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March 07, 2010, 09:31 PM
Sorry this was a bit late. My compter crashed halfway through and I lost everything.

Chapter 576: Great Pirate Edward Newgate


First thing we get in this chapter are the names of all the new Blackbeard Pirates. Most of us already knew most of the names, so the only two things interesting here are the name of the mystery man ("Corrupt King" Abalo Pizarro, who most people suspect has the tunneling Devil Fruit power) and Basco Shot's face, which is butt, butt ugly.

Now, I know that this has been on everyone's mind since he was first shown, but holy SHIT San Juan Wolf is huge! One of his teeth looks to be bigger than the rest of the Blackbeard Pirates combined! How the hell did that guy fit into Impel Down? Trying to get him in and out of the prison seems equivalent to squeezing a whale through a mouse hole.

Sengoku shouts out something that had to have been in the back of all our minds since these guys showed up. What the hell happened at Impel Down? How did they get away from Magellan? However, Shiryuu prefers to be an uncooperative dick, and refuses to answer, telling the Marines to go check it out themselves.

In exchange for leaving us hanging here, Oda generously offers the solution to another mystery, namely why the Gates opened for Luffy's ship. As it turns out, Blackbeard was planning on returning to Marineford after his excursion in Impel Down, and had Lafitte hypnotize the Marines in the control room to open the Gates for any ship that approaches.

One last revelation, the reason why Blackbeard wanted the title and threw it away so quickly. The only thing he wanted to do, right from the start, was to break these pirates out of Impel Down, something that would be impossible without the privileges that a Shichibukai has. He declares that he no longer needs the title anymore, and so implicitly resigns, turning the Shichibukai into the Gobukai. Sengoku is absolutely furious that he was used in such a way, but he needs to wait. Someone else's anger is far greater.

Shouting Teach's name, Whitebeard winds up and delivers a mighty quake at Blackbeard, knocking him off the scaffold and down to his own level. Whitebeard tells everyone to back off, and let him finish things himself in the name of the late Commander Thatch.


Blackbeard is pleased by this development, releases his Black Hole technique, and proceeds to do something that proves he is either fucking crazy or is a literal example of the Japanese slang kintama and has testicles cast from solid, 24 karat gold. He taunts Whitebeard. To his face.

Whitebeard quite obviously doesn't give a damn what this bastard has to say, and just winds up for another punch. Blackbeard, totally full of himself, uses his Kurouzu technique to stop the quake in it's tracks, and gloats that Whitebeard won't be starting quakes anymore.

Pause right here, Blackbeard was a member of Whitebeard's ship for decades. Does he know nothing of his former captain's power? It's clear from his words here and when he was fighting Ace that he believes his ability is the strongest, and that with it he can defeat any Devil Fruit user by negating their power. Most of us know better than this, especially with all the ass kicking we've seen Zoro and Sanji do in the past, and even though it is painfully obvious what's going to happen next, it is oh so awesome to see.


Without a word of surprise or warning, Whitebeard buries his bisentou right into Blackbeard's shoulder, refuting his belief without saying a word. I want this panel blown up, colored, and framed. This is easily one of the top 5 moments in One Piece.

Note about the next panel, Mangastream translated it as "You overestimate your ability, and have weak defenses. That's your weakpoint." Looking at the raw, the proper translation is a little less wordy: "Overconfidence, recklessness. Those are your weaknesses."

Grabbing Blackbeard by the throat, Whitebeard readies his "power bubble" attack. At this point, Blackbeard begins to panic, finally realizing that he picked a fight with the wrong guy. He tries to appeal to Whitebeard's sense of mercy for his family, but Whitebeard doesn't hesitate, releasing the quake right into his face.

I'm surprised that Blackbeard had the audacity to try this. He killed his own "brother", and expects Whitebeard to show him mercy because he's "family"? Does he not believe "Do unto others as you would have done unto you"?

Anyway, Blackbeard is fully in a panic now, and calls for his crew to "Let him have it!"


Him and the rest of his crew, except San Juan Wolf, unleashes a final volley of slashes and bullets at Whitebeard, while Whitebeard's crew looks on and cries. What really shocked me here is that even Doc Q joined in. We've seen that he and Stronger have very weak bodies physically, so this may be an indication that he has much more power and ability than it seems at first glance. At this point, we get into a flashback.


Whitebeard and Roger are sitting down in a wooded clearing with sakura blowing in the breeze. It's such a beautiful setting that you almost forget that the two most powerful and feared pirates are sitting right across from each other.

Roger offers to tell Whitebeard how to get to Raftel, the final island in the Grand Line, but Whitebeard refuses, saying he wouldn't be interested in going even if he knew how.

Roger remarks that the government has started to call him "Gold Roger" instead of his proper name, "Gol D. Roger". This leads Whitebeard to wonder just what the D means, since he's met a few people with it in his time. But before Roger, can explain, the flashback gets cut off. Bastard.

Whitebeard begins a sermon, the essence of which is that the world shall be engulfed in a great war, one in which the Ds will apparently play a big role, and Blackbeard is not worthy of that honor. Apparently, that war is related to the treasure One Piece. Whitebeard ends his speech with the loud proclamation that One Piece is real, which pisses Sengoku off.

One final flashback where it is revealed that the only thing Whitebeard ever desired was not treasure, but family. And with that, Whitebeard finally dies standing up. The tribute that Oda gave him is pretty beautiful, and doesn't really leave room for interpretation. Despite it being physically impossible to remain standing just after you die, it's the most awesome end Oda could have given him.

Note: Whoever did the translation here forMangastream got the number of bullets wrong. Very wrong. Instead of 562, the real number is 152.


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