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February 19, 2010, 02:18 PM
Welcome to a LoneLobo Review. Well, today I wrote my last exam, which means I should be able to write a review every week for the next 2-3 months. So to say, welcome to “season 2” of my reviews =P Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, I earned myself the chapter reviewer title. Congratulations to me! But enough of that, let’s start.

Chapter 575: Anger without Words


For this chapter I like to use the title “anger without words”. IMHO it’s the best way to express the feelings this statement means. Maybe “Silent anger” or “wordless rage” are better translations, but I think they lack the feeling of grief.

Another thing you have to notice is that Oda changed his way of doing the covers. Normal procedure was: Cover with all strawhats, cover for every strawhat, then a cover story. It seems he adds now covers for two strawhats in one picture. More time ahead for us before we get another cover story... but hey, maybe we will get a cover story of Ace’s adventures then and he just wants to let some time pass before he does that.

Grief without Words


We pick up where we left of last week: Ace is dead. Everyone is shocked, sad and we see a lot of tears of a lot of people. This all is also watched at Shabondy. After the double spread the action goes on. Luffy is still in the same situation we saw before, his mouth open, his eyes rolled back, his tongue rolled back inside. Those of you who expected him to go crazy and kill everyone with his haki, well, I’m sorry. It’s not happening at all. These are some signs indicating a psychological breakdown which is exactly what is happening now. All that kept Luffy going up to this point disappeared with the death of Ace. His will/mind is broken now and his body begins to shut down. Also notice the blood coming out of his mouth.
Akainu takes this chance to attack and finish Luffy off. But Marco, thanx to Mr.3 back in action, steps in and stops him. Jimbei caries Luffy away and Marco manages to hold Akainu there for good. Import here is the fact that Marco doesn’t call Luffy by his name, but “little brother of Ace”. And then there’s Whitebeard.

Awesomeness without Words


Whitebeard punches Akainu into the ground, which is something that would kill/knock-out a lot of people. But Akainu shows us that he isn’t an admiral for nothing. No, he even manages to attack back and destroys a part of Whitebeards head... and one half of his beard. o,o However, he doesn’t even touch Whitebeard, but it is rather incarnated because the fist was too close. But Whitebeard is awesome. He doesn’t mind that, he just punches Akainu into the stomach again with a quake. This quake then continues and crushes a lot of Marine HQ. That’s badass! The flag of the Marine falls down, indicating the destruction of this base. Pretty beaten, Akainu is still alive and conscious. But it seems we won’t see him for some time as he falls into a rift created by Whitebeard. This splits up the Pirates from Whitebeard and the Marine. The Pirates retreat, Boa is worried about Luffy and Whitebeard isn’t finished but starts attacking again. And I believe him. Whitebeard shows just how badass he is and this little flesh wound in his chest and that useless part which is missing from his head won’t be enough to stop him. He is pissed and he got nothing to lose at this point. But then...?

The New Blackbeard Pirates


There’s some HUGE guy pulling a Chopper by trying to hide between the destroyed HQ. Sengoku is pretty pissed at the fact that there are some shadows on top of the ruins. But one of the funny things is that Doflamingo has the time of his live and just laughs again. Which finally leaves us at the most important page of this whole chapter. A double spread with Blackbeard and his old and new nakamas. And we already know them, at least their names. Let’s jump back to chapter 538. Iva tells Mr.2 (Bon-chan ;_;) of three people who were locked away in level 6 because they did some horrible things which no one knows about. We can adapt these names now onto the new characters.

Catarina Devon, most dangerous women - the old hag
Colossal Battleship San Juan Wolf - the huge guy
Mighty Drinker Busco Shot - the guy with the Sake bottle

This confirms that Blackbeard went to Impel Down to get these legendary prisoners. One important thing to notice here is that Battleship is probably just an expression referring to his size. Another thing is that the unknown fourth person who joined Teach seems to have some kind of drill arms. Maybe he is the mysterious guy who made the tunnels between Level 5 and 6. Against this stands that Iva said the tunnels were created long ago and the question how the hell did he get captured again?


One thing worth mentioning now is who will fight who if the Strawhat Pirates were to battle the Blackbeard Pirates. You know, theories concerning the end of One Piece and the Blackbeard Pirates as some kind of opposite force. Here are my thoughts.

Blackbeard vs. Luffy - Captains match
Shiryuu vs. Zorro - Swordsmen
Auger (that guy with the rifle) vs. Usopp - sharpshooting duel
Lafitte vs. Sanji - I think Lafitte uses his feet to battle
Doc Q. vs. Chopper - well, Doc. vs. Doc.
Catarine vs. Nami - typical girl fight
concering the rest, I have no idea =P

Conclusion and Predictions


After last week’s chapter I was certain that this chapter could not be as awesome so I’m actually not disappointed (and why should I?). However, there wasn’t much going on here, most of the stuff was pretty much straight forward and everyone reading it would be able to understand that.
So, big question: What will happen now after Teach appeared with his new crew? To be honest, this question is tricky. I think this is again a point where Oda will surprise us regardless of our thoughts. But I think we will get some information on the new members. Here some possibilites:

Blackbeard will attack Whitebeard
Blackbeard will attack the Marines
Blackbeard will attack both
Blackbeard will do nothing
Blackbeard will do something totally different

Well, I'm kinda disappointed with my own review this time, so a small thank you for still reading it. Maybe next week will be better, I'm pretty tired and all at the moment. And hey, maybe I'm going to finish that theory which has been advertised in my signature for ages next week when there will be no chapter. Feel free to drop me a comment anyway ;)

Have a nice day.

Credits: All chapter 575 pictures taken from mangastream.

February 19, 2010, 04:59 PM
I think the blackbeard predictions were kind of pointless if you're gonna end with "do something totally different." Might as well just say we have no idea what exactly he's going to do because we really don't lol

February 19, 2010, 06:40 PM
Congrats on the reviewer title. And I think BB is there to kill WB, potentially to take over his yonkou title. He seems to have the crew for it now.

Real world BB's name Edward Teach or Edward Thatch, so BB already killed one "knock-off" (Thatch) and it would make sense in a symbolic way that he's going to off the other "imposter" (Edward Newgate aka WB) aswell. Oda seems to put some thought into names, for example Boa Hancock was named after Thomas Hancock the founder of the British rubber industry, foreshadowing already that she was gonna fall in love with Luffy.

February 19, 2010, 11:25 PM
You make a good reviewer, grats on the title.
The review is well, average, but thanks to you, I realized who the drill arms guy is.
Looking forward to more of your reviews.

Lord Rayleigh
February 20, 2010, 05:44 AM
It's good to see you back.

February 20, 2010, 07:30 AM
Thank you all for your replies =)

@winterGT: I didn't know that part with Hancock's name, but that's pretty awesome. However, I doubt that BB want to kill WB. He is glad that he made it in time to see WB die, but I doubt that this is his main goal because he couldn't be sure to make it in time.

February 23, 2010, 05:08 AM
Thank you for the review, and congratulation for the sweet title :O

I couldn't read and reply the past week chapter because I had some messed up stuff...

Well, I'm not sure about this the last time I checked, Does BB still have his Shibu. title :o ? or It has been lost after the Impel Down thing ?

Anyhow, I think he will screw both WB and the Marine, because I believe he only used the title just to get into Impel Down.
And giving WB the final blow, would benefit him a lot to give his crew a strong name around the world.

One last thing, I would love to know from I could have reference for those names ... thanks :D

P.S. since i missed last week chapter.. can I comment about something in that review here or I should comment there :o ?

February 25, 2010, 08:50 AM
@xman: As far as we know he still has his title, but after this he probably won't have it anymore. =P
The reference to the names is in chapter 538, page 12. ->


Feel free to post comments here or in the old topic, I think it doesn't really matters. I read every comment, although I sometimes forget to reply to them.^^"

February 26, 2010, 05:33 AM
@xman: As far as we know he still has his title, but after this he probably won't have it anymore. =P
The reference to the names is in chapter 538, page 12. ->


Feel free to post comments here or in the old topic, I think it doesn't really matters. I read every comment, although I sometimes forget to reply to them.^^"

Ahh... Thanl you very much... I dunno how I missed that part :/

I guess I'm starting to lose my focus while reading One Piece D: