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March 02, 2010, 06:05 AM
chapter 101 comments:

wow..... what a chapter! wonderful wonderful! Yagi rules!

1. very cool how clare realizes/lets us know about priscilla's weakness. priscilla is easy to damage, she's the opposite of Dauf. the problem of course is doing enough damage to "over-ride" priscilla's regeneration. the other problem is not getting killed by priscilla. this is where clare's realization and training in/of speed and combat skills comes in.

2. however, clare assumed she'd be able to awaken (and had no reason to not think so), in order to take on priscilla. so far, this turns out not to be the case, as she's having her complication still.

3. we learn that there's something going on between jean and clare, which is what is preventing clare from awakening.

maybe the "wedge" is actually a "barrier or shield" against awakening that jean gave to clare.


jean had this "barrier or shield" pre/during-awakening and it was not merely her "willpower" keeping her mind human.


jean acquired this "barrier or shield" after becoming a half awaken.


jean wants clare to revert/save priscilla back into a Claymore/"human" !!!!

4. the manga seems to say that clare feels guilty. if clare were to fully awaken, then jean's sacrifice to save clare would have been for naught (or in vain).

the problem is that this doesn't explain why clare can't do her partial awakening at all now.

5. the manga also seems to actually be addressing clare's inability to forgive herself for how she just sat there as a human child, watching her beloved teresa's head fall to the ground and watching awakened priscilla walk by her, in utter fear and no hatred/rage towards priscilla, and unable to atone for it. (and now she's in that same situation again...though things are a bit different now.. hehe)

6. the manga also seems to talk about how jean would understand this same inability to forgive oneself, but i can't think of what in the world would jean not be able to forgive about herself, nor able to atone for.

only thing i could think of (actually i jsut did so now): is her fallen comrades to Dauf+Riful in witches maw and in the pieta battle.

7. helen+deneve was soo cool! either helen or deneve cut apart the huge projectile, causing it to launch its small rods at priscilla.

i don't understand where the two huge projectiles on either side of priscilla came from though, launching all those small rods into priscilla, making her into a porcupine (lol). if anyone can explain this to me, i'd be appreciative.

8. priscilla does NOT seem to happy with deneve and helen stealing away her prey/meal (clare)... deneve and helen (and clare) are in deep trouble....

9. wow and woot woot at yuma! if you ignore the pattern of her clothes, she almost looks like a surfer chick, laughs.

10. wow.... yuma reveals that she has just learned and able to yoki synchronize.

yuma seems to be splitting her yoki between herself and cynthia. (partial) soul link! so, cynthia's unique ability to enhance, is a (partial) soul link, flowing/splitting her yoki through another, just like yuma seems to be doing now with cynthia (but not quite at cynthia's level yet).

and then she says she needs time, to get back some of her own yoki into her body, to fight the hellcats.

yuma also has just learned and is able to regenerate too, as seen with cynthia's body being whole again.

11. dietrich shows up, and i'm positive miria and co is with her or they came west too, but might be splitting up, like maybe to help deneve, helen, and clare from priscilla, as at least dietrich (are the other claymores, audrey+rachel+maybe renee+nina with dietrich?) is going to try to help cynthia and yuma.

March 02, 2010, 02:29 PM
7) Helen throws the projectile towards Priscilla, and Denebu cuts it in half as it passes over her.

10) No, that's not what she says... Cynthia will need time to get the youki flowing through her body, before she can move again. If Cynthia had done the regeneration, she could have done it properly, but Yuma isn't at that level yet, that's why Cynthia can't move.

11) The last page hints that Miria might show up as well, but why would she be together with Dietrich? I think Dietrich is currently by herself...

March 02, 2010, 05:35 PM
any idea about the two huge rods (or did a huge rod get sliced in two, and if so, by who? deneve? or helen? or ?) on either side of priscilla, which launch all those small rods into priscilla, turning her into a porcupine?

and ya, i thought that helen threw the projectile to deneve and deneve sliced it up, so that it would shoot the small projectiles at priscilla, as she grabbed clare and ran. but, i wasn't sure enough to put it down.

(priscilla really looks mad, i think strongly that priscilla IS going to go after Deneve+Helen+Clare... she didn't/doesn't look too happy with Deneve and Helen stealing away Clare from her... Those tentacles that nearly killed fleeing Deneve with Clare... isn't the end of Priscilla's..... wrath... and i feel she has wrath... deneve and helen REALLY got themselves into trouble this time, as if isley and the AFs weren't enough trouble.... they went from Isley and the AFs to Priscilla... they must really want to die, lol)

but what about those two big projectiles (or a big one split in half) ???


the problem with dietrich being by herself:

how in the world is she going to save yuma and cynthia?

this is a GROUP of hellcats after cynthia and yuma. Clare, Helen, and Deneve had a hard time against a group of hellcats (first volley of huge projectiles, before the 2nd volley and priscilla's arrival). so, how is dietrich going to deal with them! dietrich does NOT compare to Clare+Deneve+Helen at all.

i could see renee using her speed, grabbing/carrying cynthia and yuma, and running like mad, lol.

but, this isn't renee, this is dietrich, whom as far as we know, only has a impractical "jump sword", which as i just implied, can't do much against a hellcat, let alone a group of them.

due to dietrich's asking if Cynthia and Yuma are Deneve and Helen 's friends, the ghosts+miata+clarice+galatea must not be with dietrich, as they know who cynthia and yuma are. (maybe dietrich merely arrived ahead of them and is asking cynthia and yuma whom they are, but i don't think this is likely)

so the only other possibility, is that maybe dietrich rallied/gathered/got her (Org.'s) Claymores (audrey, Rachel, Nina, maybe renee, or whoever else) as well, in an (temporary) alliance with the Ghosts.

indeed the last page of chapter 101, seems to say miria and co has arrived. though, i feel they are going to split up and help Clare, Helen, and Deneve.

if Dietrich doesn't have her own Claymore's help, then she's got to have help from the ghosts, but this is awkward with her asking whom cynthia and yuma are, then.

meh... another month and we'll find out, lol... sighs...

March 03, 2010, 03:41 AM
I just posted my translation of this chapter, maybe it'll help clear up some misunderstandings.

On page 18, bottom right, Helen is throwing a spike, and bottom left, you can see how Denebu's sword is splitting it in half. It's easy to miss because the spike itself is not really visible, but you can see how the tip of the sword is missing and the sword leaves a sort of trail behind. It has to be a spike that she is splitting lengthwise, because the spikes only shoot the smaller spikes from where they are cut. So in this case, because it is being cut length-wise, it can shoot a whole lot of spikes...

March 03, 2010, 07:27 PM
ah cool thanks.

so helen threw two rods and deneve cut both of them.

first one was cut (short) width-wise, which shot only a few small rods into priscilla.

second one was cut (long) length-wise, which shot a lot of small rods into priscilla, turning her into a porcupine.

the sizes of the first and second rods seem different (one looks small and the other huge), or is this just persepective and angles of the POV of the pics ?