. Because by now, there was a determination that allowed Ace to live, even if it was only for one more single moment. It was, truly, Luffy. So to me, as the baton passed from Ace to Luffy, Whitebeard once again found that one special young life to protect for the New Era. So he should now wanted to die. Come now, it shouldn’t be too hard to kill an already-dying, dried up old man, using all Shichibukai, two admirals and two strongest monster in the Marines: Fist of Love and The Buddha, right? After all, it was what the Old Man yearned the most, to die alongside his beloved son Ace. It would be his dream come true.

After the fangasm subsided, let’s take a look at the escaping NW pirates. They was grievous, but couldn’t disobey the last order from their Pops. All ships were moving onto the shore, while Shichibukai Hancock expressed her concern about Luffy.

While Whitebeard wrecked more havoc like there was no tomorrow, one colossal surprise took place. A few marines noticed a figure trying to lurk in the shadow of the crumbled HQ. The thing is, the figure was almost as big as the HQ itself. It was a behemoth with spiky long hair, unshaven beard, and a face shapen like an almost triangular almond. When you see this picture and compare it wit the picture in the earlier chapter, it was shown that compared to this creature, this mammoth, Oz Junior (inside red circles) would be infantile in size.


Another marine noticed a bunch of silhouettes on the top of the scaffold. Sengoku yelled in anger and surprise about how they made it up there. Doflamingo displayed his careless bravado as usual, stated that things were really getting awesome. Pops muttered “Son of a bitch…” seeing that it was none other than Blackbeard Pirates, which consisted of new members as well as the old crews. Shiryuu of The Rain, a swordsman whose strength rivaled that of Magellan. The almond-faced living mountain. A big-nosed fat guy with jester-like hat and a bottle of seemingly alcoholic beverages. A square-faced, long-nosed middle-aged woman.


The last three wore striped black and white uniforms, indicating that they were prisoners, Impel Down prisoners, and most likely the legendary silver-medalists. One more member was an old man with fluffy beard, a moustace in the downward curve (the opposite direction of Whitebeard’s moustache) who wore a sort of a mantle. Teach laughed, giddily happy that he was in time for the Old Man’s death.

To me, this chapter half-expected, because i half-expected Blackbear will show up and "unsave" the day. But as for the other half, i never thought he was going to bring, and able to have control over that many high-tier pirates. This chapter signed the prelude to the rise of Blackbeard. With prisoners from level 6, each almost equal to a Shichibukai, even, and who knows what other surprises, Blackbeard was going to make statements to the world. He was going to take down Whitebeard, prove himself as the new strongest man in the world, and regain the Marine's trust. Like his bellow to Luffy before Luffy departed to Sky Island, "Man's dream will never end!!" he wanted to grasp the power to rule, and strength to take down who opposes him. In short, to me, he was obviously paving his way to becoming One Piece's final opponent for the title of Pirate King. The Strawhat Pirates were going to need one heck of a power-up before they can take on this super IMBA cremates.

-There would be flashbacks about Whitebeard, showing his motivation, his principles and reasons, etc.
-There would be no timeskip until Whitebeard meet his death in the grand battle against Marines, Shichibukai, and BB Pirate.
-Luffy would be shown in one nearby future chapter filled only with his mourning in details and silent sad scenes.
-Marines would shatter. Losing their bases and resources with only a few hundred strongest remaining.
-The world will be thrown to a time of chaos where pirates battle each other for supreme powers, with almost no world governmental power to suppress them.
-The Blacbeard Pirates is one step closer to become the final bosses.

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One last thing:
The 4th is likely a Shandorian from his clothes...

February 18, 2010, 09:24 PM
Great review, that guy definitely dwarfs Oz jr (http://www.onemanga.com/One_Piece/565/12/) unless he's standing on a platform.

I do wonder what will happen with Hancock. I am kinda hoping that she becomes the last SH. She's in deep crap if she's stays with the marines given that a ton of the officers have witnessed her helping Luffy.

February 19, 2010, 03:55 AM
btw, i'm a newbie. I wrote it yesterday as fast as i can and it was messy, maybe i've got a few more things like my little prediction and ramblings etc. , is it allowed to edit a review to add stuff like that?


Great review, that guy definitely dwarfs Oz jr (http://www.onemanga.com/One_Piece/565/12/) unless he's standing on a platform.

i think, even if he's standing on a platform, he still dwarfs Oz junior. The size difference is too great. It's like a dude the size of Laboon suddenly popped outta nowhere.

February 19, 2010, 07:40 AM
First things first: Congratulations on your first review! There were some nice discoveries you made.

However, I have one thing to criticize... concerning "I wrote it yesterday as fast as i can"
besides that it's "as fast as I could", I noticed that already when I read your review. There are some parts which are not that nice to read with language errors etc. Maybe you should take more time when writing your next review, it's not a competition.^^ Just read your review again after you finished it, I find a lot of mistakes this way in my own reviews. It's normal that you make mistakes (like me, both of us are no native speakers), but things like "i" instead of "I" are easy to avoid. It's also easier to write (and read) in the present tense instead of the past tense.

I have to add that it's constructive criticism. Don't be offended by it, except for that part I found your review quiet good. =)

February 21, 2010, 02:51 AM
Maybe you should take more time when writing your next review, it's not a competition.^^

About that, i didn't mean it like a "competition". I had to go to a city 150 kilometres from my city at that time, but i saw that the scanlation has been released so i read also made that review excitedly, while remembering that i have to go away real fast, so that was the result. :facepalm about the grammatical and "story-telling" errors, i still have much to learn. Thanks for the criticism, it didn't offend me at all and it helps big time. :amuse

February 21, 2010, 07:33 AM
Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean to say that you see it as a competition. It was intended as a joke. o,o I actually think it's a good thing that more people start doing One Piece reviews, because everyone has a different approach and sometimes one reviewer notices something another reviewer missed.


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There, I've added some thingies i forget, feedback is appreciated;)