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March 03, 2010, 08:31 PM
Welcome to a LoneLobo Review. Well, finally a new chapter after the break. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to present my theory (still in the works ;)) as a substitute during the break. Well, that’s life. =P Let’s go. ;)

Chapter 576: The Great Pirate Edward Newgate


This chapter is also fit to have an alternative title, which would “The Death of Edward Newgate”, but Oda chose this one. Why? This chapter isn’t just about his death, it’s about the death of a father, a pirate and a figure after which a whole era has been named.
The cover of this chapter is in line with the last two. In 574 we got Luffy and Nami, in 575 we got Usopp and Sanji and in this chapter we get the weird trio: Franky, Brook and Robin. This leaves Zorro and Chopper, so there will probably a new cover story starting in chapter 578. However, I think we will get a new one when this Marine HQ Arc is over, which should be around that time.

Introducing the New Blackbeard Pirates

We pick up where we left of last week: Blackbeard arriving at Marine HQ. Finally we also get the confirmation about the speculations concerning the new members. Like I said two weeks ago, the new members are in fact Catarina Devon, Wolf and Busco Shot. Here again an overview, with the new two members:

The old hag, Crescent Moon Hunter: Catarina Devon
The huge guy, Colossal Battleship: San Juan Wolf - the huge guy
The stupid looking guy, Mighty Drinker: Busco Shot
The guy we already know, Shiryuu of the Rain
The other new member is known as Corrupt King Abalo Pizarro

Sengoku seems to be pretty pissed and asks Shiryuu what happened at Impel Down, but to bad for us Shiryuu doesn’t tell anything. My guess is that Impel Down was totally destroyed. When asking how the hell they happened to get the Gates of Justice open, Lafitte explains that he hypnotized the marines there to open for every ship approaching it. Some would call this a plot device, and yeah, you are right. This is one, but this isn’t necessarily bad, because a story needs plot devices.This should also put a stop to all “Garp/Dragon/Sanji opened the gate for strawhat” theories out there. Finally. =P The talk continues and Blackbeard confirms that he was just in for the money. His sole reason was to free these guys. No special plans to get an ancient weapon out of Impel Down or of that sort, like some people thought. Of course he could be lying, but I don’t think so. He then tells Sengoku that he doesn’t need the title even more, pissing of Sengoku, who realizes that he was used, even more. This being ahead of Sengoku is also seen in the depiction here, Blackbeard being on a higher position than the fleet admiral. And then there’s Whitebeard.

Whitebeard vs. Blackbeard

Whitebeard attacks Blackbeard without holding back and orders his crew that he will take care of him alone. Blackbeard then talks about his respect for Whitebeard and that he delivered Ace alive. This is quite interesting and confirms a lot of my thoughts. Blackbeard might be a bad guy, maybe he is even pure evil, but he is that just when pretty pissed or when he wants to reach his goals. He could’ve killed Ace, but maybe because he really respected Ace/Whitebeard he delivered him to the marines alive. Blackbeard then releases his powers to stop Whitebeards Quake-Power. It seems to work, judging by the “.....”.

A small break, look closely at this panel:

But this is Whitebeard we are talking about. He just uses his spear thing and slams it into Blackbeard’s shoulder. This is what you get when being bad to the elderly! Like Ace before he figures out that Blackbeard body is indeed solid and like his dealing with Akainu he actives a quake right into Blackbeard’s head. Blackbeard survives it, once again showing that he is badass as well. Another interesting fact: Blackbeard whines around before this and says “Are you really going to kill me? Your own son?”. This is in line with the respect part he said before, but this can also be seen as just trying to talk his way out of this punishment. I chose the latter one, seeing how he calls Whitebeard a monster after that. Nontheless, Blackbeard looks pretty fucked up there and without the intervention of his crew, Whitebeard would’ve killed Teach. I’m 100% sure here. And take a look at the small picture of Whitebeard, looking like a half-destroyed Terminator. Man, that’s awesome.

On the Verge of Death Remember’d

However, the whole Blackbeard crew now attacks Whitebeard with pistols and swords, leading to a small flashback, which finally shows us a bit of Roger’s and Newgate’s past. They are drinking, having a good time... wait, weren’t they supposed to be rivals who fought a lot? Ah, I don’t care... they talk about the name of D. and Newgate reveals that he meets some guys with a D. from time to time, confirming that there are more out there than just the few D.’s we saw so far. But then Gold Roger begins to tell him what the D. means by starting “Long, long ago, and far away...”. Whitebeard then, back in the current time, starts again by saying that it has been passened down time and time again. I think this really confirms now that the people carrying a D. are descendants of this ancient and destroyed kingdom. When talking about the Will of Roger and Ace he excludes Teach, showing us again that not all D.’s have the same goals. Whitebeard then predicts a big war which I’m sure we will see at some point in the manga. With his last breath, Whitebeard delivers this last speech of his and says the words which will lead to a new age of piracy, like Roger did before.

One Piece... it exists!

“One Piece... it exists” are his last words and this is broadcasted to Shabondy, so that in the end the whole world will receive these last words, similiar to what happened at Logue Town. Sengoku realizes what this means, but Blackbeard know seems to have fun (like Doflamingo before). A last flashback and we get to see a young Newgate who talks about his dream of having a family. This being Whitebeards last moments, one can say that his dream was indeed fulfilled in the end. And then he dies.

This mortal coil

The last page shows us an epic panel of Newgate in all his glory. The narrator tells us about Newgate’s wounds: 267 stabs, 562 bullets, 46 cannonballs. When his coat falls down, we see that there is no wound on his back, because he never retreated. It also seems that he died with a smile on his face, like his counterfeit on his logo. With his speech before and confirming that One Piece exists to the whole world, he left himself a monument in history. This isn’t the death of just Edward Newgate or the death of the pirate called Whitebeard. Whitebeard was more, he was a father to a whole bunch of outlaws, he was the strongest man alive and a whole age was called after him. Maybe he died here, but I’m sure that what he did will have an influence on the future of the One Piece world.

Conclusion and Predictions

This chapter was again somewhat hard to review for me, with a lot of stuff being straight forward again. Nonetheless, Whitebeard death was also pretty awesome, although it was expected from the very beginning of this arc. But this is what makes Oda’s story telling this great. To offer a comparison, this was done similar in the anime Chrono Crusade. You knew what would happen from episode one onwards, but man was it sad in the end. ;_;
One big question is again what will happen now. I thing that the next chapter will probably be the last one in Marine HQ, as there is nothing else to show us. This arc will end soon which would make room for the possible time skip.

Have a nice day.

Credits: All chapter 576 pictures taken from mangastream. Good work!

In the end, a tribute to Whitebeard

Dr. Vegapunk
March 04, 2010, 03:48 AM
Nice review.

March 04, 2010, 06:00 PM
I have to say that it's an awesome review. You practically covered up all of the angles that could have been covered from this chapter. Whitebeard's tribute at the end of this review was most fitting.
Good job and keep up the good work for the next reviews!

March 04, 2010, 07:18 PM
great review , i just love the way WB died , giving hope to all the new age pirates telling that the one piece exist , i can´t wait for the crazys theories XD

March 05, 2010, 06:35 AM
Awesome review, awesome chapter.
seriously, Awesome.

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March 05, 2010, 12:37 PM
Nice little review!
What about that war thing? Did he fortune tell a future war?

March 05, 2010, 12:57 PM
As always, a great review !
Although you could have covered the fact that Ace's body was left behind with the Marines. I'm beginning to think it has a connection to your secretive theory (maybe Ace's body transported to Vegapunk - he does tests to get some Mera Mera abilities to PX etc.) But what do I know, eh ?

March 05, 2010, 07:30 PM
Awesome review as always

I'm still having the shivers from WB awesomeness.... And when the chapter finished I felt like screaming ... Just an amzing end for an amazing char...

This arc is way amazing to be true, a lot of information, a lot of path changing events. At this point I'm not sure something is going to amaze me from this arc.... This is just too much ._.

PS please don't start with vegapunk-ace-recreation-theory ; ; .... I beg you

March 06, 2010, 06:55 AM
I think BB purposely left Ace alive. So WB will attack the WG so that all attention is on WB and all marine forces is to deal with WB. Thus BB can go to ID and attack easily w/o having the admirals or other shichibukais to deal with. Don't you think so ? BB is a freaking bad ass and is quite smart to plan things out. I don't think he let Ace live cause he is kind or whatever.

Lord Rayleigh
March 06, 2010, 07:03 AM
Thanks for the review. We can also clearly see in this chapter that Roger and BB wears the same hat (Roger just added his pirate flag on it).

March 06, 2010, 11:23 AM
Great review.
But for the cover there are also Bibi and his pet.
And I think than BB doesn't kill Ace in Bannaro Isle only because so there will be this war.