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March 17, 2010, 04:47 PM
Welcome to a LoneLobo Double-Review. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to present my theory (still in the works ;)) as a substitute during the break. Well, that’s life. =P The first part of this review will be shorter than in a normal review because I will just skip the prediction part as the next chapters is out anyway. Let’s go. ;)

Chapter 577: Major Events Piling Up One After Another


Well, if this isn’t a nice title. It’s like a big sign saying “more Epic stuff this chapter” or “more stuff you never would’ve guessed”. On the cover page we get the last two missing strawhats, Chopper and Zorro. Not much to say here.

Under the blanket o,O


Like every chapter after something awesome happened we get these typical reaction shots, but this time they are more interesting. On one side we get people who are glad that Whitebeard died and they have a great time celebrating it. On the other side we get people who look shocked at this sudden turn of events. Rayleigh (hey, he is okay!) sheds some tears, showing that there was indeed a deeper bond between the Whitebeard and the Roger Pirates. For him an old friend died.
All question regarding Whitebeards age are answered then, with Whitebeard dying at the age of 72. No wonder he had some heart problems, but he sure was some powerful guy at this age. Then there is Blackbeard again and his crew drops some black blanket over him and Whitebeard. Blackbeard then announces to show us the ultimate show and disappears from our sight okay... I don’t know what he is doing under that blanket... I hope it’s not... Necrophilia? =P Jokes aside, this is some nice scene where we see that Blackbeard’s crew is in one way totally different from Luffy’s: Shiryuu asks if they will simply disband in case this fails. They are not following Blackbeard because they are friends etc. They do not really care about him, but this way they can reach their goals (ex. Shiryuu: slaughtering people). They are not really nakama like the Strawhat Pirates.

I will protect him with my life


After a useless page wasted on Buggy (only important thing: The escaped prisoners will follow him and maybe become his crew) we are finally back to Luffy being carried by Jimbei. He really wants Luffy-kun (o,o) to live, and then it’s mini-flashback time! We learn that Jimbei really isn’t that into relationships with people and that he denies Ace’s question to take care of his brother because he only does this thing for people he “cares for deeply”. Some unknown guy says he should board his ship, which is then iced by Aokiji. Then there’s an eruption and Akainu makes his return. Man, I really expected him to be out of the picture for the rest of this arc. And he even did it by pulling a mole. -.- Well, he still wants to kill Luffy but Jimbei says he wants to protect Luffy with his life. Think of the flashback: this means a lot. He is then “rescued” by Ivankov who uses a Hell Wink which seems to be some kind of update of the Death Wink.



Blackbeard emerges again and uses his Yami-Yami power. But then he uses Whitebeard’s Gura-Gura Ability to destroy even more of Marine HQ. WTF? I didn’t expect that. Everyone is wondering how the hell Blackbeard is able to use two powers. Marko explains to us that it is normally impossible, but that Teach’s body is not normal. Big question: Why is that? It could be because he is different because he is a D. or because he has some other “mutation”. I really doubt that. I think it has to do with his Yami-Yami Fruit: Even though he is a logia, he still has a real body; he cannot turn himself into darkness. Eating this fruit gave him abilities, but in the end it did not change his body structure like any other devil fruit would do. With the ability to pull out the real bodies of Logias he was able to get Whitebeard’s abilities (or the fruit). I doubt he can do that more than one time, because he would be able to “steal” every other fruit he would be too strong for anyone. It would be like typing in the Godmode cheat in a game... And then he announces that this is his age now. This turn of events is kinda frightening. oO

Chapter 578: The one we send off to the New Era


In my review I stick to the alternate translation, because I really dislike the use of the word “present” in mangastream’s translation. It just sounds kinda stupid to me. However, I like the title of this chapter, it just shows how important Luffy is for the WB pirates. The color spread is pretty nice, and I’m really excited about the new cover story we will get next week or the week after next.

Sengoku vs. Blackbeard Pirates


Marine HQ is crumbling and seems to be damaged severely. Some unimportant marines run away and wonder what will happen now that the last of the three marine islands has fallen. Then we are back to Marine HQ where Blackbeard has the best time of his life and starts to grasp the amount of power he now holds. And being that badass now, he starts to think: What should he do with this power? Maybe he should sink Marine HQ? Maybe Whitebeard wanted to destroy the HQ, but sinking seems to be possible too. But there is at least one person who thinks otherwise: Sengoku. He goes into his Budda-Giant-Form and uses his palm to create some kind of shockwave. And now this gets interesting. Everyone (!) in Blackbeards Crew starts to cough up blood, meaning this was a serious attack to damage all this badass pirates. Then he start to talk about the importance of the place etc. etc. Not really much important stuff here, let’s move on.

Akainu is like chewing gum: You cannot get rid of him...


In the meanwhile, Akainu owns Ivankov and Inazuma, he then pursues Luffy and Jimbei again. Jimbei has the brilliant idea to get to the sea, because he owns everyone in the water (we already saw that). But there’s a small flaw in this plan: The sea is frozen. A nice character moment: Aokiji apologizes for this to Jimbei, earning him some “in the end is a good guy”-points. But at this point Jimbei is a fish in the air and Akainu jumps right after him. Jimbei even punches Akainu, but this is again useless. However, he somehow manages to turn himself and with this he takes a lot of the damage from Akainu’s attack. Unfortunetly he was not able to protect Luffy from all the damage, which he immediately apologizes for. At this point he really cares for Luffy and after seeing all the pain he went through he doesn’t just want to keep him alive, but he wants to protect him from every possible damage.


Anyway, Jimbei himself was penetrated in the process, reminding me of Ace (protecting Luffy with the back, same wound...) but it doesn’t seem to be that bad. At this point we have good and bad news. Good: Akainu aimed for Luffy’s heart but missed. Bad: Luffy’s stomach is open and he will probably die. Aw man, everything has a downside. And hey, Luffy lost his hat! I think it will be delivered to Luffy after this whole mess is over by someone of the WB pirates.

Crocodile WTF?! Moment Number 2


Same page, Crocodile appears and slices Akainu into two parts. Man, what a nice picture. He then sends Luffy and Jimbei flying, so that they can get away from Akainu. Big question again: Why would Crocodile do that? Let me repeat something I already wrote in my review of chapter 570: Defeating Whitebeard isn’t interesting (and possible) for Crocodile anymore, “that’s not the man he once fought”. So now Whitebeard put all his trust into Luffy... I think Crocodile wants that Luffy gets out of there alive, so that he can defeat him in the future. His officiel statement is: “Don't let them have their way any further!” which could also indicate that he is somehow really pissed at the marines. Eventually we will find out.
Then we meet Buggy again who catches Jimbei and Luffy. Finally Buggy is good for something. And of course the (ex-)prisoners get it wrong. Then he makes a really funny face and saves them from a magma-hand. Okay, that was kinda cool. Jimbei thanks Rednose for the rescue and we get a nice rednose-joke. I’m not a big fan of Buggy, but I liked that panel. Small note here: Jimbei is bleeding pretty heavily...

The “Dark Doctor” appears


We get another speech, this time by the Whitebeard Pirates. They say again how important Luffy is now etc. At this point it seems to be Crocodile and the WB Pirates against Akainu. I want to see more Crocodile action. >.< Back to Buggy: Jimbei takes a nap, the prisoners talk nonsense and then a new ship appears out of the water. Eh, what? And it got a familiar Jolly Roger on it as well... it’s Trafalgar Law and his crew. Okay, let’s be honest guys: Nobody expected that! Law says that he and Luffy will be enemies in the future, but that enemy relationships are also a form of relationships. This is clearly something we already saw with the relationship between Whitebeard and Shanks or between Whitebeard and Gold Roger. Oh, and he is a doctor. This is really convenient, because Jimbei and Luffy need medical attention asap.


Big question here: Why the hell is Law there?! In chapter 565 Law was still on Shabondy, but after the transmission was cut off he ordered Bepo to set sail. The distance from Shabondy to the HQ doesn’t seem to be this far, considering that not that much time passed. He could be here because he saw Luffy on the screen, but why should he care about Luffy? I think he has another reason to be here, but in the end I don’t have any idea for that reason. His appearance was something I really wouldn’t have thought off. o,O Oh, and Bepo looks funny. /\

Conclusion and Predictions


Law’s appearance changes quite a bit. When Law saves Jimbei and Luffy, it could mean that they will not reunite with the WB Pirates after this incident because Law will probably bring them to Shabondy or to Fishman Island. Seeing that Shabondy is probably not save, I vote for Fishman Island. It should be way safer there and hey, Law got a submarine. =)
On a small side note, I think this arc is really near its end. I vote for two more chapters. Not much to say here, this chapter was pretty straight forward again and it's impossible to predict what will happen in the next. However, feel free to leave me a comment. I read every comment, but I sometimes forget to reply to them. =P

Have a nice day.

Credits: All chapter 577 pictures taken from frankyhouse. All chapter 578 pictures taken from mangastream. The picture from chapter 565 is also taken from frankyhouse.

March 17, 2010, 08:20 PM
Great review.

Couple of things to ponder on:

1. It is obvious that Sengoku sent a ball of energy, so is there more to his giant power or does he have 2 DF powers?

2. Notice that Vista says to Akainu that they're protecting Luffy bc his "limitless tenacity and power" which either indicates how really rare his Haki type is, or could he even possess an unparalleled size of the king's haki?

I think the latter considering that only Luffy made the marines (who were about to execute Ace on the platform) faint, while if other WB pirates had the king's haki, why didn't they use it then? Why didn't WB? Only Luffy did, which I think signifies his potential power level.

March 18, 2010, 10:28 AM
Nicely done Lonelobo. Teach being uber broken doesn't really shock me as much as it did last week. We need a Sosuke Aizen/Madara Uchiha level villain in every series, Teach is no different, only he's fatter>v<. Something tells me that Sengoku may be the one who created the Rokushiki fighting style based on that palm attack. Well, looks like Hancock fans will have their last shot seeing their heroine join Luffy because right now, things are leaning more towards Jinbei joining the straw hats rather than her. Personally I want them both to join, since he provides wisdom and strength, and she provides haki knowledge and bouncies. I actually have a theory about Law's appearance. He probably felt a bond of respect when he, Kid, and Luffy fought all those marines outside the auction hall, and I think the other supernovas may try to rescue the other Straw Hats. 9 supernovas, 9 straw hats, it's possible.

March 20, 2010, 10:59 AM
I doubt every supernova would help. Actually, there should be more supernovas, but they just have not reached sabody yet.

I really doubt Sengoku is using a paramecia fruit.. More likely a zoan. BTW, is Sengoku or San Juan Wolf bigger? And did San Juan Wolf also spit blood?

March 24, 2010, 11:30 AM
It's interesting that Rayleigh is shown to mourn Whitebeard, but not Ace (his former captain's son). I guess that's cause he never actually met/known Ace...